Explosion rocks 15 Mile Road in Detroit, March 4, 2024

Celebrity Explosion Federal Government News

This explosion near 15 miles, on March 4, 2024, came on 15 date numerology.

They’re saying it sounded like a ‘war.’ *War=15 & 42

It goes with Detroit and Clinton Township being on the 42nd Parallel North.

This news comes out of Michigan on the 64th day of the year, plus more…

And notice it came in Clinton Township, while Bill Clinton is 77-years-old.

Furthermore, notice it happened on his 199th day of his age, the 46th prime, going with him being born in ’46, and this coming in the time of the 46th US President. *Michigan=46 *Macomb County=46

The location of Clinton Township being on the 42nd parallel fits with Bill Clinton, the Georgetown grad, being the 42nd US President.

Keep in mind this comes just before the 30th anniversary of Bill Clinton hosting world leaders in Detroit, March 14, 1994. And the number 30 is special, it pertains to Saturn’s return.


For the clincher, it is a marijuana dispensary that exploded, and Bill Clinton said he smoked grass, but did not inhale. Notice where ‘marijuana’ overlaps with March 4, like 34.

Sandman Signature Fort Worth Downtown Hotel explosion of January 8, 2024

Explosion News Sports

Notice, the explosion is near Houston Street, and the state of Texas is hosting the college football championship in Houston today.

As for Fort Worth, it has gematria connecting to the date numerology, 53.

Fort Worth=46, Houston, Texas=46, Michigan=46 (Harbaugh on 46 losses)

The initial report was “at least 10 injured.” In this game you have a battle of Michigan, from the Big 10, and Washington, who is joining the Big 10 next year.

They have updated the count to 11 injured, like how football is a game of 11 on 11.

Today is also the 11th day of Texas being 178-years-old.
Sandman Signature Fort Worth Downtown Hotel=178


At least 73 killed in twin blasts near Qasem Soleimani’s grave, January 3, 2024

Death Explosion History Military Murder by Numbers New World Order News War

On the third day of ’24, it is terrorism in Iran.

Read about the January 3, 2020 death of Soleimani here.

Read more posts pertaining to his death here.

And notice this news comes on the fourth anniversary of his murder, and four is associated with death.

They’re reporting at least 73 dead, and 170 are injured.

Sacrifice=62, Qasem Soleimani=62, Kerman=62 (Where it happened)

And notice the part about “twin blasts.” It ties in with the Twin Towers and the Solomon Brothers Building on September 11, 2001. And as I mentioned in 2020, they seemingly paid tribute to 9/11 with the killing of Soleimani.

Keep in mind today is the 110th day of the Hebrew Calendar, like the Twin Towers were 110 stories tall.

Also, let us not forget the 9/11 plan went into motion in ’68, and today is 68 days before March 11, the anniversary of Soleimani’s birthday.
Twin Blasts=68

In light of Donald Trump being connected to his death, notice today has 48 date numerology.

And recall it was the the ‘ring’ used to identify Solimani.

And let us not forget where the third day of the year, or ‘three’ fits in with ‘Soleimani.’

Read more about the deadly stampede here.


Explosion on Rainbow Bridge Crossing, Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2023, the day before Thanksgiving

Climate Change / Environment Explosion Federal Government Holidays Jesuit New World Order News Travel


This will certainly have an impact on holiday travel, especially between the United States and Canada, a common thing for those who live and work in those parts.

Notice the prior bridge in that location collapsed on January 27, or 1/27, those familiar numbers.

‘Furthermore, notice that ‘Furthermore, notice that ‘Rainbow Bridge’ equates to 127, the bridge that was built in it’s place.

Rainbow=44 & 107 (Military=44 & 107)

Rainbow Bridge Crossing=129 (201 in base-8 counting)
-Think of Agenda 21 & 2030, with goals of curbing climate change
-Think of the “201” signing date for Agenda 21 and the Jesuit conclusion to Agenda 2030’s summit

Rainbow Bridge Crossing=114 *Explosion=114
-Art of War=114 (About tactics, and a Jesuit text)
-World War=114

Think about military tactics being deployed, on civilian populations, for the sake of agenda and ritual.

Also, today is 21 days after the bridge’s November 1 opening anniversary. *Jesuit=21


It collapse in ’38.

And regarding 127, recall how big the number was in many events, from Pearl Harbor to 9/11, as well as what happened in Maui this past summer, August 8 and 9, 2023.

*Today is also 25 days before the Pope’s birthday *Pope=25

Jesuit educated men occupy the highest offices of the land in the United States and Canada, in the time of the first Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis, also from the Americas, like the Superior General of the Jesuits.

This is being done to interfere with holiday travel, thus to make more people “stay home” and “shelter in place” for the holiday, for the sake of Agenda 21 & 2030. These are military tactics vs. civilian populations. And as for ‘Rainbow,’ it is the adopted symbol of the LGBQT community. Keep in mind that is being pushed HARD for the sake of depopulation, thus a reduction in carbon emissions and pollution.

The disappearance of the Titan 64 days before the the Titans player’s father’s home exploded (64 & 201)

Climate Change / Environment Explosion Fire Jesuit Military News Secret Societies Weather

The number 145 connects the recent tragedies in Maui and with the Titans player’s father, as we have covered. Notice the detail about the destruction of the Titan that was traveling to the Titanic (1 hour 45 minutes).

And don’t forget the Titanic fully submerged on April 15, or 15/4, a reshuffling of the same numbers (1, 4, 5), or that the book Futility: Wreck of the Titan, foretold the fate of the Titanic more than a decade before it happened.

Jesuit = 21 *Freemason = 96

From June 18 to August 21, the date of the explosion connected to the Titans player, was 64 days later. Again, there are 64 spaces on the chessboard.

America founded 64 days after Illuminati (May 1, 1776 – July 4, 1776).
Joe Biden in Hawaii on its 64th birthday, August 21, 2023 *Joe Biden = 64
Joe Biden born 201 months before Hawaii.
The Titans connected home blows up on Hawaii’s birthday
The Titans connected home blows up 201 day after February 1
February 1, 2023, the Biden team went after Natural Gas
*This explosion is blamed on natural gas

Again, International Chess Day, from Paris, like the Jesuits, is on the 201st day of the year, July 20. Doesn’t it make sense?
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201

Father of Titans Caleb Farley killed in home explosion, late, August 21, 2023, on Hawaii’s birthday

Explosion Fire Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order News Predictive Programming Secret Societies Sports Weather
Tennessee Titans = 216 *Directed Energy Weapon = 216
Natural Gas Explosion = 108 *Directed Energy Weapon = 108
*Explode = 108

THEY ARE USING THIS STORY TO TALK ABOUT THE DANGERS OF NATURAL GAS. Getting rid of natural gas has clearly become part of the Agenda 21 & 2030 plan. It is a major political target.

The explosion comes 81 days after the state’s birthday, June 1, 2023.
Natural Gas Explosion = 81
President Biden = 81
Ritual = 81 & 81
*Explode = 81

And here’s the Chris Farley connection.

The explosion was at the very end of August 21, 2023, before midnight, still on Hawaii’s birthday.

It was also 201 days after the attack on natural gas by the Joe Biden administration, February 1, 2023.

We just talked about how Biden was born 201 months and one day before Hawaii.
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201

It reminds me of the Titans vs. Patriots game the day of the false alert in Hawaii, when Marcus Mariota of Hawaii was the Titans QB, at the time of the Titan missile scare. Read more about that ritual here.
Tennessee = 137
Hawaii, 137 islands
-137, 33rd prime
Hawaii = 33

Funny enough the Titans and Patriots play next, August 25.

Think of Tom Brady, born 201 years after the country and the Illuminati.

This happens to the $3 million dollar house #3’s 3rd season, Caleb Farley.


Genesis 3, the Serpent, and and S is like an $. This story is about the $3 million home that exploded.

He wears #3.

Caleb = 112 (born 11/2) *Caleb = 23 (2023)

This happened on his 293rd day of his age, the 62nd prime.
Mooresville = 62
Queen = 62 (Queen City news)
Sacrifice = 62
Torah = 62
*Faustian Bargain = 62

His father was 61, meaning in his 62nd year of life.

And adding insult to injury, his mother died 293 weeks before his father.

His mother died just before the scare in Hawaii, January 13, 2018
His father died 33 weeks after the anniversary *Hawaii = 33 *Tennessee = 137 (33rd prime)

We made a big point about the Mayor of Hawaii being in his 62nd year of life, and Maui burning days after Obama’s 62nd birthday.

Caleb Farley is even listed as 6’2″.

Maui burned up on the day leaving 145 days in the year (August 8).
*Mooresville = 145
*Robert Farley = 145

145+56=201 (Difference of 56)

This happened the day of Hawaii’s 64th birthday. *Maui 64 & 44
Joe Biden = 152, 64 & 44
Hawaii burned on its 353rd day of its age (71st prime)
The Governor on the 71st Jesuit
179, 41st prime *Pearl Harbor in ’41
Super Bowl = 41 & 131 (News breaks 8/22, the day leaving 131 days in the year)
Christian Rogers = 183 *Pearl Harbor = 183 *Order Out of Chaos = 183
-He is the other victim in the explosion

He was 25 *Death = 25 *Fire = 25

And in light of 179, the Titans play the Chargers, with a lightning bolt, on September 17, or 17/9, the day that is Patrick Mahome’s birthday. It’s also the NFL’s birthday.

In light of the news station, the Queen died on the NFL opening day last year, September 8.
The Queen City, Buffalo, won that game, on the Virgin Mary’s birthday.
Catholic = 145
(145 more chapters in OT)
-Think of the relationship with Buffalo and Titans in NFL history (it’s there)

Joe Biden’s the nation’s second Catholic president.
Catholic = 46 & 145 (46 books, 145 more chapters in Catholic OT)
JFK killed at age 46 (JFK, #35, Catholic = 35)

And for one last related point, this explosion happened on 72 date numerology.
8/21/2023 = 8+21+20+23 = 72
Jesuit Order = 72
President Biden = 72

JFK met with the Pope on 7/2.

The date can be written 6/1, like how the father was 61.
God = 61

The 16th state, founded 1/6. Think of the Jesuits, in the 16th Century.
SJ = 16

And notice the ‘Titans’ name came in ’99.
Directed Energy Weapon = 99

The Oilers were in Houston, a refining city, before they went to Tennessee.

Again, this is about Agenda 2030, to limit green house gasses.

And this story is targeting, again, natural gas.

For one last point, that upcoming game is on 25/8 and the house exploded 174 days before the February 11, 2024 Super Bowl.
Number of the Beast = 174 & 258
Beast = 88 & 47 (Hawaii on 8/8)
-Tennessee = 47
New World Order = 174
Order of Illuminati = 258

It goes with this being news on August 22, the day leaving 131 days in the year.
Super Bowl = 131
Championship = 131

It is a clue for things to come, it does not mean the Titans are in the Super Bowl.

Think about the warning from the exiting US President about the “Military Industrial Complex.”
Military Industrial Complex = 322 & 353
-Hawaii burned up in 322 ritual
-Hawaii burned up on the 353rd day of its age

In light of that, Farley was drafted April 29, 2021, the 119th day of the year. Think about what happened on 11/9, or the 11th of September, in 2001, the year he turned 3.

Explosion near 65-year-old Japanese Prime Minister pays tribute to Abraham Lincoln assassination, April 15, 1865

Explosion Freemasonry History Jesuit New World Order Secret Societies


Recall, the Shinzo Abe assassination paid tribute to the assassination of Abe Lincoln, and now on April 15, the anniversary of Lincoln’s murder in 1865, 158 years ago, this happens in Japan, and they again bring up the “Abe” assassination.
Freemasonry = 158 / 139 / 58
Ford’s Theatre = 139 / 58
-Where Lincoln was shot

This also happened on 62 date numerology.
4/15/2023 = 4+15+20+23 = 62
Fumio Kishida = 62
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida = 293
(62nd prime)

Notice he is 65 years old, like the year of Lincoln’s death, ’65.

And to make no mistake about the ritual, it happened 79 weeks after he took office.
Lincoln = 79


Furthermore, the suspect is Ryuji Kimura.
Ryuji Kimura = 78
Jesuit = 78

It goes with Shinzo Abe being shot on 7/8.

This also happened 105 days before his birthday, on the 105th day of the year.
Masonry = 105
Freemason = 42
Japan = 42
Explosion = 42

Here are some additional finds.

Prominent Russian military blogger killed in St. Petersburg cafe blast of April 2, 2023

Death Explosion Jesuit Military Murder by Numbers News


At least 32 people were injured after a bomb exploded?
Bomb = 32

This news comes on 50 date numerology.
4/3/2023 = 4+3+20+23 = 50
Vladlen Tatarsky = 50
*America = 32 / 50

The explosion was Sunday, April 2, or 4/2.
Explosion = 42
Jesuit = 42

The explosion was 177 days after Putin’s October 7, 2022 birthday.
The Jesuit Order = 177

He died 23 days before his 41st birthday. *End = 23


The suspect is a female, going with 4/2.
Female = 42
Lady = 42
Bitch = 42


R.M. Palmer chocolate factory explosion of Friday, March 24, 2023

Corporate Explosion News

This explosion happened on the 83rd day of the year, March 24.
Murder = 83

The company was ‘RM Palmer.’
RM Palmer = 42 / 48
Explosion = 42 / 48

The company was established in ’48.

The full title was ‘RM Palmer Company.’
RM Palmer Company = 183 / 222
Order Out of Chaos = 75 / 183 / 222

-The company turns 75 years old in 2023