It’s over (again), Supreme Court keeps election results intact +Electoral College to vote on Kamala’s 56th day of being 56 years old

Federal Government Jesuit Organic Gematria

The 59th U.S. Presidential Election is over (again).

Read more about the ritual of 59 here.

And how about the Zodiac killer story?

Notice, the vote will be confirmed on December 14, 2020, the date of the Total Solar Eclipse in Pope Francis’ native Argentina, which will be Kamala Harris’ 56th day of being 56 years old.

12/14/20 = 12+14+20 = 46 *Joe Biden, #46 *Catholic = 46

Dan B.’s very interesting decode on me (and things happening to him as well)

Organic Gematria

And for those who don’t know, Dan B. was the FIRST PERSON to acknowledge my work, and start making similar videos after, so he has been at it longer than anyone else (and he says he was already on this path before coming across my work which I have no doubt is true, because he was so good from the start.)

His work (and no, I didn’t realize any of this before reading it):

The only thing I can add is that a death threat I received in the physical mail at my old house was for the date February 18th, which I lived past a long time ago, but a date that was written 2/18. And it was a couple of years after that threat that I discovered English Extended Gematria, where ‘death’ equates to 218.