Melinda French Gates resigns from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 94 days before her birthday

Catholic Church Celebrity Charity Coronavirus Jesuit News Secret Societies

Bill & Melinda Gates were married on the first day of 1994, and then Kurt Cobain died 94 days later, & now Melinda resigned from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 94 days before her birthday.
Seattle, Washington=94
Coronavirus Pandemic=94
Roman Catholic Church=94

Don’t forget Bill’s mom died in ’94.

Don’t forget Bill’s dad died at age 94, the year of the pandemic.

Don’t forget Bill’s Decade of Vaccines, a decade before Covid, on the 94th day of his age.

And don’t forget the Seahawks have only won one Super Bowl, in the 94th NFL season. Then Russell Wilson lost his grandfather at age 94.

As for the Catholic part of the ritual (Melinda comes from a family of Jesuits and has the same birthday as the Jesuit Order, August 15), today is 145 weeks after her divorce from Bill Gates.
Catholic=145 (145 more chapters in Catholic OT)
Bill & Melinda Gates=145

It is 33 months and change as well. *Bill Gates=33

Today is also the 199th day of Bill’s age (46th prime). *Catholic=46 *Microsoft=46

Keep in mind today is 13/5, connecting from Bavaria (135) to the CIA (135).

It goes with the Illuminati and CIA having the 201 connection like Bill Gates.

Netanyahu apologizes to World Central Kitchen founder, April 2, 2024

Celebrity Charity Death Murder by Numbers New World Order News War

CNN has its audience hyperfocused on next Monday’s eclipse, this Tuesday, April 2, 2024.
World War=42 *War=42 *Zionism=42 *Jesuit=42 *Freemason=42

The eclipse date can also be written 8/4 *Zionism=84 *Masonry=84 *Jesuit=84

The Final Four is the date of the eclipse, April 8, and the games will be played in Arizona.
Final Four=48 *Arizona=42 & 84 *World War=48 & 42 *Freemason=48 & 42 *Illuminati=48

The eclipse will be 183 days after Netanyahu declared war against Hamas, Sunday, October 8, 2023.
Order Out of Chaos=183

Think about how the date is 10/8, like 108, the number that pertains to the distances of the sun from the earth, and the earth from the moon. *Geometry=108 & 108

Measuring from October 7, 2023, the date of the Hamas attack to April 8 is a span of 185-days.
Mathematics=185 *Catholicism=185 *Basketball=185 (March Madness)

Notice the founder is 54-years-old at this time. *Jesuit Order=54

Think of Sun Tzu’s art of War. *Sun=54

This news comes 102 days before Jose Andres birthday. *Art of War=102 *World War=102

Today is 4/2. *War=42 *Jesuit=42

World Central Kitchen killed by Israel airstrike, April 1, 2024 news

Catholic Church Charity Food Islam Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News War
World Central Kitchen=215/89/298/109 *Chaos=89 *Military=109

The maritime route? Remember the 44 ritual in Baltimore at the Key Bridge?
WCK=44 & 17
Kill=44 & 17
Cook=44 & 17 (What you do in the kitchen)

On this same day, April, it was the “Acts” tribute with the attack on Damascus by Israel, one day after Easter. That story begins in Acts 9:1, and April 1 is typically the 91st day of the year. And Acts is the 44th book of Protestant Bibles.

Notice the CEO of World Central Kitchen is Erin Gore. *Erin Gore=91

And what a surname it is.

Also, the word ‘kitchen’ is fitting. *Kitchen=119 *Star of David=119 *Vatican=119 *Francis=119

This happened on the 107th day of the Pope’s age. *Military=107 *Ritual Sacrifice=107

Looks like in the crusades of 2024, the Catholic Church is targeting food (100 tons) and aid workers. But since when hasn’t that been the case?

Pope Francis rejects donation from Argentina’s President because of ‘666’ in amount, June 14, 2016

Biblical Catholic Church Charity Education Elections History Jesuit New World Order News
Number of the Beast = 87 *The Catholic Church = 87

This article about the Pope rejecting charity because of the denomination of 666 was published by ‘Time’ and ‘The Guardian,’ June 14, 2016, on Donald Trump’s 72nd birthday. I am instantly reminded of the 72 demons in the Goetia, and the 72 names of God in Kabbalah.
Jesuit Order = 72
President Trump=72
President Biden=72
-Biden’s wife and child in ’72
-Biden’s son, Jr., when he was 72

The Jesuit acronym is IHS.

666 is the 36th triangular number.

June 14, 2016 had 36 and 56 date numerology.
6+14+16=36 (IHS=36)
6+14+20+16=56 (Pope=56)

Pope Francis is officially the first Jesuit Pope. Their official title is ‘Society of Jesus.’
Society of Jesus=56

Recall when Trump posed with the Pope at the Vatican on May 24, 2017, the 144th day of the year. Trump is also Jesuit educated, at Fordham in New York (1964-).
Jesuit Order = 144 & 72
Mark of the Beast = 144
President Trump = 72

And for one more point, the US Flag’s birthday is June 14, 1777 (Trump, 6/14/1946).

Remember when they reported Trump, weighed 239 pounds? The flag was sewn at 239 Arch St.
239, 52nd prime *Pope=52

Also don’t overlook these publication names.
Time Magazine = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit, and the first to live in Suite 201.

The Jesuit founder is Ignatius of Loyola.
Ignatius of Loyola = 201

June 14 through December 31 are a total of 201 days.

Trump’s ex-wife buried on the 201st day of 2022, July 20, 2022. RIP.

And from Argentina to the US, it is all the same.
Mauricio Macri = 133
President = 133
White House = 133
Government = 133

*Mike Johnson = 133 & 56 (56th speaker of the House)(Washington DC=56)

Recall these Trump headlines with 133.

This news came 127 days after Macri’s 57th birthday.
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127
Scottish Rite = 57

Rome = 57

And for one more point, Trump won the November 8, 2016 election 147 days after this news broke. Of course, there are 147 windows in the White House.
President of the United States = 147
US President = 147
Freemason = 147
Conspiracy= 147

First humanitarian aid trucks arrive in Gaza, Saturday, October 21, 2023

Catholic Church Charity Islam Jewish Related News Secret Societies War

The ‘humanitarian aid’ arrives in Gaza on October 21, 2023, the day leaving 71 days in the year.
Humanitarian Aid = 71

Recall, the war began on Putin’s 71st birthday, two weeks ago. The day the war began was also 71 days before Pope Francis’ December 17 birthday.
The Society of Jesus = 71
Catholic = 71
Talmud = 71
*Temple = 71

They are saying “20 trucks” arrived today with aid. 71 is the 20th prime number.

Oprah Winfrey and The Rock launch $10 million Maui relief fund, August 31, 2023, 23 days after fires began

Celebrity Charity Climate Change / Environment Entertainment Fire Military Weather
Love for Lahaina = 67, 77, 139 & 239 (52nd prime) *Rock turns 52 on 5/2/2023 (May 2)
*Dallas 13 *NFL = 13 (91, 13th triangular number)
Peter Maivia = 56 (Moana, the 56th Disney film) *Climate Change = 56 *Hurricane = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

This news comes on August 31, 2023, 23 days after the fires began on August 8.
Judaism = 23 (Hello, Josh Green, hello Hollywood)

Notice the Rock’s grandparent’s business folded in ’88, going with the 8/8 fires.
Beast = 88 & 47
Rock = 47

Remember, Oprah had the big interview with Trump in ’88 about the presidency.
The Republican Party = 88
Trump = 88 & 47
Republican = 47
Democrat = 47
President = 47
White House = 47
Government = 47
Authority = 47
News = 47
Time = 47
DC = 47

And we discussed the significance of the grandfather dying June 13, 1982, the day leaving 201 days in the year. RIP. *The Jesuit Order = 201 *Order of Illuminati = 201 *Walter Elias Disney = 201

*October 21, 2023 will be 201 days after The Rock announced the latest Moana film (April 3)

And of course, we have done a lot of work on The Rock in relation to the Maui fires, but we have not talked much about Oprah. So let’s examine her relation to the dates of August 8 and 9, 2023, the date of the destructive Maui fires.

The fires began August 8, 2023, 191 days after her birthday.
Society of Jesus = 191, 187, 56
Oprah Gail Winfrey = 187
Climate Change = 56
Paris, France = 56
Peter Maivia = 56
Hurricane = 56

The fires ended August 9, or 8/9.
Winfrey = 89

The Governor of Hawaii spoke on August 15, the Jesuits Order’s birthday
August 15, or 15/8 (like 158)
Oprah Winfrey = 158

Her name also has the 97 connection.
Oprah Gail Winfrey = 97
Hurricane = 97

“Gale” force winds are strong winds. Oprah’s middle name is Gail.

As for The Rock, who has connections to San Francisco (born in Hayward, not far away), the city on the 122nd Meridian, and the home of the Church of Satan, notice today is his 122nd day of his age, and today, August 31, leaves 122 days in the year. It’s too perfect, going with his 5/2 birthday.
Satanic = 122
San Francisco = 122
Pope Francis = 122 (Named after same person as S.F.)
Devil = 52
Pope = 52

They have a $10 million charity.
Satan = 10 & 35
*God = 10

The Rock turns 52 on 5/2, May 2, 2024, exactly 35-weeks after today.
Baphomet = 35 & 80
Satan = 35 & 80
*Catholic = 35 (Think of the accusation of the Templars worshiping Baphomet)

Recall how the founder of the Church of Satan died in a massive 201 ritual, synced with his own life’s and the Pope’s

He died at St. Mary’s. The irony. They love it.

October 21, the date mentioned above, will be 8 days before Oprah’s 70th birthday. We know what just happened in Maui, August 8, or 8/8, in Hawaii, home of the “big 8” islands.

And for one last point, The Rock announced the new Moana film on the 93rd day of the year.
The People’s Fund of Maui = 93
Order of Illuminati = 93