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Notice, the top middle is the front of the chopper, and as you look down the center, you see its tail, with its end. Then looking back up at the body section of the chopper, you see the four chopper blades, or the propeller. Factor this in with the predictive programming of his death in a helicopter that was foreshadowed in the cartoon Chamberlain Heights, November 16, 2016, and Nike’s The Black Mamba movie, 2011.

Chamberlain Heights: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6218436/

The Black Mamba: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1837673/

Murder by Numbers Sports

This is some “Mamba Mentality” stuff right here!

The second 50+ game came the day of the memorial to Kobe, on a date with 66 numerology.

2/24/2020 = 2+24+20+20 = 66

Read about the “66 tributes” at the Kobe Bryant Memorial, February 24, 2020:

You’ll notice in Beal two games, he scored 53 and 55, for 108-points.

Notice, Beal scored 55-points on the 55th day of the year.

Notice there were 271-points scored, the 58th prime.

The Bucks won with 137.  *137, 33rd prime *Kobe = 11+15+2+5 = 33 *Beal took 33-shots

*Don’t overlook the 41 points in the third quarter by the Wizards.

Notice, Beal scored 55-points, the day of the Kobe Bryant Memorial, on the 55th day of the year.

In the game prior, he scored 53.

It came on his 241st day of his age.

And you have to love that the Bulls scored 126, like how Kobe died on January 26, or 1/26.

As for the Wizards losing with 117, don’t forget when Kobe’s jersey was retired 117-days after his birthday:  https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2017/12/13-41-58-93-117-213-678-retirement-of.html

Why a Wizard?

And don’t overlook that Beal is 26-years-old.  Of course Bryant died on the 26th day of the year.

Murder by Numbers Politics

Clockwork.  Another dead celebrity on a 67 date, and as per usual, with a 67 name. 

2/25/2020 = 2+25+20+20 = 67

2/25/20 = 2+25+20 = 47

It’s a date with 47 numerology as well.

He has died in Cairo, Egypt, on the 56th day of the year.

Death on the 25th fits as well, for Hosni.

*97, 25th prime

He died a span of 70-days from his upcoming birthday as well.

91, or ninety-one, was a fitting age for him to die at.

Notice the war with Israel in 1973 was 47-years-ago.


His full name screams Freemasonry.

Remember, modern Freemasonry was established in 1717, then 59-years later the U.S. was established by Freemasons.  *59, 17th prime *Independence Day = 277 / 74 *Masonic = 74

He has died 3,301-days after his reign ended.  *331, 67th prime

His reign ended in February, and he has died in February.

He has died 42-weeks and 3-days after his 91st birthday. *91, 13th t.n.

Murder by Numbers Sports

This happened Sunday, February 23, 2020, the day before the Kobe Bean Bryant Memorial on 2/24.  Notice the score is 81-81, with 2:24 on the clock as they stop time.

The game was played on the 54th day of the year.

The Lakers would score another 33-points from there, to win the game.  Consider the Lakers and Celtics have 33 combined championships.  Also LeBron James would put in the winning basket, to give the team 114 total points and the W.

*King James birthday is June 19.  *619, 114th prime

As for the 33-more points…

*James = 223 (Jewish Gematria) *2/23 date of game

Lakers kept the Celtics on 161-wins vs Lakers, by beating them in Los Angeles.


Tatum of the Lakers, who trained with Kobe, scored 41.


Murder by Numbers Secret Societies

Mark Passio’s wife died February 22, 2020, the date with 28, 44 and 64 numerology. This news comes courtesy of Jay Parker, who confirmed the death was this past Saturday, the date we were keeping an eye on.

2/22/2020 = 2+22+(2+0+2+0) = 28

2/22/2020 = 2+22+20+20 = 64

2/22/20 = 2+22+20 = 44

In light of her dying on the 22nd, keep in mind Mark Passio is a former member of the ‘Satanic’ Church, established in San Francisco, on the 122nd Meridian West.

She died on Mark’s 206th day of his age.

Boule Murder by Numbers Sports

What jumps out right away, is that the name of the company sums to 115, like ‘masonic’ and ‘killing’.  Keep in mind, The Boule, which Kobe was a member of, established May 15, 1904, is 115-years-old at the time of his death.


Keep in mind the Boule’s official name, Sigma Pi Phi, sums to 55, and this story as well as Kobe Bryant tribute is coming on the 55th day of the year, February 24.

Don’t forget Kobe Bryant died on January 26, the 257th day of the Boule’s 115th year of being.

And Kobe’s and Gigi’s number factor into their date of death, January 26, as well as the ‘Boule’.

2/24 = 2+24 = 26

Ara Georgia Zobayan?  What a name.  Remember, Kobe died at 41.

As for that full name…

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

There’s a theme here.

At the Kobe Bryant Memorial, on February 24, 2020, they played Moonlight Sonata to honor Kobe Bryant, after a story was told about him learning to play the song by ear.  It was played by Alicia Keys, who remembered Kobe Bryant, the day of his death, at the Grammy’s.

2/24/2020 = 2+24+20+20 = 66

66 is that Lakers number.

*Alicia Keys = 41 *Kobe Bryan = 41 *Kobe dead at age 41

After the Moonlight Sonata rendition, they immediately went to a highlight clip of Kobe Bryant, which begins with his days in High School, at Lower Merion.

Following that, Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls spoke.

Notice how the name of the event syncs with 66.

Jimmy Kimmel was the host. His birthday is the 317th day of the year.

Don’t forget that Kobe was Mr. 666. He scored 81-points in his 666th game, he had the 6-6-6 Workout and he died in chopper. *Helicopter = 666

ESPN’s YouTube had 6.66-million subs for the broadcast, a number that climbed a lot in recent days.

The name also syncs with May 15, or 15/5, the establishment date of The Boule, May 15, 1904, which Kobe’s life was measured by, same as his father, Joe Bryant.

Read more about this tribute coming on the 55th day of the year here:

*Boule = 55 *Sigma Pi Phi = 55

The host of the event was Jimmy Kimmel, of the you know who tribe, that broadcasts nightly from the Masonic Temple of Hollywood.

His name ties into the event as well.

Recall, Kobe’s chopper reportedly departed from John Wayne Airport.

And don’t forget the Chamberlain Heights cartoon which foreshadowed Kobe’s helicopter death, came out on Kobe’s 86th day of his age, November 16, 2016.

His death at 41, all lead up to this ‘memorial’.

And for one last point, on this Boule ritual day, the Atlanta Hawks are at the Philadelphia 76ers. Of course, the Boule is from Philly, and now HQ’s in Atlanta.

Hawks on 17 wins? *NBA = 17 *Hawks = 17

Hawks on 41 losses? *Kobe Bryant = 41

Hawks on 24 aways losses? *Kobe, #24

76ers on 26 home wins? *Bryant = 26 *Boule = 26

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Science

The Washington Post put their 74 stamps on it with ‘hidden figure’.

*Masonic = 74 *Occult = 74 *Killing = 74

Of course, Masonry controls NASA.

7/29/1958 = 7+29+19+58 = 113 *Scottish = 113

The news of her death comes exactly 26-weeks after her August 26th birthday.  *101, 26th prime

Today is 2/24.  2+24 = 26

The news comes on a date with 46 numerology as well.

2/24/20 = 2+24+20 = 46


The news of her death comes 163-weeks and 3-days after the release of the film Hidden Figures.

When they release the date of death, I won’t be surprised if it was Saturday, February 22, 2020.

Murder by Numbers News Secret Societies

Notice, the mainstream media made a BIG DEAL about what would have been Steve Irwin’s 58th birthday, and because we know gematria, we know why.

*Stephen Robert Irwin = 103 *Scottish = 103 *Stingray = 103

*Bindi Irwin = 159 *Scottish Rite = 159 *Crocodile = 159

Notice the emphasis on ‘Crocodile Hunter’.

‘Irwin’, was born in ’62.

Notice Irwin died on September 4, the day leaving 118-days left in the year.

This news of his 58th birthday also came on what was a celebrity kill date, February 22, 2020.

2/22/2020 = 2+22+20+20 = 64

2/22/2020 = 2+22+(2+0+2+0) = 28

2/22/20 = 2+22+20 = 44

Keep in mind Steve Irwin was 44-years-old when he died.

Also, relevant to his name, his supposed cause of death was being stabbed by a Stingray.


Boule Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Her birthday is November 17, the day leaving 44-days left in the year, a number connecting the deaths of her father, MLK, and her grandfather, MLK Sr.

Santa Monica = 38 *Death = 38 *The Boule = 38
Santa Monica = 187 *Homicide Code
Philip Madison = 73 / 206 *Sacrifice= 73 / 206
Eddie Long = 42 *Martin = 42 *Santa Monica, CA= 42


She died in Santa Monica, a place where many die prematurely.

Read my prior post on The Boule and the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr., his brother, his nephew, his mother, and his father:  https://gematriaeffect.news/the-boule-premature-deaths-of-martin-luther-king-jr-his-brother-his-nephew-and-his-mother-father/

As you’ll see, it is a 34 and 38 show. But in that post, I missed the most obvious premature passing in his family of all in relation to The Boule, his daughter, who died on The Boule’s 103rd birthday, May 15, 2007. 

*103, 27th prime *Ritual = 27 *Yolanda = 27

Notice how they are now HQ’d in Atlanta, where her body was flown to after her premature passing. Of course, Atlanta is also the home of MLK.

And think about how they love to have LeBron James “King James”, a Boule member, with the Boule symbol tattooed on his chest, play on MLK Day.

Speaking of King, MLK’s daughter died 179-days after her birthday, the 41st prime.

And for one last point, she died on a date with 47 numerology.

5/15/2007 = 5+15+20+07 = 47