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Round 1, Pick 13, just like Kobe Bryant in 1996

In light of George Floyd saying he was “sleepy” while having the knee of Derek Chauvin pressed into the back of his neck, May 25, 2020, the 146th day of the year, and Floyd being from Houston, where Sleepy Floyd used to play for the Rockets, take a look at the gematria of Eric Floyd, Sleepy’s name.

Eric Floyd is also 60 years old at this time, and as we know, this ritual took place on the 60th birthday of Amy Klobuchar:  https://gematriaeffect.news/amy-klobuchar-didnt-prosecute-derek-chauvin-for-shooting-42-year-old-wayne-reyes-in-2006-george-floyd-killed-on-her-60th-birthday/

Keep in mind the video went viral the day after the incident, on May 26.

And for one more, it took place 80 days after Sleepy Floyd’s birthday.


This news comes Saturday, May 30, 2020, a date with 75 numerology.

5/30/2020 = 5+30+20+20 = 75

She filed for the divorce reportedly the day prior, a date with 74 numerology.  This factors in with her husband being the latest “I can’t breathe” villain, after the killing of George Floyd.

The date of the divorce filing had 54 numerology as well.

5/29/20 = 5+29+20 = 54


News Police State Racism

Lamar Ferguson, 2014?  Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014… a month after Eric Garner was killed, and the George Floyd incident has been compared to both.

This is mockery.

The emphasized phrase sums to 177, like how Garner was killed on 17/7, July 17.

The phrase also sums to 201, like ‘Lamar Ferguson’, the hot number with coronavirus.

Government Murder by Numbers News Police State Politics


Derek Chauvin fatally shot 42-year-old Wayne Reyes in 2006, eh?  42!!!


Adding insult to injury, his reported murder of George Floyd was on Amy Klobuchar’s 60th birthday.

Remember what KRS one told you about officer and overseer in his song, ‘Sound of the Police’?

Derek Chauvin was said to be 44-years-old, and Minneapolis is on the 44th Parallel North.  Better yet, George Floyd’s rap name was ‘Big Floyd’.

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News


This news comes May 29, 2020, a date with 74 numerology.

5/29/2020 = 5+29+20+20 = 74

Minnesota hosted Super Bowl 52

This news comes 35-days before his birthday.  Rap = 35 *Svengali = 35

It also comes 331-days after his last birthday.

Coronavirus Government News

On the 74 date numerology, the city on the 33rd Parallel North, Atlanta, gets hit with rioting, after the hometown company CNN instigated it with their staged propaganda earlier in the day, the arrest of Omar Jimenez:  https://gematriaeffect.news/cnn-reporter-omar-jimenez-arrested-on-live-tv-while-covering-george-floyd-protests-may-29-2020/

We know how they love to bring 74 and 33 together… again and again…

5/29/2020 = 5+29+20+20 = 74; ATL = 1+20+12 = 33

Adding insult to injury, today is 33-days prior to the CDC’s 74th birthday, and of course, the CDC is headquartered in Atlanta. *Corona = 33

Thus, this is part of the coronavirus ritual, as we already knew.


Coronavirus News Secret Societies

What a shot of George Floyd next to a CORONA beer during the time of the CORONAVIRUS pandemic. If you look carefully, the poster next to it says “Monday night”, like how George Floyd was reportedly killed on a Monday, Memorial Day, May 25, 2020.

This is all part of the mockery and psychological operations.

And for the record, Corona Light sums to 59, reminding that this ritual went down 59 days before the Minneapolis Mayor’s birthday.


Government News

Notice how ‘riot’ and ‘Floyd’ overlap.

Remember, George Floyd was 46-years-old, reportedy.

George Floyd is from ‘Houston, Texas’.

Don’t forget this related post from April:  https://gematriaeffect.news/no-church-in-the-wild-by-jay-z-and-kanye-west-music-video-the-contrived-coronavirus-pandemic/

Again, the masonic motto is order out of chaos, and the masons even have a kneeling ritual in tribute to Hiram Abiff.

The last racially charged psy-op came out of Georgia, and that story heated up on May 5, or 5/5.