NCAA Football commission snubs Florida State University for University of Alabama,

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This news comes Sunday, December 3, 2023.

That means today, Alabama gets in the College Football Playoff exactly 201 weeks after Kobe Bryant’s death, January 26, 2020. Again, Kobe died on the anniversary of Bear Bryant’s death. Recall, Kobe Bryant’s death had a lot to do with the number 201….

Bryant=26 & 37 (Kobe died on the 37-year anniversary of Bear Bryant’s passing)

This news comes on a Sunday, and AU is the abbreviation for gold (in alchemy gold is the sun).
Aflac=31, Alabama=31 (11th prime) (Sun has 11 year cycle)

Recall, Kobe’s death was synced with the Pope, dying at 41, while traveling from Catholic Mass, on the Pope’s 41st day of his age. *Catholic Pope=201 *Pope=56

And recall, Kobe was buried in Corona del Mar after Event 201, the coronavirus pandemic simulation.
Coronavirus=56, Covid Vaccine=56, Corona del Mar=56, Anthony Fauci=56, Gavin Newsom=56

And the list goes on… It’s also no accident Deion Sanders is 56-years-old right now.
Black Lives Matter=56

Remember, Black Lives Matter reached epic participation during the time of Covid lockdowns.

The importance of 56 is apparent.
Occultism=56, Cult=56, Freemasons=56, Society of Jesus=56

It is associated with the most famous symbol, used by the Masons, and the Jesuit legacy, the Illuminati.
All Seeing Eye=56

It is apparent in ritual after ritual.

As for the team that got snubbed, Florida State, it is a reminder that all season they have been showing the ad with Florida State alumni, Deion Sanders, and Nick Saban, the coach of Alabama.

Look at the Aflac ad spots, 56 seconds, 31 seconds… *Alabama=31

Notice Aflac was established in Georgia, where Alabama upset Georgia, December 2, 2023, in the SEC Championship game.

And for one more 56, it is the location. *Aflac Building=56

This company is 68-years-old, and today is the 337th day of the year, the 68th prime number. It’s all ‘mathematics.’ Learn #Gematria.

Sandra Day O’Connor dead at 93, Israel back to bombing Gaza on Aleister Crowley’s death anniversary and the Cowboys and their star become 9-3 on H.W.’s death anniversary

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Today is December 1, 2023, the anniversary of Aleister Crowley’s death on this day in 1947.

Blood Sacrifice=121 (12/1 date)

Crowley invented the religion that worships the number 93, known as Thelema. It’s key tennant is, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

It is why Sandra Day O’Connor is dead today at age 93.

Keep in mind George H.W. Bush died on the eve of Crowley’s death anniversary, and many contend his wife, Barbara Bush, was the daughter of Aleister Crowley. Of course, she died in her 93rd year of life. It goes with Barbara and George H.W. Bush leaving the White House in ’93. They also lost their child on the eve of Aleister Crowley’s birthday in history, back in ’53.

And notice it was Sandra Day O’Connor who helped George W. Bush replace Bill Clinton, a man who took the White House in ’93.

It also explains why Israel, drawn up on September 3, 1947, just before Crowley’s passing, is back to bombing. As we know, Israel is the “93 nation.”

Notice, Israel was drawn up 89 days before Crowley’s passing.
Aleister Crowley=89, Religion=89, Chaos=89

Of course, there are 89 chapters in the Gospel.

Notice, Henry Kissinger died November 29, 2023, the anniversary of Resolution 181 passing in 1947.

181, 42nd prime *Zionism=42 *Jesuit=42 *Freemason=42 *World War=42 *War=42

For another 181, it is Sandra Day O’Connor.

O’Connor is dead 42 years after her federal appointment in ’81. Keep in mind ‘Saturn’ is connected to death and judgement, and she was a judge. *Saturn=42 & 93. ’81 was also the year Jimmy Carter left office, and his wife just died right after Joe Biden’s 81st birthday (Ritual=81 & 81).

And notice she has the common birthday of March 23 (it’s very common for people in high places). That means she died on her 251st day of her age (54th prime), a number often paired with 93. Remember, in Thelema 93 represents ‘love,’ but in English, ‘love’ has Gematria value of 54.

And let us not forget the gematria of ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” the key tenant of Thelema, that worship the number 93.

New World Order=177, The Jesuit Order=177
The 444 days Iranian hostage crisis
The 555 foot Washington Monument
Scottish Rite=165, New Testament=165 (Begins with 930th chapter of the Bible)

And as for George Santos, as we have said, the whole time, he is a tribute to Revelation and the Synagogue of Satan. Today can be written 12/1. *Revelation=121

Also, notice the Cowboys became 9-3 on the anniversary of George H.W. Bush’s death, #41, who died November 30, 2018. In the game Dak Prescott got his 41st home win, and Geno Smith got his 35th regular season loss. We don’t cal it “35 Thursday” for nothing.
Dallas=41, Skull and Bones=41
Thursday=35, Skull and Bones=149 (35th prime)
Skull and Bones=76 (There were 76 total points scored in the game)

Today is the 76th anniversary of the death of Aleister Crowley.

Maverick Carter, LeBron James manager, in trouble for using illegal bookie, November 30, 2023 news

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This comes 51 days after Maverick Carter‘s birthday, and one day after Miriam Adelson bought the Mavericks on the 51st day of her age, going with the Mavericks being established on May 1, or 5/1 in history. *Dallas Mavericks=51 *Conspiracy=51

Remember, the Mavericks just became 6-3 away on the anniversary of JFK’s assassination vs. the Lakers. And of course, LA and Dallas are the 41 and 13 cities.

If only he would have used one of Ms. Adelson’s casino’s in Las Vegas.

Mark Cuban’s timing on the Dallas Mavericks sale to Miriam Webster, November 29, 2023 (it’s Presidential, it’s 2024 election oriented)

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Miriam Adelson, the former wife of Sheldon Adelson, mega Zionist influencer, is buying the Dallas Mavericks at age 78. Notice she is also in the Casino business! This is so blatant.

This comes 150 weeks after his death, and a couple days.
Dallas Mavericks=150, Illuminati=150 *Heliocentrism=150

It’s a long story, but the sun is 150 million km away on average.

Today is also the 51st day of Miriam Adelson’s age.

Federal=51, Rome=51, Conspiracy=51

Keep in mind the Mavericks were born on May 1, the same day as the Illuminati.

Last night the rumors began, then boom, the next day, November 29, 2023, Mark Cuban is selling the Dallas Mavericks. Maybe he might have heard about “Gematria the Killing Name.” This is the Mavericks 44th season after all (Kill=44) (Joe Biden=44), a very fateful number. Today also has 83 date numerology (Murder=83, Miriam Adelson=83), going back to the year the song “Murder by Numbers” came out. *11/29/2023=11+29+20+23=83

The 83 goes with the name ‘Miriam Adelson.’

And remember, the New York Times October 6, 1940 headline, New World Order pledged to Jews, turned 83 years old, the day before the war in Israel began (and now the murders that are credited to militaries as just “deaths” and “casualties of war.”) And now anti-Semitism is the big thing.
Anti-semitism=83 (Will it pop up in regards to the new ownership?)

And notice how Wiki says Miriam Adelson is placed 44th on Forbes list. She is also 78-years-old right now, like the number of the cards in the Tarot deck.
Scottish Rite=78, Jesuit=78 *Kennedy=78
Genesis=78 (The 78th Verse of Genesis is 3:22)

This comes one week after the JFK assassination anniversary. Of course, he was the 44th term President (and #35). *Shooting=44 *Military=44 *Gun Fire=44 *Mass Shooter=44, etc. Of course, he was murdered in Dallas, and Dallas became 6-3 away in LA, the day of the JFK assassination anniversary in the year ’63. *The Illuminati=63

The 44 thing also goes with Israel, where Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, died at age 44, in 1904, 44 years before the creation of Israel. *Zion=44 *Israel=44 *Netanyahu=44

It’s a number we have been talking about with many rituals pertaining to Israel and Zionism since the war began on October 7, 2023 (in predictable fashion).

Trump was the 44th person to be US President (#45), and he will be 78 at the time of the next election. Of course, Trump cards go with Tarot.

The upcoming election is the 60th.
Mark Cuban=60, Donald Trump=60

November 22, 2023 was the 60th anniversary of the JFK assassination in ’63.
Kennedy was elected in 1960.
Lincoln was elected in 1860.
They were both killed.

Don’t forget Trump’s wife died 60 weeks into the first ever Jesuit Ignatian year.

And as for Miriam Adelson, she is between a net worth of $32 & $33 billion. Today, November 29, leaves 32 days in the year, but is also the first of the last 33 days of the year. Furthermore, Dallas is on the 32nd Parallel, sprawling with its suburbs into the 33rd parallel.

The Mavericks won the NBA Finals in 2011, the Mavericks’ 32nd season. Those Finals ended on George H.W. Bush’s birthday, #41, going with Dallas established in 1841. *Dallas=41

It was Bush’s 87th birthday, and he began running for office for President while VP in October of 1987, a little more than a year before the ’88 election.

Order of Illuminati=105 (Winning score in the closeout game)
It was ’11, and George H.W. Bush gave his speech about a New World Order, 11 years to the day of 9/11/2001
Of course, his son was US President when that happened, also a member of Order 322, Yale, Skull and Bones
*Skull and Bones=41, Dallas=41, H.W. Bush was #41, Dallas was established in the year 1841 & Bush and JFK…

Notice Cuban bought the team from Ross Perot Jr. Of course, they say Ross Perot Jr. helped Bill Clinton beat George H.W. Bush in the 1992 election, because his candidacy stole from what they say would have been George H.W. Bush’s supporters.

And again, this happened on Bush’s 87th birthday. *Clinton=87

Keep in mind the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl in ’93, 11 days after Bill Clinton took office. They did well in his time in office, the former Governor of Arkansas. As for ’93, they beat the Bills, named after Buffalo Bill, who had his 322 mile journey. Think of Order 322 at Yale, where George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush all attended Yale, and it has been revealed both Bushes were in Skull and Bones, one of many powerful secret societies at the campus.

Also, in light of this potential latest clue, remember what we have been saying about the upcoming June 1, 2024 date, and the number 152, in light of Biden’s first President’s Day falling on 15/2, the 46th day of the year? Remember what we said about how it would matter when he was 81 years old?
President Biden=81 (81 million votes)
Sheldon Gary Adelson=81 (Biden is 81-year-old right now, he turned Nov. 20, 2023)
Joe Biden=152 (like 15/2)
Pennsylvania=152 (where Joe’s from) (Pennsylvania Ave.)

For one last point, November 28, 2023, the same day the rumor of the sale came, he announced he was also leaving Shark Tank in a year. Talk about a career changing day. As we know, 11/28 is like 1128, and 1128 is the 47th triangular number, very important to “the club” George Carlin talked about.

Shark Tank=103 *Jesuits=103

It goes with Biden being the “winner” of the 59th US Presidential Election and Benedict stepping down on the 59th day of the year to make way for Pope Francis, born on the 17th (59, 17th prime).
Shark Tank=59
John F. Kennedy=59
Pope Francis=59

Remember, Freemasonry was created in 1717, and 59 years later so was the Illuminati, and the US.

And notice the 33 in the CNN article.
Masonry=33, Order=33, Secrecy=33

The rumor of the sale began November 28, the day leaving 33 days in the year.
Munger=33 (Charlie Munger died on this day)

LeBron James worst defeat vs. Philadelphia came one day before the anniversary of Jordan’s worst defeat with Bulls, November 28, 1992

History Sports

So LeBron’s worst defeat, November 27, 2023, game one day before the anniversary of Jordan’s worst defeat, November 28, 1992? Again Darvin Ham, the coach of the Lakers, stayed on 61 wins, 283 days after Jordan’s birthday, in LeBron’s disappointing game at Philadelphia (283, 61st prime — Philadelphia=61 — 11+27+23=61).

Notice Jordan’s worst defeat was by 37 points. *Jordan=37 *Chicago=37

Also, Jordan’s worst defeat was 9 months and 11 day after his February 17 birthday in New York.

Furthermore, Jordan also lost by 44 when he was with the Wizards *Wizards=44

This game was played 334 days (11 months) after Jordan’s 38th birthday.

LeBron’s November 27 blowout loss to Philadelphia was 332 days after his 38th birthday.

LeBron James suffers worst loss of career, 44 point differential, November 27, 2023

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The Lakers lost by 44, 138-94, and the NBA court is 94′ long. It also reminds us that LeBron signed his lifetime deal with Nike while the company was 44-years-old.

Ad notice how they got the 42 in there. *LeBron James=42 *Jesuit=42 *Freemason=42

And notice how they got that Embiid shot 60% from the floor. *Order=60

This news also comes in the 201st week since Kobe Bryant’s death. *The Jesuit Order=201

Of course, Kobe was from Philadelphia, connected to the ‘Synagogue of Satan,’ and partially explaining why his career high in points, 81, was in his 666th game.
*Kobe Bean Bryant=81 *Mark of the Beast=81

There were also 232 points scored in the game. *Satan=232

In this game Philly became 4-1 vs. the West *LA=41 *Kobe Bryant=41

And in light of the 42 & 60 racial code, keep in mind this happened November 27, the day leaving 34 days in the year, a number equating to the gematria of ‘black.’

For one more, Darvin Ham, the Lakers coach, stayed on 61 total wins with the team, 283 days after Jordan’s birthday (61st prime). *Philadelphia=61

Of course, MJ played his last game in Philly, Kobe’s hometown.

For one more, recall the 44 related NBA death that came just before Kobe Bryant’s.

Charlotte Hornets @ Brooklyn Nets, November 30, 2023, in light of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant +

Celebrity Death History Jesuit Murder by Numbers Secret Societies Sports

Brooklyn is Michael Jordan’s home and on November 3 Brooklyn played the Chicago Bulls, of course, Jordan’s most remembered team. Now, on November 30, Brooklyn plays the team Mr. 113, MJ, owned, but had to give up earlier this year, supposedly because of gambling. 11/3 11/30 113.
Michael Jordan=113
Kobe Bryant=113 & 41
-Kobe dead at 41
-NBA locked down on 11th of March due to Coronavirus
-11th of March, is 11/3, like 113
Coronavirus Pandemic=113
The National Basketball Association=113

And let us not forget that the Hornets are the only 201 team in the NBA.
Charlotte Hornets=201
Order of Illuminati=201
The Jesuit Order=201

Read about the death of Bobby Knight on November 1, 2023, while 5th all-time in college hoops wins as a head coach, and dead 5 days before the start of the college basketball season (basketball is a game of 5 on 5) on November 6, 2023. He was the last coach to beat Michael Jordan in college and North Carolina (where Charlotte is).

Read about the death of Walter Davis, the man Michael Jordan said was his favorite player, and whose game he tried to emulate. He died the next day, November 2, 2023, one day before the November 3 ritual, on the anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s debut. Notice it was against Minnesota, where the Lakers are from, the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Don’t forget Kobe was drafted by Charlotte and traded to the Lakers.

Basketball=85 (91-85 score) *Jordan’s first NBA season was ’85

Lakers won with 91, the 13th triangular number. *LA=13 & 41 (13th prime)

Think of Kobe, dead at 41, and Gianna, dead at 13.

Of course, Kobe was the 13th pick of the draft.

Again, November 30 (11+30=41) is 41 weeks into Jordan’s age.

Remember the Russell Trust and Skull and Bones and the NBA… and the Jesuits, and the Illuminati?
Skull and Bones=41
Kobe Bryant=41
USA=41 (13th prime)

And more importantly, in this case…
Brooklyn=41 (Nets=13)

Notice Jordan’s 13 years with the Hornets… (who was a whore for the nets league?)

The Jesuits had a 41 year suppression. The USA was formed in that time…

And the Jesuits and the Templars serve the Pope, and Kobe died while traveling from Catholic Mass, on a Sunday, on Pope Francis’ 41st day of his age (Pope Francis born December 17, 1936). *Templar=41

Watch to see if the Nets become 7-4 @ home in the game vs. Charlotte. Of course, Jordan’s father was found dead off I-74, and Kobe Bryant died in the 74th NBA season, a death paired with Moses Malone, who was drafted in ’74. And of course Moses and Jordan are very biblical, as is Genesis 7:4, pertaining to death and destruction. *Killing=74 *Cross=74 *Crucify=41 (Long story short)

Kobe Bryant=41 (dead in 74th season)
Moses Malone=41 (drafted in ’74, dead in ritual with Kobe)
Exodus=74 (about Moses)

And about the Pope, November 30, 2023 is 17 days before his 87th birthday December 17.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=201 (Pope Francis real name)

November 30 is also 17 weeks after August 3, 2023. NBA=17

For another layer on the 17 thing… Michael Jordan=59, Pope Francis=59 (17th prime)

And don’t forget Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope, and the first to live in Suite 201 at the Vatican. Funny enough, this country was created in the time of the Jesuit suppression, that lasted 41 years, and ended in history on the date August 7, or 8/7, like the Pope’s upcoming 87th birthday.

About 87, think of MJ’s replacement in Space Jam, LeBron James.
The Catholic Church=87 *James=87

August 3, 2023 to November 30, 2023 is also 119 days. Vatican=119 *Francis=119

And for one more, read about Michael Jordan’s July 6 sighting in Italy, 201 days after the Pope’s 86th birthday, like the year Jordan’s first NBA season ended, ’86. *Symbol=86 *Pyramid=87

You know about the pyramid and 201 of course…
Bavarian Illuminati=188 (Order of Illuminati=201)
Great of All Time=188 (MJ is known as the GOAT)
Michael Jeffrey Jordan=188
-Michael Jeffrey Jordan=98
-National Basketball Association=98

Never forget all the 201s with Tom Brady, including him throwing for 201 yard in his last Super Bowl, which he won at age 43, 188 days after his birthday.
Greatest of All Time=188, GOAT=43