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This shooting comes on Ash Wednesday.

Last Wednesday, February 19, there was a mass shooting by the numbers in Hanau, Germay:

Today, they’re saying the shooter killed 6, and then himself, so 6, then 1.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a fitting place for a shooting by the numbers.

Notice it is as the Molson Coors plan, having gematria connecting to ‘gun control’, as well as ‘Freemasonry’.

Not by surprise, today is a span of 139-days to the Democratic Convention, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which begins on July 13, 2020.

If you don’t count the span, it is 138-days.  *Federal = 138

Notice the convention is in the same building the Milwaukee Bucks play in.

Today is a span of 100-days to the start of the NBA Finals, June 4, 2020.

Today has 48 date numerology.  2/26/20 = 2+26+20 = 48

Today is the 57th day of the year.

In light of gun control summing to 50, like Molson Coors, the Bucks picked up their 50th win last night.

*They’re reporting the shooter was fired today.  Have you heard this one before?

Read about the Tequila KC Bar shooting and Chiefs Super Bowl 54 win:

Read about the January 19, KC bar shooting:

As per usual, this is synced with the Mayor of the town. In this case, it came on the 81st day of Tom Barrett’s age, the 44th Mayor of Milwaukee.

His full name sums to 68, going with date numerology.  2/26/2020 = 2+26+20+20 = 68

His shortened name, Tom Barrett sums to 42 and 138.  42 is the Freemason number, and 138 is how many days it is to the DNC Convention (or a span of 139).

Regarding the 46th Governor of Wisconsin, this came 113-days after his birthday. His name is Tony Evers. *Tony Evers = 46

*Shooting = 44 *Wisconsin = 44
*Milwaukee = 100

Entertainment Esoteric Sports

The book released March 19, 2019, 157-days before Kobe’s 41st birthday. Of course, Kobe would end up dying on his 157th day of being 41-years-old, and those two numbers were prevalent throughout his playing career.

‘The Wizenard Series’ ties in with the 251 / 54 pattern that runs throughout Kobe’s career, right into his death, a day after LeBron James passed him in points scored, scoring the 54th points of the game, on January 25, or 25/1, like 251, the 54th prime.

Recall, Kobe won the NBA Finals in the 54th NBA season, 251-days after the death of Wilt Chamberlain, who was from Philly, and died in LA, just like Kobe.  Kobe was also accused of rape a span of 54-days from his birthday, in a spa with 251 gematria.

Fairwood Community Center?  Training camp?

Again, Kobe is from Philadelphia.

And LeBron passed him on January 25, or 1/25, like 125.

Kobe’s wife’s birthday is May 5, the 125th day of the year.

Of course, Wizenard is a play on Wizard.

Kobe’s second book, Epoca, released 81-days after his birthday.

Read more about that here:

Entertainment Esoteric Murder by Numbers Sports

Kobe Bryant’s book, Epoca – The Tree of Ecrof, has a cover that reminds of Kabbalah and it’s Tree of Life, which has a light half and a dark half.  The dark half is known as the Qliphoth.

The book released November 12, 81-days after Kobe Bryant’s 41st birthday.

Kobe died 75-days after the release of the book.

I have a feeling Kobe was tying to share the secret of what is taking place with the farming of athletes in this children’s book.

Notice, the male character’s name is ‘Rovi’.

The female character is Pretia.

Male?  Female?  Boule?  Baphomet system?  The GOAT?

See prior work on Kobe Bryant, his death, and the Boule.


This news broke February 20, 2020, a date with 42 numerology.

2/20/20 = 2+20+20 = 42

LeBron James = 42

Notice the suit is for $33-million.

LeBron = 33

James = 33

The suit came on his 53rd day of his age.  *Los Angeles = 53

Notice how ‘uninterrupted’ syncs with ‘basketball’.

Notice how Game Plan Inc. and Los Angeles Lakers go together.



Entertainment Murder by Numbers Racism Sports
Kasino = 24 *Kobe, #24

Notice the latest rapper to be killed is shown in Lakers gear, and he was killed February 24, 2020, the date of the Kobe Bryant Memorial.  He was killed in Dallas.

This rapper, Channel 5 J Dub, was killed Monday, February 24, 2020, a date with 46 numerology.

2/24/20 = 2+24+20 = 46

This writer changes his name to “JDud” moving forward, which is sloppy, because that isn’t his name.  I confirmed it is J Dub.

His rap name, J Dub has fateful gematria.

59 also syncs with Black Mamba.

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

Notice, the top middle is the front of the chopper, and as you look down the center, you see its tail, with its end. Then looking back up at the body section of the chopper, you see the four chopper blades, or the propeller. Factor this in with the predictive programming of his death in a helicopter that was foreshadowed in the cartoon Chamberlain Heights, November 16, 2016, and Nike’s The Black Mamba movie, 2011.

Chamberlain Heights:

The Black Mamba:

Murder by Numbers Sports

This is some “Mamba Mentality” stuff right here!

The second 50+ game came the day of the memorial to Kobe, on a date with 66 numerology.

2/24/2020 = 2+24+20+20 = 66

Read about the “66 tributes” at the Kobe Bryant Memorial, February 24, 2020:

You’ll notice in Beal two games, he scored 53 and 55, for 108-points.

Notice, Beal scored 55-points on the 55th day of the year.

Notice there were 271-points scored, the 58th prime.

The Bucks won with 137.  *137, 33rd prime *Kobe = 11+15+2+5 = 33 *Beal took 33-shots

*Don’t overlook the 41 points in the third quarter by the Wizards.

Notice, Beal scored 55-points, the day of the Kobe Bryant Memorial, on the 55th day of the year.

In the game prior, he scored 53.

It came on his 241st day of his age.

And you have to love that the Bulls scored 126, like how Kobe died on January 26, or 1/26.

As for the Wizards losing with 117, don’t forget when Kobe’s jersey was retired 117-days after his birthday:

Why a Wizard?

And don’t overlook that Beal is 26-years-old.  Of course Bryant died on the 26th day of the year.

Murder by Numbers Sports

This happened Sunday, February 23, 2020, the day before the Kobe Bean Bryant Memorial on 2/24.  Notice the score is 81-81, with 2:24 on the clock as they stop time.

The game was played on the 54th day of the year.

The Lakers would score another 33-points from there, to win the game.  Consider the Lakers and Celtics have 33 combined championships.  Also LeBron James would put in the winning basket, to give the team 114 total points and the W.

*King James birthday is June 19.  *619, 114th prime

As for the 33-more points…

*James = 223 (Jewish Gematria) *2/23 date of game

Lakers kept the Celtics on 161-wins vs Lakers, by beating them in Los Angeles.

Tatum of the Lakers, who trained with Kobe, scored 41.

Christianity History Jesuit Markets & Stocks Science Sports

Notice this headline was posted January 13, or 1/13, like 113.

Now notice the overlap with ‘apocalypse’ and ‘Kobe Bryant’, what might seem like a ridiculous comparison (but it’s not).

Recall, the cartoon that foreshadowed Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash and death was titled ‘End of Days’, a title that connects to ‘apocalypse’ and ‘Revelation’, the concluding book of the Bible.

Let us not forget that the Kobe crashed and died on the Pope’s 41st day of his age, and the 157th day of his own age.

*Kobe died a span of 41-weeks from Notre Dame burning, April 15, 2019

As for the 113 in ‘apocalypse’ as well as ‘Kobe Bryant’, don’t forget that on the Julian Calendar, January 26 was January 13, or 1/13, similar to the date of the ‘apocalypse’ story releasing on January 13 on the Gregorian Calendar.

And the only number left to cover is 58, which connects to ‘Pope Francis’, and the ‘biblical’ prophecy of Revelation.

The real King James died at age 58.

And of course his bible, the KJV, was printed in 1611.  Notice the release date of the Kobe cartoon, November 16, or 16/11.

Keep in mind Kobe is from Philadelphia, which is named in Revelation 3:7, the same concluding book of the Bible that names the number of the beast, 666. *Bryant = 37 *Los Angeles = 37

Kobe was Mr. 666.

Kobe’s ‘helicopter’ death fits in as well.

Now consider Kobe Bryant died in L.A., where L is the 12th letter, and A is the 1st, so 12.1.

Recall, the ‘Coronavirus’ outbreak headlines began January 21, or 1/21.

And to bring this back to the Pope, he is the 266th Pope, and he died exactly 266-weeks after Vanessa Bryant’s 37th birthday.

Read more about the Jesuits and 266:

Keep in mind Pope Francis is the first publicly Jesuit Pope.

Notice the pope’s birth name, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  Kobe died on 1/26.

Related:  Read about Event 201 and Coronavirus, which also syncs with Kobe Bryant and him being buried in Corona del Mar.  *Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201 (Ordinal)

Let us now read the contents of the article we began with, which goes back to Saint Malachy.

*Kobe died January 26, or 1/26

Notice Malachy, who made the prediction about 112 Pope’s further, died on November 2, or 11/2.

Keep in mind the Jesuits operate in 112 countries, and Pope Francis is the first publicly Jesuit Pope.

Notice November 2 can be written 2/11, like 211, and it leaves 59-days left in the year.

Keep in mind Kobe Bryant, the ‘Black Mamba’, died 211-days before Kobe Bryant Day, August 24, 2020, in Los Angeles, or L.A., or 12.1.  *He died in Calabsas as well.

Now you must remember that Kobe Bryant grew up in Italy, the home of the Vatican.

This is an important point that connects the Coronavirus part of this story, which the media is saying threatens the world by biblical proportions.

Read more about Coronavirus, COVID-19 and Kobe:

Now consider this, the first Military World Games were in Rome in 1995.  In 2019, the latest event, they took place in Wuhan, China, October 18, 2019.  On that same day, Event 201 was simulated, an event that predicated a Coronavirus outbreak, killing 65-million worldwide.  Consider further, that Dean Koontz, the author of the 1981 book, The Eyes of Darkness, predicted a devastating Coronavirus outbreak, that begins in Wuhan, China, and is the work of a military conspiracy.

Notice, from 1995 to 2019, was 24-years later.  Kobe wore #24.

Read more about 2019 Military World Games and Coronavirus:

Read about Event 201 & the Coronavirus Simulation:

Read about Dean Koontz’s Coronavirus prediction in 1981:

In the Dean Koontz novel, the conspiracy involved ‘Wuhan-400’.

Pope Francis, again, was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Recall, the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat, began January 25, which was Dean Koontz’s 201st day of his age, 74.  It is important to note that he is 74 because Kobe Bryant died during the 74th NBA season, and October 18, the date of the Military World Games, and the date of Event 201, left 74-days in the year.  74 is a very biblical number in itself, representing God, or G-d, or 7-4.

For one last point, the date of the Kobe Bryant Memorial, February 24, 2020, the DowJones and world markets tanked, lead by the Dow, falling over 1,000 points.

Italy was a big reason for the February 24 tanking.

And to bring it back to the prediction of “112 Popes later”…

*The Book of Revelation = 185 *Mathematics = 185 *Basketball = 185

Let us not forget that 2020 began with rumors of World War III…