January 19th Decoded: Enki Poseidon, the Horse, the Trident and the NFL

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January 19th is a deeply ritualistically significant date, primarily because it is not the date itself per se, but the numbers in the date 1-19 that have such occult ritual power.

I will reprise some of a previous decode that I did, to emphasize the occult significance of 119; it seems related to the oldest recorded civilization; the Sumerian civilization and one its chief deities named Enki.

Ancient archetypes and allegories determine events that have occurred throughout history and that occur in the modern day. The gods of ancient Sumer (or Sumeria) are central.

The Sumerian god Enki is an original archetype. Civilizations that followed referred to the same deity, but in terms unique to their civilizations and cultures. Historians and researchers will dispute whether or not certain deities from younger civilizations correspond to those of older ones. There is seldom a consensus.

It is more or less uniformly accepted that Rome’s Neptune is Greece’s Poseidon who is Sumer/Sumeria’s Enki.

Recognizing the symbols and applying gematria, reveals the fact that the ancient Enki archetype is still being recognized in an occulted manner.

Enki, Neptune and Poseidon have as his primary symbol, the trident.

Our first example of the numbers 119 being relevant to Enki/Neptune/Poseidon is the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers which had his trident symbols on them. 911 was a destruction-of-Enki ritual alluding to the Sumerian War-of-the-gods which his faction lost to the Enlil faction.

In gematria “POSEIDON” = 119.

A major Neptune symbol is the horse. He is said to have created horses.

The death of the racehorse colt Medina Spirit confirmed that ancient archetypes are still honored.

The number 45 has been associated with colts (the handgun Colt 45 that was in the news when Alec Baldwin shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins)and the malt liquor brand Colt 45 are popular examples of this association.

Medina Spirit continued this association being born on 4-5, April 5th.


The day before Medina Spirit died The National Football League played along with the occult homage to the horse/Poseidon 119 association.

The team that would be most obvious to such a theme would be the Indianapolis Colts.

The day before the colt Medina Spirit died, the Colts won 31 – 0 specifically against the Houston Texans.

In gematria the word “NEPTUNE” sums to 31.

The star of the show was Running Back Jonathan Taylor who scored 2 touchdowns and rushed for 143 yards.

The 143 yards is super significant to the ritual, but of primary importance to this decode is Jonathan Taylor’s birthday which is January 19th: 119.

Not only was Taylor born on 1-19 but he was born on a date with 119 numerology: January 19th, 1999 is 1+19+99 which equals 119.

When you spell out his jersey number “TWENTY EIGHT” it sums to 156. The 156th prime number is 911.

Why were the Houston Texans chosen for the ritual? Because of the Texans symbol the bull.

From Wikipedia:

Only a select number of Roman gods received a bull sacrifice. Neptune was one of them. The Texans were the bull sacrificed to the god of horses the Colts who won 31-0 when “NEPTUNE” sums to 31 in gematria.

“NEPTUNE” also = 95 in gematria. Houston Texas, the absolutely crucial location for the ritual, is on the 95th Meridian West.

Jonathan Taylor connects to the “Colt 45 “ theme:

From the day of the colt Medina Spirit’s death ( December 6th, 2021) to today (at the time of writing this post) Colt Jonathan Taylor’s birthday January 19th, 2022 is a 45 day span.

Jonathan Taylor averaged 4.5 yards per rushing attempt in the 31-0 win.

Two weeks after Alec Baldwin shot Halyna Hutchins with a Colt 45. revolver the Indianapolis Colts scored 45 points against the New York Jets to improve their record to 4-5.

The 119 connection here is that the opponent was a New York City-associated team. 11-9/9-11 was a ritual in New York City that involved the trident of Neptune in the design of the sacrificial objects the Twin Towers.

The game in which the Colts scored 45 to go to 4-5 on the season was on November 4th. 4 weeks and 5 days later was the day of the death of the colt Medina Spirit, December 6th, 2021.

If you combine numerology and the reverse Pythagorean cipher of gematria “COLT 45” sums to 31. Like “Neptune”

Why is 45 so central to a Neptune ritual? Because his primary symbol is a trident, and “TRIDENT” sums to 45.


I said that this number was huge to the ritual.

Jonathan Taylor achieved 143 yards rushing in the huge ritual game versus the bull symbol Texans.

143 is the NFL all-time record for rushing-yards-per-game in a season, held by O.J. Simpson (of the Buffalo Bills). O.J. Simpson who had a spectacular college career (which included a Heisman Trophy win) as a University of California Trojan, the nickname of the University of California.

Trojan refers to Greek history/mythology and the famous Trojan horse.

The mascot of the University of Southern California is a white horse, that Neptune/Poseidon symbol.

The term “TROJAN HORSE” sums to 143.

Now we know why the Colt rushed for 143 yards in the high ritual game.

The World trade Center’s official website wtc.com did an article about the trident symbols of the original twin towers titled “TRIDENT TRUE SYMBOL.”

“TRIDENT TRUE” sums to 143 in gematria.

There is more horse symbolism with O.J. Simpson: he is associated with the infamous Bronco slow speed police chase while driving a white Ford Bronco SUV in the Nicole Brown-Simpson murder saga.

Gematria reveals the Bronco Horse connection to Neptune.

“BRONCO” and “NEPTUNE” match in three values in the base ciphers of English gematria.

The Denver Broncos were also part of that huge Neptune ritual weekend in the NFL but the focus here is on the 119.

In the weeks and months following this grand occult NFL game week, several personalities associated with the Denver Broncos have died.

The most recent is former Head Coach Dan Reeves whose birthday is 1-19 January 19th.

The first Bronco to die after the ritual day is former Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas. His connection to 119 is

His name “Thomas” means “twin” which can refer to the Twin Towers.

His birthday was December 25th is is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. But September 11th is believed by many to be the real birthday of “Jesus”.

A December 25th birthday makes someone a Capricorn.

The symbol for the zodiac sign of Capricorn is the sea goat, so Bronco Demaryius Thomas also was an Enki (Poseidon/Neptune) figure since the symbol for Capricorn is a symbol of Enki.

From Wikipedia:

“There appears to be a connection between traditional characterisations of Capricorn as a sea goat and the Sumerian god of wisdom and waters, Enki,[6] who also had the head and upper body of a goat and the lower body and tail of a fish. “

1-19 birthdays also makes Dane Reeves and Colts Running Back Jonathan Taylor Capricorns, and symbols of Sumerian gods Enki.

“The Pet Goat” being read by George W Bush on 911 was the Enki element of that ritual.

All The World’s A Stage: Admissions From the Insiders

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In a 7 1/2 minute long video clip of the video of an interview that he did ahead of the 2020 Super Bowl on the Ronnie and T-Kras radio/podcast show.

In an amazingly candid interview ahead of the 2021 Super Bowl ( LV ) former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Safety Dwight Smith stated unequivocally that NFL games are rigged, and that they are more entertainment than actual competition.

This is not coming from someone who is belittling other players’ accomplishments; Dwight Smith – as part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – won Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003. In it he set a Super Bowl record with two interceptions returned for touchdowns.

But in an unprecedented display of honesty and humility, he is unequivocal in stressing that he did not deserve praise for those accomplishments since he, the rest of the Buccaneers and their opponents the Oakland Raiders knew what plays would be run, and the outcome of the game beforehand.

These are some of his quotes from the interview:

“I don’t believe the game is really decided on the field.” – Dwight Smith

“I played in the game, I set a Super Bowl record and we knew every play they (were) running before the game even started.” – Dwight Smith

“It ain’t about who has the best players. The Bucs (Tampa Bay Buccaneers who were in the Super Bowl – at the time of the interview – as NFC champions) are not the best NFC team.” – Dwight Smith

INTERVIEWER: “So, do you think that the Bucs original Super Bowl that you were a part of and won was illegitimate?”

Dwight Smith: “I think every one is.”

He also said that the NFL forces some players out of the league, and gave the examples of the Detroit Lions Running Back Barry Sanders and Lions Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson. He even stated that the NFL made them give back some of their contract money. So, according to Dwight Smith: the NFL (this is probably the case all professional sports leagues) decides when players will retire, even if they are still on top of their game.

The White Karen vs The Black Male Phenomenon.

In recent years the American (an by extension, the world) media has – on a consistent basis – been publicizing and reporting on viral videos of mostly Caucasian Females harassing black people – mostly males but sometimes females, who are minding their own business and not committing any crimes.

The most publicized episode happened in New York City in 2020 the same day that George Floyd was choked to death in Minneapolis: May 25th.

It featured a white woman named Amy Cooper who called the police a black man named Christian Cooper. Their names were both “Cooper.” As relatively minor an incident as this was it went viral and became headline news and a talking-point across all mainstream media platforms for weeks.

The woman was choking her own dog while being filmed, which was suggestive of a ritual of some kind. This very scenario was reenacted later that year in Los Angeles, California around October 10th or 11th when a young white woman not only verbally and physically harassed a black male, but took the New York City ritual a step further by actually throwing the dog at the black man filming.

I suspect that a major part of the ritual has to do with the dog symbolism which can represent the star Sirius. Sirius is associated with Ancient Kemetian/Egyptian goddess Isis. So Sirius is actually considered a female dog which is known – officially, not insultingly as a bitch. When this word is used towards a human female it is an obvious insult, but throughout the video the young man filming it says “bitch” several times. This is very likely part of a ritual.

It also just so happens that the dog that was thrown was in fact a female.

Gematria veterans know that the number 42 is sometimes used covertly on black people, but 42 is also a female code: words like LADY, FEMALE, DAUGHTER, FEMININE, FEMME sum to 42, but so does “BITCH.”

I suspect that these rituals have to do with 42 being a code which can have a negative connotation for black people and women.

This brings me to this particular viral 2021 incident of a California white “Karen” who was reportedly harassing a black mailman named Devan Jones who was taking a lunch break.

On occasion, as with Dwight Smith of the Super Bowl winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the actors will reveal that all the world is indeed a stage, vindicating so-called conspiracy theorists.

This minute and a half video reveals the hoax.

The probability that this is the only hoax is slim except to the hopelessly naive.

The media rarely admits the truth but this admission alone gives credibility to the notion that many events in the news are not organic, and designed for divide-and-conquer and mind manipulation purposes, as well for esoteric ritual.

With this rare truth telling from the mainstream media, let us take a look at the Los Angeles incident in which the white woman threw the dog at the black man.

The story has a feel-good ending like most drama and entertainment with the man who had the dog thrown at him eventually adopting the dog, and naming her “MOVIE.”

What is the message in naming her “Movie”? All the world is a stage, but there is no happy ending with the negative psychological and socio-political consequences on the broader public.

It has to be said, also that the dog genuinely was harmed in the video.

Embedding was not possible but you can find this video of the incident on Youtube

Gerald Ford’s October 18th, 1989 Declaration: “The Woman Will Become President”

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Video recently came to the attention of the gematria community, of former United States President Gerald Ford assuring with absolute certainty that a female would one day become President of the United States. That pronouncement was made on October 18th, 1989 at an event sponsored by the Herbert Hoover Library and Museum in West Branch Iowa.

He was specific about the exact manner in which the female would be come President:

“either the Republican or Democrat political party will nominate a man for President and a woman for Vice-President……you’ll end up with the President a male and the Vice President a female, and in that term of office of the President, the President will die, and the woman will become President under the law.”

I have emphasized that any time you see prominent females in the news; a celebrity of any kind, be it in the realm of popular culture, politics or a major historical or news event, her narrative will be dictated by a specific code based primarily on the archetype of the goddess. Distinct gematria code numbers emerge that define the goddess code, the most prominent of which is the Roman goddess of love Venus.

Love and the symbol of love: the heart will often emerge in these narratives even though – to be clear – the women involved are often anything but benefic, and in fact are often the exact sociopathic opposite. It is symbolic.

The planet Venus rules the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. Dates under these two signs will usually be essential elements in flea-related narratives.

Let us examine several elements of the Gerald Ford prediction video.

  • The location that he made it in: The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum.
  • The date on which he made it: October 18th, 1989.
  • His exact quote: “The woman will become President.”
  • The length of the Youtube video of his extraordinary pronouncement.

  • THE LOCATION: As everybody is aware: the probability of his prediction coming to fruition are extremely great given there currently is indeed a female Vice President of the United States of America; and the elderly male Presidents is remarkably bereft of vitality.

That female Vice President is Kamala Harris, of course. This is what makes the location of Gerald Ford’s declaration so especially prescient. It was at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. Herbert Hover died on October 20th, 1964, the EXACT SAME DAY that Kamal Devi was born.

I have recently addressed a pervasive 10 – 10 code. We see an example here as Herbert Hoover’s initials H.H. can be a 10-10 since – in the reverse of the alphabet “H” is the 19th letter and 19 in numerology is equivalent to 10 (by adding the digits of 19, 1+9).

On November 19th, 2021 Kamala Harris became Acting President of the United States when President Joe Biden became temporarily incapacitated at 10:10 am.

In 2011 female Arizona member of the U.S. Congress, Gabby Giffords famously survived an assassination attempt by Jared Lee Loughner in an attack that started at that exact time: 10:10 am.


That attack happened on January 8th or 8th January a date written 1-8 or 8-1. “VENUS” sums to 81 and 18 in gematria.

Gerald Ford made his announcement on the 18th (October).

Kamala Harris was Acting President for 1hour 25 minutes which confirms the ritual basis that I have alluded to: that prominent females are coded with a “goddess code.” 125 is the value of the term “SACRED FEMININE.”

“SACRED FEMININE” also sums to 71, as does her name “Kamala Devi Harris.”

The day she became Acting President October 19th, 2021 is a date with 71 numerology.

We already saw the 71 “Sacred Feminine” code in effect when she was selected as the Vice Presidential running mate of Joe Biden on August 11th, 2020 a 71 span between that day and her birthday.

In fact her middle name “DEVI” literally means “goddess.”

  • OCTOBER 18th, 1989:

Venus rules the sign of Libra. The date that Gerald Ford made the speech was a date in Libra. This is standard for a Venus ritual involving a prominent female.

Kamala Harris born October 20th, is a Libra.

Venus and Libra provide another clue to the riddle of the first female President of the United States: the foreign country that the United States is most associated with id Great Britain. The first female Prime Minister is Margaret Thatcher who was, of course a LIBRA born October 13th.

Kamala Harris married to Doug Emhoff who shares Margaret Thatcher’s birthday of October 13th.

The importance and relevance of these birthdays to the ritual is fully realized when we the date that cornerstone for the foundation of the United States Presidential residence was laid:

OCTOBER 13th, 1792.

Interestingly the person who is arguably the highest profile member of the the United States House of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, was also born on October 13th.


This quote ties in to Venus as the goddess of love.

“The woman will become President” sums to 142.

The day associated with love is Valentine’s Day which is 14th February a date written 14-2.

“MADAM PRESIDENT” as a female President would be referred to, sums to 142.

Roman annual Venus celebration day was VENERALIA which was observed every April 1st.

“APRIL FIRST” has a value of 142.


was 2mins 24 seconds long (2:24). The thumbnail says 2:25.

Either way this reflects the orbital cycle of the planet Venus. This is the length of time (in Earth days) that it takes the planet to complete one full revolution around the Sun. The orbit period of Venus is 224.701 days, so 224 or 225 can be Venus code numbers.

The January 6th, 2021 Capitol “insurrection” ritual contained some clues to the eventual ascension to the Presidency by Kamala Harris. One of the clues is surely this picture publicized across the world’s media, of an “insurrectionist” who for whatever reason displayed deep affection the Gerald Ford statue in the Capitol. This could be homage to Ford as the oracle for the Kamala Harris Presidency.


The Symbolism of the Two Trees: Daunte Wright, the Burning of the All American Christmas Tree and Back to the Future

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The trial of police officer Kimberly Potter is almost reaching conclusion. Kimberly Potter is the police woman who is said to have shot 20 year-old Daunte Wright on April 11th, 2021 in the Minneapolis-St. Paul “Twin Cities” metropolitan area.

The solstices and the equinoxes are prime times for high ritual. The shooting happened around the Spring Equinox — at the same time that the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer accused of killing George Floyd — was occurring. The trial of Kimberly Potter happens around the Winter Solstice.

I have stated that major rituals are rarely ever just rituals unto themselves, but parter of a greater overarching ritual theme. In the shooting of Daunte Wright – and the trial of Kimberly Potter – we see common threads with rituals that I have covered recently in the past.


Fox News All American Christmas Tree

On December 8th, 2021 the 50-foot Christmas Tree outside of Fox News’ New York City Head Quarters was completely burned out of existence.


There is a common ritual thread of trees and twins; very often twin trees. The Fox News All American Tree is just two blocks away from the more famous Rockefeller Center tree; so it is one of twin trees.

The Kim Potter Daunte Wright Shooting

Daunte Wright was initially pulled over – before being shot in his car by Kimberly Potter – for having illegal air freshener in his car.

This sounds like an absurd, over-the-top reason for police to pull someone over let alone shoot them, but when strangeness abounds in major news stories it is usually because it is actually a ritual.

The air freshener at question is the popular “Little Trees” pine tree-shaped air freshener. The pine tree symbol is at the heart of the ritual, not the trivial rarely-enforced law. The pine tree features heavily in on-going protests during the Kimberly Potter trial.

The incident happened in the TWIN Cities metropolitan area. Here we yet again see the association of twins and trees .

The pine tree and the customary red and black color motif that follows ritual deaths.

Back to the Future

This is reminiscent of the classic movie Back to the Future where the Twin Pines Mall changed to the Lone Pine Mall after Marty McFly travelled to the past and destroyed one of the pine trees.

In gematria “Minnesota” sums to 133.

World Trade Center September 11th

Many have pointed out that the time on the clock when the “Twin Pines Mall” sign is last seen: 1:16, is 911 upside-down.

911 and the World Trade Center is another example of the trees-twins combination.

The Twin Towers are the obvious conspicuous twin symbols.

The trees are seen in a close-up view of the ground-level of the Twin Towers. I have addressed the “TRIDENT” design of the Twin Towers in a recent post. Symbols have multiple meanings.

Besides being a symbol of Neptune a.k.a. Poseidon who is originally Enki, a chief deity in the Ancient Sumerian pantheon, the tridents in the World Trade Center Twin Towers design also represent the Kabbalah Tree of Life which is also related to Enki. Enki is said to have elevated mankind from a “primitive worker” status to a god-like enlightened being by getting them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. The Kabbalah Tree of Life offers a similar path to higher consciousness.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life

Notice that the highest Sephora is the “CROWN” Sephora. A crown is featured in the Daunte Wright memorial and Kimberly Potter protest.

This is a direct ritual association between the tree that features at the center of the Daunte Wright saga, the Kabbalah Tree of Life and the Twin Towers that contained the Tree of Life in their design.

Some scholars equate Sumerian chief deity Enki with the Greek Prometheus because they elevated mankind against the wishes of another supreme being (Enlil/Zeus).

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree overlooks a statue of Prometheus.

It is noteworthy that the Rockefellers are the primary builders of the World Trade Center Twin Towers.

The Garden of Eden

The “original” twin trees are the two forbidden trees in the garden of Eden: the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.

The Old Testament and Abrahamic religion account of the Garden of Eden is a retelling of the original Ancient Sumerian creation myth. A general understanding of the Sumerian creation account reveals that it is still at play as a ritual influence in the current world.

In the Garden of Eden man was not supposed to be elevated. Eating from the Tree of Knowledge was a major violation of a controlling “god” bent on keeping man in a subservient, ignorant position. Hence the Tree of Life was cut off my a massive rotating fiery sword and Cherubim security guards.

This could be at the heart of the ritual of destroying one of two trees.

One of Two Trees Attacked

As I have mentioned: One of two trees is attacked/burned/put off limits in multiple ritual parallels:

  • The Fox News All American Tree (partner to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree).
  • The pine tree in Back to the Future.
  • The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden
  • This theme was carried out in 1993 ( the Minnesota Twin Cities are on the 93rd Meridian W) on one of the two towers of the World Trade Center (the North Tower). Remember that the towers contain the Kabbalah “Trees of Life” in their design. This was symbolic of destroying/denying access to the Tree of Life.

The attack happened on February 26th, 1993, a date written 2-26.

“GARDEN OF EDEN” sums to 226

“FORBIDDEN TREE” sums to 226


“O Tannenbaum” is a German Christmas song that has been adopted by Anglo Saxon cultures. Tannenbaum refers to the Fir Tree that is used as a Christmas tree.

“O CHRISTMAS TREE” sums to 911 in the English Extended cipher of gematria.

The tree symbolism is heavy in Back to the Future: Besides the Twin/Lone Pine Mall, the arch villain’s name BIFF TANNEN is a reference to the Christmas Tree.

And notice the name of the actor who plays Biff Tannen: THOMAS F. Wilson. In my most recent post I wrote of twin symbolism involving people named “THOMAS” because the name “THOMAS” means “TWIN.” as in the Twin Towers; as in the Twin Pines Mall; as in the twin trees in the Garden of Eden.

Thomas F. Wilson’s birthday is April 15th.

The synchronicity here is that the inventor of the Little Trees car air freshener that is at the heart of the Daunte Wright saga – Julius Sämann – was ALSO born on April 15th.


The Fox News All American Christmas Tree was torched on December 8th a date written 12-8.

“LONE PINE MALL” sums to 128


We know that the 156th prime number is 911.

In numerology – since 0 has no value – 1056 is the same as 156 the 911th prime.

The Fox News tree went up in flames Dec. 8th. 1056 weeks after 9-11-2001.

The Fox News All American Christmas Tree went up in flames 1056 weeks after September 11th, 2001.

The Jesus Symbol and Why Demaryius Thomas Died in the Shower

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It is reported that On December 9th of 2021 former standout Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas of the National Football League’s Denver Broncos, was found dead in the shower of his home in Roswell, Georgia.

The most salient factors that hint at a possible ritual – or coincidence to most people – is the fact Demaryius Thomas was born on December 25th, Christmas Day, and died at age 33. The obvious parallel here is Jesus Christ whose birth is celebrated on December 25th, and who is said have died at age 33.

Multiple events have transpired over the years, that have common elements and patterns, that suggest conscious rituals based on the Jesus entity specifically involving black males (and some females).

My post on “Black Jesus and the Mercury Pattern” addresses these apparent rituals, and one would better comprehend this post, and the Demaryius Thomas narrative, if they first absorbed that short post.

The reason I speak of “The Mercury Pattern” is because it is widely believed that the birth of the “real Jesus” was September 11th, most likely in the year 3 B.C. A September 11th birthday would make Jesus a Virgo in the tropical zodiac. Each sign of the tropical zodiac has a ruling planet, and the ruling planet of Virgo is MERCURY. In Greco-Roman mythology Mercury has a human mortal mother and a god as a father: Maia and Zeus/Jupiter respectively.

The planet Mercury also rules the zodiac sign of Gemini. The symbol for Gemini is TWINS. Here is one the first tell-tale signs of a Jesus/Mercury ritual. His last name “THOMAS” means “TWIN.” This is a Gemini and a Mercury reference.

Celestial events determine the events on earth and dictate the nature of rituals. The legend of Jesus Christ state that a phenomenal celestial event; a once-in-a-lifetime planetary and stellar alignment ushered in his birth.

Demaryius Thomas died ahead (3 days) of an astronomical event called “THE GEMINID METEOR SHOWER.”

The meteor shower is called “Geminid” because it appears to radiate from the constellation of Gemini.

Here is an explanation of it:

Remember that the name “THOMAS” means “TWIN” which is a Gemini reference.

Thomas (also known as Judas Thomas. or Thomas Didymus) is believed by some to be Jesus’ twin brother. Here is a Wikipedia excerpt on the apostle Thomas:

” In the Book of Thomas the Contender, part of the Nag Hammadi library, he is alleged to be a twin to Jesus: ‘Now, since it has been said that you are my twin and true companion, examine yourself…’[15]

One can further explore the narrative of Jesus and Thomas as twins from the links in this web search.

So, celestial SHOWER in the constellation of Gemini which is twins, dictated the timing of the event of the death in a SHOWER of a man named “TWIN” whose birthday and death age allude to the Jesus Christ narrative; Jesus who may have had a twin brother.

Could this be why the Twin Towers were destroyed on Jesus’ “real birthday”?

Twin Pillars

This past summer DenverBroncos.com featured the above image of Demaryius Thomas in a crucifixion pose with twin pillars in the background. The profound allegorical message of this one picture – combined with the meteor shower connection – sum up the essence of this high ritual.

The above picture is reminiscent of Kanye West’s pope by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, that I highlighted in my post “BLACK JESUS AND THE MERCURY PATTERN.”

Kanye West was chosen to do this because he is a Gemini.

33 and Mercury’s Relationship With Earth

Jesus Christ is said to have died at age 33, just as Demaryius Thomas died at age 33.

The planet Mercury – which rules Gemini and Virgo – has a special relationship with planet Earth around the number 33.

The 33rd prime number is 137. For every 33 revolutions around theSun that Earth makes, Mercury makes 137. That is using 88 dys as Mercury’s orbital cycle, and 365 days as Earth’s.

In gematria “GEMINI” sums to 33.

When you spell out the number “THIRTY THREE” it sums to 156 in gematria. The 156th prime number is 911.


Demaryius Thomas was born in Montrose, Georgia. “MONTROSE” sums to 119, like the date 11th September.

In the 1999 classic movie MATRIX,the main protagonist – who is a Christ figure – Neo’s passport expires on September 11th, 2001. His real first name is THOMAS; allusion to the twin symbolism. He is also a Virgo as is the actor who who portrays him, Keanu Reeves. This is MERCURY symbolism.


88 is a major Mercury number. No Mercury related ritual is complete without this number.

  • Each planet has a magic square. The Magic Square of Mercury is 8×8.

Wikipedia strangely highlights that the city of Roswell, Georgia where Thomas died, had a population of 88,000 in 2010, before reporting the latest figure.

Demaryius Thomas wore jersey number 88.

In gematria “DEMARYIUS THOMAS” sums to 88.

“SHOWER” sums to 88.

In fact, “JESUS” and “SHOWER” have double overlap in the base ciphers of English gematria.

34 is noteworthy because Jesus is said to have been crucified on the date 3-4, 3rd April.

His first name “Demaryius” sums to 43 like April 3rd.

“MESSIAH” also sums to 43. “CROSS” sums to 34.


Thomas died on December 9th a date leaving 22 days in the year this is a key number to the ritual.

He died 2 weeks and 2 days before his December 25th birthday.

His name “THOMAS” means “TWIN.” In gematria “THOMAS” and “TWINS” both sum to 22.

Demaryius Thomas was the 22nd pick of his NFL draft.

The phrase “BLACK JESUS” sums to 22.

Demaryius Thomas as a Jesus figure is confirmed by this fact that is highlighted in his bio by Wikipedia:

“Thomas was an evangelical Christian,[194] and he frequently posted about his faith on his Twitter account.[195] He had a tattoo of a portrait of Jesus on his left arm bearing the phrase ‘Jesus Saves’.”

NEPTUNE The Patron of Horse Racing and the Primary Symbol of 911: The Symbolism of Medina Spirit

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The thoroughbred race horse Medina Spirit is reported to have passed away – due to a sudden heart attack – on December 6th, 2021.

After winning the prestigious Kentucky Derby on May 1st, 2021 Medina Spirit continued to be in the news until his much publicized death.

There is ritual archetypal symbolism behind Medina Spirit which is why he is being forced onto the public consciousness.

For decades the phrase “COLT 45” has been prevalent in American popular culture for a variety of reasons; as a popular and romanticized hand gun model, and a malt liquor brand primarily.

Medina Spirit was a colt who born on April 5th; a date written 4-5. So Medina Spirit was literally a “COLT 45.”

Colt 45 was recently in the news when actor Alec Baldwin shot movie cinematographer Halyna Hutchins to death on a movie set with a Colt .45 revolver.

Ancient archetypes have dictated history and continue to do so in the modern world. In the Medina Spirit story we see the Greco-Roman patron of horse racing Neptune (Rome)/ Poseidon (Greece).

From Wikipedia:  

“Like Poseidon, Neptune was also worshipped by the Romans as a god of horses as Neptunus Equester (a patron of horse-racing).[8]

On Poseidon:

 “In the myths of isolated Arcadia he is related with Demeter and Persephone and he was venerated as a horse, however it seems that he was originally a god of the waters.[3] He is often regarded as the tamer or father of horses,[2] and with a strike of his trident, he created springs which are related with the word horse.”

The other animal symbol of Poseidon/Neptune is the DOLPHIN. His most recognizable, and signature symbol is the TRIDENT.

There were National Football League teams who bare the archetypal symbols of Neptune — the Colts, the Broncos and the Dolphins that played the day before the colt Medina Spirit died — that synchronized as if by organized ritual.

95 is a key number to this ritual as “NEPTUNE” sums to 95 in gematria.

“BRONCO” sums to 95. “MUSTANG” sums to 95.

Medina Spirit was born on April 5th, 2018, the 95th day of the year.

In fact “NEPTUNE” and “BRONCO” are a super match in 3 out 4 base cipher values.

If you spell out that key “Neptune” number “NINETY FIVE” it has double overlap with “THOROUGHBRED” in gematria. Race horses like Medina Spirit are called thoroughbreds.

Neptune/Poseidon are analogs of a more ancient, original archetype. The first recorded human civilization, the Sumerians originated the trident as a symbol of deity And who bequeathed the symbol to his son Enki. Enki would wage war with his half-brother Enlil (also son of Anu). Enlil’s faction prevailed in the Sumerian war-of-the-gods, and the symbols of the rival Anu/Enki faction have since been desecrated and demonized.

Ancient Mesopotamian depiction of Supreme deity Anu holding up his trident symbols in each hand. His son Enki inherited the symbol. Enki identifies with the planet Neptune.

The prevailing side of the war-of-the-gods is lead by Enlil who identifies with the planet Jupiter.

An example of extreme desecration of the trident of Poseidon/Neptune/Enki — in high ritual — is the World Trade Center twin towers of New York City that were destroyed on Sept. 11th, 2001. The predominant symbol there was the trident. The two towers were completely enveloped in tridents.

The tridents of Neptune/Poseidon in the original World Trade Center design

In gematria “POSEIDON” sums to 119 like the date 11-9; 11th September.

The defeated, desecrated tridents are front and center of the 911 Memorial.

The 911 Memorial in New York City

911 also served to demonize Islam. The astrotheological roots of Islam link to Venus. Saudi Arabia was the ritual antagonist for 911. Medina is a city located in Saudi Arabia, and is holy to Islam. The owner of Medina Spirit, the colt/horse Neptune symbol, is Amr Zedan is from Saudi Arabia.

His initials are A.Z. A is the first letter of the alphabet, Z is the 26th. So, A.Z. is 126. Medina Sprit died 126 as in 12-6 December 6th.

The planet Neptune is officially said to have been discovered on September 23rd, 1846. From the day of Medina Spirit’s death to the next anniversary of the discovery of Neptune is 9 months, 17 days, like 9-17 his birthday September 17th.

From the date of Medina Spirit’s death to his Saudi owner’s next birthday is 9 months 11 days.

Medina Spirit (the Neptune symbol) was born 4-5, 2018. (4+5) = 9, (2+0+1+8) = 11. This is a 9-11.

In the zodiac Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces. This is interesting because Pisces has two ruling planets: NEPTUNE and JUPITER. These are Enki and Enlil the two opposing forces in the Ancient Sumerian war-of-the gods. This why the the Pisces fish symbols are swimming in opposite directions.

The World Trade Center – with its heavy trident themed architecture – was bombed twice: first on February 26th, 1993 (a date in PISCES as an indication that Neptune was being attacked).

Further proof that Neptune was the ritual target is that the official phrase “TRIDENT OF NEPTUNE” sums to 226 like the date 2-26 February 26th.

From the most recent 911 anniversary to the day that Medina Spirit died is a span of 2 months 26 days, for another 226.

On the day that Medina Spirit died the planet Neptune was in its home constellation of Pisces (in the tropical zodiac) located at 20°26′. 2026 is the same as 226 in numerology.

“TRIDENT OF POSEIDON” is also 1506 Reverse Sumerian cipher. 1506 is 156 in numerology. The 156th prime number is 911.

One of the symbols of Poseidon/Neptune is the dolphin. This is revealed by gematria where “POSEIDON” and “DOLPHINS” are a perfect jackpot match across all 4 base ciphers. They both sum to 119.

The Miami Dolphins of the NFL played the day before Medina Spirit is reported to have died. Their Head Coach is Brian Flores who is a Pisces (ruled by Neptune) and is from New York City. In gematria “BRIAN FLORES” sums to 119.

It is also noteworthy that the Miami Dolphins’ victory the day before Medina Spirit died was against a team named for New York City: the New York Giants.

The Miami Dolphins star player is Quarter Back Tua Tagovaioa who is also – appropriately is a Neptune-ruled Pisces (born March 2nd).

Remember that 95 is the big “NEPTUNE” number, but “NEPTUNE” also sums to 94 in the base ciphers of English gematria.

From Tua Tagovaioa’s most recent birthday to Medina Spirit’s death is a span of 9 months, 5 days, or 9 months 4 days, like 95 and 94.

After Sunday’s win Tua’s primary stats are 12 Touch Downs, 6 interceptions, for a 12-6 like the date December 6th on which Medina Spirit died.

Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Jonathan Karl’s Book “Betrayal”: The January 6th Capitol “Insurrection” and The Hanged Man Archetype

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On January 6th, 2021 The Capitol in Washington D.C. was the scene of what was dubbed by the media as an attempted coup, an insurrection and one of the greatest attacks on American democracy in the country’s history.

Objective observation of the events of January 6th in Washington D.C. suggests that it was not but an event performed to create a specific reaction to the public; mostly in deepening the political division and a distraction from a looming genuine threat to American – and world – freedoms; the tried-and-true Divide and Conquer strategy.

As with all major events that profoundly effect emotions and perceptions on a mass scale, this one was based on esoteric archetypes and elements.

I will point to one of the esoteric roots of what was a grand ritual using Western magic traditions.

A highlight of the January 6th, 2020 event (highlighted by the media in order to embed it onto the public consciousness) was a gallows and hangman’s noose set up on the Capitol grounds by purported insurrectionists.

Gallows and hangman’s noose set up at January 6th, 2021 Capitol “insurrection.”

Below is an example of an on-line post promoting the hanging theme ahead of the event:

The esoteric root of this aspect of the ritual can be seen in the Tarot tradition (whose origins go back to Ancient Kemet/Egypt) in the Major Arcana a.k.a. Trump card (this is most likely not a coincidence, and a detail to the ritual) THE HANGED MAN.

There is an astrological meaning to The Hanged Man tarot card: it represents the inverted cross; the upside-down cross known as the Mutable Cross. The Mutable Cross is a cross formed on the zodiacal wheel between Sagittarius and Gemini on one axis, and Pisces and Virgo on the other axis.

The Mutable Cross is also known as “St. Peter’s Cross” or the Petrine Cross (highlighted in grey above). It is the inverted; upside-down cross.

More evidence that the term “TRUMP CARD” is not a coincidence, and does tie Donald Trump to the “The Hanged Man” card, is this March 20th, 2017 TIME Magazine cover that when inverted reveals Trump in a position, specifically with his legs, of The Hanged Man.

Remember that The Hanged Man is the Mutable Cross which is made up of 4 zodiac signs including Gemini. Donald Trump born June 14th, is a Gemini and part of the Petrine Cross.

The American media has participated in the latest chapter of the ritual. Author Jonathan Karl published a book titled: “BETRAYAL: The Final Act of the Trump Show.” The title “Betrayal” is a direct reference to The Hanged Man tarot card, which in earlier editions was known as “THE TRAITOR” card.

To clinch the real root of the ritual, the book’s author Jonathan Karl did a face-to-face interview with Donald Trump himself – in November – where he specifically focused on a purported chant by January 6th “insurrectionists”: “HANG PIKE PENCE.”



The key number here is 67. This is the gematria value of “HANGED MAN” and “NOOSE.”

Mike Pence’s birthday is June 7th, a date written 6-7.

Jonathan Karl feigns outrage at Trump’s dismissive quip that Mike Pence was “WELL PROTECTED”; a specially chosen phrase in accordance with the ritual. “WELL PROTECTED” sums to 67 in gematria.

The anti- Mike Pence emotion is based on the fact that he did not challenge the 2020 Presidential election results, and is portrayed as a traitor to the Republican Party. Clearly they are playing out a script from the archetypes of the mystery traditions.

Judas who is popularly portrayed as having betrayed Jesus (yes, Trump is Jesus in this play) is also known as “Judas Thomas.” The name Thomas means twin. “Judas Thomas” sums to 67.

A June 7th birthday makes Mike Pence a Gemini, and part of the Mutable Cross, the upside-down cross which is represented by The Hanged Man Tarot card.

The Hanged Man Tarot Trump card came into play during the September 11th sorcery. September 11th is under Virgo which part of the Mutable Cross. The Twin Towers represented Gemini since twins are the symbol for the zodiac sign of Gemini.

A major story that emerged from the horrific ritual was the death of an individual who jumped from one of the burning towers. A documentary was made of him titled 9/11 The Falling Man.

What is remarkable about the falling individual is the position he briefly ended up in — which the documentary makers intentionally and consciously used as the cover for the documentary — which was strikingly similar to The Hanged Man Tarot Trump Card. The title “The Falling Man” is suggestive of “The Hanged Man.”

In gematria “The Falling Man” sums to 67.

This is all part of a greater dark ritual. It is no coincidence that the author of the book “Betrayal” Jonathan Karl — who focuses specifically on the “Hang Mike Pence” chant from the January 6th Capitol event — was born on 119; January 19th.

The title and subtitle of his book: “BETRAYAL: The Final Act of the Trump Show” sums to 156 with S exception of Pythagorean gematria (S the 19th letter is only reduced once by adding 1+9, so S = 10). In Pythagorean (Full Reduction) S is reduced again (10, 1+0) to equal 1.

911 is the 156th prime number.


Gemini and Virgo are ruled by the planet Mercury. So Trump and Pence both being Gemini, represent the planet Mercury.

Mercury is also a Roman god. The day of veneration for Mercury, Mercuralia, is the 15th of May, a date written 15-5 like 155.

Mike Pence’s full name “Michael Richard Pence” sums to 155.

“St. Peter’s Cross” sums to 155; St. Peter’s Cross being the upside-down Mutable Cross represented by THE HANGED MAN tarot card.

The Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade Vehicle Attack and the Ritual Destruction of the Love Principle

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143 | 26 | 62

In recent weeks — and throughout 2021 — I have been pointing to an ages-old (literally since the dawn of civilization) ritual theme of the sacred feminine. The Sacred Feminine is often (but not exclusively) the principle of care, compassion and humanity that has been anthropomorphized in the form of goddesses and other symbols.

Balanced with the sacred masculine principle of action, it produces constructive, life-affirming progression.

Trinities are based on the metaphysical Thought, Action, Emotion. Trinities represent balance and harmony. Thought is the skull, action is the crossed femur bones, and emotion – which is the sacred feminine – is the heart.

In the skull and crossbones symbol the heart is missing. This is an incomplete trinity; thought and action, but no emotion. Thought and action with no emotion results in psychopathy. Two thirds of the trinity is 2/3 which equals .666. This is one reason that 666 is associated with evil.

Other symbols of the love/care principle – besides the heart – are the dove — which Christianity co-opted from the Babylonian trinity where the dove represented queen/goddess Semiramis — and Venus the planet and goddess of love. Destruction of these symbols in ritual promotes evil and creates the lowest-frequency-vibrations.

The November 21st, 2021 Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin — that saw 4 women, 1 man killed, and 48 other people injured (at last reporting) — was one such ritual.

Even though the sacred feminine is a metaphor, females are primarily used in rituals relating to it.

In light of the fact that evil/psychopathy is thought, action but no emotion (sacred feminine) consider this CNN headline: “Waukesha parade crash suspect appeared to have no emotion as officers tried to stop him, authorities say”


In 2019 the state of Pennsylvania created 1-4-3 Day in honor of Pennsylvania native Fred Rogers who embodied the love/care principle.

“1-4-3.” It’s a code that beloved children’s television star Fred Rogers would say to his friends in the neighborhood — and it stands for the number of letters in the words “I love you.” 

The 143rd day of each year (May 23rd in a non-leap year; May 22nd in a leap year) is a spirit-of-kindness day in Pennsylvania.

The highest-profile of those killed and injured were members of a group called the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies. “MILWAUKEE” sums to 143.

Valentine’s Day is another day that honors the heart and love. Acts of psychopathy on Valentine’s Day are Destruction-of-the-Sacred Feminine rituals such as the 1929 so-called Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago. “CHICAGO” sums 143.

Another act of psychopathy on Valentine’s Day is the 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. It took place in Parkland, Florida which is part of the Miami Metropolitan area; significant because Miami is the only major American city that is founded by a woman: Julia Tuttle.

151 “Holy Spirit”

“Julia Tuttle” sums to 151 like “Holy Spirit” sums to 151. “The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies” sums to 151.

The accused perpetrator Darrell Brooks is a rapper whose stage name is Mathboi Fly. No coincidence that the video for his track “Half a Ticket” (201), is 1 minute 51 seconds long, like 151.

The Holy Spirit is the sacred feminine principle of care symbolized by the dove. In gematria “DOVE” sums to 17.

There were 17 killed, 17 injured in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

Venus Planet/Goddess of Love

The planet Venus is a sacred feminine symbol. Venus takes 224.7 days to complete one full orbital cycle around the Sun. 224 is a major Venus number.

From the November 21st, 2021 Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade attack, to the next Valentine’s Day February 14th, 2022 is 2 months, 24 days, for a Venerian 224.

“Waukesha, Wisconsin” sums to 214 like the date 2-14; February 14th Valentine’s Day.

“Miami, Florida” also sums to 214.

62 and 26 Feminine Code

62 and its reflection 26 are key code numbers for the female realm.

Female-related terms like “girl”, “Queen”, “lesbian”, “Madonna”, sum to 62 and 26. “Matriarch” and “Virgin Mary” sum to 62. These are just a few examples.

The first female Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris was sworn in on a date with both 26 and 62 numerology: January 20th, 2021.

With this in mind November 21st, 2021 is an ideal day for a Destruction-of-the-Sacred Feminine ritual. Remember that “I Love You” is a phrase made up of 1, 4 and 3 letter words, making 143 a “love” code; May 23rd being the 143rd day of a non-leap year. November 21st, 2021 is exactly in the middle of 26 weeks after the most recent May 23rd, and 26 weeks (and 1 day) before the next May 23rd.

It was also 6 months, 2 days before the next 1-4-3 (I love you) Day, for another 62.

The perpetrator is said to be Darrell Brooks who is a rapper who goes by the stage name Mathboi Fly. “Mathboi Fly” sums to 626 in the Latin cipher (Jewish on the gematrinator).

Vesica Piscis

Sacred Feminine symbolism is abundantly clear in the above memorial shrine for the victims of the Waukesha vehicle attack: the hearts and the Vesica Piscis in the middle of the hearts. Vesica Piscis represents the female generative principle.

The media reports 5 dead and 48 injured for a total of 53 casualties. “Vesica Piscis” sums to 53 in gematria.

The incident happened on a date with 53 numerology: 11 + 21 + 21 = 53.

Henry Ruggs III Crash on RAINBOW Blvd, Las Vegas Part 2: Sirius and The Wizard of Oz

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In my previous article I indicated how the star Sirius was coded into the Tuesday November 2nd, 2021 car crash — instigated by Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III — that killed 23 year-old Tina Tintor and her dog Maxi in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sirius was already deeply encoded into the city of Las Vegas itself.

Sirius has been – practically since the dawn of civilization – regarded as a sacred star; some say it is directly responsible for human civilization itself. The encoding of the star Sirius into the geography of Las Vegas was done by the Freemasons who designed and built the city.

Henry Ruggs III hit Tina Tintor’s car on South Rainbow Boulevard which is Route 595. 595 is the Greek Isopsephy value of “SIRIUS.” “Sirius” equals 95 in English gematria. The Greek for Sirius is “Seirios” which is also 95 in English gematria. Route 595 is intersected by Route 95. Sirius is The Dog Star (part of the Canis Majoris constellation. Canis Majoris is Latin for “big dog” or “the greater dog”). Route 595 is “littered” with dog-themed businesses.

To clinch – not the theory, but the FACT – that Las Vegas, Nevada is encoded with the star Sirius, acknowledge that 5.4 miles from the Las Vegas Raiders’ headquarters and training ground is “SIRIUS STAR STREET.”

The address of the Raiders headquarters is 1475 Raiders Way. “FOURTEEN SEVENTY FIVE” SUMS 95, the big Sirius number.

In the cipher that Adam Weishaupt gave to Illuminati Minervals; The Illuminati Novice cipher, “Dog Star” sums to 95.

A gematria calculator that contains this and other important ciphers can be found here.

Further North – only 2 miles from Rainbow Boulevard/Route 595 is West Sirius Avenue.

Alignments With the Wizard of Oz

There are any depths to grand rituals; more than I can ever comprehend. The mystery tradition of Theosophy is also at play here. The key is the name of the road where the fiery crash happened: “RAINBOW” Boulevard. L Frank Baum was a Theosophist. The Rainbow is one of the signature elements of his classic The Wizard of Oz. In the Henry Ruggs-Tina Tintor crash we see many parallels with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The most prominent is Toto who is Sirius the Dog Star who is higher consciousness and a spiritual guide. Tina Tintor’s Dog Maxi aligns with Toto.

Although the Wizard of Oz character of Toto is a male dog, he was played by a female named Terry. Terry was so named because she was of the CAIRN TERRIER breed. In Sumerian gematria “CAIRN TERRIER” sums to 1116.

From the most recent birthday anniversary of Terry/Toto (November 17th, 2020) to the date of the crash involving Tina Tintor and Maxi (November 2nd, 2021) is 11months, 16 days, like 1116 the gematria of “Cairn Terrier).

 A permanent memorial for Terry was dedicated at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. On the memorial stone for Tina/Toto is inscribed “In Memory of Toto.”

Gematria reveals the synchronicity between “In Memory of Toto” and “Over the Rainbow” the theme song of The Wizard of Oz. The name of the road on which Tintor and Maxi died “Rainbow Blvd” matches this Wizard of Oz terminology.

“SIRIUS” equals 67 in gematria.

From the 2021 anniversary of Terry/Toto’s death (September 1st) to the funeral of Tina Tintor (November 11th) is 10 months, 1 week, like 101 the Sirius star code number that we established in Part 1.

In my previous post I showed how 101 was placed at the center of the Tina Tintor-Max memorial shrine in the form of a tennis ball flanked by two bone-shaped doggie chew toys.

The 4 Material Elements:

EARTH: DOROTHY the lead human in The Wizard of Oz represents the element of Earth. Tina Tintor aligns with Dorothy.

AIR: THE SCARECROW is the air element. Air is a metaphor for intellect. The Scarecrow acquires a brain. Aquarius is an air sign and is the brains of the zodiac. Henry Ruggs III aligns with the Scarecrow.

WATER: The Tin Man. Water is a metaphor for emotion. The heart represents emotion. The Tin Man acquires a heart. Tina Tintor with “TIN” in both her first and last names – aligns with the Tin Man as well as with Dorothy. Earth and water are feminine elements.

FIRE: The Lion is fire. Fire is courage and action. This was appears to be an act of sorcery; a negative ritual. While the Wizard of Oz has multiple deep positive occulted messages, it is used by negative entities in programs such as the trauma based MK Ultra Mind Control program. In this instance the action of the fire element is used to destroy the heart, love and emotion a.k.a. the sacred feminine principle.

Rainbow Boulevard – where the crash happened – aligns with the Yellow Brick Road.

Although Seattle officially holds this moniker, Las Vegas is the Emerald City in this event. The classic Wizard of Oz movie was made by MGM who own the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas that lights up emerald green at night.

Wizard of Oz author L Frank Baum’s birthday is the same as Las Vegas’ foundation date: May 15th:

Las Vegas is on the 115th meridian.

“Emerald City” sums to 115 in gematria.

“Henry James Ruggs Scarecrow” sums to 115.

In close proximity to the crash site is Emerald Spring Lane which wraps around a several square blocks.

The green color of the Corvette – while not the same shade as emerald – is nonetheless a reference to emerald.

Ruby Red

In the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” Dorothy wears Silver slippers. A nickname for Las Vegas is “The Silver City.” The movie changed them to Ruby Red slippers. This is in keeping with the imagery of Alchemy where Ruby Red is the color of The Philosopher’s Stone which is used to transmute base metal into gold or silver, or lower consciousness into higher consciousness.

The ruby red Alchemical Philosopher’s Stone is also a metaphor for the 5th element; spirit, or the Quintessence. The Ruby Red Slippers were given to Dorothy by the Good Witch of the North Glenda, and served to to guide her to higher consciousness and self-discovery. This is a similar attribution of the star Sirius (as exemplified in the movie The Truman Show).

Near the top of South Rainbow Boulevard, it is flanked by REDSTONE Street to the West, and GOLDY Lane to the East. The Alchemical – and particularly the Wizard of Oz references are obvious, also considering the close proximity of Cobblestone Avenue. The Yellow Brick Road is similar to a cobblestone road.

Red shoes are are central to the images put out over social/mainstream media in the immediate aftermath of the crash. Red shoes were seen in the images of all parties: Ruggs, Kiara Washington and the relatives of Tina Tintor.

Kiara Washington and Henry Suggs are ictured in Las Vegas Golden Knights (of the National Hockey League) jerseys. The Golden Kniights jerseys have the colors of alchemy: Black, which is base metal, Gold, Silver, and a small sliver of red on the sleeves which is the philosopher’s stone that turns the black into silver or gold.

Notice most importantly, the red shoes on both of them.

Now look at the only picture circulated in the media the next day after the crash – of Tina Tintor’s father, and three young relatives most likely her two brothers and sister.

Is it a coincidence that everybody except her father had all randomly chosen to wear red shoes?

Also noteworthy is this disturbing picture of Henry Ruggs – in red shoes – holding a red rose while sitting on his Corvette. “Disturbing” because it is reminiscent of the opening scene of the Jesuit horror classic Exorcist III where 12-year-old Black male Thomas Kintry (from the point-of-view of the serial killer) offers him a red rose before being his first victim.

Exorcist III takes place in Georgetown in Washington D.C. Remember that Henry Ruggs’ girlfriend is named Washington.

Gematria synchronicity between “Red Rose”, “Jesuit” and “Dorothy.”

84 is also relevant to Tina Tintor’s 8th April birthday.


There is a world-wide corporate (involving the likes of Microsoft and Walmart) phenomenon known as the Red Shoe Movement. It is billed as a women’s empowerment venture that features “Red Shoe Tuesday.” Remember that the Henry-Ruggs-Tina Tintor crash happened on a Tuesday (November 2nd). Red Shoe Tuesday.

This is from the Red Shoe Movement’s Facebook banner. The red canvas sneaker is reminiscent of the shoes worn by Tina Tintor’s brother and female relative (maybe sister).

The name of the road where the event occurred, and “ruby red shoes” have synchronicity in gematria

South Rainbow Boulevard is the Yellow Brick road.

Notice the hashtag “RedShoeTuesday.” In gematria “HASHTAG REDSHOE TUESDAY” has double overlap with “PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE.” This movement has esoteric roots in Theosophy and Alchemy.

The Red Shoe Movement banner was updated at 1:27. Henry Ruggs was reportedly driving at 127 miles per hour when he hit Tina Tintor’s car.

“Wizard of Oz” sums to 127.

Tuesday is the day of the week named for Mars the red planet.

The Tarot card that represents Mars is The Tower. Notice the red shoes in The Tower card.

The Tower card is number 16 in Roman numerals which is XVI. XVI sums to 156 in Sumerian gematria. 156 mph is the top speed that Henry Ruggs is supposed have reached.


Red shoes have been a tradition for Popes. Here are some examples of Popes wearing red shoes.

Pope Benedict XVI with George W Bush.

Ruby Red slippers of Pope Paul VI.

Pope John Paul II was buried in ruby red shoes

Interestingly, the first openly Jesuit Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio has chosen to break from tradition and not wear red shoes.

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

The Ruby red – Tuesday association has been seen in business and popular culture.

In gematria “RAINBOW” sums to 107

The famous signature song from The Wizard of Oz “Over the Rainbow” – sung by Judy Garland who plays Dorothy – was recorded – in 1938 – on October 7th, a date written 10-7.

Judy Garland’s initials are J.G. J is the 10th letter of the alphabet; G is the 7th. So her initials of J.G. are 10-7

“Henry James Ruggs III” sums to 107.

The chorus of the song is “Somewhere over the rainbow…..” in some cover versions the song is titled “Somewhere over the Rainbow” which sums to 124. Remember: the crash happened on Rainbow Boulevard.

Henry Ruggs III was born on 1-24; January 24th.

“Wicked Witch of the East” sums to 107.

“Good witch of the North” sums to 107.

Tuesday and ruby come together with the restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday who – in 2020 – filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on October 7th.

Henry Suggs III (107 gematria) wore jersey number 11.

“TUESDAY” sums to 95 in gematria, like “SIRIUS.”

In 2016 it was announced that Ruby Tuesday would close 95 restaurants.

The Rolling Stones released their hit song “Ruby Tuesday” on January 13th, 1967. From Tina Tintor’s birthday of April 8th, to January 13th is 9 months and 5 days, for another 95.

“SIRIUS” also sums to 67, like the year Ruby Tuesday was released.

Tina Tintor had lived in the United States for 20 years and was on the verge of acquiring United Staes citizenship.

Some Ruby Tuesday Lyrics are appropriate for the Tina Tintor narrative: “Catch your dreams before they slip away.”

The collision of Henry Ruggs III – in his Chevrolet Corvette – into Tina Tintor’s car happened near the intersection of South Rainbow Boulevard and South Spring Valley at 3:39 am Tuesday November 2nd, 2021. Here is mass synchronicity in gematria. The chorus of Ruby Tuesday is “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday.”

Henry Ruggs III Fatal Crash: SIRIUS The Dog Star and Other Synchronicities

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The media reported that on Tuesday November 2nd, 2021 Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III was involved in a fatal accident in Las Vegas, Nevada when he drove his Chevrolet Corvette Stingray into the back of a Toyota Rav 4 driven by Tina O Tintor at 3:39 in the morning. Tina Tintor is reported to have survived the crash but was trapped, unable to exit the vehicle, and subsequently burned to death after her car caught fire.

Tina Tintor’s dog Maxi was also a casualty. Ruggs was reportedly relatively unscathed while his passenger; his girlfriend and mother of his child Kiara Jenai Washington was reported to have sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Henry Ruggs is said to have reached a maximum speed of 156 mph, and hit the Toyota Rav 4 driven by Tina Tintor at 127 mph.

156 and 127 are numbers that stand out to the gematria community in particle, as numbers that relate to 911. 911 is the 156th prime number. On September 11th, 2001 World Trade Center Buildings 1,2 and 7 collapsed.

156 and 127 have profound esoteric significance in this Las Vegas case.


Tina Tintor’s birthday is April 8th, written 4-8. At his NFL combine Henry Ruggs wore number 48.

There has been a discrepancy in the media’s reporting of Henry Ruggs crash victim Tina Tintor’s place-of-birth: some report Croatia, others report Serbia. Tina Tintor is an ethnic Serb that could have moved from Croatia to Serbia and then to the United States after the Third Balkan War of the early 1990’s.

Nick Saban is of Croation origin, to add another synchronicity.

SIRIUS The Sacred Dog Star

I have spoken often about the historical significance of the star Sirius, which is known as The Dog Star as it is part of the constellation of Canis Major; “Canis” as in “canine.”

Great Ancient civilizations such as Kemet a.k.a. Egypt revered the Dog Star Sirius Sirius in the form of the goddesses Sopdet and Isis. This is considered a celestial female dog.

Sirius has an immense powerful significance to the occult traditions that are the power behind modern day world leadership. The United States was founded with Sirius veneration in mind. On July 4th, 1776 Sirius was behind the Sun; a powerful position since it is considered “The Sun Behind the Sun.” Sirius based rituals continue today in the form of everyday news and sports events. The November 2nd, 2021 Henry Ruggs crash that killed Tina Tintor is a prime example. The central element is Tina Tintor’s dog Maxi who is reported to have died with her in her car.

It was famously reported that Henry Ruggs was doing 156 miles per hour. Even though he may have been speeding, this is an unprecedented and hard-to-fathom speed in any area let alone an urban residential area. In gematria’s Sumerian cipher “DOG” sums to 156.

The fact that “GOD” is “DOG” spelled backwards is an indication of Sirius’ high spiritual status throughout the ages.

In the gematria cipher of Greek Isopsophy the Greek word for “Sirius” “Seirios” sums to 595.

The road that Tina Tintor and her dog Maxi died on was Nevada State Route 595 a.k.a. Rainbow Boulevard.

Along Route 595 are businesses such as “Dirt Dog.”

“Camp Bow Wow.”

“The Hush Puppy” eatery.

In English gematria “SIRIUS” sums to 95.

The transliteration of the Greek word for “Sirius” “Seirios” sums to 95.

State Route 595 is intersected by the massive throughway Route 95.

The crash that killed Tina Tintor and her dog Maxi — and injured Henry Ruggs’s passenger Kiara WASHINGTON — occurred on Rainbow Boulevard/Route 595. Firther North Route 595 runs parallel to Rote 95 South-North, and they are both intersected by WASHINGTON Avenue.

Washington’s first name “KIARA” sums to 95 in gematria; the number of “Sirius/Seirios.”

101 a Number of SIRIUS

Sirius is depicted in Freemasonry as a blazing star between twin pillars.

The number 101 is emblematic of the star Sirius (the number 0) between the two pillars (the 1s).

In gematria “DOG” sums to 26. (Remember that “DOG” is 156 in Sumerian cipher; 156 mph is the number given to Rugg’s speed on Route 595). The 26th prime number is 101.

101 representing Sirius the Dog Star is vividly expressed in popular culture through the movie “101 Dalmations.”

Remember that a business named “Camp Bow Wow” is off Route 595. “BOW WOW” sums to 101.

Tina Tintor is a former employee of Target. Target’s famous mascot is a dog named “BULLSEYE” depicted on this t-shirt signed by her former co-workers at her memorial shrine.

In gematria “BULLSEYE” sums to 101.

At the memorial shrine near the location off Route 595 where Tina Tintor and her dog Maxi were killed two bones and a tennis ball were placed strategically to form the “Sirius (the yellow tennis ball) between the two pillars (the two bones).

There will be a memorial for Tina Tintor in the form of a dog-walk where participants will initially gather at the “Lazy Dog Cafe”

Tina Tintor has been eulogized in the media by her closest friend Bojana Filipovic. Her last name “FILIPOVIC”sums to 101.

“Las Vegas Raiders” sums to 101. The Henry Ruggs case is being presided over by Judge Joe Bonaventure famous for presiding over O.J. Simpson’s trial for stealing his own memorabilia in Las Vegas in 2007. “Judge Joe Bonaventure ” sums to 101.

Henry Ruggs’ girlfriend‘s first name “KIARA” also sums to 101 in Latin/Agrippa/Jewish gematria

Henry Ruggs’s blood-alcohol level is reported to have been .161.

“ONE HUNDRED AND ONE” sums to 161.

Synchronicity with Tina Turner

The name of the victim “Tina Tintor” reminds Americans of the name “Tina Turner” the legendary singer. They share the same first name “Tina.”

“Tintor” is a name of Serbian origin. “Turner” and “Tintor” have identical gematria across all 4 base ciphers.

So the names “Tina Tintor” and “Tina Turner” have a jackpot super-match in gematria.

Henry Ruggs III’s passenger and partner has the last name WASHINGTON which is also a super match with “Tina Tintor” and “Tina Turner.”

Henry Ruggs III, who is reported to have killed Tina Tintor, was born on January 24th. Tina Turner is currently married to Irwin Bach whose birthday is the same as Henry Ruggs’s: January 24th.

Although she has a multiple-decades-long musical career – and has had the moniker “Queen of Rock n’ Roll” for a long time – Tina Turner was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist (she was already in as part of the Ike and Tina Turner duet) only as recently as October 30th, 2021 three days before the Tina Tinter-Henry Ruggs accident. Her induction was reported in the news on October 31st which is the birthday of Henry Ruggs III’s legendary College coach at the University of Alabama Nick Saban.