Three little birds outside my doorstep…

Organic Gematria
May 26, 2023

Today, May 26, 2023, I had something interesting happen. As you might be aware, I have had some baby birds growing up outside my doorstep. Anyhow, today, I spooked one by accident while coming out my front door and it caused the bird to jump and flutter out of its nest, but with a bit of a crash landing. So I watched the bird for a bit to see if it could fly, but it could only do so for a very short range. In turn, I decided to pick it up and return it to the nest, but when I did, it caused the other three birds that were in the nest to jump and flutter out. Of those three, two were in the same state, unable to fly but a few feet. As for the third, it flew like a champ and was gone with the wind. So for awhile I played the game of put a bird in the nest, watch birds jump out of the nest. After a few tries I either gained their trust, or they got exhausted trying to escape, and I was able to return the three remaining baby birds to the nest.

Naturally I began to think about the pet bird I once had (a yellow cockatiel), which we found in our backyard once upon a time, after it flew from wherever it did. When we found it, we looked for the owner, but no one ever claimed it. And in the process of looking for the owner, I named the bird Buddy.

So, the funny thing about that is today is 56 days before my upcoming July 21 birthday. And as we have covered many times, there is a relationship with ‘three’ and ’56’. There is also a relationship with ‘Buddy,’ ‘Hubbard,’ and 56. It is as follows:
Buddy = 2+21+4+4+25 = 56
Hubbard = 8+21+2+2+1+18+4 = 56
Three = 20+8+18+5+5 = 56

To wrap this post up, today was the first time I have had a bird in my hands since Buddy, who passed away nearly 20 years ago. It reminds me how time flies. RIP little yellow friend.

Don’t call me Jesus (October 11, 2022 story)

Organic Gematria

Today I met a man who went by the name Jesse, but his birth name was Jesus, pronounced the Spanish way. When I asked why he didn’t go by his birth name, he said it was because almost everyone in America miss pronounced his name, saying it the same way as the Christian messiah. And when this happened you’d never believe what building number I was in…

And funny enough, this happened on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, my 83rd day of my age.
Yeshua = 83

The lord works in mysterious ways.

The organic side & strange car crashes on September 22

Organic Gematria

Yessid, the father I complimented from #NYC91122, and my own father, both were in car accidents on the 22nd of September. It turns out Logan Thomas from the community drove by the scene of my dad’s accident on that day. And funny enough…
Logan = 22
Thomas = 22
Crash = 22

If you missed the full story, watch here.

Prior to the crashes on the 22nd, I put out this video about Yessid and his son.

Zach, Rambo and the Organic “Matrix”

Organic Gematria Rambo's Corner

On September 11th, 2020 Zachary K Hubbard and Rambo met in person for the first time after 4 years of Rambo contributing weekly to Zach’s call-in show on Truth Frequency Radio, and contributing here to Hubbard’s gematriaeffectnews blog.

The gematria synchronicities suggest a nature “matrix” at play.

Their names “ZACH”, “RAMBO” together sum to 156.

The 156th prime number is 911 like the date September 11th which is when Zach and Rambo met in person for the first time.

The exact location was in front of what used to be called the Millenium Hilton Hotel. That was its name, significantly at the time of the 911 attacks.

With what was likely its ritual purpose fulfilled, Hilton has sold it and it is now called “The Millennium Downtown New York”.

Both Zach and Rambo have done multiple decodes on the ritual role and significance of the Millennium Hilton Hotel to the 911 event.

It is compared in appearance to the Monolith of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Since 2001 is never mentioned in the movie, it is safely assumed that the title of the movie alludes to a major event in 2001.

2001 A Space Odyssey does include a HILTON Space Station, so that is one undeniable link between the movie and the hotel.

In gematria “MONOLITH” has a value of 110.

Rambo’s birthday is June 11th; Zach’s birthday is July 21st.

They are 1 month, 1 day apart like 110 the gematria value of “MONOLITH”.

From Rambo’s birthday to Zach’s is also 5 weeks, 5 days like 55; an even more significant number to “the monolith”.

The hotel is 55 stories high.

After September 11th it reopened in 2003 on 5-5 May 5th.

The exact location at the front entrance is 55 Church Street, New York, New York.

55 is interesting also because it is half of 110 which the other synchronistic number.

The “Monolith” opened on the eve of Rambo’s birthday in 1992.

Our birthdays are also 40 days apart and we met on the 40th parallel.

Another major example of the “organic matrix”:

Zach chose to name my column on gematriaeffectnews “RAMBO’S CORNER”.

Derek chose to call his calculator and website the “GEMATRINATOR”.

They are a grand slam match in the base ciphers. Credit to Derek himself for discovering that.

It’s over (again), Supreme Court keeps election results intact +Electoral College to vote on Kamala’s 56th day of being 56 years old

Federal Government Jesuit Organic Gematria

The 59th U.S. Presidential Election is over (again).

Read more about the ritual of 59 here.

And how about the Zodiac killer story?

Notice, the vote will be confirmed on December 14, 2020, the date of the Total Solar Eclipse in Pope Francis’ native Argentina, which will be Kamala Harris’ 56th day of being 56 years old.

12/14/20 = 12+14+20 = 46 *Joe Biden, #46 *Catholic = 46

Dan B.’s very interesting decode on me (and things happening to him as well)

Organic Gematria

And for those who don’t know, Dan B. was the FIRST PERSON to acknowledge my work, and start making similar videos after, so he has been at it longer than anyone else (and he says he was already on this path before coming across my work which I have no doubt is true, because he was so good from the start.)

His work (and no, I didn’t realize any of this before reading it):

The only thing I can add is that a death threat I received in the physical mail at my old house was for the date February 18th, which I lived past a long time ago, but a date that was written 2/18. And it was a couple of years after that threat that I discovered English Extended Gematria, where ‘death’ equates to 218.