Investments Group Daily Recap, Thursday, March 16, 2023

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Heading into St. Patrick’s Day (that’s tomorrow), the market was green across the board. If the trend continues, it could be all green again tomorrow, before the predictable fall when the fed raises rates, which is expected to happen on an infamous date, next Wednesday, 3/22, or March 22, 2023. Keep in mind that is just two days before March 24, the day we have had circled since January 2.

The 371 point rise is the reflection of tomorrow’s date, 17/3.

As for the top performing stocks for Thursday, March 17, 2023, they were as follows:

Once again, the date numerology relates to the top performers.

3/16/2023 = 3+1+6+2+0+2+3 = 17
Oi S.A. = 17

3/16/2023 = 3+16+20+23 = 62
EverCommerce = 62
PagerDuty, Inc. = 62

And because this pattern is like what we identify in news and sports, it means we should continue to watch what these same stocks do when 17 and 62 date numerology occur. For example, April 15, 2023, will have the same date numerology, and so will May 14, and June 13, and so on. With this thought in mind, we will also document if date numerology relates to top performers again tomorrow.

*In the case of Oi S.A., we should also watch to see what it does tomorrow on the 17th of the month.

In other news, First Republic continues to be the biggest story of the week. And you have to love the details about 11 banks pledging $30 billion in deposits to rescue First Republic, which cause it to rally again today.

For the week it is still down, tomorrow we’ll see if it recovers the rest of its losses.

And with regards to the wordplay of Republic, in First Republic Bank, tomorrow, March 17, is the 76th day of the year. I don’t know about you, but when I think of 76, I think of 1776.

In the world of precious metals, gold was slightly up, while silver continues to be artificially held down.

If you didn’t know, if silver were ever to return to its all-time high, it would more than double in value.

And finally, the dollar, was also slightly down today.

Silver prices are down 56 cents on 56th day of the year

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Today is February 25, 2021, the 56th day of the Gregorian Calendar year. At the moment, silver prices are down 56 cents per ounce.

Remember, in Daft Punk’s Epilogue, the silver man blows up after they show the timer for the bomb on his back counting down to 56 (and again, the music video for Epilogue is in tribute to Get Lucky which they won the 56th Grammy’s for).

Read more about Daft Punk’s video here.

And don’t forget Daft Punk broke up after 28 years, in the month with 28 days, on the day silver was trading at $28.13.

GAMESTOP and SILVER are warning signs for ‘significant event’ coming to all markets

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Notice how this article brings GAMESTOP and SILVER together in an article about how the futures of markets are uncertain.

Read about Reddit and the GAMESTOP surge, as well as Reddit and the SILVER surge. Also, read about Patrick Mahomes new baby child, ‘Sterling’, as in silver. And also read about the Daft Punk silver ‘moon’ ritual.

The Jesuit Order = 177 *New World Order = 177
Jesuit = 78 (78 cards in Tarot deck)
Order Out of Chaos=78

In the Daft Punk post above, we cover the date of the upcoming lunar eclipse in relation to silver, which is May 26. 25/5 (like 255), is much like May 25, the day prior. And 93 connects to the Daft Punk video releasing 93 days before the lunar eclipse, being a group that was formed in ’93, and the fact that ‘Daft Punk’ = 93.