Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

As you read, you’ll notice the story states there were fears of suicide on May 22, for the 22-year-old.

She died 263-days after her birthday (56th prime).

She died 103-days before her upcoming birthday.

*103, 27th prime

She has died on her mother’s 66th day of her age.

*Homicide = 66 *Woman = 66

Notice how the name Kyoko sums to 22.


The name of her wrestling league has gematria of 118. 

*Death = 118 *Homicide = 118

Catholic Church Jesuit Murder by Numbers

Pope John Paul II, who succeeded the 33-day, the one that went to the bed on September 27, the Jesuit birthday, and never woke up, died at age 84, on April 2, or 4/2, like 42…  Don’t forget Vatican City was established February 11, 1929, the 42nd day of the year.

Notice how Jesuit sums to 84, 78, and 42.

Pope John Paul II was born Karol Jozef Wojtyła.

He died 46-days before his birthday, a perfect ‘Catholic’ ‘sacrifice’ ritual.

He died at the Apostolic Palace, a perfect place for a blood sacrifice.

He died 319-days after his birthday.  *Killing = 319 (Satanic)

Keep in mind he became the head of Vatican City on August 26, the day leaving 127-days left in the year.

Before Vatican City, the church was HQ’s at St. Peter’s Basilica

He was replaced by Pope Benedict XVI who was 78-years-old.


Notice how the title Pope Benedict XVI ties in with the Society of Jesus.



He took his thrown April 19, 2005, a date with 21 numerology.

4/19/2005 = 4+1+9+2+0+0+5 = 21

Celebrity Murder by Numbers Sports

Jerry Sloan has died on a date with 47 numerology, May 22, 2020.

5/22/20 = 5+22+20 = 47

He was born Gerald.

He has died on a date with 67 numerology as well.  5/22/2020 = 5+22+20+20 = 67

He has died on his 56th day of his age, at age 78.  Those numbers point to the Jesuits.

*Coronavirus = 56 (The league is suspended right now due to the virus)

Keep in mind it was his former team, the Utah Jazz, that lead to the suspension of the league on March 11, 2020.

When play resumes, his death could be used for a riddle for the NBA Finals.

*Jerry Sloan = 61 *Finals = 61

Keep in mind Jerry Sloan began coaching in the ’77-’78 season with the Chicago Bulls: https://www.basketball-reference.com/coaches/sloanje01c.html

Speaking of which, there has been a lot of chatter lately about Michael Jordan’s flu game with the Bulls, against the Utah Jazz.


They had to mention the 20 trips to the playoffs, pairing with his 2020 death.  *Death = 20

May 22 leaves 223-days left in the year.  *Masonic = 223

Coronavirus Government Murder by Numbers


This is headline news May 21, 2020, the 142nd day of the leap year.  Notice how both ‘coronavirus’ and ‘President Obama’ equate to 142.

It is reported he died May 16, 2020, a date with 61 numerology.

5/16/2020 = 5+16+20+20 = 61

5/16/20 = 5+16+20 = 41 *Becoming = 41

The name Wilson Roosevelt Jerman sums to 283, the 61st prime.

His name also sums to 95, as well as 121, both signature numbers in the ongoing “outbreak”.

He died on Michelle Obama’s 121st day of her age.

Read more about the coronavirus outbreak and 121 here:  https://gematriaeffect.news/siriusxm-makes-channel-121-the-coronavirus-channel-during-outbreak/

95 is a number of the Jesuit Order.  *Fauci = 95

The word ‘butler’ also fits in.

Obama was born August 4, or 8/4, and Fauci has been in his throne since 1984, and as we covered, the pandemic was declared 78-days after his birthday.

Last, the date numerology of this story is fitting.

5/21/20 = 5+21+20 = 46 *Virus = 46 *Sacrifice = 46 *Catholic = 46

5/21/2020 = 5+21+20+20 = 66 *Corona = 66

Celebrity Murder by Numbers

This occurred Tuesday, May 19, 2020, the 44 / 64 date that we circled months in advance.

5/19/20 = 5+19+20 = 44

5/19/2020 = 5+19+20+20 = 64

His surviving girlfriend is 34, connecting to ‘Mills’, ‘murder’ and ‘suicide’.

This news comes a span of 83-days from Mills’ 30th birthday.

And for the record, ‘Mayfield, Kentucky’ syncs with ‘murder-suicide’.


History Jesuit Murder by Numbers

What do you know, the former Black Pope, the Jesuit Superior General, is dead at 84.  Let’s pretend I didn’t already write a book about the Jesuits and 84, the organization founded by Ignatius of Loyola, who died 84-days from his birthday.

Pope Francis is currently in his 84th year of life, and was born on a date with 84 numerology.

12/17/1936 = 12+17+19+36 = 84

He has died 155-days after Pope Francis’ 83rd birthday, during the time of the ‘coronavirus’ pandemic, an agenda lead by the Jesuits.

155 also connects to ‘Christianity’, as does 65, the date numerology.

5/20/2020 = 5+20+20+20 = 65

His location of death fits in with the ritual as well, Tokyo, Japan, summing to 142.

Read about the current Black Pope and the coronavirus outbreak:  https://gematriaeffect.news/the-black-pope-arturo-sosa/

He is dead on Arturo Sosa’s 191st day of his age, the current Superior General.


He has died on May 20, the day leaving 225-days left in the year.

Notice how his name, Adolfo Nicolas, was perfect for the ‘Jesuit Order’.

Notice why Japan is a fitting location for the 30th superior general of the Jesuits to die.

He was born April 29, what is typically the 119th day of the year.

5/20/2020 = 5+2+0+(20+20) = 47

He is dead 21-days after his birthday, or on his 22nd day of his age.

*Bible = 21

*Jesuit Order = 153; *Holy Bible = 153 / 45 *5/20/20 = 5+20+20 = 45

In the 21st Century, the wars waged have been focused on the biblical lands, where the crusades took place, that were lead by the Catholic Church, who the Jesuits serve.

Notice he entered the Jesuits in 1953, and ordained the priesthood in 1967, 53-years ago.


From 1978 to 1984?

In 1993 he became the Provincial of the Jesuit Province of Japan?

The word Provincial syncs with ‘Society of Jesus’.

Big Tech Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Today Google pays tribute to Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s 61st birthday.

Recall, this man died on his 38th day of being 38-years-old.

Read more about 38 and death here:  https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2018/07/38-murder-by-numbers-movie-poster-and.html

He died in the year ’97 as well.

*Notorious = 97 (Notorious BIG, another big musician, died in ’97 as well)


Despite the fact he was overweight, I don’t think it was his cause of death.  I think it was murder by numbers.

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Read the prior post on his May 17, 2020 disappearance:  https://gematriaeffect.news/ex-wwe-star-shad-gaspard-goes-missing-at-sunday-swim-at-venice-beach-may-17-2020/


Notice, they saved reporting his death for the 20th of May, in 2020, when 20 is the number of death. *5/20 = 5+20 = 25

This news comes on a date with 65 numerology, and is central to California, at the time of the ‘pandemic’.  Perhaps the fear generated from this story will be used as a deterrent to keep Californians off the beach.  5/20/2020 = 5+20+20+20 = 65

The date also has 45 numerology, and they say he was taken by the Rip Tide.

5/20/20 = 5+20+20 = 45

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

This news comes May 19, 2020, the 44 / 64 date.  *Kill = 44 / 64

He played the part of Tyler Crowley in Twilight.

Aleister Crowley?

The death was six days earlier, May 13, a date with 38 numerology.

5/13/20 = 5+13+20 = 38 *Death = 38 *Murder = 38 *RIP = 38

Read about 38 and death here:  https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2018/07/38-murder-by-numbers-movie-poster-and.html

His name had fateful gematria.

*Death = 218 *Murder = 79

*Sacrifice = 73 *Ritual Sacrifice = 73


He died 206-days before his birthday.

Celebrity Murder by Numbers Sports

This news was announce May 18, 2020, a date with 63 numerology.

5/18/2020 = 5+18+20+20 = 63

*Pittsburgh Pirates = 228 *Diamondbacks = 228 *Death = 228


The news comes 222-days after his 31st birthday.

222 has been a huge number in sports and in news this year, as covered.