Stocks soar due to banks, October 14, 2021 (Knights Templar, the original bankers…)

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Today has 65 date numerology.
10/14/2021 = 10+14+20+21 = 65
Knights Templar = 65 / 79
Switzerland = 65
Christianity = 65 / 79
Society of Jesus = 79
*White = 65
-White Jesus?
–Yeshua = 79

Today leaves a span of 79 days in the year.

The Knights Templars were the original bankers.

Think about it.

You could also say today leaves 78 days in the year.
Jesuit = 78
*Or a span of 79

4.5? Ritual = 45

The rise before the fall. And this is the big eating the small (notice the local banks that have gone under during the pandemic).

Dow falls 560 points on February 25, 2021, the 56th day of the year

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LOL. The Dow Jones fell 560 points on Thursday, February 25, 2021, the 56th day of the year?

Society of Jesus = 56

Read about the GameStop 56 ritual here.

And think about the Daft Punk 56 tribute, having everything to do with money.

Cathie Wood invests $120 million in Tesla, the day of the Tiger Woods car crash, February 23, 2021

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This is in the news the day of the Tiger Woods car crash. And of course, the future of cars (think Tesla) is about self driving cars that are safer and less likely to make the errors that humans do.

Anyhow, notice her name equates to 103, because once again, this comes 103 days after the Superior General’s birthday.

Read about recent Jesuit rituals with Elon Musk.

With regards to the paragraph, notice the detail about $26.6 billion. This matters because ‘IHS’ is in the Jesuit logo, standing for Iesus Hominum Salvator. *Keep in mind Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope, and the 266th.

Again, this comes on the 54th day of the year

Sun = 54 *Jesuit Order = 54

And last, notice how Catherine D. Wood fits in.

Jesuit Order = 144 *Catherine D. Wood = 144

The Catholics and the Jesuits gave us the calendar and the language, and it is all synced up with the sun.



And as for that $120 million, don’t forget the Illuminati was created by the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt.

223, 48th prime (2/23 date ritual)

Read about the Jesuit Order, the Illuminati and Adam Weishaupt in relation to the number 201.

Bitcoin’s market value tops $1 trillion 45 days before Satoshi Nakamoto’s 46th birthday, February 19, 2021 | And why February 20, 2021 should be interesting

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First, go to the 9 minute mark and shortly after the 20 minute mark in this video. In those parts of the video I talk about the ritual with the number 45 and BitCoin, and why people should expect it to be at about 45k on Valentine’s Day, up from 33k at the time (it ended up being at 48k).

Anyhow, this latest milestone comes February 19, 2021, 45 days before Satoshi Nakamoto’s April 5th, or 4/5, birthday — while he is 45 years old.

Today is 320 days after his birthday *Roman Catholic Church = 320
The ritual is synced with his 46th birthday *Catholic = 46

And in light of the ‘trillion’ milestone, notice this ritual is synced with his 46th birthday.

As a heads up, tomorrow, February 20, 2021, is his 322nd day of his age.

February 20th can be written 20/2, like 202, connecting to Skull and Bones. And don’t forget that 3:22 in the morning is the 202nd minute of the day.

3:22 AM, the 202nd minute of the day
Yale = 43 *New Haven = 43 ***Collapse = 43
This Sunday is 43 days to his birthday, February 21, 2021.
And Saturday, February 20, 2021, has 43 date numerology *2/20/21=2+20+21=43

And keep in mind Skull and Bones is related to the Knights Templar, the world’s first bankers, and those who buried the bones of their dead in ossuaries, with the thigh bones (crossbones) and Skull last to go into the box, thus the symbolism of the highly exclusive Yale fraternity, that puts men in the oval office, and in charge of big banks and industry. Also pertinent, with regards to the Knights Templar, they served the Roman Catholic Church, and notice how today’s milestone fits in, coming on 2/19 (like 219), and 320 days after Nakamoto’s birthday.

Cryptocurrency = 75 *Catholic Church = 75 *New World Order = 75 *Order = 75
Cryptocurrency = 78 *Jesuit = 78 *Order Out of Chaos = 78

And as for the price hitting 55k, we just documented the big Skull and Bones ritual in Super Bowl 55, with 43 year old Tom Brady. Of course, not by chance, Satoshi Nakamoto equates to 55.

Satan = 55 *God = 55 *Numerology = 55 *Fibonacci = 55 (55, 10th Fib. Number)

So we’ll see where it goes from here, but this weekend could be very interesting, whether it heads north or south.


Read about BitCoin’s January 2, 2021 milestone by the numbers.

Read about BitCoin’s biggest loss in a long time on the 21st day of 2021.

Read about BitCoin’s value eclipsing 45k on Valentine’s Day.

Read about the man who lost $70 million in BitCoin related passwords.

For a clue, Janet Yellen, the head of the Fed, went to Yale, and Saturday is 191 days after her birthday, the 43rd prime number.

2/20/21 = 2+20+21 = 43

And don’t forget the parallel between the Knights Templar and Skull and Bones, or that the Jesuits, or more formally, the Society of Jesus have the strong connection to 191.

Furthermore, on the day of hitting $1-trillion, it also hit 56k.

And for one last thought, notice how Janet Louise Yellen overlaps with ‘cryptocurrency’.

Read more about Janet Yellen here.

Jeff Bezos passes Elon Musk in wealth again, February 17, 2021, in a clear Jesuit ritual, reminding of the July 2, 2020 and January 7, 2021 headlines

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This headline comes on 17/2, like 172… and Bezos takes the lead with 191 billion?



Read about Jeff Bezos setting the wealth record, July 2, 2022, 172 days after his birthday.

Read about Elon Musk setting the wealth record, January 7, 2021, 172 days from his birthday, and on the 78 year anniversary of the death of Nikola Tesla.