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Round 1, Pick 13, just like Kobe Bryant in 1996

In light of George Floyd saying he was “sleepy” while having the knee of Derek Chauvin pressed into the back of his neck, May 25, 2020, the 146th day of the year, and Floyd being from Houston, where Sleepy Floyd used to play for the Rockets, take a look at the gematria of Eric Floyd, Sleepy’s name.

Eric Floyd is also 60 years old at this time, and as we know, this ritual took place on the 60th birthday of Amy Klobuchar:  https://gematriaeffect.news/amy-klobuchar-didnt-prosecute-derek-chauvin-for-shooting-42-year-old-wayne-reyes-in-2006-george-floyd-killed-on-her-60th-birthday/

Keep in mind the video went viral the day after the incident, on May 26.

And for one more, it took place 80 days after Sleepy Floyd’s birthday.

Coronavirus Murder by Numbers Sports

A July 31 return, or 31/7, like 317.  Let me remind you about Kobe Bryant’s February 24 memorial, which had A LOT to do with 317, even hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, born on the 317th day of the year:  https://gematriaeffect.news/kobe-bryant-honored-by-alicia-keys-with-moonlight-sonata-michael-jordan-february-24-2020/

This news comes on a date with 74 numerology, May 29, 2020.  This is the 74th NBA season.

5/29/2020 = 5+29+20+20 = 74

Recall, the NBA season was suspended on the 142nd day of the season, and now they want to start it back up, 142-days after the suspension began.


Notice July 31 leaves 153-days left in the year, and they’re debating on playing a 72-game season (instead of 82) before jumping into the playoffs.

July 31 will be a date with 78 numerology.  

*7/31/2020 = 7+31+20+20 = 78

*7/31/2020 = 7+31+(2+0+2+0) = 42

Because it is a leap year, July 31 will be the 213th day of the year, like how LA is the (213) area code.  Of course, that factors in with what is written about at the top, with 317, the 66th prime.  Further, from Kobe’s death, what the 317 ritual is about, to July 31, is 187-days, the homicide code for California.

From LeBron’s 2020 birthday to July 31 is 153-days.

*153, 17th triangular number *NBA = 17 *LeBron’s 17th season

From LeBron’s 35th birthday to the start date is his 215th day of his age, and (215) is the Philadelphia area code. This year, the NBA had an “area codes” advertising campaign. Of course, Kobe Bryant is from Philadelphia.

At the beginning of this season, the entire TNT crew picked the NBA Finals to be Lakers vs Philadelphia

They intend to play all the remaining games in Orlando, Florida, at the Disney complex.

As for the final destination of the games, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, the name sums to 373, the 74th prime, and again, this is the 74th NBA season.

And don’t forget, Walt Disney was a member of the DeMolay, named after the Knights Templar leader, who served the Catholic Church, same as the Jesuits.

Last, this announcement about finishing the season in Orlando comes 79 days after the suspension.

Of course, Kobe died after traveling from Catholic Mass.

*From Kobe’s February 24 memorial to today is 95-days later, or a span of 96.

-Jesuits established September 27, the day leaving 95-days in the year

-They were formed to kill the followers of the 95 Theses

-Lakers = 96; LeBron = 96

*From Kobe’s February 24 memorial to July 31 is 158-days later

-Jesuits formed August 15, or 15/8

Keep in mind, the add above, is for the 74th NBA season.

The commercial has a second title as well.

*Black Mamba = 59 / 211

*Big Philadelphia tribute, home of the 76ers

*167, 39th prime

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Nice Lakers gear. Remember, they’re originally from Minneapolis… and this is synced with Kobe’s death, a man who once wore an “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt after Eric Garner’s supposed killing.

Again, this incident is being compared to the killing of Eric Garner, by officer #99.

The George Floyd incident happened across the street from a gas station with a .99 on their pricing sign as well…

Remember, the United States of America was named so on September 9, 1776.

This agenda is to DIVIDE the States of America, and its people.

When the NBA resumes, remember, it is the 74th NBA season.

If it begins July 4, it will be a span of 41-days from the “murder”.

*Kobe Bryant = 41 *LA = 41

Also, from the March 11 suspension of the NBA, to the May 25 killing of George Floyd, was 75-days later. Notice how ‘Kobe’ and ‘neck’ both equate to 75.


Murder by Numbers News Sports

JJ Watt was part of the Mitch Lundgaard psy-op of May 15, 2019, the Boule’s birthday.  Read about that here:  https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2019/06/44-59-63-84-113-135-139-body-cam.html. and here:  https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2020/01/243-mitch-lundgaard-shooting-revisted.html

If you forgot about that incident, it involved a black man being killed, and white law enforcement, but the black man was seen as the “bad guy” last year.

Notice the emphasis on ‘It’s disgusting’.  It codes 84, like JJ Watt.

Masonry = 84 *Jesuit = 84 *United States of America = 84


Guaranteed, the George Floyd story will be synced up with the upcoming NFL season, concluding with Super Bowl 55.

Recall, LeBron compared this incident to Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers kneeling…

Notice, ‘King James’ sums to 55 as well.

Remember, LeBron is in the Boule, and so is Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for George Floyd’s family.

Again, last year’s incident was on the May 15 Boule birthday, this year it was May 25, 10-days after, and 55 is the 10th triangular number. Also, last year it was in ‘Wisconsin’.

Read more about the Boule and 55: https://gematriaeffect.news/sigma-pi-phi-the-boule-and-the-number-55-where-greek-isopsephy-meets-english-gematria/

Super Bowl 55 will be on the 38th day of the year, and George Floyd was killed in ‘Minnesota’ on 38th Street.

This does not mean the Vikings will be in the Super Bowl, but it is possible. Again, the Mitch Lundgaard story connected the Texans and Packers, who were both part of the playoff picture last season, but did not make it to the Super Bowl.

For one last point, Kobe Bryant died earlier this year January 26, 2020, in a Boule ritual. After Eric Garner’s death, he wore the “I can’t breathe” t-shirt, and he played for the Lakers, the team originally from Minneapolis.

The two deaths came a span of 121-days apart.

Celebrity Coronavirus Entertainment Sports


This golf event to raise money to fight coronavirus had the two perfect contestants, TIGER Woods, where Tiger symbolism has been all over during the time of the “pandemic”, and Phil Mickelson, who has just the right name, summing to 70 and 142.

Notice the title, “The Match: Champions for Charity” also sums to 142.

In recent times, we’ve seen the NBA suspended on the 142nd day of the season, March 11, 2020, and we’ve seen NASCAR resume on the 142nd day of the year, May 21, 2020.

As has always been the case, Tiger Woods wears the Jesuit colors on Sunday, red and black, and that reminds that Tom Brady also participated, playing 71-days before his 43rd birthday, August 3, 2020. This matters because his name sums to 35 and 46, and the match was on the 145th day of the year. In other words, he hit all the “Catholic” numbers, and as we’ve been tracking, it is the Catholic Church and more specifically the Jesuits, behind the coronavirus pandemic.

See what we wrote about his move to the Bucs, and the Knights Templar, another military order of the Catholic Church.

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

I’ve always said college basketball is heavily influenced and controlled by the Jesuits.  Here’s Eddie Sutton, a famous college hoops coach, dead at 84.

*Oklahoma State = 42 *Jesuit = 42

*Kentucky Wildcats = 201 *The Jesuit Order = 201

*Kentucky Wildcats = 231 (21st triangular number); Jesuit = 21

Notice the mention of being married to his wife for 54-years.  Keep in mind he died May 23, 2020, the 144th day of the leap year.

They even bring up Kobe Bean Bryant in the next paragraph, who died in the 54 ritual, while traveling from Catholic Mass…

Eddie Sutton died 72-days after his 84th birthday.

Last, he died on a date with 68 numerology, fitting for a ‘basketball’ coach.

5/23/2020 = 5+23+20+20 = 68


*Edward Sutton = 70 *Coronavirus = 70

Celebrities continue to die who have the coronavirus connections in their name and age.

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

As you read, you’ll notice the story states there were fears of suicide on May 22, for the 22-year-old.

She died 263-days after her birthday (56th prime).

She died 103-days before her upcoming birthday.

*103, 27th prime

She has died on her mother’s 66th day of her age.

*Homicide = 66 *Woman = 66

Notice how the name Kyoko sums to 22.


The name of her wrestling league has gematria of 118. 

*Death = 118 *Homicide = 118

Catholic Church Coronavirus Jesuit Sports


Notice, 57-year-old Patrick Ewing, the former player and coach of Georgetown, the Jesuit University, where Anthony Fauci was when he said Trump will deal with a pandemic and surprise outbreak, now has coronavirus…

*Scottish Rite = 57 *George = 57

The name Patrick Ewing sums to 71, like Catholic, reminding that the NBA and NCAA seasons were suspended on March 11, the 71st day of 2020.

Today is 72-days after March 11, the date the pandemic was declared.

This news comes 75-days before Ewing’s 58th birthday.

Coronavirus Entertainment Government News Sports

On May 21, or 5/21, like 521, the 98th prime, the #98 car won the NASCAR event.

Notice the driver, Chase David Wayne Briscoe, has a name summing to 98.

The race was at Darlington Raceway, another 98.

He drives for Ford, driving a Ford Mustang, and notice the race was 159-days after his birthday, the same day Donald Trump was at the Ford plant, the President who opened the NASCAR season at Daytona.  As we discussed then, keeping an eye on rigged NASCAR and Donald Trump was a good thought…

*Darlington = 57 *Unborn Child = 57 *Scottish Rite = 57/ 159 

*5-months & 7-days


May 21 was a span of 25-days from Trump’s 74th birthday.

The word ‘death’ also sums to 25, and Briscoe had just suffered the death of his unborn child, May 19, 2020, the date with 44 and 64 numerology.

NASCAR’s a great sport for modeling good mask behavior during the time of the ‘coronavirus’ pandemic.

*Coronavirus = 56 / 142 (May 21, 2020, the 142nd day of the year)

This was the first race since the season was suspended, and it reminds how the NBA was suspended on the 142nd day of its season, March 11.


This is hot it works.

5/19/2020 = 5+19+20+20 = 64

5/19/2020 = 5+19+(2+0+2+0) = 28

5/19/20 = 5+19+20 = 44

The race was on a date with 46 numerology, connecting to ‘sacrifice’, and ‘Michigan’, where Trump was.  5/21/20 = 5+21+20 = 46

Celebrity Murder by Numbers Sports

Jerry Sloan has died on a date with 47 numerology, May 22, 2020.

5/22/20 = 5+22+20 = 47

He was born Gerald.

He has died on a date with 67 numerology as well.  5/22/2020 = 5+22+20+20 = 67

He has died on his 56th day of his age, at age 78.  Those numbers point to the Jesuits.

*Coronavirus = 56 (The league is suspended right now due to the virus)

Keep in mind it was his former team, the Utah Jazz, that lead to the suspension of the league on March 11, 2020.

When play resumes, his death could be used for a riddle for the NBA Finals.

*Jerry Sloan = 61 *Finals = 61

Keep in mind Jerry Sloan began coaching in the ’77-’78 season with the Chicago Bulls: https://www.basketball-reference.com/coaches/sloanje01c.html

Speaking of which, there has been a lot of chatter lately about Michael Jordan’s flu game with the Bulls, against the Utah Jazz.


They had to mention the 20 trips to the playoffs, pairing with his 2020 death.  *Death = 20

May 22 leaves 223-days left in the year.  *Masonic = 223