GameStop stock is through the roof in 2021 (Think Geek) & it is further proof of how CONTRIVED the market is

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This is ritual to bring about ‘federal’ intervention.

*Ritual = 45

This is yet another example of how fake the market is, and how few people can prop up a stock, and at the same time destroy it. A dying business has a surging market value, because of loyal readers on the 33 board, ‘Reddit’? Laughable. Notice how ‘GameStop’ ‘Reddit’ and ‘federal’ come together.

And for the clincher, would you believe the gematria of their stock ticker, GME? If you said 56, you’re a winner.

And notice how Melvin Capital is behind this, another 56 / 79, like ‘Society of Jesus’, the gang pulling the strings.

And you know where the regulators are, in Jesuit controlled Washington D.C.

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