Super Bowl LVII: Rihanna and Damar Hamlin Confirmed as Birth and Rebirth Symbols

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Super Bowl LVII finally concluded after long anticipation and prediction.

Two of the most significant characters to Super Bowl LVII were people not involved in the game itself, that I have decoded extensively leading up to the Super Bowl.

And they have something in common which was part of my decodes of each of them, and that is the Cardinal Cross of the tropical zodiac.

The two principle characters are Damar Hamlin of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, and actress/singer Rihanna who was the half-time show performer as I predicted 3 months before the NFL announced her. See my video published on June 26th, 2022.

Rihanna is a birth symbol which is central to my decodes.

I stated that Damar Hamlin is a resurrection symbol, having suffered cardiac arrest on the football field and survived, becoming America’s darling in the process.

In astrology the birth, death and rebirth cycle are represented by the Cardinal Cross.

The Cardinal Cross is made up of the Cardinal signs:

CANCER which starts the Summer. Directly opposite Cancer is Capricorn which starts the Winter. They form an axis.

LIBRA starts the Fall. Directly opposite Libra is Aries which starts the Spring.

The Cancer-Capricorn axis intersects the Libra-Aries axis which forms the Cardinal Cross.

Aries is the most significant because it rules the 1st House of the zodiac and births the entire zodiacal cycle.

The Cardinal Cross was always going to be central to Super Bowl LVII since it was being held at State Farm Stadium which is the home of the Cardinals of the NFL.

The Cardinal Cross is also known as St. George’s Cross. In gematria “SAINT GEORGE” equals 57.

“GEORGE” equals 57.

As I stated in my decode of the Damar Hamlin on-field collapse and cardiac arrest: the whole event synchronized with the initiation ceremony of the York Rite 3rd degree Master Mason which is based primarily on the mythology of Ancient Egypt that emphasizes the equinoxes.

Osiris the vegetation god dies at the Fall which is the time of Libra. Osiris is resurrected as Horus in the Spring when the Sun is reborn at the time of Aries.

Damar Hamlin fits this narrative perfectly because he is an Aries.

Freemasonry’s adaptation of the Osiris legend is the legend of Hiram Abiff who is the architect of Solomon’s Temple and is killed while completing its construction. This represents Osiris and the Sun dying at the Autumnal equinox.

Hiram Abiff is reborn; resurrected in the Spring “by the grip of the lion’s paw”.

See my decode on that here.

Damar Hamlin, an Aries, born at the time of the resurrection of the Sun is a Hiram Abiff symbol.

The symbol for Aries is the ram. Hiram Abiff can also mean “High Ram Above”.

The resurrected Son (Sun) of God Jesus Christ is part of the same archetype a point emphasized in ritual at Super Bowl LVII that Damar Hamlin attended wearing a jacket with depictions — albeit unflattering depictions — of Jesus Christ.

So far the main opposition to Damar Hamlin wearing the jacket which is an art piece called “TRAVIS JESUS” is veteran NFL Running Back Adrian Peterson who is a devout Christian and considers the jacket “BLASPHEMOUS”.

The design is by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and is titled “TRAVIS JESUS”.

After Damar Hamlin has publicized the varsity style jacket is now available for $ 6,500, at that is the current eBay price.

Just to empties how the NFL and the media are fully conscious of the zodiac, mythology, allegory and ritual:

Former Philadelphia Eagles Quarter Back Randall Cunningham was once featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine when he had a come-back season with the Minnesota Vikings in 1998.

Sports Illustrated’s headline was the esoterically aware “BORN AGAIN”. They were fully conscious that Randall Cunningham born March 27th, is an Aries the sign of rebirth and resurrection which Jesus and Christians represent. “Born Again” Christian.

This is why the Aries Damar Hamlin who is the resurrected Hiram Abiff ( High Ram Above ) wore a Jesus jacket to the Super Bowl. The jacket did not praise Jesus but instead appears to be mockery.


37 and 73 were key numbers to the Damar Hamlin collapse because the score at the time was 7-3 or 3-7.

In gematria “HIRAM ABIFF” sums to 73

Hiram Abiff is based on “OSIRIS” which equals 73.

The final score of the Super Bowl synchronized with the Damar Hamlin event which is the defining moment of the NFL season.

The final score was 38 to 35 for a total of 73 points. A nod to Osiris, Hiram Abiff and damar Hamlin.

The name of the Jesus art piece that Hamlin sported is “TRAVIS JESUS” which equals 37

“TRAVIS” equals 73

It is realistic that Travis referee to Travis Scott the rapper of the Astroland concert disaster.

Adrian Peterson is the only NFL player or celebrity who is being publicized in the media as condemning Hamlin for the jacket.

Peterson was chosen for 2 reasons primarily:

Adrian Peterson is an Aries born at the Vernal Equinox March 21st.

Adrian Peterson is 37 years old at the time of the damar Hamlin resurrection event and Jesus controversy.

This was at Super Bowl 57. The name of the artist of the TRAVIS JESUS, “Takashi Murakami” has a value of 57.

While Rihanna is not part of the birth, rebirth Cardinal Cross (/Aries-Libra, Cancer-Capricorn) she has been the preeminent birth symbol.

This was Super Bowl LVII. 57 is a major birth code number in gematria and the primary reason that I felt that she would be the most appropriate Super Bowl LVII half-time show artist.

“BIRTH” = 57



There is the strong Jesus theme here. This NFL season that culminated in Super Bowl LVII and the resurrection of Damar Hamlin, opened on September 8th which is the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary mother of Jesus.

“MARY” = 57.


The Super Bowl uses Roman numerals so 57 is LVII ( which has a value of 52 and 25 in gematria) which was my clinching clue to Rihanna being the Super Bowl performer.

The big birthing story in the news was the decision of the United States Supreme Court to repeal the Roe v Wade abortion law. The draft opinion was leaked on May 2nd or 2nd May, 2022 a date written 5-2 or 2-5.

That very day a statue of a pregnant Rihanna was unveiled at the annual Met Gala in New York City portraying her as the Greek goddess Eileen who has a Moon of the planet Jupiter named after her. The Moon Eileen is also named “JUPITER LVII” like the Super Bowl number.

“FLUID” = 52 and 25 in gematria like the amniotic fluid of the womb.

“FERTILITY” sums to 52 like May 2nd.

Rihanna wore a silver football jersey with the number 25 on it after she was announced as Super Bowl half-time performer.

At the Super Bowl LVII half time show the stage was the Cardinal Cross which is the symbol of initiation, birthing, death and rebirth. This was more like the cross of the Chevrolet logo which has a much shorter vertical leg.

Red and white are the colors of the Cardinal Cross.

At the Super Bowl half-time show Rihanna was revealed as being pregnant again with another child almost immediately after the birth of her first child.

LIBRA is a big part of the Cardinal Cross and Ancient Egyptian and Freemason allegory.

It is the time when the Sun sets on the year, Osiris is killed and Hiram Abiff is killed.

The father of Rihanna’s child is ASAP ROCKY who is a Libra and part of the Cardinal Cross.

There is a possibility that the new child will be born at the time of LIBRA: the last week of September through the first three weeks of October.

Another 37 is “ASAP ROCKY” who ties in the Cardinal Cross birth theme through his zodiac sign and connection to Rihanna, and Damar Hamlin the rebirth / resurrection theme with the 37, like the 3-7 score when Hamlin got injured.

In gematria “ASAP ROCKY” has double overlap with “TRAVIS JESUS”.


  1. Miami Boy on February 15, 2023 at 8:13 pm

    SB57 was on Lincoln’s bday.. His VP was Hannibal HAMLIN.. what are the chances?

  2. Sshev on February 16, 2023 at 10:52 am

    Once again Hiram Abif is taken by Francis Bacon from Churam Abiv IN the BIBLE text. “Risen Brother of my Father” in Hebrew. Masons use both spellings. Hiram Abif = 47 as does Hiram = 47 in Bacon ciphers. the degrees on the Masonic Compass.
    Ach Brother and RuM to rise. אֲחִירָם Churam taken from Achuram. Check out an interlinear bible with Strongs dictionary.

    Mary and Moon are both 57 and both are also 53 in Bacon’s cipher. Vesica piscis = 53 the Football shape. And in the Bible text The Magdalene = 153 in Greek. From amygdala in Greek = almond 153 the most famous ratio for a vesica piscis.
    The Talmud Mixes Mary with the Magdalene. A hair dresser.

    Jupiter LVII = 151 and 74
    Princess Meghan = 151 and 74
    Patrick Mahomes = 152 a colel 151 Patrick 74 in Bacons
    Princess Meghan also 144 in Bacon’s
    Patrick Mahomes 144 in Bacons.

    Jesus Christ = 151 ordinal and 144 in Bacon’s like Princess Meghan, and she had one black parent like Patrick Mahomes who won the Superbowl on Abraham’s birthday.

    Eirene = 144 Jewish/Latin

  3. Chuckytria on February 16, 2023 at 11:06 am

    The founder of State Farm was reportedly a freemason named…GEORGE Mecherle. Dead at the age of 73.

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