New York’s $52 billion proposal to protect New York from flooding and storm surge, September 26, 2023

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New York’s plan to save the city from flooding will cost $52 billion? Talk about getting fleeced by the code. As we know, 52 is the number of flooding, and weather warfare was first admitted to in 1952.
Flood = 52
Earth = 52
Enlil = 52
Devil = 52
*Hurricane = 52

And don’t it is a special number, going with the 52 weeks of the year we tell time by.
Kabbalah = 52
Gematria = 52
Tree of Life = 52
Etz Ha Chayim = 52
Authority = 52
Government = 52

Keep in mind that 52 weeks calendar is named after a Pope.
Pope = 52

The Epic Water Breaking Ritual of Berlin, Germany

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On December 16th, 2022 one of the world’s largest aquarium tanks spontaneously collapsed. The AquaDom & Sea Life Centre in Berlin, Germany, is the world’s largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium that located in the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel.

High esoteric ritual is performed in the guise of news events and happenstance. This occurred in Germany which is the birthplace of the Bavarian branch of the Illuminati as well as Skull and Bones, known originally as the Brotherhood of Death in German.

One million liters or 265,000 gallons spilled killing all of its 1,500 exotic fish. The ritual theme here is apparent especially given the fact that this particular theme has been the most prevalent occulted narrative world wide: BIRTH.

Birth begins with water breaking. This is the most apparent aspect of the ritual.

This aquarium explosion and water breaking happened at the time of the World Cup (of football / soccer ) third-place game and grand finale which ere on December 17th and 18th respectively.

As I have discussed earlier the birthing theme was as conspicuous as it could ever be with a stadium: the Al Janoub Stadium designed clearly after a female generative organ in the process of birthing.

This came in a year when the United States Supreme Court first leaked a draft opinion to repeal the Roe vs Wade abortion rights law. The water and birth theme is evident there: Roe and Wade are two means of moving through water:

row as in row a boat and wade as in walk through high water.

The draft opinion was reported to have bee “LEAKED” which is a water reference.

Repealing a law banning abortion increases births, so this was a pro-birth action. Roe vs Wade abortion law was eventually formally repealed June 24th, 2022 which is the nativity date of John the Baptist. When one is baptized one is said to be being born again. It is a form of rebirth.

Baptism also involves water.

The most celebrated pregnancy and birth outside of a British royal has been actress/singer Rihanna who gave birth to a boy reportedly on May 13th, 2022.

Rihanna will be headlining the next Super Bowl Half Time Show which will be Super Bowl LVII. 57 is a major birth code number. “BIRTH” equals 57 in gematria.



The most famous birth is done by “MARY”

who is the “MOTHER OF JESUS”.

A birth is a “NEW BEGINNING”

and a “START”.

On May 2nd, 2022 a marble statue of a pregnant Rihanna was unveiled at the annual Met Gala in New York City. May 2nd is 5-2 or 2nd May 2-5. 52 and 25 are key code numbers to this ritual theme that should manifest in the epic water breaking ritual of Berlin, Germany.

In gematria “FLUID” equals 25 and 52.

“FLOOD” equals 25 and 52.

“FERTILITY” equals 52

Rihanna the great birth symbol will be starring in Super Bowl LVII. 57 is the greatest “birth” code number. Roman numerals LVII have gematria value of 52 and 25.

The word “BUMP” is slang for a pregnancy.

“BUMP” has a value of 52.

A little over 4 months out from the Super Bowl Rihanna sported a silver football jersey with the number 25 on it.

Silver is associated with the Moon. The Moon is related to female fertility since it determines monthly cycles. “MOON” has the birth number code value of 57.

Rihanna is a Pisces zodiac sign. The ruling planet of the sign of Pisces is Neptune. The god Neptune rules the realm of the sea and rivers. At the time of the Aqua Dom explosion – on December 16th, 2022 in Berlin, Germany at 5:45 a.m. The Moon and planet Neptune were in an almost perfect alignment: in opposition either side of planet Earth.

Neptune was “at home” in the sign the it rules: Pisces, Rihanna’s sign. The symbol of Pisces is fish. 1,500 exotic fish died in the aquarium burst.


French astronomer Urbain Le Verrier discovered the existence of a planet that would later be identified as Neptune. In gematria his name “Urbain Le Verrier” equals 228.

From the date of the leak of the draft opinion to repeal Roe vWade; the same day that a pregnant Rihanna marble statue was unveiled at the Met Gala: May 2nd, 2022, to the Berlin aquarium burst is a period of 228 days.

Le Verrier means “the glass maker”.

Rihanna’s last name “FENTY” has a value of 25.

From the aquarium tank burst on December 16th, 2022 to Rihanna’s next birthday on February 20th, 2023 is a 2 months, 5 day span for another 25.

World wide media images of the aftermath came from an alleged hotel patron named “LARISSA”.

The name “LARISSA” has value of 25.

The Aqua Dom was in Berlin, Germany which is on the 52nd parallel North.

The Aqua Dom was 25 meters tall in total.

The tank itself was actually 52 feet tall sitting on a 30 foot base.

In gematria “AQUARIUM” has a value of 52.


67 is a key number that should manifest in a ritual of this nature. It is the gematria value of “WATER”.

From the date of the tank burst on December 16th, 2022 to Rihanna’s next birthday on February 20th, 2022 is a span of 67 days.


The birth of a child is preceded by the mother’s “water breaking”.

In gematria “WATER BREAKING” has a value of 82.

“BABY BUMP” sums to 82 in gematria.

The Aqua Dom was a total of 82 feet in height.

Rihanna will take the grand stage at the Super Bowl.

From the December 16th, 2022 date of the aquarium burst to Super Bowl LVII on February 12th, 2023 is 8 weeks, 2 days.

“WATER BREAKING” has value of 217.

From the birth of Rihanna’s son on May 13th, 2022 to the December 16th, 2022 tank burst is a period of 217 days.


The most famous mother is Mary who is said to have given birth to Jesus.

The nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is observed on September 8th.

The highest profile hotel patron at the time of the tank burst was a member of the German parliament Bundestag Sandra Wesser.

Sandra Weeser was born on the day of the celebration of the nativity of the Virgin Mary: September 8th.

“BLESSED VIRGIN MARY” sums to 202 in gematria like the date 20th February which is Rihanna’s birthday.

“BLACK MADONNA” also has a value of 202.

The birth of Jesus is believed by many to have occurred on September 11th.

When you spell out “SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH” it has a value of 265.

265,000 gallons of water are said to have poured out of the tank after the explosion.

Remember that the twin towers destroyed on 911 had the tridents of Neptune in their design.

Hurricane Fiona causes catastrophic damage while knocking out power throughout Puerto Rico, Sunday, September 18, 2022, on Governor Pedro Pierluisi 146th day of his age

Flood Military News Weather
Catastrophic = 52 *Hurricane = 52 *Flood = 52 *Earth = 52 *Enlil = 52 *Devil = 52

Hurricane Fiona = 79 / 83 / 142 / 236
Flood = 83
Earth = 83
Enlil = 83
Devil = 83

Keep in mind this happened on the 146th day of Governor Pedro Pierluisi’s age.
Power Outage = 146
Hurricane = 146

Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia = 177 *The Jesuit Order = 177 *New World Order = 177

Notice the 146 / 56 / 52 overlap.


More information on the storm is as follows:

Pakistan floods kill 119, August 29, 2022 news (and Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s September 11, 1948 death)

Flood History Jesuit New World Order News Terrorism War Weather

119 dead in Pakistan, where Osama bin Laden was killed in the big 119 ritual.
Poseidon = 119

And don’t forget the founder of Pakistan, died on September 11, 1948, 53 years before 9/11/2001… blamed on Osama… 11/9 date…
Pakistan = 53
-53 is associated with the feminine (like water)

Dead in 48 *Illuminati = 48 *Freemason = 48 *Tree = 48 *Evil = 48
Vatican Hill = 911 (Jewish Gematria)

And notice what Rambo documented about the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos paper, using Muhammad Ali to debunk 9/11 truthers. The founder of Pakistan was Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Muhammad Ali = 201
-Order of Illuminati = 201 / 105
-Jinnah died 105 days before his Christmas Day birthday

And recall, Muhammad Ali died on June 3 in 2016.
2016, 63rd tri. number
Prophet Muhammad, dead at 63 (common belief)
Muhammad Ali Jinnah = 307 (63rd prime)
Terrorism = 63

*Also, notice Pakistan was born the day before the Jesuit Order’s birthday, August 14
-Jesuits born August 15, 1534

And his place of birth and death is interesting.
Karachi, Pakistan = 263 (56th prime)
11+77+175 = 263 (Flights that hit targets on 9/11)
Society of Jesus = 56
Washington DC = 56
Tree of Life = 56

1,033 total dead, and 119 from that day.

Media makes a big deal about River Phoenix’s 52nd birthday anniversary, August 23, 2022

Celebrity Flood Murder by Numbers News Weather

Notice they’re celebrating the 52nd birthday of River Phoenix, and his sister Rain is a big part of it. Of course, the state of Arizona (where Phoenix is) and surrounding areas just got over abnormal flooding. And as we know, ’52’ is the number of weather warfare.
Flood = 52
Earth = 52

Nice Illuminati pose.

Read about River Phoenix’s death 144 days after Johnny Depp’s birthday here.
Jesuit Order = 144

Jackson, Mississippi’s river to reach maximum height on Michael Jackson’s birthday, August 29, 2022 + Artemis 1 launch & the Moonwalker

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Jackson, Mississippi is about to flood on Michael Jackson’s birthday, Monday, August 29, 2022.

And recall what they just did with overturning Roe v. Wade with Dobbs vs. Jackson, the week before Ketanji Brown Jackson, in the time of cancer, ruled by the moon.

And notice, the river is expected to crest on August 29, Michael Jackson’s birthday.

Keep in mind August 29 falls on a Monday this year, named after the moon.

*There is also the Artemis 1 moon mission launching August 29, 2022, on Moon Walker’s birthday, Michael Jackson…

Michael Jackson = 83
Moon mission ends Oct. 10 (Oct. 10 -December 31 is a total of 83 days)
Flood = 83 (What is going on in Jackson on the day of the launch)

Keep in mind NASA was born in ’58, like Michael Jackson.
NASA, July 29
MJ, August 29


The warning came Saturday, August 27, 2022, the 239th day of the year, the five year anniversary of the flooding of Harvey.
239, 52nd prime
Flood = 52
Earth = 52
*Hurricane = 52

Recall, when Texas flooded on August 27, 2017, it was the 27 year anniversary of Stevie Ray Vaugh’s passing, and on the 27th of the month. *Ritual = 27

*Weather warfare first admitted to August 15, 1952, on the Jesuit Order’s birthday.

And don’t forget Michael died on 42 date numerology.
6/25/2009 = 6+25+(2+0+0+9) = 42

This 42 day mission comes 66 days aver Roe v. Wade was overturned, with Dobbs vs. Jackson.
Math = 42 / 66
New Testament = 42 / 66
Jesuit = 42
Freemason = 42
-42 generations
-66 books
-Number of the Beast = 66
-Beast rules for 42 months

Michael Jackson’s song Dirty Diana was released on August 31, 1987, ten years before the death of Princess Diana, who was said to be cheating on Charles.
Dirty Diana = 66
-Think of cheating women
-Think of abortions (Dobbs vs. Jackson, June 24, 2022 — on Freemasonry’s birthday)

Recall, Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009, on George Orwell’s birthday, Mr. 1984, a big year for MJ.

6/25/2009 = 6+25+(2+0+0+9) = 42
42 day mission…