Golden Gate Bridge shutdown on Paul Pelosi’s 84th birthday (after Key Bridge collapse on Nancy’s 84th)

Bridge Collapse Catholic Church Federal Government Infrastructure Jesuit News Secret Societies

On April 15, 2024, Paul Pelosi’s 84th birthday, the Golden Gate Bridge was shutdown.

It goes with the Key Bridge falling on Nancy Pelosi’s 84th birthday when she governed in San Francisco after being raised in Baltimore.

As for these rituals coming on their 84th birthdays, it is plain to see why. Keep in mind Paul has Francis in his name, like Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, born on 84 date numerology, going with the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola dying 84 days from his own birthday.
The Catholic Church=84
The Jesuit Order=84
United States of America=84

Think of George Orwell’s 1984. Think of Anthony Fauci since 1984.

Eleanor Coppola, dead at 87, 117 days after the Pope’s 87th birthday (Tony Soprano de ja vu)

Catholic Church Death Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Secret Societies

Eleanor Coppola, wife of Francis Ford Coppola, died at 87, 117 days after the Pope’s birthday.
The Godfather=117

Pope Francis is also 87 right now. *The Catholic Church=87 *Ignatius of Loyola=87

This is a reminder of what happened to ‘Tony Soprano’ who died 99 days after Pope Francis became the first Jesuit Pope in the history of the Church. *Sopranos=99 (Sopranos released in ’99)

The Jesuit Order fingerprints are also on The Godfather.
The Godfather=54 *Jesuit Order=54

The Jesuit HQ is the House of Gesu at Building 54.

In the case of The Godfather, it released in ’72. *Jesuit Order=72

Pope Francis became the first Jesuit Pope on the 72nd day of 2013 (March 13).

3+24+72=99 *Sopranos=99 *The United States of America=99 (Named on 9/9)
Illuminati founded by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt May 1, 1776 (5+1+17+76=99)

This film was released on the 84th day of 1972. *Godfather=84 *Jesuit=84 *The Jesuit Order=84

The 84 list goes on. *The Catholic Church=84 *United States of America=84

That also means the film just turned 52 years old. *Pope=52

For one last point, her name Gematria made her right for a blood sacrifice.
Eleanor Coppola=67 *Blood Sacrifice=67 *Human Sacrifice=68

Remember that Francis Ford Coppola just began his 86th year of life on April 7.
Blood Sacrifice=86 *Human Sacrifice=86

Francis Ford Coppola=191 *Society of Jesus=191

White House responds to Pope Francis after he condemns ‘gender theory,’ April 8, 2024

Catholic Church Federal Jesuit News Transgender / LGBTQ
Faith Friction=138/75/213/78

Gender Theory=144, 72 & 54
Jesuit Order=144, 72 & 54

Recall how important 144 & 72 are to Joe Biden’s legacy. *President Biden=144 & 72

And the same is true for the first Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis.

Today is also 8/4, like 84. *The Jesuit Order=84 *United States of America=84

World Central Kitchen killed by Israel airstrike, April 1, 2024 news

Catholic Church Charity Food Islam Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News War
World Central Kitchen=215/89/298/109 *Chaos=89 *Military=109

The maritime route? Remember the 44 ritual in Baltimore at the Key Bridge?
WCK=44 & 17
Kill=44 & 17
Cook=44 & 17 (What you do in the kitchen)

On this same day, April, it was the “Acts” tribute with the attack on Damascus by Israel, one day after Easter. That story begins in Acts 9:1, and April 1 is typically the 91st day of the year. And Acts is the 44th book of Protestant Bibles.

Notice the CEO of World Central Kitchen is Erin Gore. *Erin Gore=91

And what a surname it is.

Also, the word ‘kitchen’ is fitting. *Kitchen=119 *Star of David=119 *Vatican=119 *Francis=119

This happened on the 107th day of the Pope’s age. *Military=107 *Ritual Sacrifice=107

Looks like in the crusades of 2024, the Catholic Church is targeting food (100 tons) and aid workers. But since when hasn’t that been the case?

Louis Gossett Jr. as Sadat, October 31, 1983

Catholic Church Celebrity Death History Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Racism Slavery

Read about the death of Louis Gossett Jr. here.

This post is about his film where he portrays Anwar al-Sadat.

Keep in mind Sadat was 17 when Louis Gossett Jr. was born in 1936.

That film came out in ’83.

Election=83, Leap Year=83, *The Donald=83 *Colorado=83
An” “war”

Read about the song ‘Murder by Numbers’ and actual murder here.

We know the Baltimore Key Bridge collapse has a lot to do with 83 and the year 1983.

It released on Halloween, and his death comes after the ‘collapse’ in Baltimore, a predominantly black city. Again, that collapse is the antithesis to MLK’s I Have a Dream.
Halloween=95 *Baltimore=95 *MLK would be 95 if he were alive

MLK was killed on the 95th day of 1968, like Martin Luther wrote the 95 Theses, which was pinned on Halloween in history, October 31, 1517.

Martin Luther=60 (60th US presidential election is in effect)

Notice that Sadat was assassinated in ’81, it goes with Francis Scott Key being born on August 1, or 8/1, and the current President “who got a record 81 million votes,” is 81-years-old.
Ritual=81 & 81 *President Biden=81 *President Trump=81

Notice he was born on the “sun’s birthday,” as well as the “Son of God’s birthday,” December 25, 1918.
Sun=18 *IHS=18 & 18

Notice he died 9 days before his 11th anniversary as President of Egypt.
All Seeing Eye=119 *Star of David=119 *Orthodox=119 *Vatican=119

That also means Louis Gossett Jr. has died 95 days after Sadat’s birthday birthday anniversary.

Notice that he was 86’d on the day leaving 86 days in the year, October 6, 1981
We just saw the Key Bridge go down on the 86th day of the year *Key Bridge=86
Baltimore=41, 95 & 148 *Halloween=41, 95 & 148

Again, 1983 was 41 years ago.

Today is 103 days after the Pope’s birthday and Louis Gossett Jr. is dead at 87 while the Pope is 87-years-old. *Jesuits=103 *Scottish=103 (103, 27th prime *Ritual=27)

And Gossett Jr. is dead at 87.

Also, today is 175 days after Anwar’s death anniversary.

It was also 150 days after the anniversary of the release of the film, October 31, 2023.

Again, a Jesuit founded the Illuminati, and the founder of the Jesuits was Ignatius of Loyola… it goes with the leader of the Jesuits being 75, and Ignatius of Loyola having died in history 84 days from his birthday.

Catholic Church=75 *Roman Catholic=75 *New World Order=75 *Order=75
-Order Out of Chaos=75 (The Key Bridge came down 75 days after Francis Scott Key’s passing anny)
-It came down on the 84th birthday of Nancy Pelosi, plus way more

From the death of Anwar to the release of the TV series in ’83 was a span of 108 weeks on the nose.
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi=108 *Geometry=108 & 108

Notice the current leader was born in ’54, and is 69.
Jesuit Order=54 *The Jesuit Order=69

This ritual comes 511 weeks after he took office. Trump had the 511 day campaign in 2015-2016 that ended with a November 5, or 5/11, assassination scare, and the 2024 election date is November 5.
*Saturn=511 (The Pope’s birthday is Saturnalia) (Saturn is the keeper of time, related to death)

The ritual comes 117 months later as well, and he went into office on June 8, or 6/8.
Central Intelligence Agency=117 *CIA=68

Also noteworthy, Sadat’s death October 6, 1981, came 132 days after Gossett’s Jr. 45th birthday.
Ritual=81, 81 & 45 *President Trump=81 #45
United States of America=132
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132

That’s also a span of 133 days. *Government=133 *White House=133 *President=81

That assassination came in the time of Ronald Reagan, the original MAGA. The assassination came on the 243rd day of Ronald Reagan’s age. *Central Intelligence Agency=243

Louis Gossett Jr.’s death at 87, on the 89th day of the year

Catholic Church Celebrity Death Entertainment Freemasonry History Jesuit Murder by Numbers Racism

RIP Louis Cameron Gossett Jr., the first black actor to win an Oscar. He is dead on the 89th day of the leap year, March 29, 2024, and his name equates to 89.

His death anniversary will be on the 88th day of non-leap-years. *Louis Gossett Jr.=88

Louis Gossett Jr. is dead at 87, 59 days before his birthday. *Slavery=87 *Slave=59

Today leaves 277 days in the year, the 59th prime number.

He is dead 14 days before the anniversary of the start of the American Civil War.
Slave=14 *Slavery=102 & 87 (April 12 is typically 102nd day of the year)

Read about the Anwar Sadat parallel here. *Anwar Sadat=102

He was in show business for 71 years (1953-2024). *African American=71

The character he won an Oscar for portraying was ‘Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley.’
Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley=353 (71st prime)

That’s also a span of 72-years. *Jesuit Order=72

Perhaps we should take the time to watch the film from ’87, ‘A Gathering of Old Men.’ Maybe even ‘The Principal… Notice the gematria of A Gathering of Old Men… 87…

A Gathering of Old Men=174 *New World Order=174
A Gathering of Old Men=93 *Order of Illuminati=93
A Gathering of Old Men=174 & 87 *Number of the Beast=174 & 87

In light of the title, Biden and his donors just gathered last evening, the night before this death.

Also, he has died 307 days after his birthday (63rd prime) *Racism=63

And you could say he died on his 308th day of his age. *Death=38

And in light of the Pope being 87 as well, the Oscar winning actor is dead on the 104th day of the Pope’s age, and 59 days from his upcoming birthday. It is Good Friday.
Good Friday=104 & 59
Roman Catholic Church=104
(The Catholic Church=87)
Pope Francis=59
-Today leaves 277 days in year (59th prime)

For one last point, his birthday is typically the 147th day of the year, and he died after the 96th Oscars.
Freemason=96 & 147


UN Security Council passes resolution calling for immediate ceasefire in Gaza, March 25, 2024

Catholic Church Islam Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News War

The war began October 7, 2023, the day leaving 85 days in the year. Today is March 25, 2024, the 85th day of the year. It goes with the ongoing Jesuit-Templar theme.
Iesus Hominum Salvator=85

And let us not forget the leader of the United Nations name gematria.
António Guterres=201 *The Jesuit Order=201 *State of Israel=201

Today is also the 211th day of Netanyahu’s age, the 47th prime number. It is a reminder the United Nations drew the boundaries for Israel in the year ’47.
Government=47 *Authority=47 *Time=47

And both Netanyahu and Guterres are age 74 right now.
Jewish=74 *Masonic=74

For one more, today is 15 days after Ramadan began. *War=15

And for the closer, today is 170 days after the war began on October 7, 2023.
Sacrifice=170 & 73 *Gaza=73

Read about the bombing of Gaza for Israel’s 73rd birthday.

It goes with the 73rd book of the Catholic Bible being Revelation, mentioning the Synagogue of Satan. And that goes with this war beginning in 2023. *Synagogue of Satan=223 *Philadelphia=223

Creighton coach’s thanks ghost of his mother for win over Oregon Ducks, March 23, 2024

Catholic Church Death Jesuit News Sports

The game was tied at 58-58 at one point. *Ducks=58

I bring this up because his mother died a span of 271 days prior to the game, the 58th prime number.

Notice the overlap with Mary I. McDermott and ‘The Jesuit Order.’ (177, 69, 201 & 84)

And don’t overlook that she died on the day leaving 187 days in the year. *Society of Jesus=187

Also, don’t overlook that she was buried on July 1. *Catholic=71 *The Society of Jesus=71

The burial could go with the tournament. *March Madness=71

Netanyahu to address Senate Republicans Wednesday, March, 20, 2024, the 119th day of Chuck Schumer’s age

Catholic Church Federal Government Jesuit Jewish Related Military New World Order News War

This news comes 165 (Scottish Rite=165) days after the war began on October 7, 2023. That means it is 201 days before the one year anniversary of the war. *State of Israel=201 *The Jesuit Order=201

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is known to be the most Jewish branch of Freemasonry.

Of course, the Scottish Rite has an HQ in Washington D.C., and Washington DC is named after George Washington who was inaugurated at age 57.

Adding insult to injury, today is the 119th day of Chuck Schumer’s age, the man who started this feud and the leader of the Democrats in the Senate.

Today also has 47 date numerology (you already know). *3/20/24=3+20+24=47
Vatican=47 & 119 *Francis=47 & 119

Today is 94 days after the Pope’s birthday, and it is 3/20. *Roman Catholic Church=320 & 94

Today is 129 days after the Pope’s birthday (201 in base-8) *State of Israel=201

March 17, 2024 kill date deaths

Catholic Church Celebrity Death Entertainment History Jesuit Murder by Numbers Politics Sports

March 17, 2024 was the ‘kill’ date for the month.

Ernesto Bergamasco=72 (Was World Champ and an Olympian in ’72)

Nuno Judice died a span of 44 days from his birthday, on the 44 date numerology.
Nunon Judice=44 *Nuno=44 & 64 *Kill=44 & 64

Pinu Khan died 44 days after her birthday, on 44 date numerology.
Awami League=44

She died at 70, after her son’s shooting controversy.
Bakhtiar Alam Rony=70 *Shooting=44

Emmett Stagg was Irish, and died on Saint Patrick’s Day.
Saint Patrick’s Day=64 *Kill=64

He was 79. *Society of Jesus=79 *Knights Templar=79 *Murder=79

And I’ll let you practice with the other names on the list, because there’s more.