Biden & Trump both in Texas on the 60th day of the year, before the 60th US Presidential Election, February 29, 2024

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This news comes February 29, 2024, the 60th day of the year, before the 60th US Presidential Election. Notice how both Brownsville, TX and Eagle Pass, TX both equate to 60.

Biden is in Brownsville.

Trump is in Eagle Pass.

Keep in mind the total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 will begin near Eagle Pass.

And with all the bad blood, think about how the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy eventually resulted in his assassination in Texas.

Today is 250 days before the election. *Biden=25 *Trump=25

It is also a span of 251 days to the election (54th prime). *Jesuit Order=54

Today is 101 days after Biden’s birthday. *Biden=101

Also, Biden referred to as illegal immigrants as ‘newcomers’ today. It goes with Trump running on finishing the ‘border wall,’ tying in with Agenda 47.

Read more about Trump, Biden, and 47 here.

Here’s how CNN is covering the division.

And here’s how FOX is covering it.


FOX is reporting there are 7.2 million illegals that have crossed the border.

Again, today is a span of 251 days from the election (54th prime).

House GOP fails to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, February 6, 2024, 74 days after his birthday

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In the “Masonic City,” Alejandro Mayorkas fails to be impeached 74 days after his birthday.

This impeachment pertains to what is taking place at the US-Mexico border, which House Republicans are pinning on “Alejandro” Mayorkas. It goes with today being written 6/2, like 62. *Border=62

It goes with ‘Toby’ Keith being announced dead at 62 today.

It goes with the mother of the Oxford Michigan shooting being found guilty of manslaughter today.
11/30/21=11+30+21=62 (the shooting happened on 62 date numerology)

And it comes back to DC being the Masonic City, and this being a nation founded by Masons.

Mike Johnson explains the “64 actions” Biden has taken to weaken the U.S. border, January 31, 2024

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This news comes on 56 date numerology, and Mike Johnson is the 56th Speaker of the House.
Washington DC=56
Society of Jesus=56
Mike Johnson=56

It goes with Biden taking office with Obama after the 56th US Presidential election.

And notice the “64 actions.”
Joe Biden=64
Barack Hussein Obama=64

It’s nothing but theater, to divide the people, by the numbers.

Title 8 replaces Title 42, May 11-12, 2023

Federal Government Immigration News US-Mexico Border

Title 8 is from the Immigration Act of 1990, turning 33 years old later this year.
Federal = 33
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33
Masonry = 33
Mexico = 30

Notice the date numerology of November 29, 1990.
11/29/1990 = 11+29+19+90 = 149
Skull and Bones = 149
-George H.W. Bush passed it
-His son’s administration created Homeland Security after 9/11
-Both he and his son were Presidents, and in Yale’s Skull and Bones

Funny enough, Mage, #8, just won at the 149th Kentucky Derby, May 6, 2023.
Title Eight = 56
Kentucky Derby = 56
Washington DC = 56
Freemasons = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
*Ronald Reagan = 56 (Dead on 5/6, 5th day of June)

And again, Mage #8… Title 8… on May 6, or 5/6…

Also, notice that from 1990 to this transition, it is coming 32.5 years later. November 29 leaves 32 days in the year, but when counted through December 31, it is the first of the last 33 days of the year.
America = 32
Masonry = 33
32 sun rays on Jesuit logo
32nd degree of the Scottish Rite link with Jesuits (Ad maiorem Dei gloriam)

Related: This was a recent Trump ‘8’ headline. Of course, he is connected directly to Title 42.

fake electors = 48 / 69 / 120 *Illuminati = 48 / 69 / 120

Title 42 expires, May 11, 2023

Federal Government Legal News US-Mexico Border

Two of the twelve months have Gematria of 42. They are February and May. Today is May 11.
May = 42 (Title 42 expires),seekers%20citing%20COVID%2D19%20concerns.

Today is May 11, or 5/11, reminding us of Donald Trump’s 511 day campaign in 2015-2016.
Saturn = 511 / 119 / 42

Recall, Trump was named the 45th elect in the early hours of November 9, or 11/9, like 119.

Today is a span of 119 weeks from January 29, 2021, when the DC Circuit Court of Appeals made sure that Title 42 would stay in effect, days after Trump left office.

Saturn is connected to time (the keeper of time), and judgement.

A court ruling expires, in a time ritual, paying tribute to Saturn.