Catholic Church Jesuit New World Order News

Read initial decode on Beirut blast:

Beiruit, Lebanon = 78 / 804

The Jesuit Order = 84 / 201

Jesuit = 78 / 84

For August 4th, the date of the explosion, they reported at least 78 dead all day. Now on August 5th, they’re saying at least 100 dead, and as many as 4,000 missing. It’s amazing how people can be so stupid and not see through the bullshit reporting and number games we get every single day.

Notice the gematria of ammonium nitrate, 69 and 93.

Recall, the Beirut Barracks bombing of October 23, 1983, was on the day leaving 69 days in the year.

The Jesuit Order = 69; Catholic Church = 69; New World Order = 69

Saturn = 93 *Pope Francis was born on Saturnalia

Catholic Church Jesuit New World Order News

This news came August 4, 2020, a date written 8/4.

84 / 42.

Masonry = 84; Zionism = 84; Jesuit = 84

They are blaming sodium nitrate, equating to 84.

Order Out of Chaos = 183


They’re reporting at least 78 dead.

This also came 78 days before Netanyahu’s birthday.

Beirut is on the 33rd Parallel North and the 35th Meridian West.

Today leaves 149 days in the year, the 35th prime.

Today is also the 217th day of the leap year, connecting to ‘Whore of Babylon’.

The Whore of Babylon is name of the Catholic Church from Revelation, corresponding with today leaving 149 days in the year.

Read more here:

Today can be written 4/8, like 48, and explosion equals 42 and 48 as well.

This type of terrorism from the Jesuits, is likely in tribute to the Catholic Church’s crusades.

This news comes 33 weeks or 231 days after Pope Francis birthday, the first Jesuit Pope.

231, 21st triangular number *Jesuit = 21

Thus, the ritual covers every Jesuit number, 21, 42, 78 and 84.

Keep in mind Pope Francis is in his 84th year of life, and was born on a date with 84 birth numerology. 12/17/1936 = 12+17+19+36 = 84

This news comes on a date with 52 numerology as well.

8/4/2020 = 8+4+20+20 = 52

The explosion also came on Trump’s 52nd day of his age.

That means it was on Boris Johnson’s 47th day of his age (His birthday is June 19)

They’re blaming ‘fireworks’, equating to 52, 56 and 119.

Vatican = 119, Francis = 119

*Notre Dame fire 119 days after Francis birthday

*Society of Jesus = 56

They’re saying what exploded was a ‘fireworks warehouse’.

239, 52nd prime
Jesuits recognized by Rome on day leaving 95 days to counter 95 Theses

The former Prime Minister of Beirut who left office on January 21, 2020, went to Georgetown, the Jesuit University.

His name Saad Hariri equates to 52 as well.

The blast was on his 109th day of his age. *Military = 109

The October 23, 1983 Beirut Barracks bombing occurred on a date with 135 numerology, and this August 4th ritual came 135 days before the Pope’s 84th birthday:

Beirut = 75; Catholic Church = 75

October 23 leaves 69 days in the year. *October = 33

10/23/1983 = 10+23+(1+9+8+3) = 54

And for the record, barracks sounds a bit like Barack, who turned 59 years old today.

Let us not forget ‘Pope Francis’ equates to 59.

And in light of the barracks bombing being in ’83, it connects to ‘President Obama’.

For the record, ‘birthday’ and ‘explosion’ have something in common.

And for a couple more 84s.

The explosion came on Michelle Obama’s 201st day of her age.

The Jesuit Order = 201

And in light of this happening on the 33rd Parallel North, they’re also saying the blast was the equivalent of a 3.3 magnitude quake.

Read about other Beirut news by the numbers:

‘Lebanese’ connects with ‘Jesuit Order’ as well.

Coronavirus New World Order News

Notice her birthday is March 22, or 3/22, like 322. She is also 38 years old.

*Pandemic = 38

Today is her 131st day of her age, the 32nd prime number.

Brazil = 32

Her name has the 79 connection.

Society of Jesus = 79

Recall the ritual with her husband testing positive.

And recall Trudeau’s wife testing positive, 322 days from her birthday.


Esoteric Freemasonry Murder by Numbers New World Order News Rambo's Corner

This post is an addendum to my previous two posts Naya Rivera/Water in Ritual Magic and The 42 water Code and the Heliacal Rising of SIRIUS.

I addressed the esoteric significance of water. water is a feminine element and is often invoked in manifestation rituals. Manifestation, or creation, or birth is a feminine act.

An example of water and birthing being utilized in ritual is the Christian ceremony of baptism and the concept of being “born again.”

Gematria reveals the relation between those two concepts:

In the mystery traditions the metaphorical realm from which the the elements of the material world are formed is known as the PRIMORDIAL WATERS. The magicians behind the crafting of a New World Order exercise these concepts as they attempt to reshape the world. followers of Zachary Hubbard’s work will be familiar with the crucial significance of the number 201 to this project. We see how applies here:

In my previous posts I explained that the number 42 emerges often in water-related events and drownings:

Water is a FEMININE element; 42 is a code number for the feminine:

The goddess Maat of Ancient Kemet is known for her 42 Laws.

The number 42 emerges in numerous water-related deaths. A fuller list is in my previous post The 42 Water Code…… But an example here is:

The death in the swimming pool of two in-laws of New York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera who wore jersey # 42 and whose nickname “SANDMAN” sums to 42 in gematria.


The date April 2nd (written 4-2) emerges often as well. One example is the 1930 death of Ethiopian Empress Zewditu on April 2nd. The official story on her mysterious death is that she contracted Typhoid fever, and that – in an attempt to treat her – she was submerged in ice-cold holy water and died as a result.

Ethiopian Empress Zewditu

Her death resulted in the Emperorship of Haile Selassie who is highly venerated in Freemasonry.

Freemasonry also highly venerates Albert Pike (above), who died on April 2nd (1891).

In 2020 April 2nd saw the drowning death of Robert F Kennedy’s grand-daughter Maeve Kennedy in a canoeing accident.

So, it is interesting that Albert Pike – who also died on April 2nd – is attributed with writing a poem titled The Old Canoe.

Pike is said to have left Columbia, Tennessee – where he was studying law – in a canoe.

A high-profile drowning death that occurred in 2002 did so in the sport of FREEDIVING one of the most extreme and dangerous sports in the world.

Freediving involves submerging – to as extreme a depth as possible – on one breath of air; with no breathing assistance such as an oxygen tank. Deaths are a common occurrence in this sport.

In 2002 the normally unheralded sport of free diving achieved an unprecedented level of publicity. This was – for the most part – because its best divers – male or female – were two females; two physically attractive females.

Tanya Streeter held not only the female world record, but the overall free diving world record, having plunged to 160 meters.

Tanya Streeter

Her biggest rival was Audrey Mestre.

The fact that their physical attractiveness garnered mainstream recognition for the sport is an example of materialism; MATER-ialism; as in MATTER, from Latin for “MOTHER”; “MATER.”

Females were dominating a water-related sport; water a FEMALE element.

As stated in my previous posts; the suffix “MAR” is female/water-related, from the Latin for “sea” “MARE”. I n English we have the word MARine.

The French word for “mother” (mére) is the same as the word for “sea” (mer) only spelled differently.

one of Audrey Mestre’s sponsors was a company named “MARES”.

The depth that Audrey Mestre attempted when she died was 171 meters. Gematria reveals that number’s significance; it was not just a random number.

The name of the sport, and the name of the world-record-holder both sum to 171 in gematria.

This is seemingly completely unrelated but the name “Albert Pike” sums to 171.

Albert Pike’s memorial statue in Washington D.C. was unceremoniously brought down in 2020 on June 19th, the 171st day-of-the-year.

The monument had a width of 17.1 feet.

Gematria reveals amazing synchronicity between terms related to the event: “WATER-RELATED DEATH” and “AUDREY MESTRE.”

71 emerges often in events involving women. This is why:

Audrey Mestre succeeded in reaching 171 meters, but when she attempted to inflate the lift-bag that would rapidly propel her to the surface it turned out that someone “forgot” to fill the air tank that would give it its thrust.

The biggest number in drownings and water-related events is 112. That is because “DROWNING” sums to 112 in gematria.

A longer list of examples is in my previous post. A few here are:

Actress Naya Rivera – who recently drowned in a lake – was born on January 12th (112). Her name “Naya Rivera” sounds like “Nile River” which sums to 112 in gematria.

Whitney Houston drowned in a bathtub on the 11th of February (11-2). “HOUSTON” sums to 112 in gematria.

The date – in 2002 – that Audrey Mestre died on was October 12th written 1012. In numerology 0 has no value, so 1012 = 112.

This may seem completely unrelated but “ALBERT PIKE MEMORIAL” sums to 112.

Mestre died off the beach of Bayahibe, Dominican Republic


The 42 code emerges again: Mestre’s husband – a suspicious character to say the least – is said in the above headline to be the holder of 42 free diving records. Wikipedia says 41 however.

Coronavirus Jesuit New World Order

Notice, the first case of coronavirus in North Korea is blamed on a person who illegally crossed the border on July 19, 2020, the 201st day of the leap year. This is a clear sign of who runs the puppet state, North Korea.

The Jesuit Order = 201

*Event 201, the Coronavirus Outbreak Simulation

Coronavirus Government New World Order

This news comes on what is typically the 201st day of the year, July 20th, 2020.

Notice the crown symbolism.

As we know, corona means crown, and Event 201, was the coronavirus outbreak simulation, something that has a lot to do with the U.K.

Fraternal = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Rosicrucian = 58; Secret Society = 58

On this day in history, was a big day for NASA, established in ’58.

It was the moon landing, so the story goes.

Coronavirus Entertainment New World Order Sports

On March 30, 2020, the Olympics were rescheduled for 2021.

Then this update came April 28, 2020, the 119th day of the year.

On March 30, 2019, the Olympics were rescheduled to the dates of July 23, 2021 through August 8, 2021.

July 23, 2021 will be 555 days after January 15, 2020, the date the first case of coronavirus is known to have existed in another country, outside of China. *Pandemic = 151 (15/1 date)

This is the first time the Olympics have been cancelled or delayed since World War II, and in that year, Japan was also to host.

Japan = 42; War = 42; World War = 42 *Iran = 42

Jesuit = 42 *Toko Olympics = 152 *Jesuit Order = 153

The Superior General of the Jesuits who just died, died in Japan.