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We’ve seen a lot of 68 parallels with the basketball players in the NBA coming down with coronavirus.  Notice how the WNBA ties in.

And again, corona is terminology that relates to the sun.  Notice she is resting in Phoenix, the home of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns.

Notice Sydney wears #24 for the Los Angeles Sparks, not to be confused with #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, who is now buried in Corona del Mar.

This news came 81-days before her birthday, or a span of 82.  *Kobe Bean Bryant = 81 *Bryant = 82

Coronavirus News

102?  We just talked about this number.  For one, it is the reflection of 201, as in Event 201, the October 18, 2019 coronavirus pandemic simulation.  And two, the Spanish Flu, which this has been compared to, began 102-years earlier, 1918.

Notice how the story is about 102-year-old, Italica Grondona, battling coronavirus for 20-days, in 2020.

You’ll also notice her name equates to the hospital she was treated at.

Genoa sums to 93, like ‘propaganda’ and ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’.

Her nickname ‘Highlander’ sums to 86, like coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Government News Police State

Considering Quarantining New York = 373 (74th prime) and 167 (39th prime)

*New York = 39 *New York, NY on the 74th Meridian West

On March 28, 2020, the 88th day of the year, the ‘Trump’ number, the top story was a non-story, a thought of the president,’ quarantining New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Notice this news came on a date with 71 numerology.  3/28/2020 = 3+28+20+20 = 71

As the day has worn on, Trump has backed down after the 56th Governor of New York’s sharp rhetoric about the absurdity of putting a city into quarantine.  Of courses, 56 is the number in this ongoing show by the numbers.

This victory for Cuomo came 113-days after his 62nd birthday.

Coronavirus Pandemic = 293 (62nd prime)

On this same day, the New York Times reported US cases surpassed 113,000, probably just another coincidence.

Celebrity Coronavirus News

Doris Burke has the right name for the ongoing celebrity Wuhan Coronavirus diagnosis rituals.

This news comes 222-days before her birthday, or a span of 223-days.

Notice the 7-months and 9-days span as well.

With regards to her being 54-years-old right now, that number relates to ‘sun’, like how the term corona relates to a solar eclipse.  54 also relates to ESPN.

3/11/2020 = 3+11+20+20 = 54 (Day NBA went into suspension)

Coronavirus Financial News

3.3 million?  This headlines came March 26, 2020, a date with 33 numerology.

3/26/2020 = 3+26+(2+0+2+0) = 33

There’s a greater connection to the date and ‘unemployment’.

This record unemployment is due to measures taken to stop the “coronavirus pandemic”…

In other words, this is just more bullshit reporting by the numbers.

Coronavirus Government News

Boris Johnson has the Wuhan!  Give me a break.  We already know this man is a puppet on strings, ruled by the numbers, as seemingly all media types are.  So with that said, let’s get into it. From the day he took office, July 24, 2019, to his upcoming 56th birthday, June 19, 2020, will be 331-days.

He will turn 56 later this year.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Royal Family since corona means crown. Especially after Prince Charles just contracted the virus by the numbers, and Meghan and Harry moved to L.A. by the same numbers, which of course, were the same numbers Princess Diana once reportedly died by.

Read about the significance of Boris Johnson replacing Theresa May 158-weeks after May took office:

Let us not forget how the ‘United Kingdom’ fits into the coronavirus pandemic riddles.


March 27, 2020 has 70 date numerology. 3/27/2020 = 3+27+20+20 = 70


This news comes on his 283rd day of his age.

*United Kingdom = 65 *Pandemic = 65

This news also comes 84-days (span of 85) before his 56th birthday. Keep in mind the ‘healthy secretary’, Matt Hancock, has also come down with the virus…

*Masonry = 84 *Jesuit = 84 *Templar = 85

Notice the 2-months and 23-days as well.

And for a couple last points, notice the 503 gematria of Johnson’s full name.

You’ll notice in the headlines, it is mentioned the death toll rises by 181, the 42nd prime.

And for one last thought, this news also comes 247-days after Boris Johnson took office, a number connecting Seattle and Atlanta, which are the cities that belong to Bill Gates, one of the chief engineers of this global hoax, and the CDC, or Center for Disease Control, which is a key player in the “coronavirus pandemic” by the numbers.

Don’t forget Tom Hanks for Sleepless in Seattle came down with coronavirus on his 247th day of his age.

Coronavirus Entertainment News

Notice how the 86 gematria of TikTok syncs with ‘coronavirus outbreak’.

His twitter handle also ties in.

Keep in mind the news broke March 25, 2020, a date with 68 numerology.

3/25/2020 = 3+25+20+20 = 68

The person is 22-years-old

Him being from California also fits in with the ‘toilet licking’ challenge in the time of the coronavirus ‘pandemic’.

And his name Ava Louise also perfectly syncs with ‘toilet licking challenge’.

March 20?  This story was covered March 16, prior to the supposed diagnosis.

Coronavirus Government News

This story is full of so much shit, they can’t even keep the date of death right from paragraph to paragraph.  Did he die Tuesday, or Wednesday as the Mayor says?

Notice this story of an unnamed teen comes out of Lancaster, a good place for ‘propaganda’.

*Lancaster = 30 *Corona = 30

If he did die Tuesday, he died on a date with 67 numerology.  If it was Wednesday, it was a date with 68 numerology.  Either way fits the reporting by the numbers scheme being used against us.

3/24/2020 = 3+24+20+20 = 67

3/25/2020 = 3+25+20+20 = 68

*Blood Sacrifice = 67 *Kill = 17 *Teen = 17 (17-year-old)