Pakistan mosque blast 44 days after Pope Francis’ 86th birthday, January 30, 2023

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This news comes Monday, January 30, 2023.
Human Sacrifice = 130 (1/30 date)

The numerology for the date is 38 and 74.
Killing = 38 / 74

The lesser numerology is 54.
Jesuit Order = 54

Monday fits with Mosque.
Mosque = 27 / 72
Monday = 27 / 72

The location is Peshawar.
-Peshawar = 91 / 37 / 125 / 44
Pakistan = 91 / 25
The Society of Jesus = 91
Military = 44
Execution = 44
Kill = 44

Today is 44 days after Pope Francis’s birthday.

Today is 79 days after the Superior General’s November 12 birthday (he turned 74).
Society of Jesus = 79
Murder = 79

Mohammad Aijaz Khan = 68 / 94
Terror = 68 / 94

George Santos mother was not in the US during the September 11, 2001 attacks, a top story for CNN and mainstream media on January 19, 2023

Catholic Church History Jewish Related News Politics Terrorism

CNN is covering this as a top story on January 19, or 1/19, a date a lot like the 11th of September, or 11/9. And again, the George Santos story is a tribute to the Synagogue of Satan.
All Seeing Eye = 119
Star of David = 119
Orthodox = 119
Ashkenazi Jews = 119

Lockerbie bombing suspect is now in US custody, December 11, 2022 news (the 9/11 connection)

Freemasonry Government History Islam Jesuit New World Order News Psychological Operation Terrorism

Abu Agila Mohammad Mas’ud Kheir Al-Marimi = 307
-307, 63rd prime
-Terrorism = 63
-Libyan = 63

Lockerbie Bombing = 142
Terrorist = 142

Lockerbie Bombing = 92
Manhattan = 92
-Pan AM 103
-Osama bin Laden born on 10/3 (10th of March)
-Jesuits = 103

Today is a span of 92 days from 9/11 anniversary.

Pan Am Flight 103 = 111
-September 11 left 111 days in the year
New York = 111
Clipper Maid of the Seas = 111

Lockerbie Bombing = 79
Osama bin Laden = 79
Society of Jesus = 79

This news comes on the 11th, three months after the anniversary of 9/11.

And notice this comes just before the 34th anniversary of the bombing.

That means it has been 33 years and change.

Just like how all the 1968 rituals were 33 years and change before 9/11 happened.
-9-1-1 dialing code
-WTC construction start
-2001: A Space Odyssey
-George W. Bush graduation
-The Quran Code discovery
-Boeing jumbo jetliner debut

Of course, it happened on 12/21.
12+21 = 33
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33
Masonry = 33
Federal = 33

And the other familiar encoding is in ‘Tundergarth Hill.’
-Tundergarth Hill = 177 / 84 / 78
-The Jesuit Order = 177 / 84
-Jesuit = 84 / 78

As for the bombing being in ’88…
Scotland = 88
Jewish = 88

Notice the bomber’s name sounds like ‘Mossad.’
-Mas’ud or Masoud

Shortly after 19:00, like the 19 hijackers on 9/11.
-Chaos = 19
-The Quran Code and 19

The 243 passengers also stands out.
-Central Intelligence Agency = 243

Think of the 19 children killed in OKC bombing 243 days after Bill Clinton’s birthday.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and why it was released on September 21, 2022

Catholic Church Entertainment History Jesuit News Psychological Operation Racism Terrorism
*The show released 123 days after his birthday anniversary & 68 days before his death anniversary *Conspiracy=123 *Terror=68
*Roman Catholic = 219 (21/9 date)
Roman Catholic Church = 94 *He died in ’94
*Columbia Correctional Institution = 145 *Catholic = 145

September 21 leaves 101 days in the year.
Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer = 101
-Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer = 97 / 101 / 191 / 322
-He died 191 days after his birthday

He was 34 years old when he died *Murder = 34

1128, 47th triangular number
News = 47
Time = 47
Authority = 47
Government = 47
Policeman = 47
Cop = 47
DC = 47
Republican = 47
Democrat = 47
President = 47
White House = 47

He died 191 days after his birthday.
Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer = 191
Society of Jesus = 191

6 months and 7 days (Blood Sacrifice = 67, Human Sacrifice = 67)

Dahmer lived next to Marquette, a Jesuit University.
Society of Jesus = 191

The founder of Marquette died on September 7, or 9/7.
Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer = 97
Brotherhood of Death = 97 (Skull and Bones, 322)
*John Henni = 97
Death = 97
Murder = 79
Society of Jesus = 79

John Martin Henni = 172 *Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172

Milwaukee, Wisconsin = 81
Ritual = 81
/ 81
-Dead in ’81

John Henni died 84 days after his birthday.
Jesuit = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84
The Catholic Church = 84
United States of America = 84

He also died on his 85th day of his age.
Iesus Hominum Salvator= 85
Templar = 85
*Monster = 85 (The first word in the name of the Dahmer show)

And John Henni is from Switzerland, the land of the Templars.

ANYHOW, in this show about Jeffrey Dahmer, and in the supposedly real story that terrified millions of people’s minds through the TV in the 1990s, Dahmer lived in Apartment 213.

Racism = 213 (Jewish) Dahmer’s victims were black men (Dahmer was a white man). Remember what they did with LeBron and racism at his (213) home just before his 213th playoff game, on the day leaving 213 days in the year, for Game 1 of the NBA Finals *The NBA Finals = 213. That was before he went to LA, the (213). Then Derek Fischer got a DUI in the (213). *DUI = 213 (Jewish). And it goes with 2Pac getting killed 213 days after his 2/13 All Eyez On Me release date.

Also, the 17 victims of Dahmer go with his victims being black men.
Slave = 59, Negro = 59 Blues = 59, Rasta = 59 (59, 17th prime)

And the actor they got for Dahmer has a name equating to 201, and he is born on 20/1. It’s like the 201 men in the control group in the Tuskegee experiment. It’s also like Eazy-E dying 201 days after his birthday, in the (213), after Ice Cube’s Lethal Injection album. And it’s like how after Event 201, they said darker complected people would be most prone to Covid-19.

This story took place in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin = 44
Execution = 44
Kill = 44
*African-American = 44

And for one last point, this show released on a date with 52 numerology.
9/21/22 = 9+21+22 = 52
Cannibal = 52
-Cannibal = 29 / 52 / 56 / 160

It was also a date with 72 numerology.
9/21/2022 = 9+21+20+22 = 72
Jesuit Order = 72
-72 names of god in Kabbalah
-72 demons in the Goetia

And it goes with the actor being born on 20/1, and having a 201 name.
Evan Thomas Peters = 201 / 87
-He was born in ’87
-The Catholic Church = 87
-Number of the Beast = 87

Before this role, he played his part in “American Horror Story,” and that’s what Dahmer was during the 90s. And notice he is from St. Louis, Jesuit town, who Brady had his big 201 ritual against. And notice he is 35 years old right now.
Catholic = 35
Holy See = 35
Jesuitism = 35
Iesus = 35
St. Louis, MO = 35

American Horror Story = 253 (253, 22nd tri. number) He is Dahmer in ’22

Beverly Eckert the 911 Widow and “My Silence Cannot be Bought”.

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In the wake the September 11th attacks a high profile protagonist emerged. Beverly Eckert who lost her husband Sean Rooney in Tower 2 became one of the main driving forces behind a U.S. government 911 investigation commission. She was not satisfied with the official 911 Commission and continued to advocate for a thorough investigation.

She took on multiple other social causes and was vehemently anti-war, but her primary focus — which made her a bit of a gad fly — was for a thorough investigation of 911 which focused on domestic failings in the United Sates as opposed to the popular decision to focus on Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda.

“My Silence Cannot be Bought”

It is of paramount importance to note that Beverley Eckert stands apart from the families of 911 victims who received varying amounts of compensation from the United States government which some sources say averaged $1.8 million per family. The number changes over the years as claims are made, settled and paid out.

Beverley Eckert – who lost her husband Sean Rooney did not receive compensation because she rejected it for reasons stated in a December 19th, 2003 manifesto published in USA Today Ttitled:

My Silence Cannot be Bought:” Her are some excerpts:

I’ve chosen to go to court rather than accept a payoff from the 9/11 victims compensation fund. 

By suing, I’ve forfeited the “$1.8 million average award” for a death claim I could have collected under the fund. Nor do I have any illusions about winning money in my suit. What I do know is I owe it to my husband, whose death I believe could have been avoided, to see that all of those responsible are held accountable. If we don’t get answers to what went wrong, there will be a next time. And instead of 3,000 dead, it will be 10,000. What will Congress do then?

So I say to Congress, big business and everyone who conspired to divert attention from government and private-sector failures: My husband’s life was priceless, and I will not let his death be meaningless. My silence cannot be bought.

Those who did receive government compensation agreed in contract that they would not challenge the official narrative on 911.

Her activism continued into the new administration; the Obama White House, and she is famously pictured shaking hands with President Obama just six days before her activism ended, and her name ceased to be mentioned in the media. That is because the domestic Continental Airline that she was traveling in crashed while attempting to land at Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

Beverly Eckert shaking hands with President of the United States Barack Obama less than a week before her death.

Familiar Esoteric Patterns

Besides the most conspicuous pattern of a person threatening powerful entities experiencing accidents or suicides, the occult esoteric ritualistic synchronicities with other high profile events also manifest.

It all starts with birthdays. Beverley Eckert was a Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury also rules Virgo. Mercury rules the realm of travel and transportation.

We have seen a destruction-of-Mercury transportation ritual in 911 itself:

The twin towers were a huge Gemini symbol while the date September 11th was under Virgo. Both signs ruled by Mercury.

Also a note that Mercury as ruler of transportation is honored with a spectacular sculpture on the Southern facade of New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.

The gematria of “MERCURY” is 41 in Reverse Pythagorean gematria.

  • 911 happened on a date with 41 numerology: 9+11+20+01 = 41.
  • “AIRPLANES” = 41
  • Al Qaeda” = 41
  • Saudi Arabia = 41
  • The Pentagon was a target. Construction of the Pentagon started on September 11th in the year ’41.
  • Another Virgo Kobe Bryant died at the age of 41 in a form of transportation; a helicopter.

The planet Mercury was rising on the Eastern horizon on September 11th, 2001 in New York City.

Beverley Eckert was not only a Gemini but born on May 29th, a birthday shared by John F Kennedy who was killed in a form of transportation while his Vice President LBJ who was a Virgo, was sworn in on a form of transportation: Air Force 1.

Kathy Hochul Synchronicity

  • Beverly Eckert was born in and died in Buffalo, New York which is also the home town of current New York Governor Kathy Hochul.
  • Eckert was a Gemini, Hochul is a Virgo.

Beverly Eckert died at age 57. Kathy Hochul is the 57th Governor of New York.

Eckert’s husband who died in one of the Gemini symbol twin towers was named “Sean P Rooney” a name that sums to 57.

In gematria “GEMINI” sums to 57.

A moniker for Mercury is “THE MESSENGER” which equals 57. Beverly Eckert was a messenger.

August 27th is Kathy Hochul’s birthday.

Super Bowl Synchronicity

Buffalo is one of the favorites to be in the next Super Bowl.

The next Super Bowl will be the 57th, on a 57 date numerology: 2 + 12 + 20 + 23 + 57.

Buffalo native Beverley Eckert died on Feb 12th, in the suburbs of Buffalo.

Buffalo opened the NFL season that will culminate in Super Bowl LVII. The opener was on 8-9 or 9-8 8th September or September 8th.

The name “Beverly” sums to 89.

Beverly Eckert’s husband Sean P Rooney worked on the 98th floor of the South Tower.

9-8/8-9 2022 was also the day that Queen Elizabeth died. Buffalo has the nickname of “Queen City” which sums to 119 in gematria like 11th September.

Buffalo Bills opened the season on 9-8 defeating the current NFL champion Los Angeles Rams who are lead by Quarter Back Matt Stafford who attended Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas; the same High School that Ronald Reagan attempted assassin John Hinckley Jr. attended.

John Hinckley Jr. has the same birthday as Beverly Eckert and JFK: May 29th.

Watch my latest Youtube video:

Birmingham, United Kingdom is the original after which Birmingham, Alabama, USA is named. Birmingham, UK just hosted the 2022 Commonwealth Games and proved to be a grand stage of high ritual especially concerning the British monarchy which the games celebrate. The star of the entire games was the giant mechanical bull which has deep, ancient esoteric meaning.

We see undeniable synchronicity in the letters “MLK”, most recognized as signifying Martin Luther King for whom Birmingham, Alabama was an epicenter of his activism, but also signifying Moloch the Canaanite bull sacrifice deity, and the Semitic “Malik” that means “king”.

Birmingham’s Black Sabbath are a major part of the ritual as is the life and death of English football/soccer legend Cyrille Regis who spent most of his career in Birmingham and whose name “Regis” means “king” in Latin. Michael Jordan is also related to the connecting web.

Fresh Kills landfill full of 9/11 debris to be made into park by 2036

History Predictive Programming Terrorism

Fresh Kills is being made into a park, and CNN launched the news on the 19 year anniversary of 9/11, in the middle of Covid, and just two weeks before Jeff Bezos released his remake of Utopia? Wow.
Fresh Kills = 119
Park = 19

You know all the 119 and 19 rituals with 9/11, and clearly they’re not over. As I always say, the story will continue, by the numbers, as long as these same controllers continue to rule.

FYI, the park is supposed to open in 2036, 35 years later.

Would you be surprised if it ended up being 2040, 39 years later, in ‘New York?’

Fritz Koenig’s death 201 days before the 16th anniversary of 9/11, February 22, 2017

Architecture Buildings of Interest Celebrity History Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order News Terrorism

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This is his work.

Fritz Koenig = 68
-The number highly associated with 9/11

And adding insult to injury, he died 201 days before the 16th 9/11 anniversary.
Order of Illuminati = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201

And don’t forget the Jesuits were created in the 16th century.

Also, don’t overlook the 2/22 death.
Superior General = 222
Order Out of Chaos = 222
As Above, So Below = 222

And never forget, 222 months from 9/11 to coronavirus pandemic, March 11, 2020.

Pakistan floods kill 119, August 29, 2022 news (and Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s September 11, 1948 death)

Flood History Jesuit New World Order News Terrorism War Weather

119 dead in Pakistan, where Osama bin Laden was killed in the big 119 ritual.
Poseidon = 119

And don’t forget the founder of Pakistan, died on September 11, 1948, 53 years before 9/11/2001… blamed on Osama… 11/9 date…
Pakistan = 53
-53 is associated with the feminine (like water)

Dead in 48 *Illuminati = 48 *Freemason = 48 *Tree = 48 *Evil = 48
Vatican Hill = 911 (Jewish Gematria)

And notice what Rambo documented about the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos paper, using Muhammad Ali to debunk 9/11 truthers. The founder of Pakistan was Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Muhammad Ali = 201
-Order of Illuminati = 201 / 105
-Jinnah died 105 days before his Christmas Day birthday

And recall, Muhammad Ali died on June 3 in 2016.
2016, 63rd tri. number
Prophet Muhammad, dead at 63 (common belief)
Muhammad Ali Jinnah = 307 (63rd prime)
Terrorism = 63

*Also, notice Pakistan was born the day before the Jesuit Order’s birthday, August 14
-Jesuits born August 15, 1534

And his place of birth and death is interesting.
Karachi, Pakistan = 263 (56th prime)
11+77+175 = 263 (Flights that hit targets on 9/11)
Society of Jesus = 56
Washington DC = 56
Tree of Life = 56

1,033 total dead, and 119 from that day.

The CIA War on Reality, Washington Post and the Mind Control Code

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As the 911 anniversary approaches the term “CONSPIRACY THEORY” and “CONSPIRACY THEORIST” loom front and center.

The term was coined by the C.I.A. in response to multiple books, newspaper articles and documentaries critical and skeptical of the U.S. government’s Warren Commission report on the John F Kennedy assassination.

The Central Intelligence Agency is – in effect – among other things, (and maybe primarily)a mind control and perception-management institution.

The C.I.A. was formed after World War II and inherited multiple Nazis through Operation Paperclip, for its war on Communism.

Here is an example of a current C.I.A. mind-manipulation operation; this one regarding 911.

This documentary video is on The Washington Post’s 2 million-plus subscriber Youtube channel, titled:

How 9/11 ‘Truther’ conspiracy theories fueled the war on reality

This is the description of the video:

Conspiracy theories blaming George W. Bush for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks have been debunked, yet millions of Americans still believe them. When Osama bin Laden was the obvious “outsider,” why did so many people turn against Bush and what does it say about U.S. society today? In this short film, conspiracy theory researchers Evan Laine and Raju Parakkal connect the dots between 9/11 “trutherism” and the “Big Lie.

The first item of primary importance is that the C.I.A. has a contract with Amazon which owns the Washington Post. And the CIA is documented as having inherited Nazi expertise primarily in the form of Reinhard Gehlen who lead Nazi intelligence operations against the Soviet Union.

Multiple Nazis were absorbed in multiple United States governmental agencies – NASA is one famous example – and Nazi perception-control and mind control techniques were adopted by the United United States government including MK Ultra; MK standing for “Mind Control” but spelled with a “K” because “control” in German is spelled with a “K”: “kontrolle.

The face of MK Ultra is Josef Mengele who is purported to have worked for the United States government under the alias “Doctor Green”.

The face of Nazi propaganda and perception-management is Josef Goebbels who is not alleged to have worked for the United States government but whose techniques are nonetheless being employed today: this Washington Post video is a prime example.

The disingenuous motto of the Washington Post is “Democracy dies in Darkness”.

“Josef Goebbels” and “Democracy Dies in Darkness” have double overlap in the base ciphers of gematria.

A pretty ignominious match up for a newspaper; but not surprising when you consider the connection of the Washington Post to the CIA, and the CIA’S connection to the Nazi regime.

119/911 Numbers sacred to Nazis

911 and 119 are numbers that the Nazi Party highly venerated.

During Nazi rule 9th November/November 9th was a national holiday honoring the Nazis who lost their lives during the 1928 Beer Hall Putsch coup attempt of 9-11/11-9, 1923.

The term “Schicksalstag” means “Day of Fate” which refers to major moments in German history that fell on 119/911.

So there should be no surprise when 911 or 119 appear in mind-control/proganda-related narratives.

“SNOPES.COM” = 119.

In its video the Washington Post uses the term “TRUTHERISM” which equals 119.


“PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS” also sums to 1206 in the Agrippa/Jewish/Latin cipher.

1206 is like the date December 6th when the Washington Post was founded.

The title of the video is: “How 9/11 ‘Truther’ conspiracy theories fueled the war on reality”.


“WAR ON REALITY” fits the gematria mind control code perfectly:

Josef Mengele the face of MK Ultra, as born on 163; 16th March.

A mind controlled automaton – usually used for assassinations – can be called a “MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE” which sums to 163.

George H W Bush – who was CIA Director and whose family had openly historically acknowledged Nazi ties through his father Prescott Bush and Union Bank – was born on the 163rd day-of-the year: June 12th, 1924.

The 1984 describes a Nazi-like dystopia dependent on extreme mind and perception-manipulition. A 1984-style society is the goal of today’s major economic and political forces. 1984 was written by George Orwell whose real name is “Eric Arthur Blair” which sums to 163.

163 is the 38th prime number, so 38 manifests in propaganda/mind control narratives.

“SNOPES.COM” has a value of 38. It is also 119.


“Alter Ego” an MK Ultra term, = 38.

“GAS LIGHT” is a main control term that sums to 38.

The Washington Post video is narrated primarily by Evan Laine of Thomas Jefferson University.

“EVAN LAINE” has a value of 38.


160 is one of the central mind control code numbers. This is because “MIND CONTROL” has gematria of 160.

The name of the main narrator of the Washington Post CIA propaganda video “Evan Laine” equals 160.

The Head Quarters of the CIA is named the “GEORGE BUSH CENTER FOR INTELLIGENCE” .


“WONDERLAND” is a euphemism for a place that is detached from reality, which is the accusation of the CIA and its media minions, against anyone questioning governmental or elite economic authority.

This can another term related to “war on reality”.


Although the Nazi Party identified freemasonry as an enemy, there are nonetheless Nazi/Jesuit/Illuminati infiltrators into Freemasonry for the purposes of using and destroying or at least altering it to their desires.

A major Freemason symbol that I have touched upon in previous decodes is the staircase between the twin pillars.

Evan Laine is depicted between the twin pillars with the curved staircase behind him; ironically as he discusses the destruction of the Freemason twin pillars; covering for the perpetrators.

He says: “WE ARE GRAPPLING WITH THE BIG LIE”. This sums to 289 which is 17 x 17.

This is homage to modern Freemasonry the was founded in England in the year 1717.

He described as a “CONSPIRACY THEORY RESEARCHER” which has a value of 143.

“We are grappling with the big lie” has a value of 143.


Mickey Mantle card sells for record $12.6 m, August 28, 2022

History Jesuit Sports Terrorism
8/28/2022 = 8+28+20+22 = 78 *New York = 78 *Jesuit = 78 *Sunday = 78

The Yankees stayed on 78 wins for the day…

Oakland = 41 (Wins 4-1)

This happened August 28, 2022, the day when counted through December 31 totaling 126 days.

Keep in mind it was also the anniversary of the Chadwick Boseman death, who died shortly after Kobe Bryant’s passing on January 26, or 1/26.

Think Genesis 1:26.

And FYI, the ritual came 44-weeks and 4-days after Mickey Mantle’s birthday.

It was also 15 days after his death anniversary, August 13, 1995.

ALSO, Mickey Mantle has huge representation in Oklahoma City, with a street named after him and a restaurant, and notice he died 116 days after the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995. Of course, 116 was the number in the bombing…

Read more about the 116 ritual in OKC here.