CNN reports Russia is plundering African gold to boost Putin’s war as top story, July 29, 2022, International Tiger Day, 70-days before Putin’s 70th birthday

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This news comes on July 29, 2022, International Tiger Day, in the Year of the Tiger, and as we’ve been covering, they’ve been doing rituals in the news with Vladimir Putin and Tigers, a man who got pet tigers for his 56th birthday, 13 years before the Russia-Ukraine military conflict.

Read about Vladimir Putin and Tigers here.

This news comes 70-days before Vladimir Putin’s 70th birthday.

Gold = 38 / 70 *Africa = 38

Gold is Atomic Number 79.
79, 22nd prime

In Alchemy, gold is the sun.
Society of Jesus = 79
-The Jesuits logo is the sun
-They serve the Catholic Church
-Catholics are a sun cult, worshiping on Sunday

One of at least 16 gold smuggling activities?