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Read about the news of Geno Hayes in ill health from April 22, 2021, the day of the death of Shock G.


Wikipedia is reporting he died April 26, 2021, the 116th day of the year.

Notice how 116 connects to Tampa, Florida and Tom Brady’s full name, the man who won Super Bowl 55 with Tampa, in Tampa, right after the MLB team, the Rays, came up short in the 116th World Series.

As for the 51 date numerology, that also connects with ‘Tampa’.

And it was a span of 79 days from the Super Bowl, February 7, 2021.

Society of Jesus = 79
Murder = 79

This news also comes 266 days after Tom Brady’s 43rd birthday.

Iesus Hominum Salvator is a Jesuit Order motto.

Geno Hayes wore #54 for the Bucs.

Jesuit Order = 54

Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Sports

This death came Sunday, April 11, 2021, the 101st day of the year.

Consider the victim’s father was a former NFL player.

Furthermore, the 101st NFL season was won by Tom Brady, who went to Michigan, like Molly Lillard.

And of course the 101st NFL season ended with Super Bowl 55, connecting to the name ‘Molly Lillard’.

As for her being killed in Arizona, that is Rob Gronkowski town.

It is possible this story is a clue for the upcoming 102nd season as well, because the killing happened on a 56 date numerology, similar to how the 102nd season ends with Super Bowl 56.


The death came 19 days before Al Toon’s 58th birthday, April 30, 2021.

Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

Dead at 46.

Sacrifice = 46
Execution = 46


He died April 10, and had his stroke April 8, a date written 4/8, or 8/4, like 48 and 84.

Notice how 48 connects with ‘Aguilar’.

And how 84 connects with ‘Simpson’.

Jesuit = 84

This occurred 54 days after Matt Groening’ 67th birthday, February 15, 2021. *He was born in ’54.

Jesuit Order = 54
Evergreen = 54 (Where he went to college)

Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Sports

This man died Saturday, April 24, 2021, one week before the 147th Kentucky Derby, also known as the ‘Run for the Roses’, which takes place in Louisville, Kentucky, 75 land.

John T. Ward = 49
4/21/24 = 4+21+24 = 49


He died on his 266th day of his age.

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266

38 Weeks
Death = 38, Murder = 38, Killing = 38, RIP = 38

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Sports
Azaylia = 42, Saturn = 42 (The child died on a Saturday, named after Saturn)


The child died April 24, 2021, the 114th day of the year.

The child’s name is Azaylia, equating to 114.

And notice how Ashley Cain equates to 56, part of a familiar pattern.

And would you believe Ashley Cain’s birthday is September 27, the big day for the Jesuits in history?

Society of Jesus = 56

#Coventry is where the vaccine began for the world…

And notice his daughter died exactly 30 weeks into his age, 30.

Notice how the girl’s name equates to 30, Azaylia.

Bible = 2+9+2+12+5 = 30

And sadly, she died 257 days after her birthday, connecting to ‘blood sacrifice’.

Total Solar Eclipse = 257 (There is one one June 10, 2021, 108 days after Daft Punk 2/22/21 video)

We just talked about Scottie Pippen’s son dying on the day leaving 257 days in the year, while Pippen is 55.

257, 55th prime *Satan = 55

Fitting in, they’re saying she died from AML, equating to 55.

And notice her birthday is August 10, or 10/8, like 108, going with her full name, Azaylia Diamond Cain.

And she died on a date with 49 numerology, connecting to leukemia.

4/24/21 = 4+24+21 = 49
*Revelation = 49

The article mentions she was ‘eight’ months old.

AML = 19 (8th prime number)
Blood Sacrifice = 67 (19th prime) *AML = 19
Blood Sacrifice = 257 (55th prime) *AML = 55

Awards Ceremony Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers

This man who is known for making dresses that the actresses wear to the Oscars, is being announced dead, on the day of the Oscars, the 93rd Academy Awards.

He died in ‘Paris, France’ from ‘coronavirus’.

Coronavirus = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Paris, France = 56 (Home of the Jesuits)

Alber Elbaz = 84
Jesuit = 84
Sunday = 84

This fits in with Lanvin as well.

Lanvin = 27 / 36 / 72
Paris = 27 / 36 / 72
Jesuit Order = 72
IHS = 36

This man died 49 days before his 60th birthday, on April 24, 2021, a date with 49 numerology.

4/24/21 = 4+24+21 = 49

This number is popular right now, from the France stabbing to the DMX death on April 9, or 4/9, along with Prince Phillip.

Alber Elbaz = 60 (Ritual synced with 60th birthday)
Meryl Streep = 60


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They’re reporting that DMX sold over 74 million records prior to his death.

Rapper = 74
Makaveli = 74 (Tupac = 74)
Jesus = 74
Jesus Christ = 74
Cross = 74
Messiah = 74
Gospel = 74
Parables = 74
Killing = 74

Of course DMX was announced as being in grave condition the weekend of Easter, associated with Jesus.

No doubt this is the latest MAJOR 74 ritual with a dead rapper.

And we’ll see what they report in the near future, because DMX has a new album coming out.

Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers

Read about the memorial on April 24, 2021 here.

DMX daughter will go down as the highlight of the show. And I’d increased the percentage to 99% from the comment above, and to the right.

And shortly after that, Nas came out in fatigues, and talked about Belly and meeting DMX at the beginning of his fame.

Of the two, he lives on, at age 47. Today is 222 days after Nas’ September 14, 2020 birthday.

And Nas was the first guest speaker, even before the Ruff Ryders.

DMX reportedly OD’s April 2, 2021, Nas’ 201st day of his age, and the news broke April 3, 201 days after Nas’ birthday.

And again, at the end of Belly, DMX joins the Church.

Three = 56 / 79 (This memorial is three weeks after the April 3 news of DMX being in a coma)

And think about how they have used Nas in Jesus rituals before, which this entire memorial was. All the music was directed to praising Jesus.

Remember, the DMX news came the weekend of Easter, with the OD taking place late on Good Friday.

Also, let it be known that Drag-on spoke the most honest words at the memorial.

They were also sure to show this moment at the beginning and the end of the memorial.

Sling Shot = 42
Simmons = 42
4/2 OD date