Netanyahu apologizes to World Central Kitchen founder, April 2, 2024

Celebrity Charity Death Murder by Numbers New World Order News War

CNN has its audience hyperfocused on next Monday’s eclipse, this Tuesday, April 2, 2024.
World War=42 *War=42 *Zionism=42 *Jesuit=42 *Freemason=42

The eclipse date can also be written 8/4 *Zionism=84 *Masonry=84 *Jesuit=84

The Final Four is the date of the eclipse, April 8, and the games will be played in Arizona.
Final Four=48 *Arizona=42 & 84 *World War=48 & 42 *Freemason=48 & 42 *Illuminati=48

The eclipse will be 183 days after Netanyahu declared war against Hamas, Sunday, October 8, 2023.
Order Out of Chaos=183

Think about how the date is 10/8, like 108, the number that pertains to the distances of the sun from the earth, and the earth from the moon. *Geometry=108 & 108

Measuring from October 7, 2023, the date of the Hamas attack to April 8 is a span of 185-days.
Mathematics=185 *Catholicism=185 *Basketball=185 (March Madness)

Notice the founder is 54-years-old at this time. *Jesuit Order=54

Think of Sun Tzu’s art of War. *Sun=54

This news comes 102 days before Jose Andres birthday. *Art of War=102 *World War=102

Today is 4/2. *War=42 *Jesuit=42

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