Russell Westbrook traded to Lakers exactly 37 weeks after his birthday, July 29, 2021

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This news comes on a Thursday.
Russell Westbrook = 99
Jupiter = 99

Remember #99’s father died on a Thursday, and he played in Los Angeles. I’m talking about Wayne Gretzky of course.

This move comes 37 weeks after Westbrook’s birthday, the LA native. *Los Angeles = 37

He comes from the Wizards.

That is also 259 days.

That is also 106 days before his 33rd birthday.

This move also comes 154 days before LeBron James 37th birthday.

They call LeBron “King James.”

And don’t forget LeBron signed with the Lakers for $154-million.

And don’t forget that LeBron won his lone championship for the Cavs on June 19, 2016, the real King James’ birthday.

This move comes on a date with 57 numerology.

7/29/21 = 7+29+21 = 57 *NBA Finals = 57

ALSO, Westbrook has been traded 82 days before the season begins, when the NBA has an 82 game season.

And for one last point, Westbrook has been in the league for 13 seasons, this upcoming will be his 14th

Keep in mind this moves comes on a date with 41 numerology as well.

7/29/2021 = 7+29+(2+0+2+1) = 41
LA = 41

David Price fell to 4-1 for the season today for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

On Patreon we had the Giants, who were dogs. Cueto got to 7-5 and Giants got to 7-5 @ home for the month.
San Francisco Giants = 75

Plus again, Price became 4-1, for LA, on the 41 date numerology.

Yankees near acquiring Anthony Rizzo from the Chicago Cubs, July 29, 2021 news

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If this trade goes through tomorrow, it will be 9 days before his birthday (August 8, 2021), and on the date 30/7, like 307, the 63rd prime number.

Major League = 63
Major League Baseball = 63
Cubs = 9 / 63 (9 days before his birthday, on 30/7)

And this is in the news as well.

Veteran Scherzer and teammate Turner may be on their way to the Dodgers.

The Dodgers also got Dan Duffy from the Royals today (July 29, 2021).

Lamar Jackson gets Covid-19 on 56 date numerology, a span of 201 days from Super Bowl 56, July 28, 2021

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Lamar Jackson came down with the Covid-19 on the 56 date numerology.
7/28/21 = 7+28+21 = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56

Keep in mind the nearby Washington Nationals had a Covid-19 outbreak on this same day, July 28, 2021…

And adding insult to injury, this ritual comes a span of 201 days from Super Bowl 56.

The Jesuit Order = 201
Society of Jesus = 56

12 Washington Nationals test postive for Covid-19 while playing Philadelphia Phillies (Hello 12 Monkeys)

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On a date with 56 numerology, this news comes.
Society of Jesus = 56
Washington D.C. = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56

And notice they were playing Philadelphia. That’s the city the film 12 Monkeys is centered on, a film about a viral outbreak that changes the world.

The Euro 2020 Final: The Goat, Judas, Sacrifice and the Destruction of the Twin Pillars

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42, 67

In my previous post I mentioned that the Roman Emperor Titus came to power on June 24th, 79 . He lead the destruction of the temple and the city of Jerusalem as a military leader 9 years before becoming emperor.

The June 24th date of the Champlain Tower South is a direct allusion to the destruction of the Temple down for its twin pillar symbolism. I mentioned last week how the date June 24th or 24th June manifests in gematria. What I missed – but will now include – is that the term “TWIN TOWERS” sums to 624 in the Sumerian cipher.

“JERUSALEM” and “WEMBLEY” also sum to 624. “Wembley Stadium” equals 246.

Wembley Stadium, London, England is the site of the most recent destruction-of-the-twin- pillars ritual where on July 11th Italy representing Rome defeated England. The twin pillars were ironically most powerfully represented by their absence. The twin pillars of the original Wembley had been ritually destroyed to make way for the current modernized Stadium whose signature feature is the solar arch, known in Freemasonry as The Royal Arch.

The solar Royal Arch of the new Wembley Stadium

2021 The Year of the GOAT in Sports

The Italy vs England European Football Championship Final was ritually significant on multiple levels. At the original Solomon’s Temple and 2nd Temple in Jerusalem goats were a particular, significant animal ritually sacrificed. 2021 has been “The Year of the Goat” in sports. G.O.A.T. being an acronym for Greatest Of All Time.

But the term “goat” has multiple meanings in sports. It also means the polar opposite of “Greatest Of All Time”: the athlete responsible for his or her team’s loss. Merriam-Webster dictionary gives synonyms “whipping boy” and “fall guy” for goat.

The European Final between Italy and England – after being tied after regulation and extra time (over time to Americans) was decided by a penalty shoot-out. Each team takes 5 penalty kicks. This where the grand ritual took on another dimension: the racial coding that the gematria community is all too familiar with. Despite the enormity of pressure in this situation, England’s Manager Gareth Southgate (a reference to the South Gate of Solomon’s Temple) inexplicably (to those who do not have the eyes to see) selected the least experienced player to take the 5th pressure kick: 19 year-old Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka

Saka failed to score of course, which clinched the title for Rome. Not only did sack miss, but England’s two previous penalty takers missed as well. Only England’s first two scored. The two who scored were white, and the three who missed were black.

Those familiar with the racial code numbers of 42 and 59 deployed on black people will not be surprised that Bukayo Saka’s birthday is the 5th of September(5-9).

For a more detailed breakdown on the racial coding in this ritual check this link for the twitter page of Anthony C Davison who was all over it from the get-go.

The Illusion also did a breakdown of this aspect of the ritual on his Youtube channel.

Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka

The three players who missed were – in order as pictured above: Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka.

Mr. Davison observed that their last names together sum to 181 which is the 42nd prime number.

But if you take their first names: Marcus, Jadon, Bukayo it adds up to 59.

The Asphyxiation Theme

Another aspect of the racial aspect of the ritual has again to do with slang terminology: this time it is the term “CHOKE.” I have been discussing an ongoing asphyxiation ritual theme. Merriam Webster dictionary defines “choke” as:

No explanation should be needed as to the significance of choking in the black historical narrative. The current top civil rights slogan is “I Can’t Breathe.” Nedless to say: “CHOKE” sums to 42.

The Three Ruffians

This was steeped in Freemasonic ritual elements. Wembley is the site of a symbolically destroyed Temple of Solomon. In Masonic allegory the master builder of Solomon’s Temple Hiram Abiff is assaulted at the East, South and West gates of Solomon’s Temple. His assailants are 3 Fellow Craft 2nd degree Freemasons collectively known as “The Three Ruffians.” Rashford, Sancho and Saka most likely represent the Three Ruffians.

In gematria “RUFFIAN” sums to 42.

“Three Ruffians” sums to 201, a number that has manifested in multiple sports championships in 2021.

“Ruffian” in American terminology is a “thug”, which was a theme at the Final where there were reports of hundreds of fans storming the gates of the stadium in attempts to force their way in without paying, emblematic of the storming of the gates of Jerusalem under Roman military leader Titus.

The Triple Goat

So, Bukayo Saka who took and missed the last and decisive penalty kick for England — in the year of the sports goat — was a goat in all the wrong contexts:

  • He was goat in terms of the fall guy and culprit.
  • He is the scapegoat
  • Being the youngest and least experienced player in the team – and still a teenager – he is a KID, which is a baby goat.

The goat is symbol of the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

A glyph for Capricorn looks like the number 76.

The name “Saka” sums to 76.

Bukayo Saka was a metaphorical sacrificial goat at the Temple.

I have mentioned the underlying zodiacal and planetary elements to to the temple allegory and Jesuit/Babylonian grand rituals. Jupiter is a god/planet of high veneration. Opposition to Jupiter in astrology is Mercury. Destruction-of-Mercury is a common ritual theme. Mercury rules Gemini whose symbol is twins. The triumphant Italian Manager Roberto Mancini is a Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, just as the first openly Jesuit Pope is a Sagittarius. Bukayo Saka – like the losing England Manager Gareth Southgate – is a Virgo. Virgo, like Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

The Tarot and the Zodiac: The Hanged Man and Judas

The Zodiacal cross formed by Sagittarius/Jupiter and Gemini/Mercury on one axis, and Pisces/Jupiter (and Neptune) and Virgo/Mercury on the other — is called the Mutable Cross or St. Peter’s Cross; the Petrine Cross. This is symbolized by the upside-down cross.

The Petrine Cross which is a Mercury-Jupiter opposition cross

In the tarot tradition St. Peter’s Cross is represented by The Hanged Man Card

In some early, rare versions of the tarot The Hanged Man is depicted in a military uniform and the card is titled “Le Traitre” which is French for “The Traitor.” Some old English versions call it “The Judas Card.”

Judas is associated with goats. A goat that leads a flock to a location of slaughter is called a “Judas Goat.”

With the Italian Manager being Sagittarius, and the tournament Best Player being Pisces; Best Young Player being Sagittarius – and England’s Manager being Virgo as well as the goat Saka being Virgo – while the two major deaths leading up to the final being Gemini (Prince Philip and former England striker Paul Mariner), in addition to the destruction of the Gemini twin towers — it is clear that St. Peter’s Cross and The Hanged Man ( think of the choking theme) was at play in this dark ritual.

In gematria “The Judas Card” sums to 42

Judas is associated with suicide. Think of the England Manager’s decision to put the least experienced player in the highest pressure situation; considers to be a “suicidal” decision.

“The Mutable Cross” sums to 181 which is the 42nd prime number.


“Saint Peter’s Cross” sums to 67

“Hanged Man” sums to 67

“NOOSE” sums to 67

“CHOKING” sums to 67

If this was indeed a Jesuit influenced Freemasonic ritual – which it likely was – then the actors involved failed intentionally; especially the Manager Gareth Southgate. Astrology, tarot and gematria — through the number 67 –tell us the true occulted narrative. “Gareth Southgate” sums to 67.

“Solomon’s South Gate” sums to 67

“The Judas Goat” sums to 67

Judas is also called “Judas Thomas” and is said to have been the twin brother of Jesus. “Judas Thomas” sums to 67.

“Crucifixion” sums to 67.

Goats and other animals were sacrificed at the temple. “Blood Sacrifice” sums to 67

“King Solomon” in Latin is “SALOMONIS REGIS” which sums to 67

The Temple of Solomon is described in the Bibles book of 1Kings chapters 6-7

The 2nd temple is also known as “Zerubbabel’s Temple” which equals 67 in gematria

The England Manager’s last name is Southgate. A South Gate to the Old City of Jerusalem is called Zion Gate and was used by Israel Defense Forces in the 6 Day War in 1967.

The South gate to the Old City, Zion Gate riddled with bullets from the 6 Day War in ’67

“ITALY” sums to 67

Italy’s goal in the Final was scored by 67th minute

The attendance for the Final was 67,000 +

  • Bukayo Saka was 19 years old. The 19th prime number is 67

Aly Raisman, USA gymanstics, front and center, July 27, 2021 (and Simone Biles drops out)

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On July 27, the day leaving 157 days in the year, Aly Raisman is front and center.
-157, 37th prime

Aly Raisman = 157, United States = 157

And as for Simone Biles mental health dropout from the Japan Olympics story, it comes on 27/7.
277, 59th prime
Slave = 59
Blues = 59
Negro = 59
Rasta = 59
*Gymnastics = 59

*Update: #59 killed in MLB on this day, going three for three.

Also, the news also comes on her 137th day of her age.


Now CNN tells us about ‘the twisties’.

Joey Jordison, founding Slipknot drummer, dead at 46 in 38 ritual (just like Paul Gray)

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Have you ever heard Slipknot song’s GEMATRIA the KILLING Name?

Recall, Slipknot’s first member to die, Paul Gray, died at age 38

And not by chance, Joey Jordison died Monday, July 26, 2021, a date with a life lesson number of 38.

7/26/2021 = 7+26+(2+0+2+1) = 38

*Page 537 of Letters & Numbers talks about Slipknot and 38.
*Page 257 of Number Games talks about Paul Gray’s death at 38

Furthermore, Paul Gray died at 38, 46 days after his birthday. In this case Joey Jordison died on a 38 date numerology, at age 46.

The number 46 connects to ‘sacrifice’, ‘religion’ and ‘Catholic’. *Slipknot = 35 / 46 * Catholic = 35 / 46

Gray died on the 144th day of the year, May 24. Jesuit Order = 144

And in this case, Jordison died 144 days before Pope Francis 85th birthday.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85
Templar = 85
Christ = 85

He died on a date with 54 numerology as well.
7/26/21 = 7+26+21 = 54
Jesuit Order = 54 / 144

Slipknot and Murderdolls?

He died on his 93rd day of his age. *Saturn = 93 *Heroin = 93

He died on a date with 74 numerology as well, and dressed as Jesus.
Jesus = 74 *Cross = 74 *Messiah = 74 *Gospel = 74 *Parables = 74