The Euro 2020 Final: The Goat, Judas, Sacrifice and the Destruction of the Twin Pillars

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42, 67

In my previous post I mentioned that the Roman Emperor Titus came to power on June 24th, 79 . He lead the destruction of the temple and the city of Jerusalem as a military leader 9 years before becoming emperor.

The June 24th date of the Champlain Tower South is a direct allusion to the destruction of the Temple down for its twin pillar symbolism. I mentioned last week how the date June 24th or 24th June manifests in gematria. What I missed – but will now include – is that the term “TWIN TOWERS” sums to 624 in the Sumerian cipher.

“JERUSALEM” and “WEMBLEY” also sum to 624. “Wembley Stadium” equals 246.

Wembley Stadium, London, England is the site of the most recent destruction-of-the-twin- pillars ritual where on July 11th Italy representing Rome defeated England. The twin pillars were ironically most powerfully represented by their absence. The twin pillars of the original Wembley had been ritually destroyed to make way for the current modernized Stadium whose signature feature is the solar arch, known in Freemasonry as The Royal Arch.

The solar Royal Arch of the new Wembley Stadium

2021 The Year of the GOAT in Sports

The Italy vs England European Football Championship Final was ritually significant on multiple levels. At the original Solomon’s Temple and 2nd Temple in Jerusalem goats were a particular, significant animal ritually sacrificed. 2021 has been “The Year of the Goat” in sports. G.O.A.T. being an acronym for Greatest Of All Time.

But the term “goat” has multiple meanings in sports. It also means the polar opposite of “Greatest Of All Time”: the athlete responsible for his or her team’s loss. Merriam-Webster dictionary gives synonyms “whipping boy” and “fall guy” for goat.

The European Final between Italy and England – after being tied after regulation and extra time (over time to Americans) was decided by a penalty shoot-out. Each team takes 5 penalty kicks. This where the grand ritual took on another dimension: the racial coding that the gematria community is all too familiar with. Despite the enormity of pressure in this situation, England’s Manager Gareth Southgate (a reference to the South Gate of Solomon’s Temple) inexplicably (to those who do not have the eyes to see) selected the least experienced player to take the 5th pressure kick: 19 year-old Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka

Saka failed to score of course, which clinched the title for Rome. Not only did sack miss, but England’s two previous penalty takers missed as well. Only England’s first two scored. The two who scored were white, and the three who missed were black.

Those familiar with the racial code numbers of 42 and 59 deployed on black people will not be surprised that Bukayo Saka’s birthday is the 5th of September(5-9).

For a more detailed breakdown on the racial coding in this ritual check this link for the twitter page of Anthony C Davison who was all over it from the get-go.

The Illusion also did a breakdown of this aspect of the ritual on his Youtube channel.

Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka

The three players who missed were – in order as pictured above: Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka.

Mr. Davison observed that their last names together sum to 181 which is the 42nd prime number.

But if you take their first names: Marcus, Jadon, Bukayo it adds up to 59.

The Asphyxiation Theme

Another aspect of the racial aspect of the ritual has again to do with slang terminology: this time it is the term “CHOKE.” I have been discussing an ongoing asphyxiation ritual theme. Merriam Webster dictionary defines “choke” as:

No explanation should be needed as to the significance of choking in the black historical narrative. The current top civil rights slogan is “I Can’t Breathe.” Nedless to say: “CHOKE” sums to 42.

The Three Ruffians

This was steeped in Freemasonic ritual elements. Wembley is the site of a symbolically destroyed Temple of Solomon. In Masonic allegory the master builder of Solomon’s Temple Hiram Abiff is assaulted at the East, South and West gates of Solomon’s Temple. His assailants are 3 Fellow Craft 2nd degree Freemasons collectively known as “The Three Ruffians.” Rashford, Sancho and Saka most likely represent the Three Ruffians.

In gematria “RUFFIAN” sums to 42.

“Three Ruffians” sums to 201, a number that has manifested in multiple sports championships in 2021.

“Ruffian” in American terminology is a “thug”, which was a theme at the Final where there were reports of hundreds of fans storming the gates of the stadium in attempts to force their way in without paying, emblematic of the storming of the gates of Jerusalem under Roman military leader Titus.

The Triple Goat

So, Bukayo Saka who took and missed the last and decisive penalty kick for England — in the year of the sports goat — was a goat in all the wrong contexts:

  • He was goat in terms of the fall guy and culprit.
  • He is the scapegoat
  • Being the youngest and least experienced player in the team – and still a teenager – he is a KID, which is a baby goat.

The goat is symbol of the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

A glyph for Capricorn looks like the number 76.

The name “Saka” sums to 76.

Bukayo Saka was a metaphorical sacrificial goat at the Temple.

I have mentioned the underlying zodiacal and planetary elements to to the temple allegory and Jesuit/Babylonian grand rituals. Jupiter is a god/planet of high veneration. Opposition to Jupiter in astrology is Mercury. Destruction-of-Mercury is a common ritual theme. Mercury rules Gemini whose symbol is twins. The triumphant Italian Manager Roberto Mancini is a Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, just as the first openly Jesuit Pope is a Sagittarius. Bukayo Saka – like the losing England Manager Gareth Southgate – is a Virgo. Virgo, like Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

The Tarot and the Zodiac: The Hanged Man and Judas

The Zodiacal cross formed by Sagittarius/Jupiter and Gemini/Mercury on one axis, and Pisces/Jupiter (and Neptune) and Virgo/Mercury on the other — is called the Mutable Cross or St. Peter’s Cross; the Petrine Cross. This is symbolized by the upside-down cross.

The Petrine Cross which is a Mercury-Jupiter opposition cross

In the tarot tradition St. Peter’s Cross is represented by The Hanged Man Card

In some early, rare versions of the tarot The Hanged Man is depicted in a military uniform and the card is titled “Le Traitre” which is French for “The Traitor.” Some old English versions call it “The Judas Card.”

Judas is associated with goats. A goat that leads a flock to a location of slaughter is called a “Judas Goat.”

With the Italian Manager being Sagittarius, and the tournament Best Player being Pisces; Best Young Player being Sagittarius – and England’s Manager being Virgo as well as the goat Saka being Virgo – while the two major deaths leading up to the final being Gemini (Prince Philip and former England striker Paul Mariner), in addition to the destruction of the Gemini twin towers — it is clear that St. Peter’s Cross and The Hanged Man ( think of the choking theme) was at play in this dark ritual.

In gematria “The Judas Card” sums to 42

Judas is associated with suicide. Think of the England Manager’s decision to put the least experienced player in the highest pressure situation; considers to be a “suicidal” decision.

“The Mutable Cross” sums to 181 which is the 42nd prime number.


“Saint Peter’s Cross” sums to 67

“Hanged Man” sums to 67

“NOOSE” sums to 67

“CHOKING” sums to 67

If this was indeed a Jesuit influenced Freemasonic ritual – which it likely was – then the actors involved failed intentionally; especially the Manager Gareth Southgate. Astrology, tarot and gematria — through the number 67 –tell us the true occulted narrative. “Gareth Southgate” sums to 67.

“Solomon’s South Gate” sums to 67

“The Judas Goat” sums to 67

Judas is also called “Judas Thomas” and is said to have been the twin brother of Jesus. “Judas Thomas” sums to 67.

“Crucifixion” sums to 67.

Goats and other animals were sacrificed at the temple. “Blood Sacrifice” sums to 67

“King Solomon” in Latin is “SALOMONIS REGIS” which sums to 67

The Temple of Solomon is described in the Bibles book of 1Kings chapters 6-7

The 2nd temple is also known as “Zerubbabel’s Temple” which equals 67 in gematria

The England Manager’s last name is Southgate. A South Gate to the Old City of Jerusalem is called Zion Gate and was used by Israel Defense Forces in the 6 Day War in 1967.

The South gate to the Old City, Zion Gate riddled with bullets from the 6 Day War in ’67

“ITALY” sums to 67

Italy’s goal in the Final was scored by 67th minute

The attendance for the Final was 67,000 +

  • Bukayo Saka was 19 years old. The 19th prime number is 67

The Euro 2020 Finals: Destruction of the Twin Pillars, and the gods of Rome; Jupiter and the Unconquered Sun

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On July 11th, 2021 Italy defeated England in the final of the European Championship of football/soccer at hallowed ground of London’s Wembley Stadium. The suffix “LEY” at the end of “Wembley” is a reference to the fact that the stadium sits at the intersection of two ley-lines. The point of intersection of leylines produces a telluric energy vortex.

The ritual victory of Italy over England transcended football/soccer and sports; and was just the latest installment of an ancient grand ritual involving the chief deity of Sumer, Babylon and Rome: Enlil, Enlil, Zeus, Jupiter.

The ancient grand ritual has an astrological root. The “nemesis” of Jupiter in astrology is Mercury. The zodiac signs ruled by Jupiter; Sagittarius and Pisces are directly opposite signs ruled by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo) on the zodiacal wheel.


Mercury is the detriment of Sagittarius and Pisces; Jupiter is the detriment of Gemini and Virgo. The two managers who contested the Euro Football Final reflected the Jupiter-Mercury detriment.

Italian Manager Roberto Mancini representing Rome is a Sagittarius/Jupiter; England Manager Gareth Southgate is a Virgo/Mercury. Remember that the first openly Jesuit Pope is a Sagittarius. St. Peter is Ju-Peter.

The symbol for Gemini is twins. The Temple of Solomon has a signature twin towers feature which is a Mercury reference proven by gematria. Hermes is the Greek version of Mercury. “Solomon” has double overlap with “Mercury” and “Hermes.”

The original World Trade Center in New York City with its twin pillars was a Gemini symbol (and hence a Mercury symbol) and a symbolic Temple of Solomon. Building 7, the “3rd pillar” that was destroyed, was occupied almost entirely by the “SALOMON investment bank. “Salomon” is Latin for “Solomon.”

Tisha B’Av is a commemoration of the destruction of the first and second Temples in Jerusalem. Tisha B’Av is the 9th day of the 11th month. “Tisha B’Av” sums to 911 in the Latin/Jewish cipher of gematria.

The phrase “DESTRUCTION OF SOLOMON’S TEMPLE” sums to 119 in gematria.

The second Temple was destroyed by Rome under Emperor Titus.

The Destruction-of-Solomon’s-Temple ritual theme had already been implemented going into the Italy vs England game after one of a set of twin buildings was destroyed in Surfside, Florida where the Champlain Tower South spontaneously collapsed on June 24th, 2021. June 24th is also the anniversary of the beginning of the reign of Roman Emperor Titus who destroyed the Second Solomon.

Wembley Stadium in London is the site of the same ritual theme. It is on that site that twin towers – once again – were built and destroyed. Below is the original Wembley Stadium that contained the iconic twin pillars.

Despite desperate pleas — from fans, the public at large; even non-football fans, players, officials, celebrities and politicians — to preserve the twin pillars, they were destroyed anyway in making way for the new modern Wembley Stadium. This was an emphatic statement about who occupies the seat of power: ROME.

Titus came to power on June 24th and lay siege to Jerusalem before destroying the Temple. In the Sumerian cipher “JERUSALEM” sums to 624 like the date June 24th, the date that one of the Champlain twin towers collapsed.

“WEMBLEY” sums to 624 in Reverse Sumerian. “Wembley Stadium, LONDON” sums to 246 like 24th June.



Rome Destroyed the Twin Pillars Enroute to the Final

In the semi final of the Euro 2020 – which was held in 2021 – Rome (in the form of Italy) symbolically destroyed the twin pillars when they defeated Spain whose coat-of-arms contains twin pillars (The Pillars of Hercules) which appear on its flag.


The 1-1 score after regulation time is indicative of twin pillars.


Before the Final the two most notable deaths in England were that of former England striker Paul Mariner — who died practically on the eve of the England-Italy final — and Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

Twin pillars are a Gemini symbol. Both Philip and Mariner are Gemini. Gemini’s detriment is Jupiter, which has 99 gematria.

Prince Philip died at age 99; a Jupiter calling card; a Mercury sacrifice ahed of the Euro Football Championship.

An excerpt from a 2002 article from The Guardian on the old stadium’s demolition states:

“Bulldozers began work on September 9 and already the west end of the ground is completely demolished.”

September 9th is 9-9 and again, another homage to Jupiter the chief deity of Rome, as the process of destroying the twin pillars began.

Accolades to Jupiter

The Tournament’s Best Player Player award (Tournament MVP in American terms)went to Italy’s goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma. He ticks all the boxes for the ritual:

  • He is a Pisces so represents Jupiter
  • He was born in ’99 the big “Jupiter” gematria number
  • His last name “Donnarumma” sums to 156. 911 the 156th prime number. 911 like 9th of Av when Rome destroyed the twin pillars; like September 11th when New York’s twin pillars were destroyed.

“Best Young Player” award went to Pedri of Spain. He being a Sagittarius also represents Jupiter.

Jupiter the Tiger

Jupiter is an orange striped planet. For that reason the tiger represents the planet Jupiter.

The outcome of the game, and the underlying ritual was all but guaranteed when a tiger in a Siberian zoo was given a choice between a box with Italy’s flag and a box with England’s flag, and it chose England’s. This was not the tiger predicting England to win; this was Jupiter the chief god of Rome devouring Mercury at the site of the destruction of the twin pillars. The tiger’s name is “Khan” which is the same name as London’s Mayor.

Siberian tiger Khan pounces on box marked for England


England Manager Gareth Southgate and Solomon’s Temple


England Manager Gareth Southgate

Solomon’s Temple is said to have had no North Gate, but an East, South and West Gate. The England Manager’s name SOUTHGATE is a direct reference to Solomon’s South Gate and Herod’s South Gate.

A Southgate in Jerusalem known as Zion Gate

Gematria confirms Southgate as Mercury (Hermes) and his and Wembley Stadium’s relation to Solomon’s Temple: His first name “GARETH”, “SOLOMON”, “WEMBLEY” and “HERMES” all have double overlap in gematria.

Gareth Southgate’s birthday of September 3rd leaves 119 days in the year.

Italy’s Manager is Sagittarius Roberto Mancini. His name sums to 156. The 156th prime number is 911.

Credit for co-creation of the European Football Championship is given to Henri Delaunay after whom the championship trophy is named. Henri Delaunay was born 15th June; 156 (911 the 156th prime) and died 9th November; 9-11.

The Henri Delaunay Trophy

The game finished 1-1 after regulation time, which is indicative of twin pillars.

This score reflected numbers in the twin pillar collapse of Champlain Tower South in Surfside, Florida where – as of game time – it was reported that 1 Italian and 1 Briton were missing.

No homage to Rome would be complete without a bow to its most famous of all Emperors: Julius Caesar.

England’s goal was scored by Luke Shaw who has Julius Caesar’s birthday (July 12th).

Homage to the Roman Sun Gods Sol Invictus and Mithras

The 2nd Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem was destroyed by Rome under Emperor Titus who began his reign on June 24th which is a date that Rome sometimes observed the Summer Solstice, and the date of the Champlain Tower South condo collapse in 2021. This appears appears to have been a Summer Solstice ritual. Rome venerated Sun gods in addition to Jupiter.

The Royal Arch

Freemason Royal Arch on the Pillars of Enoch

Freemasons acknowledge the Sun’s arch in the sky from sunrise through sunset – and from the Spring Equinox through Autumnal Equinox – with the Royal Arch that has a key stone at its apex that symbolizes the Summer Solstice and the zodiac sign of Cancer in which it occurs. The glyph for Cancer looks like the number 69, and is inscribed on the key stone.

While the twin pillars were destroyed from the original Wembley Stadium, a grand symbol of Roman, Jesuit and Freemasonic veneration was erected in the new stadium: the Royal Arch

The new Wembley Stadium that contains the Freemason Royal Arch in its architecture

Sol Invictus is the “Unconquered Sun.” The top of the Royal Arch represents the Summer Solstice. “Unconquered Sun,” “Society of Jesus” and “Summer Solstice” all have multiple overlap in gematria. The Jesuit Order is known for its Sun logo.

The apex of the Royal Arch has the Cancer “69” glyph. “The Jesuit Order” sums to 69.

“LIEBHERR 974” sums to 69 (with the numerals 9,7 and 4 used). This was a special demolition machine created specifically for the destruction of Wembley’s twin pillars

The other Roman Sun god is Mithras derived from the Persian MITHRA, which sums to 69.

In London’s financial district – which is sovereign territory separate from the rest of Britain – there is a 2,000 year old Roman temple to Sun god Mithras.

Above is the excavated London Mithraeum. Notice the depiction of Mithras slaying a bull with the arch around him.

The Florida Champlain Towers Part 3: Soccer/Football Championships, the G.O.A.T. and the Collapse of the Twin Pillars

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2021 has been the year of the G.O.A.T. in sports. G.O.A.T. stands for Greatest Of All Time.

On June 24th, 2021 Champlain Tower South condo building in Surfside, Florida spontaneously (according to the official record) partially collapsed. Champlain Tower South was one of a set of “Twin Pillars” and a “middle pillar” building, similar to how the World Trade Center in New York City that collapsed on 9-11/11-9 was twin pillars with a middle pillar third building.

Those who may consider this comparison to be the stuff of far fetched conspiracy theory, should consider that on September 11th, 2001 the Pentagon was partially destroyed by a Boeing 757 jumbo jet. There were no traces of a jumbo jet in the Pentagon wreckage, and the command center of the most powerful military in world history had no surveillance footage from any angle showing a Boeing 757 jumbo jet approaching the Pentagon.

KCE Structural Engineers PC were the forensic firm tasked with determining the cause of the Pentagon destruction. This firm established what is now the official narrative: that there was no remains of Flight 77 Boeing 757 because it entirely disintegrated.

The Pentagon after 911 attack with no remnants of a jumbo jet

That same firm KCE STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS PC is the exact same firm that is being brought in to determine the cause of the Champlain Tower South collapse. In the capital letters cipher “KCE STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS PC” sums to 911.

2021 the Year of the G.O.A.T.

The Champlain Towers South collapsed on June 24th, 2021. On that day two major international sports events were in progress. These were the South American Championships named “Copa America” and the European Championship of football/soccer. A currently active soccer/football G.O.A.T. is Argentine Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi’s birthday ia June 24th.

The link of the Champlain Tower collapse to the Copa America was evident when the list of the nationalities of the casualties was released:

7 of the 10 contestants of Copa America are represented among the casualties; topping the list is Argentina with 10 (missing, dead and injured). Lionel Messi wears jersey number 10.

Lionel Messi with the 2021 Copa America “top scorer” trophy

Lionel Messi won the 2021 South American Championship (Copa America) with Argentina, and was named Tournament MVP (in U.S. American terminology), won the “Best Player” award and won the top scorer award.


The European Championship was also tied into the Champlain Tower collapse; possibly even more so than the Copa America. The European Final match was between Italy and England. It finished 1-1 after regulation time. Look at the bottom of the Champlain Tower casualty list: Italy 1 Britain 1.

Lionel Messi has been considered a G.O.A.T. of soccer/football for a while but whatever doubt that may have existed – as to whether or not he deserved the title – was erased after he lifted the Copa America and tournament Best Player awards. Previously all his success had come at league club level but he had not won anything on the international level with his national team Argentina.

They say that a picture can express a thousand words. In this case the question as to who it is that might be deciding who wins championships — and what price has to be payed for that success — is answered by the special edition shoes by Adidas, released in 2013 in honor of Lionel Messi winning the his fourth consecutive World Player of the Year award (known as the Balon d’or [French for “golden ball”]) for 2012.

The Society of Jesus/Jesuit Order logo

The Adidas Ballon D’or f50 adizero model of football/soccer shoes has four Jesuit Order/Society of Jesus 32-ray-Sun logos on its design; three smaller ones on the right shoe and one larger one on the left shoe.

Remember that the first openly Jesuit Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio is from Argentina

The World Trade Center Connection

Before September 11th, 2001 the closest an airplane had ever come to hitting the World Trade Center was on February 20th, 1981 when a passenger airplane from Aerolíneas Argentinas an Argentine nation airline was on a collision course with Tower 1 the North Tower before being diverted by air traffic control.

The 911 attacks were compared to the “Pearl Harbor” attacks of December 7th, 1941. December 7th is written 12-7. On 911 buildings 1,2 and 7 were destroyed. Aerolíneas Argentinas commenced operations in 1950 on December 7th.

From September 11th to Pearl Harbor attack and Aerolíneas Argentinas commencement anniversary of December 7th is 2 months, 26 days. That is 2, 26.

2-26 is the date on which the World Trade Center Tower 1 was bombed in 1993: February 26th.

The February 26th, 1993 World Trade Center bombing was performed at 12:17 in the afternoon. 12-17 as a date is December 17th which is the birthday of first openly Jesuit Pope; Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

An interesting synchronistic fact is that the twin towers of Notre Dame are each 226 feet in height


Diego Maradona

There are two Argentine G.O.A.T.s of football/soccer: the first Diego Maradona died November 25th, 2020. Like Lionel Messi he wore number 10. Remember that there were a total of 10 Argentine casualties reported from the Surfside, Florida Champlain Tower South collapse on number 10 Lionel Messi’s birthday. Who has paid the price for Lionel Messi’s success and establishment as the G.O.A.T.?

The Destruction of the Twin Pillars and the European Championship Final

The original Wembley Stadium that featured iconic Twin Pillars

The European Championship Final took place on the same day as the Copa America South American Cup final.

The location of the European final was Wembley Stadium; that is the “NEW” Wembley Stadium which was opened in 2007. Before that the location was the site of the original Wembley Stadium that stood for 77 years before being demolished. The original Wembley Stadium featured famous and iconic Twin Pillars ( seen above).

This was another “destruction of the twin towers” and a central part of the European Football Final great ritual.

The Florida Champlain Towers South Collapse Part 2: Judgement and the Unconquered Sun

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In Part 1 I touched on some of the ritual synchronicity between the Champlain Tower South collapse in Surfside , Florida (on June 24th, 2021), and – among multiple other things – the Biblical legend of Samson who collapsed a temple by bringing down its central pillars.

Circulated across the world’s media was a picture of an firetruck number 69 at the scene of the Champlain Tower South collapse.

“Champlain Towers” sums to 69

The Biblical Legend of Samson the Sun Symbol

The collapse happened on June 24th which is a date under the tropical zodiac sign of Cancer. The glyph for Cancer looks like a number 69. The Cancer “69” is at the apex of the Freemason Royal Arch, and indicates the Sun at its highest point in the sky. The Bible’s Samson represents the Sun and the zodiac sign of Leo. His long hair is the rays of the Sun and the lion’s mane.

Samson collapsing the pillars and the temple


In Hebrew gematria the name “SAMSON” sums to 696 which has the 69 Cancer/Sun significant number.



The Biblical legend of Samson is chronicled in the book of JUDGES. Samson’s hair gets cut in Judges 16:19 which is the Bible’s 6969th verse.

  • The Champlain Tower South and its twin North tower were/are 12 stories high. Samson was the 12th and final judge in the book of Judges .
  • Samson lead Israel for 20 years. In gematria “JUDGE” sums to 20.
  • As of July 4th, 2021 – when the entire building was demolished – there were 20 Israeli missing according to Wikipedia.

  • In the tarot tradition the “JUDGEMENT CARD” is card number 20.
  • On the Pillars of the Kabbalah Tree of Life the Pillar that corresponds with the Tropic of Cancer (when the pillars are turned horizontally in accordance with the Freemason Entered Apprentice tracing board) is the North pillar; the Pillar of JUDGEMENT.

The three pillars of the Kabbalah Tree of Life could be analogized by the the Champlain Towers North and South, and the “middle pillar” Champlain Towers East, and by New York City’s World Trade Center twin pillars with a “middle pillar” Building 7 a.k.a. the Salomon Brothers Building.

Aaron Judge

New York City is home to the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. A central protagonist for the New York Yankees is Rightfielder Aaron Judge who has a powerfully symbolic name. Aaron is the brother of Moses of the Abrahamic religions. The law that was given to Moses made Aaron a High Priest; a top steward of the law.

Aaron Judge’s last name and his New York City location synch with this ritual.


Florida’s Lieutenant Governor is Jeanette Nuñez. She is a Gemini. The symbol for Gemini is twins as in twin buildings/towers/pillars. She was previously a U.S. Congresswoman  representing Florida’s 119th district; so she embodies the twins-119 association and oversees the collapse of a twin tower.

While Jupiter is venerated on an occulted level by the Vatican/Jesuit Order, Sun veneration is more overt with Jesuit Order Sun logo.


Rome referred to the solar deity as Sol Invictus; the UNCONQUERED SUN. The Champlain Tower South collapse is a Summer Solstice ritual. The Pillar of Judgement is also known as THE PILLAR OF BOAZ. All these terms related to particular pattern have multiple synchronicity in gematria; especially at 191 which is an anagram of 911 or 119.

“Unconquered Sun”, “Summer Solstice”, “Winter Solstice”, “Society of Jesus”, “Jeanette Nuñez”, “New York Yankees” and “Pillar of Boaz” all have synchronicity in gematria specifically at the value of 191 which is an anagram of 911 or 119. 191 has even more significance when you consider the New York Yankees establishment year:

1901 is the same as 191 in numerology where 0 has no value.

June 24th, 2021 New York Yankees at Home vs Kansas City Royals

The New York Yankees hosted the Kansas City Royals on the day of the Florida twin tower collapse.

There were 136 units in Champlain Tower South. 55 were destroyed in the collapse leaving 81 units intact.

136 minus 55 equals 81. These numbers manifested in the Yankees win over the Royals in New York City.

The Yankees had 13 hits, the Royals 6. That is 136 like the number of units in the building.

The Yankees outscored the Royals by 8-1 like 81, the number of Champlain units left intact.


  • 81 is 9×9 like 99 which is significant to this ritual as I indicated in Part 1.
  • In gematria “JUPITER” sums to 99.
  • The game and the condo collapse occurred on a Thursday which is a day named for Jupiter
  • .The collapsed building had 136 units. 136 is the sum of The Magic Square of Jupiter. “MAGIC SQUARE OF JUPITER” sums to 99
  • “MIAMI” sums to 99 in English Extended.
  • Aaron Judge wears number 99

On June 24th Aaron Judge got on base 5 times in 5 at-bats.


For more on the New York Yankees’ association with the number 99 read my article on Lou Gehrig, Catfish Hunter and 99.

  • In gematria “JUDGEMENT” sums to 99

Oldest Active U.S. Federal Judge Dies at 99

In what should be a completely unrelated story, but his story has multiple elements that synch with the June 24th, 2021 Summer Solstice ritual. On December 1st, 2020 Texas Judge Thomas M, Reavley died at age 99. He was the oldest active Federal Judge.

 Judge Thomas M. Reavley

Apart from the association of “JUDGE” and 99 – the most striking synchronicity with the June 24th Summer Solstice Tower collapse ritual, Biblical Samson (who represents the Sun ) the judge who collapsed towers, is Judge Thomas Reavley’s birthday: June 21st the SUMMER SOLSTICE.

In the English Extended cipher “JUDGEMENT” equals 621 like birthday of the judge who died at 99 which is Aaron Judge’s number.

Thomas Reavley is a Gemini whose symbol is the twin pillars.

His first name “THOMAS” means “TWIN.”

Look at how the current Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, Nathan Hecht describes Judge Reavley:

” ‘He was a towering figure in Texas and a true champion of justice for the state and the country’, said Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan L. Hecht”

A “TOWERING FIGURE.” Here we see invocation of the TOWER imagery for a Gemini that synchs with the destruction of one of a set of twin towers in Surfside, Florida in a Summer Solstice ritual. Gematria explains a deeper significance to Thomas M Reavley being described as a “Towering Figure.”:

“Towering Figure” and “Thomas M. Reavley” are a super match in gematria.

177 reveals more synchronicity: “Thomas M Reavley”, “Towering figure”, “Champlain Towers” and “Twin symbolism” all match at 177. 1770 can be equal to 177 in numerology. The New York Yankees’ nickname is the “Bronx Bombers” which sums to 177.


The Champlain Towers Summer Solstice ritual took place on June 24th, a date written 6-24.

It is 6 months 24 day span from Judge Reavley’s December 1st death at age 99, to the 6-24 tower collapse.



Yankees Rightfielder Aaron Judge’s birthday is April 26th written 4-26. 426 is the reflection of 624 like 6-24 June 24th the date of the great judgement-themed Summer Solstice ritual.


Jameson Taillon

The winning pitcher for the New York Yankees vs the Kansas City Royals on June 24th was Jameson Taillon.

Immediately we see his synchronicity in the ritual. Jameson Taillon was born in Florida, and his name has double overlap in gematria with the name of Florida’s Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez :

Remember that Nuñez represented Florida’s 119th district before being appointed Lieutenant Governor.

“ONE ONE NINE” OR “NINE ONE ONE” matches “Jeanette Nuñez” and “Jameson Taillon” at 160.

Nuñez is a Gemini which is the twin tower duality symbolism. Taillon has dual American-Canadian citizenship for his duality symbolism. Aaron Judge also represents duality being biracial.

911 is the 156th prime number. “Jameson Taillon” sums to 1506 in the Latin/Jewish cipher. 1056 is equivalent to 156 in numerology.




139 is significant in Mercury and Twin Pillars-related rituals like September 11th.

  • The twin pillars of Solomon’s temple were at North and South. The South tower of Champlain condo twin towers was the one destroyed. ” South Pillar of Solomon’s Temple” sums to 139.


  • “JERUSALEM” sums to 139; the location of Solomon’s Temple.
  • Jameson Taillon was born on a date with 139 numerology.


  • In the year ’99 movie “Matrix” main protagonist Neo’s passport expired on September 11th, 2001

Neo’s birthday is 13-9 . Notice that Neo’s real name is Thomas which means twin.


13th September is also September 13th; 9-13.

  • From the most recent September 11th anniversary to the Champlain Tower South Collapse is a period of 9 months, 13 days


Why the Kansas City Royals for the Ritual?

Remember that June 24th is in the zodiac sign of Cancer whose glyph looks like a number 69.

The Freemason Royal Arch has the “69” Cancer glyph on its keystone to venerate the Sun at its apex.

This why the “ROYALS” were chosen for a Summer Solstice ritual: reference to the ROYAL arch of the Sun.

In addition we see that the Kansas City Royals were established in ’69

They played the “BRONX BOMBERS” which sums to 69

The Roman Sun god is “MITHRA” which equals 69

  • Don’t forget this image of firetruck number 69 at the scene; that particularly numbered truck consciously deployed for the Summer Solstice ritual.
  • Recall the importance of 139 to the ritual. “SIXTY NINE” sums to 139 in gematria.

Kansas City is in Missouri, the same state that has this very symbol, the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis.

The Gateway Arch in Saint Louis, Missouri

The orientation of the Gateway Arch is similar to that of the Champlain condo complex in Surfside, Florida: the bases of the arch are North and South with bodies of water to the East.

The Florida Champlain Towers South Collapse: Destruction of the Twin Pillars & the Full Moon, PART 1

Astrology Esoteric News Rambo's Corner

“When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men.”

— Manly P Hall

The Champlain Towers South building in Surfside experienced a partial collapse on June 24th, 2021

The central concept that I base most of my decodes on is that esoteric rituals — performed in the guise of news events and fictional works and pop culture — are never just individual rituals unto themselves; they are almost always “sub-rituals” to a greater, broader over-arching theme.

The biggest news event in the United States at the moment is the condominium collapse in Surfside, a suburb of Miami, Florida. There are multiple parallels to other events in history and popular culture; and many a truth is revealed in fiction.

The most conspicuously evident esoteric theme and symbol — one of the most powerful and vivid across multiple ancient mystery traditions — is the twin towers or the twin pillars; TWIN SYMBOLISM.

Solomon’s Temple

Twin pillars represent The Temple of Solomon as its most salient architectural feature. As a result, twin pillars have also become a key symbol of Freemasonry which identifies heavily with the Solomonic legend.


The building that collapsed is part of a condominium complex called the CHAMPLAIN TOWERS, and contains Champlain Towers North, Champlain Towers South and Champlain Towers East. It was Champlain Towers South that partially collapsed. It is considered a “sister tower” to Champlain Towers North.

This Freemasonic imagery appears on the 304th anniversary of the founding of modern Freemasonry on June 24th, 1717.

The twin pillars can also be known as the THE PILLARS OF HERCULES or THE PILLARS OF ENOCH. In some iconography a stone arch connects the tops of the two pillars. This is called THE ROYAL ARCH.


At the apex of the stone arch is a keystone on which is engraved the “69” glyph of the zodiac sign of Cancer.

The date of the Freemason anniversary and the partial collapse of the Champlain Towers South – June 24th – falls under the tropical zodiac sign of CANCER, so 69 is central to the decode.

Gematria again unveils the ritual association: “TEMPLE OF SOLOMON” sums to 69. “CHAMPLAIN TOWERS” also sums to 69.


To put a cherry on the Temple-of-Solomon, twin pillars, Champlain towers ritual metaphor during the time of Cancer whose 69 glyph appears on the Freemason Royal Arch (on a big Freemason anniversary) ritual: an ambulance whose picture is displayed across the world’s media is numbered 69.

The authorities knew exactly what they were doing when they decided to send this particular ambulance to the scene

This was another “destruction of the Temple of Solomon” ritual. And remember who destroys the Temple of Solomon: Babylon and Rome.

Also make note of the most salient symbol of Babylonian and Roman religious and military power: the EAGLE, which represents JUPITER/Elil/Enlil.

Destruction-of-the-temple theme is also seen in the Bible’s Old Testament; in this case it is the Philistines’ Temple to Dagon that was destroyed when Samson brought down the twin pillars.

Samson destroys the Temple of Dagon by bringing down a pair of its pillars

Acknowledgement goes to Anthony C Davison for offering this to the decode: Samson’s hair is cut off by Delilah in the Bible’s 6969th verse which is JUDGES 16:19.

Dagon is a weather god, like Enlil/Elil/Zeus/Jupiter is. Jupiter rules the zodiac sign of Pisces whose sign is fish. Dagon is a fish god. In fact Wikipedia explicitly states that Dagon became known as Zeus:

“And Dagon, after he discovered grain and the plough, was called Zeus….”

As I mentioned earlier: the archetype of Zeus/Dagon/Jupiter is venerated by Babylon and Rome. Gematria once again unmasks the Jupiter/Zeus ritual when you calculate the date numerology of June 24th, 2021 juxtaposed with the gematria of “ZEUS.” They are both 71 the single most significant number that identifies the Jupiter archetype.

“Jupiter” in Hebrew is “TZEDEK” which sums to 71

The date ” JUNE TWENTY FOUR” sums to 71

Jupiter rules “PISCES” which sums to 71

“BABYLON” sums to 71

“TEMPLE” sums to 71

“Building collapse” sums to 71

Champlain Tower South – that almost entirely collapsed – represents the Masonic Pillar of Jachin, and the Kabbalistic Pillar of Chesed or Pillar of Mercy. “MERCY” sums to 71″, “Pillar of Jachin” sums to 71.

The World Trade Center North Tower was bombed in 1993 on a date in Pisces; February 26th. The North Tower is the Pillar of Boaz, or Pillar of Severity; Geborah in Kabbalah. It was called “One World Trade.” which sums to 71.

The time of that bombing was 12:17 pm. 12:17 is like the date 12/17 which is the birthday of Pope Francis; the first openly Jesuit Pope who is a Sagittarius which is ruled by the planet Jupiter.

The 1993 World Trade Center Tower 1 attack was on February 26th a date written 2-26. “SACRIFICE TO ZEUS” sums to 226. “SACRIFICE TO ZEUS” also sums to 71.

The Surfside, Florida Champlain Towers South collapse occurred on a Thursday which is a date named for Jupiter. (Thor is the Norse weather/storm god; so “Thor’s Day).

The 24th day of the month was appropriate because the glyph for the planet Jupiter looks like a 24

Jupiter Magic Square

Jupiter is further coded into the ritual through the sum of the values of the squares in The Magic Square of Jupiter which 136.

The magic square in the upper image is a special 4×4 magic square. It’s Jupiter Magic Square!

The magic constant is 34.

The sum of all the numbers of the square 136.

The Champlain Tower South had 136 units.

The twin buildings (North and South towers) are each 12 stories high. 12 is another Jupiter number as the orbital cycle (one revolution around the Sun) of Jupiter is 12 years (in Earth time).


In gematria “JUPITER” sums to 99; the preeminent value for “JUPITER.”

In English Extended “MIAMI” sums to 99.

The media headlined 99 missing for a few days.

Champlain Towers South contained 136 units, and 55 have been identified as having been destroyed. 136 minus 55 = 81. 81 is the product of 9×9.

“SAMSON” sums to 81. Samson is the Biblical character associated with bringing down twin pillars. Also “RITUAL” sums to 81 in gematria.

The sacrifice ritual took place on Collins Avenue which is the address of the Champlain Tower condo complex.

“COLLINS Av” – as it is written on the road sign – sums to 136 and 55 in gematria

136 units; 55 destroyed on Collins Av

The phrase “SISTER TOWERS” is used to refer to the North and South Champlain Towers. “SISTER TOWERS” sums to 55.


The parallels to the World Trade Center event of September 11th, 2001 are remarkable. September 11th is also 11th September. 911 or 119 which manifests here as well.

The collapse happened at 1:30 am which is half-past one in the morning.

“Half past one in the morning” sums to 119 as does “destruction of Solomon’s Temple.”

“Pillars of Hercules” sums to 1560 in Reverse Sumerian cipher. 1560 is 156 in numerology. The 156th prime number is 911.

Florida’s current Lieutenant Governor Jeannete Nunez is a former U.S. Congresswoman for Florida’s 119th district

The collapse is being investigated by the same firm that was used in the aftermath of the The Pentagon attack on September 11th, 2001: KCE STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS PC whose name sums to 911 in the capital letters cipher.

The media – including Wikipedia – initially reported American or unknown casualties as: 9 dead 11 injured, for another 911.

The number has since changed but the 911 vibration was initially put out.


Every planet has a polar opposite planet. Jupiter’s polar opposite is Mercury. Jupiter is at it weakest; in DETRIMENT, when it is in the constellation of a sign ruled by Mercury ( VIRGO and GEMINI). Mercury is at its weakest when it is in a sign ruled by Jupiter (Pisces and Sagittarius). Signs ruled by Jupiter are directly opposite signs ruled by Mercury in the zodiacal wheel.

Twins are a symbol of Gemini. Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury they are a symbol of Mercury which also rules Virgo.

September 11th was, at its core, a destruction-of-Mercury Jovian ritual.


It is important to stress that there is no exclusively positive planet or sign, or exclusively negative planet or sign. All planets and signs have multiple properties positive and negative. A practitioner invokes a particular aspect of an entity for the sake of their intention; If their intention is evil then they will invoke the negative aspect of the entity. Jupiter has positive attributes; known as the “GREATER BENEFIC” but this particular group of sorcerers; prevailing since Ancient Sumer, chose the negative aspects of Jupiter for their intention. Jupiter rules the realm of kingship, authority and empire.

The Long Association Between June 12th and the HEART: Christian Eriksen and Loving v. Virginia

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Christian Eriksen

The talk of the sports world is a story that actually transcends sports: it is the collapse – due to apparent cardiac arrest – of Danish football/soccer star Christian Eriksen during a game at the European Championship Finals on Saturday June 12th, 2021.

What stands out to those who analyze the patterns of major world events, is the association – yet again – of the heart and that date June 12th. This event also ties into decodes that I did in the recent past specifically addressing the ritual significance of the heart.

The Spring equinox has always been and still is, a prime time of the year for major spiritual ritual, being a time of regeneration, renewal and the return of the Sun. One of many related rituals this year in 2021 was the Suez Canal crisis where the Ever Given container vessel ran aground wreaking havoc on international commercial traffic.

The Suez Canal runs through the top of the Sinai Peninsula which is shaped like a human heart.

The Sinai Peninsula shaped like a human heart

Gematria confirms that the Sinai Peninsula is a heart. “HEART” and “SINAI” are a super match



The Suez Canal being a major trade and commercial artery, the Ever Given was literally blocking a coronary artery.

As I mentioned in my article: On the Sinai Peninsula heart sits the world’s most sacred mountain; holy to the Abrahamic religions: Mount Sinai. In a direct line to the West of Mt. Sinai; direct to the minute; at 28 degrees and 32 minutes North (the 28th parallel) is the city of Orlando, Florida which was home to the PULSE nightclub.

PULSE is a HEART reference. Pulse night club made world headlines in 2016 on June 12th with a mass shooting.

So here we see an earlier example of the association between the date of June 12th with the heart.

The accused shooter Omar Mateen is a Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars. Mount Sinai is the Mountain of the Moon named after Sin the Sumerian moon god. The Ever Given vessel got stuck in the Suez Canal on March 23rd, 2021 in the tropical zodiac sign of Aries which is also ruled by the planet Mars. This is part of an undeniable Moon-Mars pattern that I addressed in previous articles and will revisit in the article.

The date June 12th is written 6-12. 612 days after the Pulse nightclub shooting was the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. The date of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting was February 14th, 2016; Valentine’s Day, a day associated with love and the heart symbol. This is another 612-heart association.

Love and the heart are also associated with the planet and goddess Venus the Roman “goddess of love.” The planet Venus rules the zodiac signs of Libra and Taurus

The shooter Nikolas Cruz is a Libra and represents Venus.

The high school is named after Marjorie Stoneman Douglas who died on May 14th a date in Taurus, ruled by Venus. again: The high school shooting happened on Valentine’s Day which symbolized by the heart, just as the goddess of love Venus is.

Douglas’ death date May 14th is written 5-14. Look at the official time that the Orando PULSE night club shooting ended: 5:14.

The Danish football/soccer star who experienced cardiac arrest on June 12th, 2021, Christian Eriksen was born on Valentine’s Day, the same date as the Pulse nightclub shooting.

As Denmark’s best player, and central midfielder with ball distribution qualities, Christian Eriksen is said to be “the heart of the Denmark team.

The date 14th February is written 14-2. His first name “Christian” sums to 142 in gematria.

A euphemism for the heart is a “ticker” making the ticking of a clock a metaphor for the beating of a heart. The ticking of a clock is imitated by the phrase “tick-tock.” The popular social media network service Tik Tok spalls the same phrase T.I.K.T.O.K. This maybe by design for a cruel ritual with the ability to manipulate the details of events, or it could be sheer coincidence, but when we pay attention to the details of news narratives we see this kind of insult again and again and have to wonder how it can all be coincidence.

Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest directly infront of an advertising board for “Tok Tok.”

“Tick tock” spelled correctly sums to 29 in gematria. This happened when Eriksen is 29 years old.

“HEART BEAT” sums to 163 in gematria. June 12th, 2021 was the 163rd day of the year.

If anyone thinks that this is actually the cruel imagination of perceptive conspiracy theorists then consider that this year 2021 the Daytona 500 NASCAR race was held from Valentine’s Day February 14th to February 15th.

It was won by Michael Christopher McDowell who is sponsored by Love’s truck stop and convenience stores. His uniform and car are adorned with the Love’s heart logo.

Compare the name of the franchise name “LOVE’S” to the name of the June 12th Orlando nightclub with the heart-referencing name “PULSE” and you get a gematria grand slam in the four base ciphers.

The 1983 mega hit song “Total Eclipse of The Heart” was released on June 12th, for another June 12th – Heart association

David Rockefeller: 612 and the Heart

David Rockefeller was born on June 12th.

David Rockefeller is associated with the heart; reportedly receiving 6 or 7 heart transplants. It is unlikely that anyone can survive the trauma of that many extreme surgeries but he is nonetheless associated with it. A Google search of “How many heart transplants did David Rockefeller have?” produces a headline result of “6.”

VENUS the Goddess of LOVE in the Sport of Tennis

As I mentioned earlier: the zodiac sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is also the “goddess of love.”

The sport of tennis is imbued in Venus symbolism. The words “TENNIS” and “VENUS” match in gematria




The word for “zero” or a lack of a score in tennis is – peculiarly – “LOVE.” So a 15-0 score in tennis isn’t 15-zero or 15-nil or 15-to-nothing, it is “15-love.” Love equals zero in tennis. Another Venus reference.

The prestigious Wimbledon Champion trophy for women is called “The Venus Rosewater Dish.” Unlike all the other major tennis trophies the Venus Rosewater Dish is a circular shaped trophy.

Venus Williams with Wimbledon’s Venus Rosewater Dish

The most dominant women’s tennis player of the current era (that is coming t a close) is Serena Williams who is a Libra representing Venus the goddess of love, and has a sister named Venus. So heavy Venus coding here, but there is more:

The father of Venus and Serena Williams Richard Williams was born on Valentine’s Day February 14th.

In the National Basketball Association Cleveland Cavaliers Forward Kevin Love wears the number 0 which is referred by his last name “Love” in tennis.


Kevin Love

The number zero is a circle. The Venus Rosewater Dish is a uniquely circular trophy. This relates to the mathematical value of Pi which is used to measure circles. Pi has a value of 22/7; 22 divided by 7.



Look at the official time given for the end of the Valentine’s Day Stoneman Douglas High School shooting: 2:27, like 227 or 22/7 the value of Pi that measures circles.



Now think of the association of the heart here: the heart commands the CIRCULatory system. Circulatory as in circular as in circulate.


1967 saw a landmark civil rights case decided by the United States Supreme Court. Prior to the court’s decision on Loving v. Virginia marriage between people of different races was illegal in Virginia and many states, and there was no Federal law granting the right and freedom to marry anyone of any race in America. These were known as anti-miscegenation laws.

The name of the iconic couple always stood out coincidental and/or appropriate and/or synchronistic. Mildred Jeter a black woman, and Richard Loving a white Irish-American were being barred from marriage by the state of Virginia on grounds that their racial difference disqualified them from being able to do so.

Remember that love and the heart are associated with Venus, and in tennis with the number 0, the circle applies to the heart in terms of the CIRCULatory system. So the 22/7 Pi number is related to Venus, the heart and love.

Mildred Loving’s birthday is the Pi date 22/7 22nd July.

Loving v. Virginia resulted in the United Staes Supreme Court striking down anti-miscegenation laws in the United States. That decision is celebrated today in America as “LOVING DAY” on the anniversary of the decision on June 12th.

So here again we see the association of the heart with the date of June 12th.

In gematria “VENUS” sums to 54. Venus is the “goddess of love”; “LOVE” sums to 54. When you spell out “June twelfth” it sums to 54.



Danish soccer star Christian Eriksen – a man with a Valentine’s Day birthday – suffered cardiac arrest on 54th anniversary of the decision of Loving v. Virginia.



“St. Valentine’s Day” and “Loving v. Virginia” are a veritable super match in gematria in 3 out of 4 base ciphers.



There is also the Mars-Moon association. Richard Loving was a Scorpio ruled by Mars, Mildred Loving is a Cancer ruled by the Moon; so they represent a Moon-Mars union. When Christian Eriksen went down with cardiac arrest in Copenhagen the constellation of Scorpio was on the Eastern horizon known as the ascendant in astrology.

The GREAT ASPHYXIATION RITUAL Part 2: Amazon, Chris Cornell, Elliot Page and The Hanged Man Tarot Card

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35, 53 and 52

In Part 1 of The Great Asphyxiation Ritual I explained that in the account of the 8 nooses found at an Amazon Corporation warehouse under construction in Connecticut, Amazon Corporation was playing a ritual role as a metaphor for the Amazon rainforest which has the moniker “the lungs go the earth” or “the lungs of the planet.” The nooses were emblematic of the strangulation and asphyxiation of the lungs of the earth.

Massive forest fires of unprecedented magnitude have raged throughout the world in the last two years most notably in Australia and the Western United States, but the burning of the lungs of the earth is the biggest incident in depriving Earth’s life forms of life-sustaining oxygen.

AMAZON Corp. a Metaphor for the Amazon Rainforest; the Lungs of the Earth

The year 2020 saw the devastating Amazon forest fires. Symbolically — to emphasize the association of Amazon Corporation with the rainforest — an Amazon distribution Center in Redlands, California was entirely burned to the ground on June 5th at the same time that the wild fires were raging in the Amazon.

Since Rome is still powerful today to some degree – albeit with a different facade – the gods of Rome are still being venerated. Here we see the invocation of Vulcan son of Rome’s supreme deity Jupiter. Vulcan is a fire god.

  • In gematria “VULCAN” sums to 35. “Fire god” sums to 35 like “Ignite.”
  • Amazon corporation was established on a date with 35 numerology: July 5th, 1994. 7 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 35.
  • The Amazon warehouse under construction in Connecticut is a 3.5 million square foot building. 3.5 like 35

  • When you spell out “THREE FIVE” it sums to 53.
  • The reflection of 35 is 53. “BURN” sums to 53
  • All reports state that the first official emergency call to the Amazon distribution center fire in California came at 5:30 am.

“The call came in at approximately 5:30 a.m.”

Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell

The 7th noose at the Connecticut Amazon warehouse construction site was reported on May 19th, 2021. The day before (May 18th) was the 4th anniversary of the reported suicide by hanging of rock superstar Chris Cornell whose death was followed two months later by the reported suicidal hanging of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington.

Bennington’s hanging death is reported to have occurred on what would have been Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday.




“THE HANGED MAN” sums to 53 in gematria, and is the title of a Tarot trump/major arcana card.

The Hanged Man tarot card depicts a man hanging from a tree upside down. Chris Cornell – as frontman for the group Soundgarden – made a direct reference to The Hanged Man tarot card in 1997 with the album titled “Down on the Upside” (inversion of “upside down”) which features the song “Pretty Noose.”

In gematria “PRETTY NOOSE” sums to 53.

In the video for his 2015 song “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” Chris Cornell is hanged in a Wild West scenario; Predictive program at its most extreme.

Hanging scene from Chris Cornell’s “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” music video

In the video Chris Cornell’s character actually ends up surviving the hanging while his colleague does get hanged. This has deeper meanings that tie into the meaning of The Hanged Man tarot card where enlightenment is achieved by looking at “reality” from the opposite of the common perspective. It is also called “the Judas card” and hints at an alternative to the canonical Judas narrative. In gematria “JUDAS” sums 35.

The video was released in 2015 on September 11th.

Elliot Page

In between the 7th and the 8th Amazon nooses being reported, news outlets (on May 25th) were highlighting transgender actor Elliot Page’s first post-mastectomy shirtless appearance with a picture on twitter. Notice that Page is said to have 5.3 million followers; like 53.



Elliot Page had previously been the feature story of Time magazine which I covered in my decode “Elliot Page and the Throne of Jupiter…” Page’s Time magazine cover revealed an occulted “HANGED MAN” tarot card pose when turned upside down.


Elliot Page’s twitter photo – displayed in between the announcements of the 7th and 8th Amazon warehouse nooses – demonstrates that The Hanged Man pose on Time magazine’s cover was no coincidence. Once again when turned upside-down that photo imitates the tarot card primarily based on pages leg positions.

Also, think of the androgynous theme of the term “AMAZON” which refers to a female with masculine qualities of size and strength.

Page’s acting career is primarily defined by the movie JUNO when the actor was ELLEN Page. In Roman mythology JUNO is the consort of Jupiter. At the end of the movie Juno gives birth to a baby boy. An offspring of Jupiter and Juno is VULCAN the fire god. Gematria proves this association:

“ELLEN” has double overlap with “JUNO.” “ELLIOT” has triple overlap with “VULCAN.”


An important element of the ritual at the Amazon warehouse construction site in Connecticut is the name “ATLAS” that I addressed in Part 1. The name appeared in the background of every press conference; presumably the name of a fence manufacturer.

“ATLAS” sums to 53 in gematria.

Chris Cornell was put into the public consciousness on May 18th, 2021 — the anniversary of his death and the day before the seventh noose was reported at the Amazon warehouse construction site — when Chester Bennington’s widow was interviewed on CNN by Anderson Cooper addressing Cornell’s and Bennington’s deaths. (Covered by Zachary Hubbard on


  • Chris Cornell died at age 52. The upside-down cross is known as “St. Peter’s Cross” in astrology “the Mutable Cross”. “St. Peter’s Cross” sums to 52.
  • “I CAN’T BREATHE” sums to 52
  • “BLM” sums to 52 in the Latin/Agrippa/Jewish cipher of gematria
  • “LINKIN PARK” sums to 52

May 26th, 2021 is a date with 52 numerology

Chris Cornell’s full name is “Christopher John Cornell” which sums to 265 in gematria, like the date of the 8th noose 26-5; 26th May.

Preview to Part 3: Asphyxiation and Christ Crucifixion in Ritual: Chris Cornell, Soundgarden and 911

In Part 3 I will demonstrate how another aspect of this — which is part of an ongoing overarching greater ritual — is the crucifixion of the Christ which is related to asphyxiation. This is also tied in to the grand sorcery of September 11th which is believed to be a possible authentic date of the birth of the entity commonly referred to as Jesus Christ.

The King James Version of the Holy Bible’s New Testament describes Jesus Christ’s crucifixion in terms of him being hung from a tree:

“The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.”

This line is from the book of Acts chapter 5, verse 30; that is 5:30 like 53. “The Hanged Man” sums to 53 in gematria. Chris Cornell – reportedly killed by hanging – sang “PRETTY NOOSE” that sums to 53.

The Crucifixion of the Christ is a Christian rendition of a greater esoteric principle known as:

“Destruction of the Sacred Masculine”

This phrase sums to 1431 in the Latin/Agrippa/Jewish cipher of gematria.

1431 is the 53rd triangular number.


You may be forgiven for thinking that the above picture is an image of Jesus Christ. It is actually a photograph of Chris Cornell stylized to look like a drawing using an i-phone app. He and Soungarden are imbued in Jesus Christ coding.

Plenty more in Part 3.

The GREAT ASPHYXIATION RITUAL Part 1: Strange Fruit, Amazon and Atlas

Esoteric Freemasonry Natural Disaster News Rambo's Corner

Unfortunately this is a morbid topic but here we identify patterns in life: news, politics, popular culture, history, sports etc. An on-going theme (often at an occulted level; visible only to those “with eyes to see”) of hanging has unfortunately emerged.

But there is an even greater overarching ritual pattern of which hanging appears to be a mere sub-ritual. That over-arching theme appears to center on the concept of asphyxiation. This ritual theme (like all ritual themes) is implemented to produce a specific vibration in accordance with the intention of the sorcerers ( you could say “matrix manipulators”).

This is most vividly recognized by the current popular refrain and slogan “I CAN’T BREATHE.”

The “I CAN’T BREATHE” slogan has become established at the same time of the Corona virus and the mass restriction of breathing around the world with face masks. So this restriction-of-breathing/asphyxiation theme is now unprecedentedly global in scale.

The most recent “asphyxiation” story in the United States was about the discovery of 7 nooses at an Amazon warehouse construction site in Connecticut.

The seventh noose was reported to have been discovered on Wednesday, May 19th, 2021.

One of the nooses at the Amazon warehouse construction site in Connecticut

The Root of the Ritual: The Asphyxiation of the Lungs of the Earth

Amazon Corporation very likely could have chosen its name based off of the famous Amazon rainforest which – due to its immense size – is arguably the most crucial section of planet Earth for maintaining the balance of its ecosystem. Amazon Corporation is a behemoth monopoly and relates to the giant rainforest in the sense of sheer enormity.

The Amazon rainforest has earned the moniker “LUNGS OF THE PLANET” or “LUNGS OF THE EARTH.”

Amazon Corporation thus represents the Amazon rain forest. It is participating in an “asphyxiation-of-the Earth” ritual. It is planet Earth that is being hung with its Amazon lungs being choked. Gematria confirms the ritual associations:

The 7th noose was reported on the 19th of May (reported here on by Zachary Hubbard) a date written 19-5. In gematria both “AMAZON RAINFOREST” and “LUNGS OF THE PLANET” sum to 195 like 19th May.

Amazon was established in 1994 on July 5th, a date written 7-5.

Amazon Corporation was established on July 5th, 1994 a date that left 179 days in the year.

In gematria “LUNGS OF THE EARTH” sums to 179

Gematria confirms the ritual metaphor of the Amazon warehouse and its nooses, with the Amazon rain forest the lungs of Earth.


In the United States nooses and hangings are a symbol of terrorism against a specific demographic of the U.S. population: the African American/black American community. The Amazon warehouse nooses are being addressed and analyzed from that perspective.

The most famous ode to this phenomenon is the rendition of the song “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday released in 1939 (on Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday).

The bodies of those hanged are a metaphor for fruit on the tree. The chorus of the song is :

“Strange fruit hanging from the Poplar trees”

Full lyrics here.

The phrase “Strange fruit hanging from the Poplar tree” sums to 195, like 19-5, 19 May, the date that the seventh Amazon noose was reported.

Again: “Lungs of the planet” and “Amazon rain forest” sum to 195 in gematria.


After the 19th May noose report, when civil rights leaders and community officials held nationally publicized press conferences at the Amazon warehouse site in Connecticut, there were signs in the backgrounds (presumably the name brand of the chain link fence company) that read “ATLAS” ( pictured below ). Every detail is of crucial importance in ritual.

The term “ATLAS” can refer to the book of the world’s geography indicating the global scale of the ritual of strangling the planet Earth.

Multiple press conferences were held, but one constant was the word “ATLAS” in the background at the different events. Below is a separate press conference from the above.

ATLAS is also an important mythological figure. All major world events are deeply steeped in mythology at their esoteric roots.

The mythological character Atlas has several interpretations:

  • In Greek mythology he is a member of the losing faction in the war of the gods known as the Titanomachy an epic that is not Greek in origin but has its roots in the original archetypes of Ancient Sumer’s war of the gods. Atlas is condemned to hold up the sky forever.
  • Another version of the Atlas mythos is that he was the King of Atlantis. Many (including Freemasonry) believe that Atlantis was a genuine historical place, which could have been located near the coast of North West Africa. Look up “the eye of the Sahara” a.k.a. the Richat Structure.
  • Another interpretation is that Atlas was not the king of Atlantis but the name “Atlas” is a name for Atlantis itself, and actual King of Atlantis was Poseidon. The entity wrongly referred to as Atlas is actually the son of Poseidon.


An 8th Noose Reported at Amazon Site


One week later on Wednesday, May 26th an 8th noose was reportedly discovered at the same Amazon warehouse construction site despite extra security and surveillance. It was reported in the media the next day May 27th.


#ACT FOR THE AMAZON: The Lungs of the Earth Choked by Fire

From 2019 into 2020 unprecedented wild fires tore through the Amazon rain forest, this time not just symbolically choking the lungs of the planet but literally. Below is a tweet from French President Emmanuel Macron who appealed for immediate response to the catastrophe with the online rallying cry # ACT FOR THE AMAZON.”

Could the Amazon warehouse ritual and Amazon rain forest fires indicate that high level sorcery wishes to persecute an elite Atlantian and the Earth as a whole in ritual and literally?

Gematria suggests so:

“#ACT FOR THE AMAZON” and “SON OF POSEIDON” have double overlap in gematria.

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco in North West Africa are named after Atlas which is Atlantis, which could have been located in North West Africa. Perhaps this is related to persecution of African Americans being linked to the noose.

“STRANGE FRUIT” and “KING OF ATLANTIS” have double overlap in gematria.

“AMAZON PRIME”, “STRANGE FRUIT”, “SON OF POSEIDON” all have double overlap in gematria at values of 59 and 166


“#ACT FOR AMAZON” sums to 166

MICHAEL JORDAN, the Chicago Bulls Dynasty, MARS and SIRIUS the Dog Star

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218, 515 and 351

Last week there were several high-profile stories in world news that were were seemingly unrelated but are revealed to be sub-rituals to a greater over-arching ritual.

The world’s headlines on and after May 15th, 2021 were dominated by the announcement that China had landed a rover on the surface of Mars. That was May 15th in China (May 14th in the U.S.). On May 15th in the United States Kobe Bryant was being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. But it was not all about Kobe Bryant on his special day as you would think; they made it all about Michael Jordan who really should have had nothing to do with the occasion.

Michael Jordan has deep esoteric and ritual significance to the priest class that influences world leadership. Michael Jordan personifies the star Sirius (due to his birth chart) which has been venerated and deified by ancient traditions and by today’s political and economic elite.

Particularly significant is an apparently crucial relationship between the star Sirius and the planet Mars. In my previous article I demonstrated how Michael Jordan who is the star Sirius, is and has been ritualistically aligned with Mars. He was forced onto the public’s consciousness at the Kobe Bryant Hall of Fame induction on May 15th because:

A) It was around the time of the heliacal setting of Sirius

B) Sirius and Mars were in conjunction on that date May 15th as China reportedly landed a rover on Mars and Michael Jordan was taking the spotlight from Kobe Bryant at the Basketball Hall of Fame induction.

NASA reported that its Mars rover Perseverance landed on Mars on February 18th, 2021.

The Chicago Bulls intro music to every home game — made famous during the Jordan era — was the Alan Parsons Project classic Sirius. Sirius is the Dog Star in the constellation Canis Major; “Canis” as in “Canine.” “CANINE” sums to 116 in gematria, like 1-16 the date that the Chicago Bulls was established on.



Sirius segued into Eye in the Sky on the single which is title “Sirius/Eye in the Sky.”


“SIRIUS/EYE IN THE SKY” sums to 218 in gematria like the date of NASA’s Perseverance landing on Mars. “SIRIUS/EYE IN THE SKY” also sums to 1550. 1550 is 155 in numerology, like 15th May the date of China’s Zhurong rover landing on Mars.




This is evidence of the Sirius-Mars association, and of Michael Jordan’s personification of the star Sirius.

Just five days after the Sirius-Mars ritual of the Zhurong landing on 5-15 the jackpots of the United States lottery games Mega Millions and Powerball stood at $515 million and $218 million respectively. 2-18 is the date of NASA’s Mars landing; 5-15 is the date of China’s Mars landing.

This observation was made by Bobby Simpson of Casey Jones Occult Astrology.

Apart from the fact that China is the United States’ number 1 trading partner, this solidifies the idea that the two countries’ leaderships are are in partnership — and probably answering to the same authority — despite the official narrative of a super-power rivalry.


More Occulted Sirius-Mars Connections:


The star Sirius (made up of two stars Sirius A and Sirius B) is in the constellation of Canis Major which is Latin for the “greater dog.” In gematria “The Greater Dog” sums to 218 like February 18th the date that Perseverance landed on Mars.


The Warner Brothers’ Looney Toons character Marvin the Martian is light hearted veil on an anthropomorphism of the planet Mars and the Roman god Mars. Michael Jordan (Sirius) has been associated with him through the movie Space Jam and through the release of Marvin the Martian Air Jordans.

Marvin the Martian has a canine sidekick named K-9; obvious Mars-Sirius symbolism.


K is the 11th letter. So the name “K-9” is an occulted 11-9. 11-9 can be November 9th a date in Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars. 11-9 is also of course, 11th September.

Sirius the Dog Star was incorporated into the great ritual of September 11th in the form of Sirius the security dog reported to have died in one of the towers. The Mars association was made in this ritual as well which took place on “Mars day” Tuesday. Mars is the “God of War” which sums to 127. 127 as in the buildings that were destroyed on 911: WTC Buildings 1,2 and 7.



“Planet Mars” sums to 119.


Luc Longley

Other members of the iconic Chicago Bulls dynasty were chosen for the ritual significance of their birth charts and names (and in some cases blood-lines). Center Luc Longley has the 119 in his January 19th birthday.



Luc’s first name is Lucien which comes from the Latin Lucianus which is derived from lux the Latin word for light, and a reference to Sirius the brightest star in the night sky, the Sun or Venus. The planet Venus rules Taurus whose sign is the bull.

Luc is a form of the name Luke. The apostle Luke and his gospel are represented by a winged bull.

.The apostle Luke and his gospel are represented by a winged bull

It is clear how his name made him a candidate to be part of the iconic Bulls dynasty. The winged bull represents the zodiac sign of Taurus. It is part of a combination of three other zodiac signs: Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius known as the Galactic Cross. Luc Longley and Michael Jordan are both Aquarius.


“Luc Longley” sums to 45 which is Michael Jordan’s jersey number after returning from his first retirement. “LUC LONGLEY” also sums to 144. Like the 144th Meridian East that he was born on in Melbourne, Australia.



Mars will be in the world news going forward as the prospect of colonizing Mars has become an official world project. It has been suggested that Dogecoin would be the currency on Mars. Since Sirius is known as “the Dog Star” this is another Mars-Sirius association. “LUC LONGLEY” has double overlap with “DOGECOIN.”

Although Michael Jordan is the star Sirius due to his birth chart, the entire Chicago Bulls team is associated with Sirius which was the team’s intro music. This explains the image below.


Luc Longley and dog. Neither party appears to be able to fathom the photographer’s pose request


The expression on Longley’s face suggests that this pose was not his idea; he appears somewhat bemused. Dogs in this situation would normally exhibit a happy face and playful disposition. It appears as if the dog was placed on his shoulders by somebody off camera as opposed to the canine jumping onto him of his/her own spontaneous volition. The symbolism is obvious for a former Chicago Bull.

Bill Wennington

Luc Longley shared the Center position with Canadian Bill Wennington. The center position was the one position where the Chicago Bulls could most afford to pick any player they wanted to since it only required roll players based on the team’s set up. So they chose a Taurus (whose sign is the bull).

What is even more interesting is his middle name “PERCEY” which is the name of the rover reported to have landed on Mars on February 18th, 2021. The difference is in the spelling: The Mars rover is spelled “PERCY”, Wennington’s middle name is spelled “PERCEY.”

In a non-leap year it is 67 days from February 18th to Wennington’s birthday of April 26th. 67 is the value of “SIRIUS.”




The middle name that he shares with the Mars rover “PERCY” with the NASA spelling sums to 67.


It is also a span of 9 weeks, 5 days like 95. “SIRIUS” also sums to 95 in gematria.



MARS the God of War

In Ancient Rome Mars is the god of war. Warner Brothers’ Marvin the Martian is a cute facade of this negative essence.

This is proven by Anthony C Davison who applied gematria to his knowledge of history. World War I — which started on Tuesday (Mars day) July 28th, 1914 and ended on November 11th, 1918 (a date in Scorpio which is ruled by Mars) — took place over a period of 4 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and 1 day: 4321.



The reflection of 4321 is 1234. 1234 is the value of “MARVIN THE MARTIAN” in Latin/Jewish gematria.



World War I also took place over a period of 51 months, 15 days. This is significant because in gematria “MARS” sums to 51 and 15.




This brings up this iconic photo of Michael Jordan soaring to the rim in the 1988 NBA All Star Slam Dunk contest. Again: Michael Jordan is the star Sirius and has been associated with Mars as the two are esoterically linked.

I would like to shout out Metal or die from the gematria community for bringing this famous image to my attention. He pointed out that 3:51 is on the clock appearing between Jordan and the basket. It is the time of day 3:51 pm which is written 15:51 on the 24-hour clock. 15, 51 are gematria values of “MARS.”


Chicago Bulls’ General Manager during the Jordan dynasty era was Jerry Krause. Krause is Mars, being an Aries. He also died in Aries. His name “JERRY KRAUSE” sums to 1551. This is another Anthony C Davison observation.

Mister Davison also observed that “MARVIN THE MARTIAN” sums 1551 in the Trigonal cipher of gematria.





351 is the 26th triangular number


“JORDAN” sums to 26.


Michael Jordan represents Sirius the Dog Star so it should be no surprise that “DOG” also sums to 26.


The 26th prime number is 101. 101 is a number that physically represents Sirius: The 0 is the star Sirius between the twin pillars that are the 1s. In Freemasonry the blazing star Sirius is between the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

Michael Jordan was born on a date with 101 numerology: February 17th, 1963.

Think of the police dog Sirius in the Twin Towers on 911.

Also the Disney classic 101 Dalmations.

3:51 is 9 minutes to 4. “NINE MINUTES TO FOUR” sums to 238 like “MICHAEL JORDAN” sums to 238.

238 is also the date 23-8, 23rd August which is Kobe Bryant’s birthday.




The factors of 1551 are 3, 11 and 47. 3 + 11 + 47 = 61 which is a major Mars number.

Both the NASA and China Mars rovers landed on dates with 61 numerology



“Planet Mars” sums to 61. “The Red Planet” = 61. “Wadi Rum, Jordan” = 61.

World War II officially ended 6 years and 1 day after it started.

In Single Reduction cipher ( “S” the 19th letter. 1+9 = 10, not reduced further to single digit) “JERRY KRAUSE” sums to 61.

On the day of the Perseverance Mars landing Krispy Kreme released the Mars Donut. “Donut” is an alternative spelling to “doughnut.” ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary revealed that Michael Jordan’s nickname for Jerry Krause was “crumbs” because of the donut crumbs he often had on his clothes.

That was another Anthony C Davison observation.

Also “DOG” sums to 61 in the Latin cipher (Jewish on the Gematrinator).

With a new Space Jam movie about to be released (starring LeBron James) it is instructive to look at Jordan’s Space Jam and note the astrological and celestial influences of the characters.

Jordan is an Aquarius which is partially ruled by Saturn. Nike’s swoosh logo is a ring of Saturn.

Bobby Simpson of Casey Jones Astrology revealed that Michael Jordan was born in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit (1963). The Year of the Rabbit began in 1963 on January 25th. Michael Jordan was born on February 17th, 23 days after the start of the Year of the Rabbit. This explains his jersey number.

Michael is Sirius. Look at the proximity of the star Sirius to the constellation of the rabbit/hare Lepus and Taurus the Bull.