Kamala Harris met Joe Biden through Beau Biden & Kamala’s first remarks as assumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, July 22, 2024

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The New York Times knows what time it is.

Today, Monday, July 22, 2024, Kamala Harris is telling the story of how she met Joe Biden through Beau Biden (who died at age 46) in her first remarks since becoming the assumptive nominee for the Democratic Party in 2024. You’ll recall he died 201 days before the sitting Pope’s birthday, the first Jesuit Pope, and the first to live in Suite 201. You’ll also remember how the same Jesuit Priest, Mr. 201, Leo Jeremiah O’Donovan, did the funeral for Beau at age 46 and the Inauguration of Joe, #46, elected exactly 46 weeks after the Pope’s birthday (Catholic=46, Sacrifice=46, 46 books in Catholic OT).

Looking back, this story about Kamala and Beau was covered in 2020, but I did not realize it until today.

Also, regarding today, it cane be written 22/7, like 227, the 49th prime. Again Kamala Harris the 49th Vice President of the United States (Kamala Harrs=49, Washington=49, America=49 *Scottish=49).

Look how the Guardian put out the story on August 11, or 11/8 (Death=118, Homicide=118).

Remember, the only other Catholic President died at age 46 (JFK), in Dallas (Dallas, Texas=118).

And we know what they did in the NBA Finals this year, with the Mavericks finishing the Finals, losing, and having an NBA Playoff record of 118-131 all-time (Celtics=118).

Again, Joe Biden’s Secret Service name is Celtic.

The Celtics also came into the NBA Finals 46-40 vs. the Mavs all-time.

Chiefs mourn the passing of Abner Haynes, the first AFL Player of the Year, 1960 (the JFK thing)

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Satanic=67 & 122 *Kansas City=67 & 122 *Blood Sacrifice=67 *Human Sacrifice=67 *Soul=67

Abner Haynes made pro football history in 1960, the year JFK became President-elect. Again, we have been focused on the JFK assassination in regards to rituals with sports, and they have been abundant, from the NBA Finals, to the Stanley Cup, to the MLB All-Star Game and more. Anyhow, Abner Haynes has now died 63 days before his birthday, like how JFK was killed in ’63.

Haynes died on 18/7, and Kennedy died in the 187th year of the nation’s existence (JFK Assassination=187, Society of Jesus=187).

He died at 86 and his last season was ’67. *Blood Sacrifice=86 & 67 *Human Sacrifice=86 & 67

Again, KC has that 67 connection. *Kansas City=67

They just won the Super Bowl while Montana was 67, the first to go back to back in 19 years.

67 is the 19th prime number.


Remember, the 60th US Presidential Election is just ahead (and it is already proving fateful, like the 1860 and 1960 elections.

He was the 55th overall pick and Super Bowl 59, upcoming, will be the 55th Super Bowl of the modern era.

He played for Denver in 1966, the year of the first Super Bowl season, and he died 303 days after his birthday. Denver is the (303) area code.

For the last week, Terrell Davis, the former Denver Bronco, has been in the news, pertaining to racism. He got arrested in Orange County, like his Broncos “orange,” and like OJ Simpson in the Bronco.

Tiger Woods became involved in Donald Trump assassination story, July 17, 2024, the 201st day of his age (at The Open in Scotland)

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CNN published this story July 18, 2024, 201 days after Tiger Woods’ 48th birthday.

Other media published it the day prior, July 17, the 201st day of Tiger’s age, 48.
The Jesuit Order=201 & 177 (like 17/7)
Order of Illuminati=201
Donald Trump=48
-Butler (the town) is named after a man who died at age 48
-The AL picked up the 48th win in the All-Star Game
-It was a major 48 ritual, involving the Pirates (near where Trump was shot)
-The Pirates pitcher Paul Skenes pitched 48 days after birthday to start game
-The Pirates were 48-48 at the time of the All-Star Game

17/7 is like 177…

Order of Illuminati=201 (Illuminati=48)
Tiger Woods=54 & 54
Jesuit Order=54
Bavaria=54 & 135
Tiger Woods=135 & 135

Read about Tiger Woods affair and “Room 201.”

The Illuminati was founded by a Jesuit in Bavaria, Adam Weishaupt, who died in history, November 18, 1830, 201 days after the May 1 establishment anniversary of the Illuminati.

Again, Tiger is 48.


152nd Open in Scotland? While Trump is 78? *Scottish Rite=78 *Jesuit=78

The shooting was just in Pennsylvania. *Pennsylvania=152

That is Joe Biden’s home state. *Joe Biden=152

Kamala was speaking in Philadelphia that day. *Kamala Devi Harris=152

And Scotland is interesting, because this happens while Trump is 78. *Scottish Rite=78

Terrell Davis’s arrest on a plane, in Orange County, July 13, 2024

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This ritual came 259 days after Terrell Davis’s birthday (Black Lives Matter=259).

This upcoming NFL season will mark 27 years since he won Super Bowl 32, his first. He also won Super Bowl 33 the following year (Ritual=27).

He was arrested in Orange County (Orange County=59, Slave=59, Negro=59, Blues=59).

Of course, this comes before the year of Super Bowl 59, and his former team, the Broncos, wear orange.


The All-Star Game after the Butler, Pennsylvania Trump shooting (and Tim Wakefield, RIP)

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Boston was the theme at the All-Star Game in Dallas where JFK died, #35, on I-35
Of course, Boston just beat Dallas in the NBA Finals a month earlier

Jarren Duran, of the Boston Red Sox, helps the AL win 5-3, while his Red Sox are on 53 wins.

Notice, the score was 3-3, after the 3rd, and the winning pitcher was Mason Miller.
Miller=33, Masonry=33, Order=33, Secrecy=33

And notice he is from Pittsburgh.

The Athletics are originally from Philadelphia and were playing the Phillies the day of the shooting
The score of that game was 11-5 (like all the 115 in the shooting)

The American League picked up their 48th win in the All-Star Game, improving to 48-44, after the shooting near Pittsburgh (Butler), the town named after a man who died at age 48. And in this case, the Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher, Paul Skenes, started the game, 48 days after his birthday, while the Pirates are 48-48 for the year.

And it goes with why #48 for Cleveland closed out the win for the American League (AL).
Cleveland=48, Donald Trump=48

Again, Cleveland was the last split-term US President, and in 2016, when Trump had his convention in Cleveland, the Cavs won the NBA Finals, and the Cleveland Indians lost to the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.

He got the close 120 days after his birthday, in the 120th MLB season *Atlanta=120 *Fenway Park=120
The Braves started in Boston *Boston Celtics=48 *Clase’s debut was 4/8 (4th of August)

And in light of the Final score being 5-3, and Boston and Pittsburgh being so central to this narrative, recall that Tim Wakefield, drafted by the Pirates, and who played for the Red Sox, along with his wife, died in the building to this season.

And in light of the Braves starting in Boston, notice they are also on 53 wins at the break.

The record flooding in Toronto July 16, 2024 in light of Justin Trudeau, Drake, Kobe Bryant and the Jesuit Order’s history of weather control

Entertainment Flood History Jesuit Military Secret Societies Sports Weather

Drake’s home is flooded on July 17, or 17/7, a date of Jesuit high ritual in the past?

Kobe’s dad is dead on Snake Day at 69 on the day of the Toronto flood, July 16, 2024 (Kobe was the Black Mamba)
Kobe scored his career high against Toronto (where the flood happened)
Genesis 6:9 (like 69) is where the story of the flood begins
Toronto’s NBA Finals win was 100% synced with Drake

New World Order=69 & 75 *Catholic Church=69 & 75 *Order=75
The Jesuit Order=Weather Control=201, 177 & 69.
Read about the “75” flood ritual in Dubai earlier this year, the year NATO turned 75.

Trudeau is Jesuit-educated, and this flood came on the day, leaving 168 days in the year (Justin Trudeau=168).

This flood came 204 days after his birthday. *Jewish Mysticism=204, 201 & 69 (Genesis 6:9).

He is 52.
Book of the Law=52
52 cards in the deck
52 weeks in the year
52 & flooding since forever

The Book of the Law=239 (52nd prime)

The first act of weather warfare admitted to on the Jesuit Order’s birthday, August 19, 1952.

Enlil (52) is the Babylonian God of flooding. Gematria goes back to Babylon (Gematria=52)(Kabbalah=52).

And there’s a lot to say about Drake.

To start, the flood came exactly 38 weeks (266 days after Drake’s birthday).
*Prophecy=38 (the flood)
*Iesus Hominum Salvator=266 (The Pope) (The Jesuits)

Drake’s birthday leaves 68 days in the year

*The flood happening in the 266th week since Toronto won the NBA Finals over Golden State, who play in the Bay Area of California (California=52).

And notice how the verse in the Bible about the flood starts in Genesis 6:9, like 69.
-The Jesuit Order=69 *Catholic Church=69 *Roman Catholic=69 *Weather Control=69

We are in the time of the 266th Pope, the first Jesuit (IHS is the Jesuit motto & logo).

The 38 weeks matter a lot (so many 38 rituals with rappers).
*Prophecy=38 *Rapper=38 *Kabbalah=38 *Energy=38 *Gematria=38 *English=38 *Jew=38

Keep in mind Drake is 37, thus in his 38th year of life.

And recall that the Dubai flooding was a span of 163 days from JFK’s weather control speech anniversary, given to the United Nations, September 25, 1961 (163, 38th prime — Prophecy=38).

Also, his being 37 right now ties in with Kobe’s father dying the same day, Snake Day, July 16. Of course, Kobe, the Black Mamba, had his career-high 81 in his 666th game vs. Toronto (Toronto=36 & 36, 666 36th tri. number)(Mark of the Beast=54 & 81, Kobe Bean Bryant=54 & 81).

Kobe scored 81, the rest of his team scored 41, and that was the Lakers and Raptors 41st games of the season.
This was 14 years before Kobe died in 2020 at age 41 (Kobe Bryant=41, LA=41) *LA=14
The Raptors had 14 wins at the end of that game
The Raptors won the Finals the year prior, on the day leaving 201 days in the year (June 13, 2019)
Satanic=122 (1/22) *It was Kobe’s 666th game


The Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses and recognized by Rome on September 27, 1540, the day leaving 95 days in the year. Notice Drake’s home as in Bridle Path (Bridle Path=95, Tuesday=95). Of course, this happened on a Tuesday (the 95 day of the week).

As we’ll get to, this flood came on the 95th day since his rap beef with Kendrick Lamar’s entry, Push Ups (Something big in the military, apparently like weather warfare).

‘The Embassy’ is also an interesting name.

The Embassy=Toronto=117 & 36
The Embassy=Jesuit Order=153 & 54

The Embassy got flooded on the 117th day of the Kendrick Lamar & Drake rap beef…

Read about the Drake & Kendrick Lamar beef beginning on March 22, 2024 here.

It began March 22, 2024, with ‘Like That.’

Also, coming back to the Old Testament, it is 39 books in Protestant Bibles, and Drake will begin his 39th year of life at the end of Hurricane season, a week before Halloween, the anniversary of Martin Luther pinning the 95 Theses (Halloween=95).

As for 39, it connects with ‘Drake’ and the date of the flood, 16/7, like 167, the 39th prime.

Secrecy=39 *Masonry=39 *Federal=39 *United States=167 (Canada’s neighbor)

Also, keep in mind that a Drake is a duck, and Duck’s go on land and water.

Again,Genesis 6:9 (the flood)
Again, Kobe’s dad dead at 69, the same day (Kobe dropped 81 in his 666th game in Toronto)
And maybe, Drake’s song. *Push Ups=69

His beef with Kendrick Lamar is funny, because Kendrick’s birth surname is ‘Duckworth.’

The flood came 29 days after his birthday. *Prophecy=29 *Black=29 *Enlil=29 *Earth=29

And for one more last point, because they really never end, notice the gematria of Drake’s full name.

Recall, Beryl formed in a 78 ritual, and made landfall on the United States (Texas) on July 8, or 7/8.

As always, 78 is large and in charge. Keep in mind the 78th NBA season just passed, and Drake is a part of it’s history (NBA Finals=78, Jesuit=78, Order Out of Chaos=78 & 75).

Oh, and notice the 2019 NBA Finals ended on the day leaving 201 days in the year, but more importantly, they began on May 30, the 150th day of the year, and the biblical flood ends in Genesis 8:3, after 150 days (Illuminati=150, Flood=83).

The Art of War | Trump’s bandaged ear at the GOP Convention, Vincent Van Goh & Ronald Reagan (& Mike Tyson + Evander Holyfield)

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In light of Trump’s bandaged ear, notice that Van Gogh, who cut off his ear, was born on March 30, the day that became the Ronald Reagan assassination in 1981.

*The Reagan assassination came on the 128th birthday anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh.

*The Reagan assassination came on the 128th birthday anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh.

The name of the painting is Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear.

Recall the 128 ritual with Salvador Dali, and the Dali hitting the Baltimore Bridge at 1:28, 128 days from Francis Scott Key’s birthday, on the 128th day of Joe Biden’s age.

Notice the gematria of van Gogh.

Trump’s assassination scare came 74 days after the birthday of the Church of Satan.
Trump’s assassination scare came 38 days after Ronald Reagan’s death anniversary.
Trump’s assassination scare came 115 days after Barron’s birthday, and 115 days before Nov. 5.
Trump’s assassination scare is compared to the assassination of the 25th President (Trump=25).

van Goh also died at 37 (shooting=37).
The shooting was 157 days before the Pope’s birthday (37th prime) (Thomas Crooks=37).
The 37th President said he wasn’t a Crook (Nixon).

And when you think ears, you think Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Notice Iron Mike is 58 years old, like the Church of Satan, like Trump, Mr. 58. Plus, 58 is 13, and the ritual was 13 days after Tyson’s birthday.

The ritual also came 38 weeks and days after Holyfield’s 61st birthday (Assassin=61).

Evander Holyfield=78 *Butler=78 (Trump is 78)

Joe Jellybean Bryant, dead at 69, 233 weeks after Kobe Bryant, July 16, 2024, news

Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers News Sports

Kobe was the Black Mamba (a snake) and now his father is announced dead on National Snak Day, July 16, 2024.

His dad is dead at 69 (Snakes=69, Illuminati=69, Catholic Church=69, New World Order=69). Recall, Kobe’s death was synced with the Pope.

LeBron passed Kobe in points scored, dropping Kobe to 4th in points all-time, the day before his death. Plus, LeBron passed Kobe in Philadelphia, Kobe’s hometown, on a court with black snakes on it.

Also, LeBron’s father, Nate Thurmond, died on this day in 2016 (he wore #42 for the Warriors and the Cavaliers, and we used him to call the Cavs and Warriors Finals before any of them were played).

Reportedly, a recent stroke is the reason for Joe’s death. It is a reminder that his son died in the 74th NBA season (Stroke=74, Killing=74).

Also, both Kobe and his father have died on 67 date numerology.
Blood Sacrifice=67
Human Sacrifice=67

Also, you’ll recall LeBron James improved to 4-6 in NBA Finals that year, on Father & Daugther Day, after Kobe and his daughter died, and he did it exactly 41 weeks after his birthday, going with Kobe dying at age 41 on the Pope’s 41st day of his age while traveling from Catholic Mass. As for the 4-6, it is similar to 46, and this death comes 199 days after LeBron’s birthday (46th prime — Sacrifice=46).

Keep in mind that LeBron is 39, today is 16/7 (167, 39th prime), and in 39 days, it will be Kobe Bryant Day in LA, August 24, 2024.


Joe Bryant’s last full day on this earth was July 15, or 15/7, remaining us that Kobe Bryant died on his 157th day of his age, January 26, 2020 (Kobe Bryant=157)(Jellybean=157).

Read more about Kobe Bryant, his father, and 157 here.

Joseph Washington Bryant=113 *Kobe Bryant=113 *The National Basketball Association=113

He has died 38 days before Kobe’s birthday anniversary, August 23, reminding us that Kobe Bryant died 38 weeks after his wife’s May 5 birthday (Death=38, Murder=38, Killing=38, RIP=38).

The 38 also goes with his name. *Joe Bryant=38

He has died 1633 days after Kobe (53 months — Los Angeles=53).

That’s also 233 weeks (13th Fibonacci #). *LA=13

Joe Bryant is also dead 49 years after being drafted by the Warriors (Warriors=49).

The news comes a span of 49 days from the anniversary of the ’75 Draft (May 29)(Jellybean=49).

Of course, there is a lot of focus on Pennsylvania this week because of the assassination attempt on Donald Trump, and it is the state the Bryants hail from.

Update: Look at the WNBA tribute at halftime today.

There were 78 points at the half and Kobe was born in ’78 (August 23, 1978)

Kobe Bryant=41 *LA=41 ***Seattle Storm=147
Los Angeles=37
(Dead on the 37th anniversary of Bear Bryant)

Kobe died on the 157th day of his age (41)(157, 37th prime).

The Sparks lost with 83, and Kobe’s death at 41 was on the Pope’s 41st day of being 83 years old (Helicopter Crash=83).

The Storm won with 89 (the 24th prime)(Los Angeles, California=89).

Swift=58 *Star=58 *Stars=58 Los Angeles Lakers=58 *Kobe Bryant=58

The Jimmy Butler & Geoffrey Butler ad that was released March 1, 2024, 135 days from the Butler assassination

Celebrity Elections Entertainment Federal Government Jesuit News Satanic Secret Societies Shooting Sports

The Jimmy Butler + Butler from Fresh Prince ad debuted March 1, 2024, a date that can be written 1/3, like 13, going with Trump’s assassination scare in Butler, PA, on the 13th of July, a span of 13 weeks from the anniversary of the Secret Service being created, where he got to post with his fist pumped under the 13 stripes (US Flag). Keep in mind the Bavarian Illuminati was founded with 13 families, and in this case, the shooting came a span of 135 days from the release of the ad.

Keep in mind March 1, 2024 was the 61st day of the leap year (Assassin=61).

Furthermore, Jimmy Butler played college basketball at Marquette, in Milwaukee, where Donald Trump had his GOP rally begin two days after the supposed shooting.

Notice that Jimmy Butler has born on September 14, the day in history William McKinley died, the man who was replaced by Teddy Roosevelt, who was shot in Milwaukee…

Miami=45 *Thirteen=45 *Ritual=45 (Jimmy Butler plays in Miami these days, Trump town)
Jimmy Butler=149 (35th prime) *JFK, #35, dead in ’63 (The shooting 63 days before Jimmy’s birthday) *Satan=35 *Baphomet=35

McKinley’s name also equates to 171, like July 13 leaves 171 days in the year.

Also, the man who played Geoffrey Butler on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was Joseph Marcell.

Notice how his name connects with the ritual.

Shooting on 13/7, like 137.
Shooting compared to 1968, 56 years ago (Society of Jesus=56, Washington DC=56).
The number 56 is 70 in base-8 counting. (Ronald Reagan=56, 70 & 214)

Notice the overlap with the Church of Satan (56, 70, 137 & 214).

We’ve talked about how this was perfectly synced with Marilyn Manson, a member of the Church of Satan
The highest degree of the Church of Satan is MAGA (Obama’s joke about Trump on 45th birthday of Church of Satan…)
The shooting came 74 days after the birthday of the Church of Satan (it turned 58 this year, like how Trump won 58th election)

And then the 214 is part of a long list connecting JFK and much more, including this shooting coming 214 days from the state of Pennsylvania’s establishment anniversary.

JFK was shot in the (214) and died at Parkland.
Parkland’s school shooting was on 2/14 (45th day of the year).
And then there is the gematria list.

Recall that Trump got stuck on 214 electoral votes in 2020 as Biden “passed” him.


The shooting was 303 days after Jimmy Butler’s birthday, and he lost in the NBA Finals to Denver, the (303) area code, like how the day of the shooting, the UFC fight was in Denver, for the first time since 2016 (when Trump won). Recall how Denver won in the NBA’s 76th anniversary season, and how “76” the “Joker” ritual was, that was synced with Trump’s appearance in court in Manhattan, where they had just filmed the latest Joker scene (and the Joker film made it’s debut at the 76th Venice Film Festival).

76 has been all over this recent shooting in Butler, including the recent BlackRock story.
Thomas Matthew Crooks=76
Donald John Trump=76
Skull and Bones=76
America, 1776

Jacoby Jones, former Texans & Ravens receiver who played in Super Bowl 47, dead in New Orleans, July 14, 2024

Celebrity Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Sports

This comes a day after the assassination attempt on Trump, on the 40th Parallel, reminding everyone of the guy who won re-election in ’84, 40 years ago, #40, Ronald Reagan.

It also goes with the Super Bowl being on the 40th day of the year, February 9, 2025.


Richard Simons of New Orleans died yesterday. *Milton Simmons=59

Now, the next day, Jacoby Jones, of New Orleans, is dead.

Jacoby Jones=38 *Death=38 *Murder=38 *Killing=38 *RIP=38

He played in the last Super Bowl in New Orleans, the Harbaugh Bowl, won by his Ravens.

He has died 53 days before the Ravens open the season for the Chiefs on September 5. As we know, 53 is a special number to the football and the NFL (Vesica Piscis=53).

He was the 73rd pick of the draft and has died on July 14, 2024, the day leaving 170 days in the year (Sacrifice=73 & 170).

The Super Bowl is in exactly 30 weeks (210 days), February 9, 2025.