The Killer’s September 3, 2023 and the death of Sandra Day O’Connor (pure Thelema)

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The film The Killer begins with a tribute to Aleister Crowley by discussing the philosophy of Do What Thou Wilt, the motto of Thelema, which worships the number 93. Again, today, December 1, 2023, is Aleister Crowley’s death anniversary, and today Sandra Day O’Connor is dead at 93. So consider the film, The Killer’s, 9/3 release date.

The movie also released on the anniversary of Israel being drawn up, September 3, 1947, 89 days before Aleister Crowley’s passing. And in the case of this year, the year The Killer released, it debuted 89 days before Sandra Day O’Connor’s passing.
Sandra Day O’Connor=89
Aleister Crowley=89

Crowley was into chaos magick.

Read more about Sandra Day O’Connor’s death here.

Sandra Day O’Connor dead at 93, Israel back to bombing Gaza on Aleister Crowley’s death anniversary and the Cowboys and their star become 9-3 on H.W.’s death anniversary

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Today is December 1, 2023, the anniversary of Aleister Crowley’s death on this day in 1947.

Blood Sacrifice=121 (12/1 date)

Crowley invented the religion that worships the number 93, known as Thelema. It’s key tennant is, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

It is why Sandra Day O’Connor is dead today at age 93.

Keep in mind George H.W. Bush died on the eve of Crowley’s death anniversary, and many contend his wife, Barbara Bush, was the daughter of Aleister Crowley. Of course, she died in her 93rd year of life. It goes with Barbara and George H.W. Bush leaving the White House in ’93. They also lost their child on the eve of Aleister Crowley’s birthday in history, back in ’53.

And notice it was Sandra Day O’Connor who helped George W. Bush replace Bill Clinton, a man who took the White House in ’93.

It also explains why Israel, drawn up on September 3, 1947, just before Crowley’s passing, is back to bombing. As we know, Israel is the “93 nation.”

Notice, Israel was drawn up 89 days before Crowley’s passing.
Aleister Crowley=89, Religion=89, Chaos=89

Of course, there are 89 chapters in the Gospel.

Notice, Henry Kissinger died November 29, 2023, the anniversary of Resolution 181 passing in 1947.

181, 42nd prime *Zionism=42 *Jesuit=42 *Freemason=42 *World War=42 *War=42

For another 181, it is Sandra Day O’Connor.

O’Connor is dead 42 years after her federal appointment in ’81. Keep in mind ‘Saturn’ is connected to death and judgement, and she was a judge. *Saturn=42 & 93. ’81 was also the year Jimmy Carter left office, and his wife just died right after Joe Biden’s 81st birthday (Ritual=81 & 81).

And notice she has the common birthday of March 23 (it’s very common for people in high places). That means she died on her 251st day of her age (54th prime), a number often paired with 93. Remember, in Thelema 93 represents ‘love,’ but in English, ‘love’ has Gematria value of 54.

And let us not forget the gematria of ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” the key tenant of Thelema, that worship the number 93.

New World Order=177, The Jesuit Order=177
The 444 days Iranian hostage crisis
The 555 foot Washington Monument
Scottish Rite=165, New Testament=165 (Begins with 930th chapter of the Bible)

And as for George Santos, as we have said, the whole time, he is a tribute to Revelation and the Synagogue of Satan. Today can be written 12/1. *Revelation=121

Also, notice the Cowboys became 9-3 on the anniversary of George H.W. Bush’s death, #41, who died November 30, 2018. In the game Dak Prescott got his 41st home win, and Geno Smith got his 35th regular season loss. We don’t cal it “35 Thursday” for nothing.
Dallas=41, Skull and Bones=41
Thursday=35, Skull and Bones=149 (35th prime)
Skull and Bones=76 (There were 76 total points scored in the game)

Today is the 76th anniversary of the death of Aleister Crowley.

“Henry A. Kissinger Legacy” writeup from his own site after his November 29, 2023 death (shaper of post-World War Order)

Death Freemasonry Jesuit Jewish Related Military Murder by Numbers New World Order News Secret Societies War World War

Kissinger was the 56th Secretary of State, and as it says, he helped create the post World War “Order.” Notice the words ‘world’ and ‘order’ are in that phrase, as in New World Order, a phrase his associates and others in high place, all across the world, use. It is evidence of the secretive Illuminati, that is made known, but not understood.

Now recall, the World Wars began with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria (the same place Hitler was from). That assassination was blamed on a political and secretive group, ‘Black Hand.’

Notice the 56 and 187 in Black Hand.

Henry Kissinger was the 56th US Secretary of State, and he died November 29 in the US, his 187th day of his age, and he died in Israel time November 30, 187 days after his May 27, 2023 birthday.
Society of Jesus=187, Brotherhood of Death=187, Holy Roman Empire=187
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=187

You could also say he died on his 188th day of his age, going with Kissinger being from Bavaria.
Bavarian Illuminati=188 (1+2+5+10+20+50+100)

The biggest number on those dollar bills is $100, his age of death. Coincidence?

Again, it is all biblical, and there are 187 chapters in the Torah.
Society of Jesus=56 & 187, Abrahamic=56 & 187

For one last point, Kissinger died on 83 date numerology U.S. time, going with his website addressing him as Henry A. Kissinger, equating to 83, like ‘Miriam Adelson,’ who got the NBA team from the “lone star” state, having similar symbolism to Israel, where Kissinger’s people are.
For one last point, Kissinger died on 83 date numerology U.S. time, going with his website addressing him as Henry A. Kissinger, equating to 83, like ‘Miriam Adelson,’ who got the NBA team from the “lone star” state, having similar symbolism to Israel, where Kissinger’s people are.

The Synagogue of Satan=223 *Philadelphia=223

Notice these overlaps, 182/83/223/88

Satan comes to earth in a bolt of lightning.
Devil=83, Beast=88

Britain had control of Palestine after World War II before it was given to the Jews migrating from Europe to Israel as a result of the World Wars.

Shane MacGowan, lead singer of The Pogues

Celebrity Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

Shane MacGowan is dead at age 65, fitting.
Shane MacGowan=65, Music=65

The news breaks 25 days before his Christmas birthday on the 25th of December.
Death=25, Rock=25, Pogues=25

He died on the 29th of November. *Pogues=29

Wikipedia has the wrong date of death for the time being, as the article states, he passed Thursday, November 29, 2023, a date with 83 numerology. *11/29/2023=11+29+20+23=83

Charlotte Hornets @ Brooklyn Nets, November 30, 2023, in light of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant +

Celebrity Death History Jesuit Murder by Numbers Secret Societies Sports

Brooklyn is Michael Jordan’s home and on November 3 Brooklyn played the Chicago Bulls, of course, Jordan’s most remembered team. Now, on November 30, Brooklyn plays the team Mr. 113, MJ, owned, but had to give up earlier this year, supposedly because of gambling. 11/3 11/30 113.
Michael Jordan=113
Kobe Bryant=113 & 41
-Kobe dead at 41
-NBA locked down on 11th of March due to Coronavirus
-11th of March, is 11/3, like 113
Coronavirus Pandemic=113
The National Basketball Association=113

And let us not forget that the Hornets are the only 201 team in the NBA.
Charlotte Hornets=201
Order of Illuminati=201
The Jesuit Order=201

Read about the death of Bobby Knight on November 1, 2023, while 5th all-time in college hoops wins as a head coach, and dead 5 days before the start of the college basketball season (basketball is a game of 5 on 5) on November 6, 2023. He was the last coach to beat Michael Jordan in college and North Carolina (where Charlotte is).

Read about the death of Walter Davis, the man Michael Jordan said was his favorite player, and whose game he tried to emulate. He died the next day, November 2, 2023, one day before the November 3 ritual, on the anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s debut. Notice it was against Minnesota, where the Lakers are from, the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Don’t forget Kobe was drafted by Charlotte and traded to the Lakers.

Basketball=85 (91-85 score) *Jordan’s first NBA season was ’85

Lakers won with 91, the 13th triangular number. *LA=13 & 41 (13th prime)

Think of Kobe, dead at 41, and Gianna, dead at 13.

Of course, Kobe was the 13th pick of the draft.

Again, November 30 (11+30=41) is 41 weeks into Jordan’s age.

Remember the Russell Trust and Skull and Bones and the NBA… and the Jesuits, and the Illuminati?
Skull and Bones=41
Kobe Bryant=41
USA=41 (13th prime)

And more importantly, in this case…
Brooklyn=41 (Nets=13)

Notice Jordan’s 13 years with the Hornets… (who was a whore for the nets league?)

The Jesuits had a 41 year suppression. The USA was formed in that time…

And the Jesuits and the Templars serve the Pope, and Kobe died while traveling from Catholic Mass, on a Sunday, on Pope Francis’ 41st day of his age (Pope Francis born December 17, 1936). *Templar=41

Watch to see if the Nets become 7-4 @ home in the game vs. Charlotte. Of course, Jordan’s father was found dead off I-74, and Kobe Bryant died in the 74th NBA season, a death paired with Moses Malone, who was drafted in ’74. And of course Moses and Jordan are very biblical, as is Genesis 7:4, pertaining to death and destruction. *Killing=74 *Cross=74 *Crucify=41 (Long story short)

Kobe Bryant=41 (dead in 74th season)
Moses Malone=41 (drafted in ’74, dead in ritual with Kobe)
Exodus=74 (about Moses)

And about the Pope, November 30, 2023 is 17 days before his 87th birthday December 17.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=201 (Pope Francis real name)

November 30 is also 17 weeks after August 3, 2023. NBA=17

For another layer on the 17 thing… Michael Jordan=59, Pope Francis=59 (17th prime)

And don’t forget Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope, and the first to live in Suite 201 at the Vatican. Funny enough, this country was created in the time of the Jesuit suppression, that lasted 41 years, and ended in history on the date August 7, or 8/7, like the Pope’s upcoming 87th birthday.

About 87, think of MJ’s replacement in Space Jam, LeBron James.
The Catholic Church=87 *James=87

August 3, 2023 to November 30, 2023 is also 119 days. Vatican=119 *Francis=119

And for one more, read about Michael Jordan’s July 6 sighting in Italy, 201 days after the Pope’s 86th birthday, like the year Jordan’s first NBA season ended, ’86. *Symbol=86 *Pyramid=87

You know about the pyramid and 201 of course…
Bavarian Illuminati=188 (Order of Illuminati=201)
Great of All Time=188 (MJ is known as the GOAT)
Michael Jeffrey Jordan=188
-Michael Jeffrey Jordan=98
-National Basketball Association=98

Never forget all the 201s with Tom Brady, including him throwing for 201 yard in his last Super Bowl, which he won at age 43, 188 days after his birthday.
Greatest of All Time=188, GOAT=43

Jimmy Carter in hospice care, but expected to attend his wife’s funeral, Tuesday, November 28, 2023 (What is 47?)

Death Federal Government History Murder by Numbers News

This will take place Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

Of course, 11/28, is like 1128, the 47th triangular number.
White House=47

Time is the ultimate authority.

This service will come on Jimmy Carter’s 59th day of his age, or 58 days after his birthday.

Of course, Joe Biden was the “winner” of the 59th US Presidential Election, and he has the parallel to John F. Kennedy, as well as the Pope.
John F. Kennedy=59
Pope Francis=59

Jimmy Carter also has those parallels to JFK, and his wife died right before the JFK death anniversary.

Marty Krofft, co-creator of H.R. Pufnstuf and Land of the Lost, dead at 86, Sunday, November 26, 2023

Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers News Secret Societies
Land of the Lost=52 *Beaver Moon=52 (He is dead the day of the full moon of November, the Beaver Moon)

Per Google, he reportedly died at the 33rd minute of the day, November 26, 2023, at age 86.

He was born April 9, 1937. That means he also died 33 weeks after his birthday.

The only day of the week that equates to 33 is ‘Sunday.’ *Sunday=33 & 21

He is dead the day of a full moon. *Lunar=33 & 21

Today is 231 days after his birthday, the 21st triangular number. Today is also 21 days before the Pope’s birthday, while the Pope is still 86 years old. *Jesuits=86 (Jesuit=21).

His name fits. *Marty Krofft=54/144/153 *Jesuit Order=54/144/153

Notice, he is dead 54 years after the first episode of the show H.R. Pufnstuf.

He is dead 81 days after the September 6, 2023 anniversary of the show, and after a week of 81 rituals including Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, November 20, 2023. *Ritual=81 & 81

Land of the Lost came out September 7, 1974, 151 days after his birthday.
Land of the Lost = 151 (36th prime)
Full Moon = 36 & 36 (Dead the day of the Full Moon)

The show’s conclusion is coming up on its 47 year anniversary, December 4, 2023.

I have not seen these shows, but it makes me wonder what was in them.

Former Mets catcher Ron Hodges dies at 74, Black Friday, November 24, 2023

Death Murder by Numbers News Sports

Ron Hodges career ended with the New York Mets in 1984, 39 years ago.
New York=39

Keep in mind it is the city on the 74th Meridian West, and Hodges rookie season counted as the ’74 season, going with his sudden death at age 74.

It goes with him dying from a sudden illness, when historically those deaths tended to be from poison.
Poison=74, Killing=74, Occult=74, Masonic=74

For another interesting tidbit, he played in exactly 666 games with the Mets.
New York=666

Israel and Hamas on brink of hostage deal, November 21, 2023 (after the death of Jimmy Carter’s wife)

Catholic Church Death Freemasonry History Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military Murder by Numbers New World Order News Predictive Programming Religion Secret Societies War World War
Hostage Deal=56, Society of Jesus=56, Freemasons=56
Israel and Hamas on brink of hostage deal=146 (The war began 146 days after Israel’s birthday) *United Kingdom=146

This news comes November 21, 2023, a date with 75 numerology. Again, Israel turned 75 on May 14, 2023, earlier this year. Today is 191 days after May 14 (191, 43rd prime — Hostage Deal=43).

The math: 11/21/2023=11+21+20+23=75

Israel was established May14, 1948 (75 years ago).

And never forget this headline, from October 9, 1940.

The math: 10/6/1940=10+6+19+40=75

Catholic Church=75
Roman Catholic=75
*Ignatius of Loyola=75
Order Out of Chaos=75
New World Order=75

And again, regarding the subject matter, a hostage deal… Hostage=75.

Furthermore, today is 45 days after the war began in Israel, October 7, 2023, and today is 44 days after Israel declared war on Hamas, Sunday, October 8.
Israel=44, Zion=44, Military=44

That would also be a span of 45 and 46 days. So the numbers to consider are 44, 45, 46, all relevant.
Holy Bible=45 & 45, Ritual=45 (Donald Trump, #45, the Messiah to return)
Catholic=46, Religion=46, Temple Mount=46, Ordo Ab Chao=46, Chaos=46 (Trump, born in ’46)

This news comes two days after the news of the death of Jimmy Carter’s wife, and Jimmy Carter was connected to the Iranian hostage crisis that ended in ’81. Of course, yesterday was Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, matching the year Jimmy Carter left office, ’81.

Jimmy Carter became President 46 years ago, in 1977, going with his 77 year marriage to his wife, which occurred on July 7, or 7/7, in 1946.

Rosalynn Carter dead the day before Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, Sunday, November 19, 2023

Catholic Church Death Federal Government Jesuit Murder by Numbers Secret Societies

Read about Rosalynn Carter going into hospice care and the news breaking on November 17, the day leaving 44 days in the year.

Now she is dead 135 days after their marriage anniversary, July 7, 2023.

Notice she died 93 days after her birthday, on a Sunday, when the sun is said to be 93 million miles away from the earth on average.
Jimmy Carter=54, Sun=54

The sun moves one degree on the astrological wheel every 72 years.

And here is the Illuminati connection.

The Illuminati was founded in Bavaria, by a Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt.

Again, Rosalynn has died 135 days after the marriage anniversary, July 7, 1946, meaning they were married for 77 years, until her passing today. And she died 93 days after her own birthday, on a Sunday, named after the object in the sky that Illuminates the world.

Notice 93 million miles is 150 milliion kilometers.

As for the marriage that began on July 7, or 7/7, and lasted 77 years, the Rose is a symbol of secrecy, and her name was Rosalynn.

Washington DC is on the 77th Meridian West.

And Carter’s presidency began in ’77, 46 years ago.

Now, number 46, Joe Biden is up next. And keep in mind the only other Catholic President besides Biden was JFK, who was assassinated at age 46.
Sacrifice=46, Catholic=46

Also, #46, Joe Biden, turns 81-years-old tomorrow, and Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter left the White House in ’81. Think about the ‘ritual.’

She is also dead 49 days after Jimmy Carter’s birthday, or on his 50th day of his age.
Washington=49 & 50

For one last point, she is dead at 96, November 19, the day leaving 42 days in the year. Keep in mind her husband was the 39th US President.
President of the United States=147
US President=147