Trump indicted in classified document probe for violating Espionage Act, June 8, 2023

Elections Federal Government Jesuit Legal News

Donald Trump, a spy? What a narrative for the upcoming 60th US Presidential Election.
Donald Trump = 60
Spy = 60

It is also the 159th day of the year.
Donald Trump = 159

Keep in mind this news is breaking on June 8, or 6/8.
Donald John Trump = 68

And notice, he will appear in court on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, the day leaving 201 days in the year.
Central Intelligence Agency: United States of America = 201
CIA = 68

Never forget that the CIA was created on the Pope’s 201st day of his age.
Catholic Pope = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
Catholicism = 68

Or that today is Joe Biden’s 201st day of his age.

It goes with Trump and Biden both being Jesuits, and both sacrificing family members in 201 rituals.

Another name for CIA is “Catholics In Action.” It is a reminder #46 is in office, elected exactly 46 weeks after the Pope’s birthday.
Catholic = 46
Espionage = 46

Pat Robertson, crucified at 93, June 8, 2023

Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers News Religion

Pat Robertson is dead at 93, a very special number to Christianity.
God’s Son = 93, Nazareth = 93, Crucifix = 93

It goes with Jesus being crucified from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Saturn = 93 (Associated with death)

And let us not forget the Christian section of the Bible begins with Matthew 1:1, the 930th chapter of the text. It goes with the value of ‘Christianity’ in Sumerian Gematria.
Christianity = 930

Furthermore, coming back to the point about crucifixion, Pat Robertson is dead on June 8, or 6/8.
Crucifixion = 68, Catholicism = 68, Mathematics = 68, Solar System = 68, Planet = 68

And it all ties together with the fact he died on his 79th day of his age.

You could also say he died 78 days after his birthday.
The 700 Club = 78, Scottish Rite = 78, Jesuit = 78

Furthermore, he is dead on the 159th day of the year.

Sacrifice = 206 (Jewish Gematria)

The Catholic Church has celebrated Jesus’ birthday on 12/25 since 320 AD.
Christian Broadcasting Network = 320
Roman Catholic Church = 320

He is dead 35 years after running for President, on a Thursday.
Catholic = 35 & 46
Thursday = 35 & 46

Also, don’t overlook that he is dead 63 years after founding the Christian Broadcast Network.
Southern Baptist = 63

And for the clincher, he is dead on the Pope’s 174th day of his age, going with Robertson’s classic book, ‘New World Order.’

Notice what is on page 177.

2023 Central Canada wildfires start date of June 2, 2023

Climate Change / Environment Fire Jesuit News Weather
Climate Change = 56 (Notice the 5/6 date mention)
Canada = 138 *Wildfires = 138
Central Canada Wildfires = 202 (They began 202 days after the Superior General’s birthday)

Notice the Canadian wildfires that are impacting many regions including New York City began on June 2, the 153rd day of the year, and the day leaving 212 days in the year, reminding us that New York City is the (212) area code.

Blizzard-Activision, now merged with Microsoft makes the Diablo video game series, and of course Mr. Microsoft, Bill Gates, is the “prophet” warning of the coming Climate Change disasters

As for the 153, it connects with the order connected to the history of weather warfare, the Jesuit Order, the same order that founded the Illuminati.

Currently, Canada is under the control of the Jesuit Justin Trudeau.

I bring that up because these fires began 206 days before his upcoming birthday, on a date that can be written 2/6, like 26. *Burn = 26 *Flame = 26 *Torch = 26

Watch this video to see flame (napalm) being dropped on Canadian wilderness from a helicopter.

The Iron Sheik dead at age 81 on the anniversary of The Sheik’s birthday, June 7, 2023

Celebrity Death History Murder by Numbers News
The Iron Sheik is dead on 6/7 *Blood Sacrifice = 67 *Human Sacrifice = 67

The Iron Sheik died Wednesday, June 7, 2023, on the anniversary of the birthday of the first WWE wrestle who went by the name The Sheik.

Their deaths comes 20 years apart.

Notice he died 84 days after his birthday.
United States of America = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84
Jesuit = 84
Masonry = 84

Going with the Jesuit-Freemasonry theme, he died 78 days before Vince McMahon’s 78th birthday.
Scottish Rite = 78
Jesuit = 78

His death also comes 163 days after the anniversary of winning the championship in ’83.
163, 38th prime number
Murder = 38 & 83

Norma Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs dead at 85, June 4, 2023, 112 days after Super Bowl 57

Death Murder by Numbers News Sports

Norma Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs died Sunday, June 4, 2023, exactly 112 days after the Chiefs won Super Bowl 57.
Kansas City = 64 (Dead on 6/4)
Super Bowl = 112
Chiefs = 112

She attended Super Bowl 1, where the Chiefs lost to the Packers. And recall, the Chiefs won Super Bowl 54 112 days after the Ballers episode where The Rock bought the Kansas City Chiefs in the fictional TV show.

*She also died one day before the Chiefs visited the White House, and she was 85. *National Football League = 85

Lionel Messi says he is going to MLS club Inter Miami, June 7, 2023, the day of the first NBA Finals game in Miami

Catholic Church Celebrity Jesuit New World Order News Sports

On the first day of the NBA Finals being played in Miami, Lionel Messi, fresh off his scripted World Cup win for Pope Francis, also of Argentina, is heading to Miami. Notice he is 35-years-old, going with this being the Miami Heat’s 35th season, and them advancing to the NBA Finals with their 35th Conference Finals win all-time. Funny enough, Miami is even a 3.5 point underdog today.
Inter Miami = 57
NBA Finals = 57

Keep in mind today is June 7, or 7/6.
Lionel Andrés Messi = 76

His name also equates to 266, reminding us that Pope Francis is the 266th Pope, who spoke in the United States on September 23, 2015, the 266th day of the year. Also interesting, today is 266 days after Jimmy Butler’s birthday, the star of the Miami Heat.
Lionel Andrés Messi = 266
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266

Recall, the Heat also won on the Pope’s birthday, December 17, 2022, scoring 111 points.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 111
The NBA Finals = 111
Inter Miami = 111

This news also comes on 56 date numerology.
6/7/2023 = 6+7+20+23 = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Miami Heat = 56

A basketball rim is 56″ around (circumference).

Furthermore, today is 17 days before Messi’s birthday.
NBA = 17

And he will turn 36 in time for his first season.
Miami = 36
IHS = 36 (Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266)

Today is also 172 days after the Pope’s birthday.
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172

Apple unveils the Vision Pro AR/VR headset, June 5, 2023, by the numbers (RIP Steve Jobs)

Big Tech Jesuit News

Apple unveiled the ‘Vision Pro,’ on June 5, or 5/6 like 56.

Remember when Steve Jobs died at 56, 56 days after Steve Wozniak’s birthday? I do.
Society of Jesus = 56
Freemasons = 56

This news also comes 216 days after Tim Cook’s birthday, reminding us that Apple priced their first consumer computer at $666.
Computer = 666
Internet = 666