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‘Two thousand’, eh? I spy another 56.

As you’ll see, this is clearly the work of the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order).

Read about Pope Francis big “56” ritual with Fratelli Tutti. Again, Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. *Pope = 56

Notice, exactly one week after Jeff Bezos turned 57 years old, on January 12, 2021, it was January 19 that Amazon set up a partnership to vaccinate…

And remember, Amazon was established in ’95, the same year Bill Gates, also of Seattle, was declared the richest man. And these days, of course, he is the face of vaccines…

And for the clincher, the partnership was made January 19, or 19/1, like 191, and the vaccines went live at the location on 24/1, like 241.

The number 241 is the 53rd prime (24/1 date…).

Read this recent article relating to Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and 191.

And of course the CHI Franciscan partnership with Virginia Masion is Catholic (The Jesuits serve the Catholic Church).

Jeff Bezos = 94
Seattle, Washington = 94
Coronavirus Pandemic = 94
Mass Inoculation = 94
Roman Catholic Church = 94

And don’t forget Bill Gates of Seattle declared his Decade of Vaccines on his 94th day of his age, January 29, 2010, in ‘Davos Switzerland’.

Davos, Switzerland = 94

Big Tech Catholic Church Celebrity Coronavirus Financial News

The mockery continues! This is what happens when mom and pop get shut down and all their lost revenues flow to the top.

And notice this story comes January 26, or 1/26, like 126, a favorite number of the Jesuit Order who owns these puppets.

Get that, Elon Musk is up $155 billion in the time of the pandemic…

And notice the new stats, “46” billionaires were made. Just a couple weeks ago, it was “56.” Read about that here. As for 46, they’re coding the same information. *Society of Jesus = 56 *Catholic = 46 *Virus = 46

Also interesting is how many of these billionaire types operate out of Seattle, Washington, in light of today’s news comes on a 68 date numerology.

1/26/2021 = 1+26+20+21 = 68 *Catholicism = 68 *Mathematics = 68

And notice how ‘billionaires’ equates with ‘Seattle’.

And last, notice they measured from March 18, 2020, the 78th day of the leap year, reminding of Elon Musk becoming the richest man in the world on the 78 year anniversary of the death of Nikola Tesla, where ‘Tesla’ equates to 78, the same as ‘Jesuit’.

And for a double last, here’s another headline today, about Musk and the market. Can you smell the stink?

Catholic Church Federal Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Politics

Think about it, this woman, a political official, is dead at 46, three days after the Inauguration of Joe Biden, #46, who was part of a massive 46 ritual, including the death of his son at age 46.

Catholic = 46 / 71 *Nilda Pedrosa = 71

Her name was all kinds of fateful.

Nilda Pedrosa = 55 / 71 / 118 / 206
Blood Sacrifice = 257 (55th prime)
71, 20th prime *Death = 20
Cancer = 118 *Death = 118 *Homicide = 118
*Sacrifice = 206

Keep in mind it is the Jesuits who kill by the code, and Georgetown, the nation’s first Jesuit University, in D.C., was established in history on January 23rd, meaning she died on their anniversary.

Catholic Church History Jesuit Medical

Notice, on the 21st day of 2021, in the 21st Century, Pope Francis declared this man Venerable. This connects to his death in ’94, 42 weeks after his birthday.

Jesuit = 21 / 42

Notice he died in ’94. *Roman Catholic Church = 94

And notice he was born June 13th, the day leaving 201 days in the year.

*The Jesuit Order = 201

Furthermore, don’t overlook that he died on April 3, the 93rd day of the year, after celebrating his last birthday in ’93.

*Crucifix = 93 *Nazareth = 93 *God’s Son = 93 *Rest of the list…

April 3 can also be expressed as 3/4 , or 4/3, like 34 and 43.

*Christ = 34 *Jesus Christ = 43 *Murder = 34 *Killing = 43
*1/21/21 = 1+21+21 = 43

And for one last gematria point, it is his name…

Jérôme Lejeune = 46 *Catholic = 46

Also, let us not overlook that this man operated in the world of medicine and medical understanding, which the Jesuits clearly control, and he was from France, also like the Jesuits, and reminding a bit of the name ‘Francis’.

Catholic Church Entertainment Federal Government News Predictive Programming

The Bart to the Future episode released March 19, 2000, Kamala Harris’s 152nd day of her age at the time, 35.

If you think that is a coincidence, you probably also think it is a coincidence that Donald Trump was the first U.S. President in 152 years to skip Inauguration Day.

Read more about that here.

And in light of the episode being called ‘Bart to the Future’, please note that the name Bart Simpson equates to 151, and you could also say that the episode released 151 days after her birthday, as opposed to her 152nd day of her age.

And in light of her being 35 at the time, remember, she took office on January 20, 2021, in a massive Catholic ritual, on the Pope’s 35th day of his age, after the November 3 election, which came exactly 46 weeks after his birthday.

Again, these people are chosen agents and the scripts we’re living out were planned long, long ago.

Catholic Church Islam Jesuit News Terrorism

“Twin” blasts to remind us of how we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq after the “Twin” Towers demise, which was blamed on boogiemen, just like this attack.

This news comes January 21, 2021, on the 21st day of the year ’21 in the 21st Century, and it points to who is truly behind this ritual.


This news comes on a date with 63 and 27 numerology.

1/21/2021 = 1+21+20+21 = 63

1/21/2021 = 1+21+(2+0+2+1) = 27

*Iraq = 63/27 *Terrorism = 63

As for why ‘Baghdad’ on January 21, 2021, the numerology tells the tale.

1/21/2021 = 1+21+(2+0+2+1) = 27

*Baghdad = 27

This news also comes on the 36th day of the Pope’s age, 84. *Jesuit = 84

This news also comes on the 71st day of Arturo Sosa’s age, the Superior General of the Jesuit Order. And you’ll notice both ‘Catholic’ and ‘Babylon’ equate to 71.

Furthermore, notice how ‘Catholic’ overlaps with ‘Thursday’, the date of the attack.

35 / 46

And as for them reporting at least 32 dead, that points right back to the Jesuits and their logo with 32 sun rays on it, as well as ‘America’.

7/4/1776 = 7+4+1+7+7+6 = 32

*Scottish = 32 *32nd Degree of Scottish Rite & Jesuits share motto

Notice how the term ‘sleeper cell’ overlaps with ‘Catholicism’.

Tahsin al-Khafaji = 95 *Jesuits created to counter 95 Theses

For one last point, they’re reporting 32 dead and 110 injured, for a total of 142 people, reminding us of the 1:42 long 9/11 attack, and the 110 story World Trade Centers.

Catholic Church Federal Government History Jesuit New World Order News

Leo Jeremiah O’Donovan, the Jesuit, is the perfect man for the inauguration day job, on January 20, or 20/1, like 201, that favorite number of the S.J.’s.

Keep in mind this same man conducted the ceremony for Beau Biden’s death at age 46, a death that came 201 days before Pope Francis’ 79th birthday, meaning he was 78 years old at the time, the same as Joe Biden is now (Jesuit = 78). And let us not forget the November 3rd election was 46 weeks after Pope Francis birthday (Catholic = 46).

Read more about the Jesuits and 201:

And for another remind, this man also has the 56 connection.

Read about the 56 Pillars of Light used in the inauguration ritual.

Him being a graduate of Iona also fits in with the Jesuit ritual, to begin 2021.


Catholic Church Entertainment Federal Government New World Order News Politics Predictive Programming

The New Radicals are going to perform for #46…

Read about the 46 related rituals for the rigged selection of #46, Joe Biden.


As you likely know, the numbers 46 and 71 are important to the ongoing Catholic ritual that is the selection of #46, Joe Biden, who had his Electoral College votes sealed by the House on January 7, or 7/1, after having the election called in his favor on November 7, 353 days after his birthday, where 353 is the 71st prime.

And don’t forget, the November 3rd election was 46 weeks after Pope Francis 83rd birthday, or that it was the 59th U.S. Presidential Election.

Pope Francis = 59 *Election = 83

Inauguration Day will fall on Pope Francis’ 35th day of his age.

*JFK, #35, killed at age 46

*Joe Biden, the second Catholic President, who was on his way to the White House for the first time in 2008, after 35 years of service in D.C.

As for the song they’re singing, You Get What You Give, it has a clear connection to the ‘Catholic Church’ and ‘New World Order’.

Read more about 75 and the New World Order here.

Also, don’t overlook the definition of ‘radical’. And don’t forget how I told you the ‘Green New Deal’ is coming after the 59th U.S. Presidential Election of November 3, or 11/3, like 113.

And for the clincher, read the lyrics to the song.

One, two
One, two, three, owWake up, kids
We got the dreamers disease
Age fourteen, they got you down on your knees
So polite, you’re busy still saying please
Frienemies, who when you’re down ain’t your friend
Every night we smash a Mercedes-Benz
First we run, and then we laugh ’til we cryBut when the night is falling
You cannot find the light (light)
You feel your dreams are dying
Hold tightYou’ve got the music in you
Don’t let go
You’ve got the music in you
One dance left
This world is gonna pull through
Don’t give up
You’ve got a reason to live
Can’t forget
We only get what we giveI’m comin’ home, baby
You’re tops
Give it to me now4 AM, we ran a miracle mile
We’re flat broke
But hey, we do it in style
The bad rich
God’s flying in for your trialBut when the night is falling
You cannot find a friend (friend)
You feel your tree is breaking
Just thenYou’ve got the music in you
Don’t let go
You’ve got the music in you
One dance left
This world is gonna pull through
Don’t give up
You’ve got a reason to live
Can’t forget
We only get what we giveThis whole damn world could fall apart
You’ll be okay, follow your heart
You’re in harms way, I’m right behind
Now say you’re mineYou’ve got the music in you
Don’t let go
You’ve got the music in you
One dance left
This world is gonna pull through
Don’t give up
You’ve got a reason to live
Can’t forget
We only get what we giveDon’t let go
I feel the music in you
Don’t let go
Fly high, highWhat’s real can’t die
You only get what you give
You’re gonna get what you give
Don’t give up
Just don’t be afraid to leaveHealth insurance, rip off lying
FDA, big bankers buying
Fake computer crashes dining
Cloning while they’re multiplying
Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson
Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson
You’re all fakes
Run to your mansions
Come around, we’ll kick your assesDon’t let go
One dance left
Don’t give up
Can’t forget
Don’t let go