Did Vladimir Putin’s tiger named Jupiter die in a Columbus, Ohio zoo on Sunday, June 26, 2022?

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A Tiger named Jupiter, is dead in the Year of the Tiger? Once again, Jupiter is the “tiger striped” planet.

It was 14? *Dead = 14

Furthermore, this tiger’s life began in the Moscow Zoo, which makes me wonder if it is one of the Tigers that was given to Vladimir Putin when he was 56-years-old, that he said he gave away. The age of the tiger fits the timeline. And they’re saying it has died from Covid-19…
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Zoo = 56

The tiger died on Vladimir Putin’s 263rd day of his age (56th prime).
263, 56th prime number

Keep in mind it died in Ohio, and the Cincinnati Bengals (tigers) just lost in Super Bowl 56 to the very Ukrainian Rams, right before the war kicked off.

Also, this story comes June 30, 2022, 149-days after the Year of the Tiger began on February 1.
201 is 149 in base-12 counting
Skull and Bones = 149
-149, 35th prime
-Catholic = 35
-Holy See = 35

The tiger died Sunday, June 26, 26/6, like 266.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266
-Columbus speaks to Catholic

That was 133-days after the Super Bowl ended between LA and Cincinnati, a Super Bowl that had everything to do with Tigers.
Football = 133

Moscow Zoo = 144
Columbus, Ohio = 153 / 54
Jesuit Order = 153 / 144 / 44


NATO’s Madrid conference concludes June 30, 2022, after inviting Finland & Sweden to join

Catholic Church Freemasonry Jesuit Military New World Order News Politics Predictive Programming War World War

Today has 58 date numerology, fitting for NATO.
NATO = 58
Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58

Today is the 181st day of the year, the 42nd prime.
World War = 42
War = 42
Jesuit = 42
Freemason = 42

NATO is on the verge of having 32 members, reminding that the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite shares the Ad maiorem Dei gloriam motto with the Jesuits, who have 32 sun rays on their logo.
Scottish = 32
America = 32

Of course, NATO is spearheaded by the United States of America.
7/4/1776 = 32

And with regards to 32, today is exactly 18-weeks after the Russia-Ukraine conflict began.
IHS = 18 / 18
Sun = 18

The Jesuit logo is the sun, with 32 rays, and the letters IHS inside.


Woody Williams, last living World War II Medal of Honor recipient, dead at 98, June 29, 2022

Celebrity Government History Jesuit Military War World War

Woody Williams is dead June 29, 2022, the 180th day of the year.
Woody Williams = 180


Notice he was born October 2, or 10/2, like 102.
World War = 102
Art of War = 102

His death comes one day after the anniversary of World War I beginning.

And he is dead 95-days before his birthday, and the Jesuits translated Art of War.
Jesuits purpose to counter 95 Theses

Hershel Woodrow Williams = 119

Ukraine secures 144 soldiers, including 95 Mariupol steel plant defenders, June 29, 2022

Catholic Church Jesuit Military New World Order News War World War

Get that. Ukraine secures the return of 144 soldiers, including 95 Mariupol steel plant defenders.
Jesuit Order = 144
Jesuits created to counter 95 Theses

And this news comes June 29, 2022, on Vladimir Putin’s 266th day of his age, in the time of the 266th Pope, the first Jesuit Pope.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266


NATO formally invites Finland & Sweden to become members of the alliance, 42-days after they submitted their applications, June 29, 2022

Federal Government Jesuit Military New World Order News Predictive Programming War World War

Read about Finland and Sweden submitting NATO membership applications May 18, 2022 here.

From the May 18 submittal to today is 42-days later.
World War = 42
War = 42
Jesuit = 42
Freemason = 42

That means when Turkey dropped their block of Finland and Sweden yesterday, June 28, 2022, on the anniversary of the start of World War I, it was a span of 42-days from the applications being submitted.


Today leaves 185-days in the year.
Jens Stoltenberg = 185
Catholicism = 185
Mathematics = 185
Math = 42

Today is 105-days after Jens Stoltenberg’s birthday (March 16, 1959).
Order of Illuminati = 105

He is the 13th director of NATO (Illuminati founded with 13 families)

Turkey drops block of Finland and Sweden joining NATO, June 28, 2022, the 108-year anniversary of the start of World War I

Catholic Church Government History Jesuit Military War World War

Turkey has dropped their block of Finland and Sweden joining NATO on June 28, 2022, the 108-year anniversary of the start of World War I. And Putin, who is threatening World War III, has said he does not want to see NATO grow.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization = 183
Vladimir Putin = 183
Pearl Harbor = 183

Recall when Biden and Putin met on Pearl Harbor Day, a big anniversary for World War II. It seems a lot more than symbolic…

Also, today is 193-days after Pope Francis’s birthday.
193, 44th prime
Military = 44
NATO established on 4/4 (in 1949)


10 dead and 40 wounded after Russian bombing of Kremenchuk shopping mall, June 27, 2022

Catholic Church Jesuit Military New World Order News War World War


This news comes Monday, June 27, 2022, the day leaving 187-days in the year.
Society of Jesus = 187
Holy Roman Empire = 187

The target was the ‘Kremenchuk Shopping Mall.’
Kremenchuk Shopping Mall = 107 / 109
Kremenchuk = 109
Military = 107 / 109

Today is the 228th day of the Superior General’s age.
Death = 228

Today is the 193rd day of Pope Francis’s age.
193, 44th prime
Military = 44
Execution = 44
Kill = 44

This is happening while Zelensky, the comedian, is 44.

And as we know, in Ukraine it is all propaganda by the numbers.

Why the Los Angeles Roe v. Wade protest began at Pershing Square, June 24, 2022 | The Jesuits & Agent Provocateurs

Activism Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit New World Order News Psychological Operation Secret Societies Socialization Staged Media / Controlled Opposition World War

The protest march, June 24, 2022, came on Eric Garcetti’s 141st day of being 51-years-old.
Electric = 51 / 141

42nd Mayor *Jesuit = 42 *Freemason = 42 *Roe v. Wade = 42

It was also 20-weeks and 1-day into Eric Garcetti’s age.
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization = 201 (What overturned Roe)
The Roman Mythology Super Bowl 56 blackout joke (with f*** your rights Arnold SS)

Notice blow that the march began in PERSHING SQUARE.
Pershing Square = 177 / 201
The Jesuit Order = 177 / 201
Propaganda = 177

Question: Where were these people in places all over America during the “pandemic?”

The Mayor has the 201 connection in Phoenix. *Kate Gallego = 201

And as we know, ‘Agent Provocateur’ equates to 201.

I can speak to the May 1, 2012 Seattle May Day agents that operated like they were military…
I’ve told the story many times before.
Order of Illuminati = 201
-Established May 1, 1776
-“201 File” for Army
-Jesuits are military
-Jesuits founded the Illuminati


As for Route 110, it was disrupted on June 24, 2022, in response to the Roe v. Wade overturning.

And when I think 110, I think…
The massacre in Charleston, at 110 Calhoun Street (the race based shooting)
-It happened on the anniversary of Rodney King drowning (the man beaten in LA)
How tall the World Trade Centers were.. (2 became 0 became 1)
Osama bin Laden = 110
Rockefeller = 110

President = 110
-RFK and Biden have the same birthday
-Both born November 20, (RFK in 1925, Biden in 1942)
-RFK was assassinated in Los Angeles (RFK = 46, JFK dead at 46, Biden #46)
Ukraine = 110
-Warriors, Rams & Ukraine ritual (McVay with the Ukrainian fiance + more)
Longmont = 110 (Where fire burned abortion clinic in Colorado)
Minnesota = 110 (Where the massive 201 George Floyd ritual began)
Prophecy = 110
-Revelation = 121
-L.A. = 121
-Look into the show REVOLUTION which sounds similar to REVELATION

Recall, what happened in Phoenix, next door, that got more attention the day of June 24, 2022.
Phoenix = 91 (13th triangular number)
West = 13
LA = 13
-LA is just west of Phoenix
-The sun is very relevant to Freemasonry and the Jesuits (this happened on Freemasonry’s birthday)
-Read about Eric Garcettia’s very Masonic ritual in 2015 with water (96 black balls)
-The reservoir was 175 acres (for the ritual linked)
–Roe versus Wade = 175
–Phoenix, Arizona = 175
–Pope Francis = 175
–Holy Trinity = 175 (Often associated with water, baptism)
–It’s a big number with the 9/11 ritual in 2001 (in relation to current Pope)
–Roe v. Wade decided on 175th day of year (in time of Cancer, a water sign)
–Three branches of US Government, the “trinity” (“fair and balanced” that way)
–Hiram Abiff and the three ruffians… (Freemasonry story)

In light of the blackout theme of the Phoenix post linked above, don’t forget the Justin Timberlake “Supplies” song and the music video in Los Angeles where the power is out.

It goes with Eminem’s song Darkness, released 91-days after his birthday, in tribute to the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting, on the day leaving 91-days in the year, October 1, 2017.
Darkness = 91

It reminds that Eminem performed in LA on 2/13, in Super Bowl 56, as the LA Rams won Super Bowl 56, for the hometown (213) area code.
Power Outage = 52 / 56 / 146 / 151
-July 14 is 151-days after the Super Bowl (July 13 is a span of 151-days including the SB)
-July 9 is 146-days after the Super Bowl (July 8 is a span of 146-days including the SB)
–*Rodney Glen King = 79 (Who was beaten by LAPD on March 3, 1991)
–*Society of Jesus = 79
–Jesus at 33
—-Police = 33
—-KKK = 33
—-Race War = 33
—-Masonry = 33
—-Secrecy = 33
—-Order = 33

The date July 9 can also be written 9/7.
Eric Michael Garcetti = 97

*The protest was 131-days after the Super Bowl.
Super Bowl = 131
Championship = 131

And for one last point, notice Eric Garcetti’s education. Can you say New World Order?

Hopefully this event that is clearly being foreshadowed is still years away. That said, Super Bowl 56 did foretell that it is to come, and you can never be too safe (that said, you can be too paranoid, so find the balance). And ‘power outage’ does equate to 56 in the most pure cipher. And Eminem, with his song Darkness, did perform at it.

And here was the headline from May Day, May 1, 2012, in Seattle.


Putin’s 54-year-old general threatens to bomb London first if World War III breaks out, June 24, 2022, on Freemasonry’s birthday

Freemasonry Jesuit Military News Predictive Programming Psychological Operation War World War
The independent headline is from the day after, June 25, the 176th day of the year *will be bombed first = 176

This news broke on Friday, June 24, 2022, modern Freemasonry’s 305th birthday. It’s a history that began in London, England, in the banking district, on this same day, in 1717.
Mason = 17
Masonry = 33
England = 33
-London is divided into 33 neighborhood areas

And don’t forget the big fat 74 with London.
London = 74
Masonic = 74
English = 74
Gematria = 74
Occult = 74
Jewish = 74
Tarot = 74
Energy = 74

This news also came 105-days before Vladimir Putin’s 70th birthday, October 7, 2022.
Masonry = 105
Order of Illuminati = 105

Fittingly, it also came 120-days after the conflict began on February 24.
Illuminati = 120

Recall, the Illuminati was started by a Jesuit, just like modern Freemasonry, and in this case, a 54-year-old made the headline for Putin.
Jesuit Order = 54

This was the day of the 5-4 ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade a span of 54-days from the memo leak, in a court headed by Jesuit John Roberts.
John Roberts = 54


Notice how the general’s name, Andrey Gurulyov, overlaps with World War Three.
71 / 73 / 170

And don’t forget Albert Pike, the Freemason war general, wrote the letter about three world wars, and dated if August 15, 1871, the Jesuit Order’s birthday, a military order.
The Society of Jesus = 71
World War Three = 71
Andrey Gurulyov = 71
Catholic = 71

European Union considering candidacy for Ukraine, Moldova & Georgia, June 23, 2022

Catholic Church Government Jesuit Military New World Order News War World War

Notice, on June 23, 2022, the 174th day of the year, leaving 191-days remaining, the European Union is considering adding Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia as member nations.
New World Order = 174
Society of Jesus = 191
-New World Order = 177
-The Jesuit Order = 177 / 201
-Order of Illuminati = 201 / 258
-Today is 258-days after the EU’s head birthday

Keep in mind the former QB at Georgia, Matt Stafford, won Super Bowl 56 with his coach Sean McVay, who has the Ukrainian fiancee, for the Los Angeles Rams, who have the same colors as Ukraine, just days before the military conflict kicked off. Furthermore, Georgia won the college football championship in January, just before Stafford won the Super Bowl on the 44th day of the year.
Matt Stafford = 44
Georgia = 44
Military = 44
-Super Bowl 56 on 44th day of year (Feb. 13, 2022)
-11 days later the “war” kicked off

Keep in mind there are 27 member nations in the United Nations, and if Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia join, that will make 30. It is a remind that the Soviet Union dissolved on Christmas, 1991, and the war with the former USSR members, Russia and Ukraine, began 30-years later, right before Gorbachev’s 91st birthday.

NATO is the other big piece of this, with 30 member nations.

And today is 30-days after the May 24 birthday of Maia Sandu, the leader of Moldova.

As for the Rams piece…
Rams = 30 (30 countries potentially)

And today is 136-days after Matt Stafford’s birthday
Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia = 136

Recall, he became the 34th QB to win a Super Bowl, at age 34.
Ukraine = 34


As for the head of the European Union (EU), Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, today is 258-days after her birthday, connecting with the Illuminati.
Order of Illuminati = 258 / 201
The European Union = 201
European Union = 69
Catholic Church = 69
-The Jesuit Order = 69 / 201
-Illuminati = 69

And notice she became the head of the EU right as the Covid-19 festivities were getting underway, that are helping reshape the world in the NWO’s image. Of course, Covid has a lot to do with 69, 201 and 258 as well.

Also, today is 119-days after the conflict began on February 24.
All Seeing Eye = 119 / 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Mind Control = 56

Also, today is 149-days after Zelensky’s January 25 birthday.
201 is 149 in base-12 counting