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This news comes November 9, 2020, 243 days after the pandemic was declared, March 11, 2020.

Central Intelligence Agency = 243

And of course, today can be written 11/9, like 119.

Vatican = 119 *Francis = 119

Furthermore, it comes a span of 42 weeks from the first case of coronavirus being confirmed in the United States of America, January 21, 2020.

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Notice, CNN is introducing the concept of “all lives matter” as being confrontational with Black Lives Matter, and they’re doing this June 10, 2020, the date with 56 numerology.

6/10/2020 = 6+10+20+20 = 56

June 10 written 10/6, the same as 106.

Read about the 56 / 106 NASCAR ritual with the Confederate Flag on this very same day:

The Federal Reserve’s announcement today also stands out, about sustaining the economy through coronavirus:

*Coronavirus = 56 *Unemployment = 56 *Interest Rates = 56

Notice their estimate is through 2022.

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Notice this headline was posted January 13, or 1/13, like 113.

Now notice the overlap with ‘apocalypse’ and ‘Kobe Bryant’, what might seem like a ridiculous comparison (but it’s not).

Recall, the cartoon that foreshadowed Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash and death was titled ‘End of Days’, a title that connects to ‘apocalypse’ and ‘Revelation’, the concluding book of the Bible.

Let us not forget that the Kobe crashed and died on the Pope’s 41st day of his age, and the 157th day of his own age.

*Kobe died a span of 41-weeks from Notre Dame burning, April 15, 2019

As for the 113 in ‘apocalypse’ as well as ‘Kobe Bryant’, don’t forget that on the Julian Calendar, January 26 was January 13, or 1/13, similar to the date of the ‘apocalypse’ story releasing on January 13 on the Gregorian Calendar.

And the only number left to cover is 58, which connects to ‘Pope Francis’, and the ‘biblical’ prophecy of Revelation.

The real King James died at age 58.

And of course his bible, the KJV, was printed in 1611.  Notice the release date of the Kobe cartoon, November 16, or 16/11.

Keep in mind Kobe is from Philadelphia, which is named in Revelation 3:7, the same concluding book of the Bible that names the number of the beast, 666. *Bryant = 37 *Los Angeles = 37

Kobe was Mr. 666.

Kobe’s ‘helicopter’ death fits in as well.

Now consider Kobe Bryant died in L.A., where L is the 12th letter, and A is the 1st, so 12.1.

Recall, the ‘Coronavirus’ outbreak headlines began January 21, or 1/21.

And to bring this back to the Pope, he is the 266th Pope, and he died exactly 266-weeks after Vanessa Bryant’s 37th birthday.

Read more about the Jesuits and 266:

Keep in mind Pope Francis is the first publicly Jesuit Pope.

Notice the pope’s birth name, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  Kobe died on 1/26.

Related:  Read about Event 201 and Coronavirus, which also syncs with Kobe Bryant and him being buried in Corona del Mar.  *Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201 (Ordinal)

Let us now read the contents of the article we began with, which goes back to Saint Malachy.

*Kobe died January 26, or 1/26

Notice Malachy, who made the prediction about 112 Pope’s further, died on November 2, or 11/2.

Keep in mind the Jesuits operate in 112 countries, and Pope Francis is the first publicly Jesuit Pope.

Notice November 2 can be written 2/11, like 211, and it leaves 59-days left in the year.

Keep in mind Kobe Bryant, the ‘Black Mamba’, died 211-days before Kobe Bryant Day, August 24, 2020, in Los Angeles, or L.A., or 12.1.  *He died in Calabsas as well.

Now you must remember that Kobe Bryant grew up in Italy, the home of the Vatican.

This is an important point that connects the Coronavirus part of this story, which the media is saying threatens the world by biblical proportions.

Read more about Coronavirus, COVID-19 and Kobe:

Now consider this, the first Military World Games were in Rome in 1995.  In 2019, the latest event, they took place in Wuhan, China, October 18, 2019.  On that same day, Event 201 was simulated, an event that predicated a Coronavirus outbreak, killing 65-million worldwide.  Consider further, that Dean Koontz, the author of the 1981 book, The Eyes of Darkness, predicted a devastating Coronavirus outbreak, that begins in Wuhan, China, and is the work of a military conspiracy.

Notice, from 1995 to 2019, was 24-years later.  Kobe wore #24.

Read more about 2019 Military World Games and Coronavirus:

Read about Event 201 & the Coronavirus Simulation:

Read about Dean Koontz’s Coronavirus prediction in 1981:

In the Dean Koontz novel, the conspiracy involved ‘Wuhan-400’.

Pope Francis, again, was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Recall, the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat, began January 25, which was Dean Koontz’s 201st day of his age, 74.  It is important to note that he is 74 because Kobe Bryant died during the 74th NBA season, and October 18, the date of the Military World Games, and the date of Event 201, left 74-days in the year.  74 is a very biblical number in itself, representing God, or G-d, or 7-4.

For one last point, the date of the Kobe Bryant Memorial, February 24, 2020, the DowJones and world markets tanked, lead by the Dow, falling over 1,000 points.

Italy was a big reason for the February 24 tanking.

And to bring it back to the prediction of “112 Popes later”…

*The Book of Revelation = 185 *Mathematics = 185 *Basketball = 185

Let us not forget that 2020 began with rumors of World War III…

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On the 24th of February, ‘markets’ are down. According to the latest, there are over 2,400 deaths worldwide from Coronavirus.

No doubt, this is the agenda, to bring down the fake economy (a house of cards, let us not forget) with their fake coronavirus threat and outbreak.  What a joke.  Let the numbers tell it.

In history, we’ve seen significant market collapses on dates with 68 connections.  In this case, ‘Wuhan’ has 68 Gematria, as does ‘Italy’, which is a large part of the blamed reason for today’s market struggles.  In two days, Wednesday, February 26, 2020, will have 68 date numerology

2/26/2020 = 2+26+20+20 = 68

*That will be the 27-year anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing

*Think about 1968, emphasis on ’68, and the World Trade Centers in New York 

Read about South Korea’s Coronavirus news by the numbers:

Read about Italy’s Coronavirus news by the numbers:

Read a few recent examples about the market and 68:

October 24, 2018:

November 19, 2018:

January 28, 2019:

Goldman Sachs wild market prediction on 68 date:

The two big shakeups to the economy in recent times have been the ‘Chinese tariffs’ wars and now the ‘Coronavirus’, which is also China related.

Notice these headlines from Kobe Bryant’s 41st birthday, August 23, 2019 about Chinese Tariffs:

Remember, Kobe Bryant became part of the Coronavirus riddle being buried in Corona del Mar.

A year prior to the tariff headlines, August 23, 2018, Trump made a prediction about everyone being very poor if he was removed from office.  Imagine if he died from Coronavirus, “lol”…:

And in light of the Kobe Bryant parallel, today he is being remembered in Los Angeles, February 24, 2020, because Gianna wore #2, and he wore #24.

And don’t forget that on day Kobe died, there were ’80’ confirmed deaths from Coronavirus.