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On the same day as the Kobe Bryant memorial, a man who was accused of rape in the summer of 2003, Harvey Weinstein, a movie mogul, is found guilty of rape. Keep in mind, they’re both LA men as well.

Today is February 24, the 55th day of the year.  The parallel is Satan and the Synagogue of Satan.  In Kobe’s case, he was employed by them, whereas Harvey is of them.

Further connecting the two men, this comes 24-days before Weinstein’s 68th birthday, and 185-days after Kobe’s 41st birthday.  Of course, Kobe wore #24, plus it is the 24th of February, and the number 68 connects ‘rape’ and ‘basketball’.

Notice how ‘Harvey’ and ‘rapist’ go together.


26.5 hours?  *Bryant = 26

Today is 101-days to the start of the NBA Finals, June 4, 2020. 

*101, 26th prime *Finals = 101 *Philadelphia = 101 (Kobe’s hometown)

26.5 hours is 1,590 minutes.  *Scottish Rite = 159

Financial Freemasonry News

$58-million, eh?  Drug dealer?

This story is from February 23, or 2/23. *Masonic = 223

As we’ve covered a number of times before, Bitcoin has the ‘Freemason’ stamp all over it.  Look no further than the supposed creator, from ‘Japan’, Satoshia Nakamoto.

Read more here:  https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2019/09/42-45-55-181-satoshi-nakamoto.html


Oh, $127-million?  It ties in nicely with Collins being ’49’ at the time of this story.

It is the Scottish Rite who have their symbolism all over the U.S. Dollar Bill, and have that same symbolism on their HQ in Washington D.C., the House of the Temple.  *Washington = 49 *America = 49

Murder by Numbers News Secret Societies

Notice, the mainstream media made a BIG DEAL about what would have been Steve Irwin’s 58th birthday, and because we know gematria, we know why.

*Stephen Robert Irwin = 103 *Scottish = 103 *Stingray = 103

*Bindi Irwin = 159 *Scottish Rite = 159 *Crocodile = 159

Notice the emphasis on ‘Crocodile Hunter’.

‘Irwin’, was born in ’62.

Notice Irwin died on September 4, the day leaving 118-days left in the year.

This news of his 58th birthday also came on what was a celebrity kill date, February 22, 2020.

2/22/2020 = 2+22+20+20 = 64

2/22/2020 = 2+22+(2+0+2+0) = 28

2/22/20 = 2+22+20 = 44

Keep in mind Steve Irwin was 44-years-old when he died.

Also, relevant to his name, his supposed cause of death was being stabbed by a Stingray.


News Politics Transgender / LGBTQ

A 9-year-old?  That’s still the age for many where boys and girls have cooties… People need to understand that the television is a mind control weapon, and these days, the TV is full of praise for homosexuals, which children will recognize, and then work with the assumption that if they are gay, they will be rewarded with praise as well. This is how it works.

In this case, the boy is named Zachary Ro, summing to 47, like ‘homosexual’.

Recall it was last Sunday, February 16, the 47th day of the year, Pete Booty-gay, or Buttigieg, or however you spell it, took on Mt. Oxycodone, the fat slob, Rush Limbaugh.

*Government = 47 *Authority = 47 *President = 47 *White House = 47 

This stunt took place in Denver, Colorado… the land of the only homosexual governor.

*Masonic = 74 *Occult = 74

And last, notice how ‘Ro’ and ‘gay’ go together.

*Masonry = 33 *Secrecy = 33 *Order = 33 * G = 33 (Francis Bacon)

Denver, Colorado also connects to Pete in another way.

And as you’ll recall, I brought up the point about Colorado having the only openly homosexual governor in the nation last week when I presented on Pete.  Read more here:  https://gematriaeffect.news/pete-buttigieg-responds-to-rush-limbaughs-homophobic-remarks-february-16-2020/

Watch here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYLlFQohVMw&t=29s

*Colorado = 43 / 133 *Homosexual = 43 / 133

*President = 133 *White House = 133 *Government = 133


Markets & Stocks News Science

On the 24th of February, ‘markets’ are down. According to the latest, there are over 2,400 deaths worldwide from Coronavirus.

No doubt, this is the agenda, to bring down the fake economy (a house of cards, let us not forget) with their fake coronavirus threat and outbreak.  What a joke.  Let the numbers tell it.

In history, we’ve seen significant market collapses on dates with 68 connections.  In this case, ‘Wuhan’ has 68 Gematria, as does ‘Italy’, which is a large part of the blamed reason for today’s market struggles.  In two days, Wednesday, February 26, 2020, will have 68 date numerology

2/26/2020 = 2+26+20+20 = 68

*That will be the 27-year anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing

*Think about 1968, emphasis on ’68, and the World Trade Centers in New York 

Read about South Korea’s Coronavirus news by the numbers:

Read about Italy’s Coronavirus news by the numbers:

Read a few recent examples about the market and 68:

October 24, 2018:

November 19, 2018:

January 28, 2019:

Goldman Sachs wild market prediction on 68 date:


The two big shakeups to the economy in recent times have been the ‘Chinese tariffs’ wars and now the ‘Coronavirus’, which is also China related.

Notice these headlines from Kobe Bryant’s 41st birthday, August 23, 2019 about Chinese Tariffs:


Remember, Kobe Bryant became part of the Coronavirus riddle being buried in Corona del Mar.

A year prior to the tariff headlines, August 23, 2018, Trump made a prediction about everyone being very poor if he was removed from office.  Imagine if he died from Coronavirus, “lol”…:


And in light of the Kobe Bryant parallel, today he is being remembered in Los Angeles, February 24, 2020, because Gianna wore #2, and he wore #24.


And don’t forget that on day Kobe died, there were ’80’ confirmed deaths from Coronavirus.


Freemasonry Jewish Related News Police State Politics

New York Jewish center cleared after bomb threat on February 23, or 2/23?  Can you say ‘The Synagogue of Satan’?  Adding insult to injury, this comes 79-days after Andrew Cuomo’s birthday.

*79, 22nd prime

For another kick, notice how ‘Albany, New York’ and ‘bomb threat’ go together.

11:05?  Jewish Community Center?  *Masonic = 115


About 42, anti-Semitic, eh?

Albany, New York has standout gematria.  Remember, secret societies control police, religion and government.


Entertainment History Jewish Related News Sports

Israel Adesanya has made a joke about 9/11?  Israel?  Seriously?

Read this post before you go any further:  https://gematriaeffect.news/1968-the-year-that-changed-the-world-and-the-sinister-september-11-2001-plan-went-into-motion/

This news comes February 22, 2020, the 53rd day of the year.

THEY are clowning.

In Israel, the honor Tisha B’Av, to remember the destruction of the TWO TEMPLES.  Tisha B’Av is also known as the Ninth of Av.

In light of ‘two’ being the focus, today is February 22, 2020, or 2/22/2020.

*Order Out of Chaos = 222

Notice Israel was born in 1989.

That is the same year this “crumbling down” Twin Towers joke was made in the WWE / WWF by Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLkeUmgY1cc

I’ll let you run the gematria on Paulo Costa. My goodness.

Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

Get that, a 64-year-old ‘daredevil’, dead on the date with 28, 44 and 64 numerology.

2/22/2020 = 2+22+20+20 = 64

2/22/20 = 2+22+20 = 44

2/22/2020 = 2+22+(2+0+2+0) = 28

He has died precisely 28-weeks since the release of Rocketman, the film about him, August 11, 2019.

That film was released on a date with 38 numerology, plus it was 11/8 fateful.

8/11/19 = 8+11+19 = 38

Notice how ‘Daredevil’ fits in.

I imagine the Discovery Channel show Homemade Astronauts will be synced with his death. He was likely setup for failure. This is how these people work.

And notice the detail about the Karman Line at 62 miles. *Sacrifice = 62


For the record, ‘Rocketman’ is a perfect name for a ‘flat earth’ film.  *37 / 53

He has died on the 53rd day of the year, February 22.

And a ‘fatal rocket landing’ is a fitting end for a supporter of the ‘flat earth theory’.