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This news broke Sunday, August 2nd, 2020.

Remember, the shape of the football is the Vesica Piscis, or 82.

Philadelphia = 223 *Novel Coronavirus = 223

Sean Payton was the first NFL coach with the virus, and his was a big “82 ritual” as well. Read about that news from March 19th here:

August 2nd leaves 151 days in the year. Pandemic = 151

Federal Government Jesuit News

Read about the killing of Judge Esther Salas family on the 201st day of the year, July 19, 2020:

It couldn’t have been a bigger Jesuit ritual.

Now this update on August 3, or 8/3. Murder = 38 / 83

The real truth is no person should be dressing up in a witch’s gown, making decisions about other people, especially not these paid off and corrupt judges. They are something that should not exist, period. I still remember the ugly bitch in her witch’s gown who made a MAJOR BULLSHIT decision, causing a major problem in my life. And trust me, if I knew where she lived, I would have shot her too along with the sorry ass motherfucker who burglarized my house and then ran and filed a restraining order that ended up with me testifying before Medusa- and I would have shot them with zero regrets, knowing I did a positive for the world. And in that breath, that is the problem with the world, everyone believing bullshit, and thinking things should be left up to “judges” and “authority figures” to make decisions. It’s all bullshit. And for the person who thinks it isn’t right to kill, hush. There’s a place for everything. And what do you think The Cabal has coming?

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Early Tuesday? That is August 4, 2020, our next “52 date.”

8/4/2020 = 8+4+20+20 = 52 *Flood = 52 *Hurricane = 52

Also, the warning starts Monday, August 3rd, a date that can be written 8/3, like 83, and ‘flood’ equates to 52 and 83.

This could be a big theme in 2020, as The Cabal, washes away civilization as we knew it.

Federal Government News Outer Space Science

Never forget this about Nancy Pelosi. Her birthday is March 26, like 26/3, and 263 is the 56th prime, and her name equates to 56.

Washington D.C. = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

Pelosi is Catholic.

As for SpaceX…

Today is 64 days after the May 30, 2020 launch, and 13 days after the anniversary of the moon mission, July 20, 2020.

Musk = 64 *64 spaces on the chessboard

Today is also 35 days after Musk’s birthday.

35 connects to NASA.

Coronavirus Entertainment News Sports

This news came July 31st, the day leaving 153 days left in the year.

Notice how Jusuf Nurkic sums to 72 / 144 / 153 the same as ‘Jesuit Order’.

7/31/2020 = 7+31+20+20 = 78 *Jesuit = 78

Jusuf has the same birthday as Kobe Bryant, who is now buried in Corona del Mar.

Coronavirus Government News

Virus = 26; Covid = 26; China = 26 *Chaos = 19 / 26 (Covid-19)

Georgia = 37 *Virus = 37

This news comes 37 days after June 25th.

10-19, 119.

And if it isn’t being found in 0-9, perhaps coronavirus is a toxicity that builds up in your system from living on this planet that is polluted with chemicals and toxins.

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Skull and Bones directly connected to Jesuit Order

The word ritual equates to 27 / 45 / 81 / 81, and yes, 81 twice.

Today is 8/1, like 81.

Trump was announced as the 45th President Elect, on the 27 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

2016, 63rd triangular number *Serta = 63

Berlin Wall = 45; Ritual = 27 / 45

Today is 48 days after his birthday. *Donald Trump = 48 *Illuminati = 48