Another Heart Ritual in Elite Football/Soccer: The Esoteric Root of the New Castle United Fan’s Game-halting Cardiac Arrest

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“When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men.”

— Manly P. Hall

The three images at the heading of this article are a heart, a dove and the glyph for the planet Venus which is also the sign for “female.” These are more than just symbols; but ancient archetypes which determine many of history’s and today’s events; events such as Sunday October 17th, 2021’s English Premier League Football match between home team New Castle United and Tottenham Hotspur in which the unprecedented move was made to stop the contest while a fan in the stands was attended do for an apparent cardiac arrest.

Whether or not you are a fan of football/soccer, this story is a ritual on multiple levels; and far transcends football or sports.

We should start off by noting that the game of football/soccer was invented in England by Freemasons who are said to have met at the Freemasons Arms pub in Covent Garden, London to create the rules and regulations of the sport, and form the governing body of English Football the Football Association.

In the above article by one of Britain’s premier newspapers The Mirror, notice the occulted homage to Freemasonry, whose modern incarnation is said to have started with the first Grand Lodge, the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster, later called the Grand Lodge of England (GLE), in 1717 (on St John’s Day, 24 June ). The article was published at 17:17 5:17 in the 24-hour clock.

17 is a key number to the Newcastle-Tottenham football game ritual. It takes place on the 17th of the month. A central ritual icon is the dove. In gematria “DOVE” sums to 17.

The medical emergency in the stands that halted the game was a cardiac arrest. Remeber that football/soccer was associated with cardiac arrest this Summer at the European Championships when Denmark’s Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest in the middle of a game vs Finland in an incident that transcended sports. See my decode on that event.

Christian Eriksen’s birthday is Valentine’s Day which is represented by the heart.

It is noteworthy that Christian Eriksen is a former player of Tottenham Hotspur who are involved in latest football-heart attack event.

Trinities have existed in multiple religious and spiritual traditions. The Babylonian trinity was Nimrod, Tammuz the resurrected Sun, and Semiramis the Sacred Feminine. In legend Semiramis was raised by doves. The dove of Semiramis was adopted by Christianity to represent the Holy Spirit of the Christian trinity.

The Ancient Egyptian trinity is Osiris, Horus, Isis. Isis is the Sacred Feminine as is Semiramis as is the Holy Spirit. Isis is Aphrodite to Greece and Venus to Rome.

Ancient trinities are expressions of the Consciousness Trinity which is Thought, Action, Emotion.

THOUGHT is represented by the skull.

ACTION is represented by the crossed femur leg bones.

EMOTION is represented by the heart.

Emotion is the Sacred Feminine; Semiramis, Holy Spirit, Isis/Venus the goddess of love. The Skull and Crossbones is a symbol of imbalance that has removed the sacred feminine, and only has thought and action, with no emotion, conscience or care.

The fan whose heart attack stopped the the Premier League football/soccer game between Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur was a local fan of New Castle United. The heart is a symbol of the Sacred Feminine principle of compassion, love and care.

New Castle United’s nickname is “The Magpies” after the black-and-white bird; the team’s colors are black and white.

The Bible’s Book of John 16:7 describes the Holy Spirit as “The Comforter.”

Was gematria employed in writing the Bible? “The Holy Spirit” sums to 167. Like John 16:7 that describes the Holy Spirit.

“The Magpies” sums to 167. Remember that the dove and the heart both represent the same thing: the Sacred Feminine principle of care, love and compassion.

Referring to the Ancient metaphorical female as “HIM” is a form of destruction-of-the-sacred-feminine. It would be as egregious as feminizing the resurrected Sun or the “ACTION” principle.

New Castle United’s opponents were Tottenham Hotspur whose Head Coach is Nuno Espírito Santo, whose last name “Espírito Santo” is Portuguese for “Holy Spirit.”

New Castle United’s are in the first season of a contract with a new uniform manufacturer named ” CASTORE” whose logo is a dove.

CASTORE brand was founded on 6th July (2015).

Latin for “DOVE” is “COLUMBA.” In gematria “COLUMBA” sums to 67 like the date that the company with the dove logo was founded 6th July; 6-7.

6th July is also July 6th written 7-6. “The Holy Spirit” sums to 76.

The heart is a symbol of Valentine’s Day. An alternate (besides February 14th) date for the observance of Valentine’s — in the Eastern Orthodox Church — is the July 6th. The founders of Castore showing consciousness of the symbols of the Sacred Feminine Principle: the dove and the heart.

The Sacred Feminine principle of care and conscience is Venus the goddess of love. “VENUS GODDESS OF LOVE” sums to 76 like the date 7-6 July 6th the alternate date for the observance of Valentine’s Day.

Of utmost significance to the ritual is that New Castle United were just bought by billionaires from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim theocracy that houses the holiest sites in Islam.

The astrotheological root of Islam is the veneration of the planet Venus. Veneris is Friday in Latin. Venus Day is the holy day of Islam.

The pentagram is a Venus symbol and an Islamic symbol.

The Prophet Mohammed named his daughter after Venus: Fatima Zahra. “ZAHRA” means Venus.

The greatest code number of the Sacred Feminine in general is the gematria value of “VENUS” of 54.

To show the power of gematria, despite two completely unrelated languages – and one being transliterated from its alphabet into a foreign alphabet – the English and the Arabic words for “VENUS” are a super match in gematria.

“Venus” in Arabic can also be “AL ZAHRA” which is a super match for the Latin word for “dove”, “COLUMBA.”

“Al Zahra” also sums to 67 the important number to this decode.

The Hebrew word for Venus is “Noga” which in Hebrew alphabet has amazing synchronicity with “Al Zahra” and “Columba.”

In gematria “Venus” sums to 54. Venus is the goddess of love; “LOVE” sums to 54. “ZAHRA” sums to 54. “ISLAM” sums to 54. “SAUDI” sums to 54. Another Islamic symbol is the “CRESCENT MOON” which sums to 54.

St. James Park the home of New Castle United, where the sacred feminine/Venus/dove ritual takes place — having just been purchased by Saudi entities — is the perfect location: It sits on the 54th parallel North.

New Castle United were founded on December 9th, 1892.

From the date of the heart attack incident — October 17th, 2021 — to the next anniversary of New Castle United’s founding, is a span of 54 days.

From the anniversary of the founding date of New Castle’s uniform/kit manufacturer (with the dove logo) — which is also an alternate Valentine’s Day — to New Castle United’s founding anniversary date, is a span of 5 months, 4 days.

Venus is the known as the “Morning Star” as it rises in the East. The Eastern location is significant to Freemasonry and Islam. The heart attack occurred in the East Stand — of course — of St. James Park.

Gematria proves that the East Stand location is not by coincidence and is indeed a Venus-related ritual. “EAST STAND” and “EAST STAR” are a mega match.

The name of the fan who had the heart attack “Alan George Smith” sums to 251. 251 is the 54th prime number.

The incident occurred on October 17th which is a date – in the tropical zodiac – in the sign of Libra. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.

42-year-old Washington State University football coach, Nick Rolovich, fired October 18, 2021, for not being vaccinated

Coronavirus Entertainment Jesuit News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Sports

This firing came Monday, October 18, 2021, the two year anniversary of Event 201, where Washington’s own Bill and Melinda Gates were some of the main sponsors of the coronavirus simulation that was.
William Henry Gates = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201

And let us not forget that Washington is the 42nd state.
Vaccine = 42
Jesuit = 42
Cougars = 42 (WSU’s nickname)
Rolovich = 42

Let us also not forget that the vaccine went live on December 8, 2020, the 42nd day of Bill Gates’ age.

And for one more, Nick Rolovich is 42 years old at the time of this ritual.

Don’t overlook that he was born in ’79 either. *Society of Jesus = 79

And don’t overlook his 2/16 birthday.
6x6x6 = 216
Vaccination = 666
Mandatory = 666
October = 666

He was also the state’s highest paid employee, with a salary of $3-million per year.

And I guarantee this ritual was all part of the contract.

He was the 33rd coach, go figure!

Aaron Rodgers gets a lot of attention for saying he owns Bears in 201st regular season meeting of Green Bay & Chicago

Advertising As News Jesuit News Sports

This news comes the day of the 201st regular season meeting between the Packers and the Bears.
Aaron Charles Rodgers = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
-Who really owns the NFL

The only time the Bears won the Super Bowl was in the ‘85-‘86 season
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85
Jesuits = 86

As Johnny Cirucci calls it, Wikipedia is Vatipedia (Vatican, Jesuits).

Jon Gruden resigns during MNF, on his 56th day of his age, as game concludes with 56 points, October 11, 2021

Entertainment Jesuit Racism Sports

Jon Gruden, Mr. NFL, Mr. MNF, resigns during MNF, on his 56th day of his age, as the Ravens from Baltimore, beat the old Baltimore team, the Colts, 31-25, thus 56 combined points. Also, in the MLB, the Red Sox beat the Rays in the ALDS, 5-6.

And let us not forget it is the year of Super Bowl 56.

If you’re not aware, Gruden supposedly said the NFLPA President had lips as big as Michelin tires in a “2011 email.”

Baltimore improved to 4-1 for the season, and the Colts, originally from Baltimore, fell to 1-4.
Baltimore = 41

For one last point, it is Christopher Columbus Day, a big day in Boston. And of course, Columbus was a huge racist.

Ravens attempting to set NFL record with 44th straight game with 100+ rushing yard performance, MNF, October 11, 2021

Entertainment Racism Sports

Let’s see if Jackson rushes for 100+ yards tonight.
Jackson = 44

Last week he had 102 rushing yards.
102nd NFL season
Slavery = 102 / 42
-Today has 42 date numerology

And keep in mind the record is 43 games.
Football = 43

Professional boxer, Keitaro Hoshino, dead at 52, October 9, 2021 (Day of Fury vs. Wilder III)

Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Sports

On the day of the very Jesuit ritual of Tyson Fury becoming 2-0-1 vs. Deontay Wilder, professional boxer Keitaro Hoshino died 56 days after his birthday.
The Jesuit Order = 201
Society of Jesus = 56
Three = 56 (Day of Fury vs. Wilder 3)

Notice he had 33 fights and 23 wins. He died on October 9, the day leaving 83 days left in the year.
Murder = 83 (83, 23rd prime)

Keep in mind Tyson Fury was 33 years old at the time of this ritual.

Tyson Fury improves to 2-0-1 vs. Deontay Wilder, October 9, 2021

Jesuit News Sports

Tyson Fury improved to 2-0-1 vs. Deontay Wilder in this fight.
The Jesuit Order = 201

Notice that below the main story is a headline about racism in sports.

Recall, in the second meeting of these same fighters, in Black History Month, February 22, 2020, Deontary Wilder stayed on 42 career wins, and Tyson Fury picked up his 30th win.
Slavery = 30 / 42
Nigger = 30 / 42
February = 42
Jesuit = 42

Thus the ritual was about race and racism.

Go figure these fights were 85 weeks apart.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85

And as for the first match, which was a draw, it was 149 weeks earlier, the 35th prime.
Catholic = 35
-Wilder was 35-years-old for this fight
–It was Wilder’s 353rd day of his age (71st prime)
Wilder = 71 *Catholic = 71 / 35

So it isn’t hard to see who is behind the race baiting rituals.

Also, this fight was 307 days before Fury’s upcoming birthday.
307, 63rd prime
Racism = 63

For another, Fury picked up his 31st win, knocking out Wilder in the 11th round.
31, 11th prime
Black = 11

And for one last point, this fight was on a date with 60 numerology.
10/9/2021 = 10+9+20+21 = 60
Nigger = 60

Manny Pacquiao’s very Jesuit, and very Saturn retirement, September 29, 2021

Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit News Sports

Manny Pacquiao retired September 29, the day leaving 93 days in the year.

As you know, 93 is the number of Saturn, and funny enough, his birthday, December 17, is the start of Saturnalia.
*Saturn = 93 / 42
-He retired at age 42

Adding to the riddle is his name gematria.
Manny Pacquiao = 201
Saturn Worship = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
*Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201
-Birth name of Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, born December 17, 1936

Notice Pope Francis was born 42 years before Manny.
Saturn = 42
Jesuit = 42

He retired 79 days before his upcoming birthday, on a 79 date numerology.
Society of Jesus = 79
9/29/2021 = 9+29+20+21 = 79

In his career, he fought in 72 events.
Jesuit Order = 72

MNF, Raiders @ Chargers (the team with lightning bolts on helmet) delayed due to lightning (despite playing in a covered stadium), October 4, 2021

Entertainment Jesuit Sports

This ritual came October 4, 2021, a date with 55 numerology, where the Chargers entered with 55 wins all-time vs. the Raiders.
10/4/2021 = 10+4+20+21 = 55

At first they said that due to the delay, they would start the game at 5:55 PM local time, but then they decided to start at 5:50. Get it?

Also, notice Gruden was notified of the game delay due to lightning by official #56, prior to the Chargers going on to win their 56th game vs. the Raiders.

Gruden would pick up his 56th loss with the Raiders after the delay.

We know who likes 56.
Society of Jesus = 56