Coronavirus and the curious death of Steve Jobs, October 5, 2011, 223-days after his 56th birthday

Big Tech Coronavirus History Murder by Numbers

Steve Jobs, a big computer guy, died 223-days after his 56th birthday, in the year 2011, the same year the movie Contagion released, which hinted at the ‘novel coronavirus’ pandemic we are now living out. Of course, this pandemic is being used as an excuse for big brother and big tech to have further surveillance over us, mostly through our phones, who Steve Jobs was a visionary for.

Here is how the 223-days factors in.

And here is how the 56 factors in.

And as for him dying on October 5, or 10/5, it fits in with him being a ‘computer’ guy.

*Steven Paul Jobs = 181 (42nd prime) *Computer = 42 *Internet = 42