Invest 95L will bring heavy rains to Texas this weekend

Military News Weather

The name of the storm is “Invest 95L.” And as we know, these banker tyrants make money off the loans that are given out for natural disaster relief. This serves as a reminder that July 3 will have 52 date numerology, and we are in ‘hurricane’ season.
Hurricane = 52
Flood = 52
Earth = 52
Enlil = 52

US Supreme Court hobbles the EPA’s authority over climate emissions, June 30, 2022

Climate Change / Environment Federal Government Jesuit Legal News

Protect People, Not Polluters = 119 / 124 / 322 / 353

The 6-3 decision goes with the name of the case. *Environmental = 63 *Climate = 63
West Virginia v. the US Environmental Protection Agency = 603 / 666

The ruling comes 122-days after it was first argued on February 28, 2022.
-This was a huge number in the Roe v. Wade ritual
-Iesus Hominum Salvator = 122

It comes on a date with 78 numerology.
6/30/2022 = 6+30+20+22 = 78
West Virginia = 78

Roe v. Wade decided 72-days after Henry Wade’s 58th birthday, January 22, 1973

Federal Freemasonry Government History Jesuit News Predictive Programming
Dallas is the “13 city” and he died on 1/3 (March 1)
Roman Catholicism = 74 / 79 / 173 / 259 *Henry Menasco Wade = 74 / 79 / 173 / 259

Roe v. Wade was decided 7-2, 72-days after Henry Wade’s birthday. And recall, Roe v. Wade was overturned on a date 72 date numerology, after the memo leak related to 72-year-old Samuel Alito.
Jesuit Order = 72 / 54
-Roe v. Wade was overturned 5-4
-It was overturned a span of 54-days from the leak

Also, don’t forget Jane Roe died on the 49th day of 2017, before Roe v. Wade was overturned after 49-years and month, June 24, 2022.
Henry Wade = 49
Washington = 49
America = 49
Scottish = 49
Green = 49
Heart Chakra = 49

And don’t forget that Soylent Green came out in ’73, the year of Roe v. Wade, 49-years earlier.

NATO’s Madrid conference concludes June 30, 2022, after inviting Finland & Sweden to join

Catholic Church Freemasonry Jesuit Military New World Order News Politics Predictive Programming War World War

Today has 58 date numerology, fitting for NATO.
NATO = 58
Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58

Today is the 181st day of the year, the 42nd prime.
World War = 42
War = 42
Jesuit = 42
Freemason = 42

NATO is on the verge of having 32 members, reminding that the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite shares the Ad maiorem Dei gloriam motto with the Jesuits, who have 32 sun rays on their logo.
Scottish = 32
America = 32

Of course, NATO is spearheaded by the United States of America.
7/4/1776 = 32

And with regards to 32, today is exactly 18-weeks after the Russia-Ukraine conflict began.
IHS = 18 / 18
Sun = 18

The Jesuit logo is the sun, with 32 rays, and the letters IHS inside.

Mark Appel’s Major League debut with the Phillies, June 29, 2022, a massive 9 ritual

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After 9-years, he pitched a scoreless 9th inning, in a game that is all about 9.
Phillies = 45 / 45 (45, 9th triangular number)
Major League = 45

He did it on a date with 23 numerology, the 9th prime number.
6/29/2022 = 6+2+9+2+0+2+2 = 23

This ritual came 83-days after the season began on April 7.
83, 23rd prime

He pitched in the Phillies 76th game of the season (home of the 76ers).

Judge John Cooper of Florida rules the state’s 15-week abortion law is unconstitutional, 6-days after Roe v. Wade being overturned, on the day of Jackson being sworn in to SCOTUS, June 30, 2022

Federal Government Jesuit Legal News

This news comes the same day Ketanji Brown Jackson is sworn into the Supreme Court, 76-days before her upcoming birthday. And again, it was Dobbs v. Jackson that overturned Roe v. Wade last week.
Judge John Cooper = 76
-John Cooper = 56
-Society of Jesus = 56
-Washington D.C. = 56
-Black Lives Matter = 56

Today is also the 181st day of the year (42nd prime).
Roe v. Wade = 42
-Jesuit = 42
-Freemason = 42

This ruling comes out of Leon County.
Leon County = 144
Jesuit Order = 144
/ 153

This goes with the abortion bill being signed by DeSantis on April 14, or 14/4, like 144. That was 153-days before his birthday (Sep. 14, 2022).

This ruling comes 77-days later (span of 78).
Washington D.C. on 77th Meridian West
United States = 77
Secret Society = 77
Jesuit = 78
Order Out of Chaos = 78

Keep in mind Ketanji Brown Jackson’s birthday is 14/9, like 149, the same for Ron DeSantis. And notice the number in Florida where DeSantis signed 149 bills.

Remember, 149 is 201 in base-8 counting.
Skull and Bones = 149 / 201

Read about DeSantis banning vaccine passports on his 201st day of his age.
-That was April 2, 2021 *Vaccine = 42

Read about DeSantis ordering people to stay home on his 201st day of his age.
-That was April 1, 2022 *Skull and Bones = 41

Ketanji Brown Jackson to be sworn in as first black woman on US Supreme Court, 6-days after Dobbs v. Jackson overturns Roe v. Wade, June 30, 2022

Black Lives Matter Federal Government History Jesuit News Politics Psychological Operation Racism

Back in February, I thought they might have Ketanji Brown Jackson on the bench by April 2, or 4/2, like 42, but instead they waited until June 30, the 181st day of the year, the 42nd prime number. And she is being sworn in during the 42nd week of her age (born September 14, 1970).
Slavery = 42 / 30
Tuskegee = 42 / 30
Jackie = 42
Bus = 42
Martin = 42 / 30
Malcolm X = 42 / 30
Muhammad Ali = 42
Nigger = 42 / 30
*Jesuit = 42
*Georgetown = 42
*Freemason = 42
*Roe v. Wade = 42

Notice she was born exactly 123-weeks before Roe v. Wade was decided.

861 is the 41st triangular number *Skull and Bones = 41 / 149 (Jackson born on 14/9)

***Conspiracy = 123

Again, Roe v. Wade was overturned on June 24, the day leaving 190-days in the year.
190, 19th triangular number
Jackson = 19
Womb = 19
Chaos = 19

Recall, she was nominated on February 25, the 56th day of the year.
Black Lives Matter = 56
*Washington DC = 56
*Society of Jesus = 56

Recall, Breyer announced he was retiring 201-days before his birthday, and she was nominated 201-days before her birthday.
The Jesuit Order = 201
Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization = 201

And don’t forget she was confirmed to the Supreme Court on April 7.
Judge = 47
Gavel = 47
DC = 47
Authority = 47
Government = 47
President = 47
White House = 47
Democrat = 47
Republican = 47

Now she takes office 47-weeks after Obama’s birthday, who took the White House at age 47.

She also takes the bench 84-days after being confirmed and Obama’s birthday is 8/4.
United States of America = 84
Jesuit = 84

Breyer will turn 84-years-old on August 15, the Jesuit Order’s birthday.

And don’t forget she was confirmed on the 97th day of the year, just like Trump’s first.
Supreme = 97

And again, the Supreme Court just overturned Roe v. Wade with Jackson vs. Dobbs. Now we get the first black woman, Jackson, less than a week after the ruling, when abortion pertains more to black women than any other group.

As for the race piece, today is 76-days before her September 14 birthday.
Slave = 76
Negro = 76
Blues = 76
Rasta = 76
A Promised Land = 76
Barack Obama = 76
-Million Man March on day leaving 76-days in the year
-Skull and Bones = 41 / 76 / 149 / 202
-Jackson born 861 days before Roe v. Wade (41st triangular number)
-Her birthday is 14/9 (149, 35th prime — 35 days before Obama’s birthday)
-(202) is D.C. Area Code

This news also comes on the 322nd day of the first black White House Press Secretary’s age.

Catholic = 46 *Joe Biden, #46 (The second Catholic President)

Also, she is the 116th Supreme Court Justice.
Jackson = 116
African American = 116
Barack Hussein Obama = 116
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 116

Also, don’t forget how Kamala Harris’s birthday was synced with Breyer’s retirement while she was 57.
Supreme Court = 57
Scottish Rite = 57

Today is 112-days before Kamala’s birthday, or a span of 113.
Scottish = 113
-Jesuits operate in 112 countries
-Mathematics = 112
-Catholicism = 112

And notice how Ketanji Brown Jackson, Kamala Devi Harris, and African-American overlap.

Roe v Wade repeal, The Mother Lodge of Freemasonry, Queen Semiramis and the Cardinal Cross

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One of several extreme news events is the repeal — by the United States Supreme Court — of Roe v Wade abortion rights legislation that had stood for 50 years. The date of the the repeal appears consciously chosen for ritual reasons: June 24th, 2022.

The repeal followed an original alleged leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion to overturn the law. That was also on a ritually significant date: May 2nd.

The theme here is birth and creation. Water is related to birth and creation. The scientific theory of evolution states that life began in the ocean.

Hydrogen – which is the main molecule that makes up water – is considered the “mother particle” because no other elements of matter could exist without it.

This symbolism is consciously used in the terms “row” and “wade” which refer to forms of movement through water. On May 2nd the Supreme Court’s draft opinion was said to have been “leaked”. These are conscious water references. The mother’s womb is filled with amniotic fluid. The mother’s water breaks before a baby is born.

June 24th is the anniversary of the founding of the first Freemason Grand Lodge in 1717.

June 24th was consciously chosen because St. John is the Patron Saint of Freemasonry, and June 24th is considered the Nativity of John the Baptist.

Here we see the water and birth symbol with John the Baptist: baptism is a spiritual rebirth using water.

17 is one the central numbers to female-related narratives. “WOMB” sums to 17. Inside a womb is a “FETUS” which also equals 17. The architectural representation of a womb is the “DOME” which equals 17.

The Freemason United Grand Lodge of England, known as the “Mother Lodge” that was established on June 24th, 1717 is in London England on Great Queen Street.

“Great Queen” is a general metaphorical divine feminine reference but particularly refers to Queen Semiramis of Ancient Babylon. The symbol of Semiramis is the dove. Legend has it that she was raised by doves in early infancy. “DOVE” has gematria of 17.

Music legend Stevie Nicks who is in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame twice: with the group Fleetwood Mac, and as a solo artist has as one of her biggest hits a song whose chorus is “Just like the white winged dove” which is its subtitle. The songs title is “Edge of Seventeen”.

Stevie Nicks’ music has esoteric themes in general so she is fully conscious that “dove” sums to 17 in gematria.

“Dove” also sums to 19 in gematria.

“Womb” also sums to 19.

The 19th prime number is 67. Notice that the Mother Lodge on Great Queen Street in London has two years on its facade: 1717 and 1967.

’67 is a dove reference. The Great Queen Semiramis being the dove.

Dove in Latin is “COLUMBA” which also has a value of 67.

Christianity adopted the dove symbol from the Babylonian trinity Nimrod, Tammuz, Semiramis, for its trinity Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The United States’ Freemason founders names the American goddess and country’s capital “Columbia” after the dove and Semiramis.

In gematria “Columba” sums to 122, just as “Mother Lodge” sums to 122.

The draft opinion on Roe v Wade was “leaked” on May 2nd, 2022 which was the 122nd day-of-the year.

From the day that the draft opinion was released to the public, to the date of the actual repeal of Roe v Wade is 1 month, 22 days for a 122.

This is undeniably specifically Freemason ritual whether or not one agrees with the Supreme Court’s position we see the roots of the rituals that they employ when making decisions.

In gematria “ABORTION” has a value of 122.

Roe v Wade was decided on January 22nd: 1-22

If this somehow isn’t enough evidence, then remember again the June 24th is the anniversary of the founding of the first Freemason Grand Lodge which is now the United Grand Lodge of England. In gematria “United Grand Lodge of England” has a value of 122.

122 is also the date of the next Super Bowl which is literally a Holy Day in the United States of America; 122 as in 12 February.

I have illustrated – in my previous post and in recent videos – the association of the birth theme in news events like the Roe v Wade contest, and in sports. These are primarily but not exclusively Freemason rituals.

The major “BIRTH” gematria value is 57.

The Super Bowl on 12-2 is on 57 numerology and is at the home of the Cardinals of the NFL. In astrology Cardinal signs are the signs the occur at the beginning of each season, Aries starts Spring, Cancer (which we are in at the time of the June 24th Roe v Wade repeal) starts Summer, Libra starts Fall, and Capricorn starts Winter. Cardinal energy is a beginning, initiatory and birthing energy.

The Cardinal signs form what is called the Cardinal Cross on the zodiacal wheel. The Cardinal Cross is also known as St. George’s Cross which is the symbol on the national flag of England. This symbol appears on the tarot card Judgement which also depicts formerly dead people being reborn or resurrected.

This Freemason website Freemasons Community refers to the foundation of the Grand Lodge of England as “ the revival” which indicative of the resurrection depicted on the tarot card with the Cardinal cross and flag of England:

At this point it should come as no surprise that the highlighted phrase “the revival” has a gematria value of 122.

The Revival implies that modern Freemasonry is the most recent expression of an older tradition; presumably connected to the Knights Templar whose Templar Cross is St. George’s Cross of England.

The Owl Man in the comments to my latest Youtube video pointed out that Super Bowl 57 (on 12-2 at the home of the Cardinals) is a 57 day span removed from the final (December 18th, 2022) of the even greater sports event of the World Cup Final of football/soccer in the Arabian country of Qatar. “QATAR” has a gematria value of 57.

Last week I showed how the Cardinal Cross of astrology will be in play for the opening ceremony of Super Bowl LVII. It was also in effect at the start of the 911 attacks. That same Cardinal Cross alignment will oversee the start of the World Cup Final in Lusail, Qatar on December 18th, 2022 at 18:00 hours Arabian Standard Time: Cancer ascending, Aries Midheaven (MC), Capricorn descending, Libra IC bottom-of-the-sky.

World Cup Final alignment

Super Bowl LVII Opening Ceremony 4:00 pm Glendale Arizona, February 12th, 2022