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Gale Sayers was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977, emphasis on ’77, at age 34, which was 43 years go.

Black = 34

Football = 43 *RIP = 43

Gale Sayers has died 116 days after his birthday, or on his 117th day of his age.

African-American = 116 (116th World Series about to begin)

Illinois = 117 / 99

*He has died on the day leaving 99 days in the year.

His name gematria is as follows:

*Jesuit #s include 70, 112, 158 and 263


*Football = 83

*Chicago White Sox = 169 *Sayers = 39 *White Sox = 39

His death comes 137 days before Super Bowl 55, and ‘Chicago Bears’ equates to 55.

*NFL = 137 (Satanic Gematria)

He retired in 1971, 49 years before 2020.

*NFL = 49 *Super Bowl = 49 *America = 49

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This comes while Kraft is 79 years old.

Notice his birthday can be written 5/6 (June 5th, 1941).

Recall, the news came February 22, 2019, the 53rd day of the year, right after the Patriots won Super Bowl 53.

*Patriots = 53 *Los Angeles = 53

Read more about the ritual here:

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Daniel Gonzalez, an employee of Floyd Mayweather’s boxing network, was killed on September 7, or 9/7, a date in history connected to death, from Eazy-E, to Tupac, to Mac Miller, and many more. That date can be written 7/9 or 9/7, like 79 and 97.

It was a date with 56 numerology as well, and his name equated to 187.

*Danny Gonzalez = 52 *California = 52 *Mayweather = 52

*Picnic = 54 *Jesuit Order = 54 (Killed at picnic)

From Mayweather’s birthday to the death was 28 weeks, a ‘kill’ number.

And notice how his name value, 224, syncs with his 2/24 birthday.

*Kill = 28

Ritual Sacrifice = 107 (28th prime)

Notice Mayweather is 43, at the time of the death of ‘Gonzalez’.

*Killing = 43 *Masonic = 43

The death also came 170 days before Floyd’s 44th birthday.

*Sacrifice = 170

*Kill = 44 *Execution = 44

96-13, eh?

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This tribute to 201 came in Matt Ryan’s 201st game.

He came into the game 113-87 overall, and lost to Dallas in the scripted comeback.

Dallas = 113 *Cowboys = 87

Keep in mind Matt Ryan is Jesuit educated, and went to Boston College.

Notice the 54k passing yards stat before the “201 ritual”…

*As you watch the video, notice how they put the 126 on the screen. Not by chance, this game came 126 days after Matt Ryan’s birthday.

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On September 20, 2020, on Sunday Night Football, the Patriots lost the game at the Seahawks 1 yard line. Sound familiar? Say, how the Seahawks lost Super Bowl 49 to the Patriots at the 1 yard line? Adding insult to injury, Russell Wilson got his 49th home win in the game, and his 97th overall win, over Cam Newton, who was signed 97 days after being released by the Black Panthers (Carolina).

Black Panther Party = 97

This game was also 132 days after Cam’s birthday, and it reminds that Chadwick Boseman, who played T’Challa in Black Panther, died 132 weeks after the movie released.

T’Challa = 131

That means in Week 2 the Falcons paid tribute to their Super Bowl 52 choke performance against the Patriots, and the Patriots and Seahawks paid tribute to Super Bowl 49. In other words, it was just another week of rigged and themed NFL football. And sadly, it included the ritual murder of James Whites’ parents, who scored the winning TD in Super Bowl 51, in the “comeback” game. I should also note it was Matt Ryan’s 201st game and they did a massive “201 ritual” to pay tribute, and the Seahawks and Patriots played each other for the first time in 201 weeks.

The Jesuit Order = 201 (Who controls the BPP & much more)

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This news comes on his 231st day of his age, or his 33rd week.

It’s a Sunday / Jesuit ritual.

231, the 21st triangular number

Sunday Night Football is the Patriots @ Seahawks, meeting for the first time in exactly 201 weeks.

*Bible = 21

And it is the Jesuits, laying down the Biblical riddles.

Keep in mind James White scored the winning TD in Super Bowl 51, where the Patriots had the massive comeback over the Falcons. Adding insult to injury, the Falcons gave up a huge lead to the Falcons today, after a 201 ritual with Matt Ryan, in his 201st career game. Watch the 201 ritual here, and notice how the camera goes to Matt Ryan at 9:27 on the clock, after the “201 thing.” Of course, the Jesuits were recognized by Rome on 9/27, and Arthur Blank’s birthday is that day. *Rome = 51

201 ritual:

Matt Ryan came into the game 113-87.

*Dallas = 113 *Cowboys = 87

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Read more about The Undefeated and how it has helped exposed the racism and rigging of the NFL:

Last night on Patreon I discussed how it was no accident that there were 10 Black starting QBs in the NFL, and 8 of them were playing each other on September 20, the day leaving 102 days in the year. Now The Undefeated, who called last season “The Year of the Black QB”, and this season, the “Era of the Black QB”, is bringing attention to this.

‘Week Two’ also fits in with the ‘slavery’ thing.

And as we documented, last week Black QBs were 6-2 vs White QBs on the 62 date numerology, in a season that we said would have a lot to do with George Floyd’s scripted killing for TV audiences.

9/13/2020 = 9+13+20+20 = 62

Haskins vs. Murray

Mahomes vs. Taylor

Jackson vs. Watson

Newton vs. Wilson

From Week 1, these were the games where Black QBs went 6-2 vs White QBs.

Tyrod Taylor over Joe Burrow.

Kyler Murray, rookie of the year, defeated the NFC Champs.

Lamar Jackson, the league MVP, wasted Browns.

Derek Carr defeated Teddy Bridgewater, the only black QB to lose today.

Haskins beat Wentz.

Russell Wilson beat Matt Ryan.

Cam Newton beat Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Jared Goff beat Dak Prescott.

*The only Black QB who played in the day time that lost, played for the Carolina “Black Panthers”. Now in Week 2, Tom Brady plays the Carolina Black Panthers, after losing in Week 1, while the former “Black Panther QB”, Cam Newton won, playing in New England, picking up his 43rd home win of all-time, over the Dolphins, at the same time 43 year old Tom Brady lost in Florida.

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Colorado dropped 38 in the first quarter… comical…
So are the 74th combined points for the 74th NBA season…

The Nuggets fell to 8-7 in the NBA Playoffs against ‘King James’, LeBron. It’s what I expected.

They love to do the ‘number of the beast’ rituals with LeBron, as I wrote about in my first book, and have talked about many times over the years.

On this same day, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at age 87.

And don’t forget the Catholic Church runs it all.

And don’t overlook that the Nuggets lost with 114, what I call the ‘LeBron James’ number.