Justin Bieber sports #93 Doug Gilmour Toronto Maple Leafs jersey in new music video, May 10, 2021

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Justin Bieber sports a 93 Gilmour jersey in the new trash song Let It Go

Canada has not won the NHL’s Stanley Cup since ’93.

This year they’re playing in the “Group of 7”, in the year of 7s, due to Covid. And if you missed it, the NHL had a 56 game season, going with how this music video released on a 56 date numerology.

5/10/2021 = 5+10+20+21 = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

And if you want to watch the video, it is best with earplugs.


Medina Spirit cleared for Preakness after week of controversy, Friday, May 14, 2021

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Today is May 14, or 14/5, and Medina Spirit is fresh off its Kentucky Derby win at Churchill Downs.
*Catholic = 145


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The Preakness Way shooting in Colorado Springs, CO of May 9, 2021 is clearly a ritual synced with the Preakness Stakes, May 15, 2021

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This shooting happened on Preakness Way, one weekend before the ‘Preakness’ in Baltimore. And notice how the location, the ‘Canterbury Mobile Home Park’ equates to 135, like ‘Preakness’, and the race is May 15, the 135th day of the year.

Keep in mind this shooting happened May 9, or 9/5, like 95, the day the news broke about Medina Spirit’s drug test, the horse that is the favorite for the Preakness with 9:5 odds.

The name of the track is ‘Pimlico’ and notice how ‘Colorado Springs’ also fits in.

Bryce Maximus James, LeBron’s “201” son

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Recall, LeBron James was born December 30, 1984, 201 days after the NBA Finals ended.
*The Jesuit Order = 201 / 84

And notice the 66 and 258 in LeBron’s son’s name.
Number of the Beast = 66 / 258
LeBron = 66, Lakers = 66, LeBron James = 66

And in light of them calling LeBron, King James, the real one has a ‘Bible’.
Bible = 105 (66 books in the Bible)
The Holy Bible = 201

Also, don’t overlook the birthday, June 14, 2007, the date the U.S. flag was born.

6/14/2007 = 6+14+20+07 = 47

102nd NFL season schedule released, May 12, 2021

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The 102nd NFL season will begin with the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking on the Dallas ‘Cowboys’. Of course, it is all by the numbers.

Keep in mind September 9 leaves 113 days in the year. *Dallas = 113

They call Dallas America’s team and this news came on the 132nd day of the year.

United States of America = 132
Catholic Church = 132

Keep in mind the U.S.A. was named on September 9, 1776.


Descendants of the the Twelve Tribes in Sports Ritual

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AVIATION: Ritual Themes in the 140th FA Cup Final

160, 44, 14



One of the most greatly disputed anthropological topics is the diaspora of the 12 Tribes of Israel; and which modern day community and individual is a direct descendant of the 12 tribes.

On May 15th, 2021 – a day after Israeli Independence Day – there is a major sporting event ( not acknowledged in United States ) that will take place where this topic will be an occulted theme which can be recognized with the help of gematria.

That event is the oldest football/soccer tournament in the world, the English FA Cup Final played at what is literally a sacred site: Wembley stadium on a lay line vortex hence the name Wembley. The FA Cup is sponsored by Emirates Airlines which is part of another occulted theme: aviation.

The two teams contesting the final are: Chelsea and Leicester City. In 1996 Chelsea saw the death in a helicopter crash of its Vice Chairman Matthew Harding, and then 11 years later saw the death in another helicopter crash of another Vice chairman Phillip Carter. And then this year 2021 a close friend of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic, Petr Kellner who was interested in buying Chelsea Football Club from him, died in a helicopter crash in Alaska. That is 3 helicopter crashes linked to Chelsea Football Club.

Leicester City had the most famous helicopter crash of the two teams when in October of 2018 — two years after winning the Premier League at 5,000-1 odds — team owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha died when his helicopter crashed in the stadium parking lot after a Premier League match.

Chelsea, Leicester City and January 26th

The most famous helicopter crash of all is that of Kobe Bryant which occurred on January 26th. January 26th is the birthday of current Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers. January 26th is written 26-1. 261 features prominently in the 2021 FA Cup Final.

Chelsea Football Club – a team associated with 3 helicopter crashes – signed its current manager Thomas Tuchel in 2021 on January 26th.

Under the ownership of Roman Abramovic Chelsea have gained the moniker “The Roman Empire” as seen on the banner below at a Chelsea game in 2018.


“THE ROMAN EMPIRE” has frightening gematria synchronicity with “HELICOPTER CRASH.”


Roman Abramovic owns a $300 million Boeing 767 called “THE BANDIT.”

Abramovich’s Boeing 767, The Bandit, landing at Ben Gurion Airport

“THE BANDIT,” has double overlap with “HELICOPTER CRASH.”


The 2021 FA Cup Final is the 140th edition, sponsored by Emirates Airlines. “AIR CRAFT” sums to 140


While it is normal for the FA Cup Final to take place close to May 14th, 2021’s edition appears to have more of an Israel theme especially with this being the 140th FA Cup. 140 is 14 in numerology.

The Chelsea owner is Roman Abramovic who has dual Russian-Israeli citizenship and is currently the richest person in Israel according to Forbes magazine. His last Abramovic is an Eastern European take on “Abraham.”

Chelsea have a player named Abraham; Tammy Abraham.

At this point it is instructive to discuss the least popular aspect of the 12 tribes of Israel diaspora despite its logistical plausibility namely the African element; specifically some members of the Nigerian ethnic group called Igbo. Many traditional Igbo customs mirror Jewish practices, and controversy rages from all sides as to whether or not the Igbo of Nigeria are descendants of Israelites. The overwhelming majority of Igbo today are Christians, but this CNN article is just one example of the different perspectives on the Igbo controversy.




The state of Israel does not recognize the Igbo as true Jews, but the gematria is interesting. CNN made sure to publish the above article on Igbo Israelites on the 4th of February a date written 4-2; like 42. in gematria the phrase “True Jew” sums to 42 in Reverse Pythagorean.

The name IGBO is said by some to derive from the word HEBREW.

“IGBO” sums to 24 in gematria; like the date February 4th.

Further occulted suggestion of the Israelite link is the original flag of Nigeria created by their British colonists in 1914. The Flag of Nigeria between 1914 and 1960 was a British blue ensign with a green Star of David surrounding a Tudor crown (later changed to a St. Edward’s Crown in 1953) with the white word “Nigeria” under it on a red disc.


The original national flag of Nigeria




The number 14 is the key number to the FA Cup final. 2020’s FA Cup Final featured Arsenal Football Club winning their 14th title lead by the player who wears number 14 Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. After the victory the entire Arsenal wore shits with the number 14 on them.


The star of this year’s FA Cup has been Leicester City’s number 14 Kelechi Iheanacho. Kelechi Iheanacho is Igbo.


Iheanacho is Christian, and does not identify as an Israelite but maybe the powers that be know more about his DNA than he does.

It is the 140th FA Cup final. 140 is 14 in numerology.

The venue of the final (and semi-finals where Iheanacho fired Leicester to victory) is Wembley stadium. “WEMBLEY” sums to 104 which is 14 in numerology

When Kelechi Iheanacho scored on April 26th it was his 14th goal in 14 games.

Before his current hot streak he went 14 months without a Premier League goal.

The FA Cup Final is being played the day after Israeli Independence Day of 14th of May.

The Star of David Nigerian flag was established by Britain in the year ’14 (1914).

The FA Cup Final is on a date with 14 numerology (May 15, 21)

The referee for the game Michael Oliver started refereeing at age 14.

Leicester City are 0-4 life time in FA Cup finals. With a win they would go to 1-4.




Chelsea has an English born player of Nigerian parentage named Tammy Abraham. While he is not Igbo it is interesting that his family acquired the last name Abraham. The owner of Chelsea is ABRAMovic who has in the past hired Israeli Manager AVRAM Grant to manage Chelsea.


Tammy Abraham


A disputed Igbo term is “ABIAMA” which refers to a highly venerated deity. Some say “Abiama” is derived from “Abraham.” When you apply the gematria test – using the Jewish/Latin cipher – “Abiama” sums to 44; the most significant Israel/Jewish related number.

In gematria “ABRAHAM” sums to 44 in the simplest cipher. Gematria confirms the real root of the Igbo term “Abiama.”

The Igbo unsuccessfully attempted to secede from Nigeria and establish an independent state called Biafra. “BIAFRA” sums to 44.

The indigenous homeland of the Igbo people is called “IGBOLAND” which also sums to 44.

The name “Tammy Abraham” sums to 44 in gematria’s purest cipher, the Pythagorean/Full Reduction.

Leicester City’s star of the FA Cup so far – who is Igbo – is “IHEANACHO” whose name sums to 44.

“FA Cup Final” sums to 44

The following terms also sum to 44 in gematria: “ISRAELITE”, “ISRAEL”, “ZION”, “TEL AVIV”, “WESTERN WALL”, “NETANYAHU.”

The “Father of the state of Israel” Theodor Herzl died at 44 years of age 44years before the establishment of the state of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu pulled a 44-seconds-of-silence stunt at the United Nations in 2015 on October 1st.


October 1st is Nigerian Independence Day

The 2021 FA Cup Final is the 140th FA Cup Final

Israel’s Independence Day (May 14th) is exactly 140 days before Nigeria’s Independence Day (October 1st).


In gematria ” ABRAHAM” and “ISRAELITE” both sum to 145. The date 14-5 is 14th May Israel Independence Day.


Israel will have its 73rd anniversary the day before the FA Cup Final.

Both the Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel and the Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers were both born in ’73



The “Father” of Israel and Zionism Theodor Herzl died on the date 7-3, July 3rd


“Tammy Abraham” also sums to 73.

Wembley Stadium normally has a 90,000 fan attendance for FA Cup Finals. Because of Covid authoritarianism only 21,000 fans will be allowed. The 21st prime number is 73.

It is also noteworthy that the two teams have the same colors as Israel: blue and white.


Leicester City’s colors (left) and Chelsea’s colors


Notice that Leicester’s main sponsor is “KING POWER” which sums to 44.


The Aviation Theme


With an astounding 4 helicopter crashes being associated with the two finalists — and both clubs being tied to January 26th the date of the most famous helicopter crash in history (that of Kobe Bryant): Leicester’s Manager being born January 26th, and Chelsea’s current Manager being hired January 26th — aviation and aviation disaster is a major theme to the event which is sponsored by Emirates Airlines. “EMIRATES” sums to 126 in gematria like the date January 26th.



Remember that this is the 140th FA Cup Final and “AIR CRAFT” sums to 140.


The authorities agreed to ease the Covid lockout, and allow a small number of fans to attend the semi-finals in what is referred to as a “PILOT PROGRAM”; a test to gauge the feasibility of allowing fans into the stadium.




160 emerges as a central number in the aviation theme but points to a greater underlying power:

“Pilot program” sums to 160

“HELICOPTER CRASH” sums to 160

The name of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s private jumbo jet “THE BANDIT” sums to 160.

Chelsea’s nickname under Roman Abramovich is “THE ROMAN EMPIRE” which sums to 160.

If you spell out “ONE HUNDRED SIXTY” it has double overlap with “THE ROMAN EMPIRE” solidifying it as a key code number for the Roman Empire.

Also the phrase “TWELVE TRIBES” sums to 160.


March 10th in Aviation Infamy


The greatest of all aviation disaster is September 11th and the World Trade Center. The arch villain for that is officially presented as Osama Bin Lade whose birthday is reported be March 10th.

A recent air disaster happened on March 10th with the Ethiopian Airlines crash in 2019.

Chelsea Football Club was founded on March 10th.



March 10th is the 69th day of the year in a non-leap year.

The phrases “AVIATION INFAMY” and “AVIATION DISASTER” each sum to 69 in gematria.

Leicester City were most recently in an FA Cup Final in the year ’69.

If Chelsea were to win they would improve their record in FACup Finals to 6 losses, 9 wins.

Mercury, the God/Planet of Transportation

Mercury is encoded in transportation related ritual: The planet Mercury rules the realm of transportation. The planet Mercury rules the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo.

Gemini JFK died in a form of transportation (limousine) and his Virgo Vice President LBJ was sworn in as President in mid air on Air Force One.

911 attacks occurred in Virgo and featured the twin towers Gemini symbol and airplanes, forms of transportation.

In gematria “MERCURY” sums to 103. The date 10th March is written 10-3 and indicates the “god of transportation.”

“Leicester City Football Club” sums to 103.

Kobe Bryant was a Virgo. the Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is a Virgo, and his first name “Thomas” means “twin” which is a Gemini reference.

During the FA Cup Final the planet Mercury will be “at home” in the constellation of Gemini in the Tropical Zodiac.

Player to Watch: Christian Pulisic

“FA CUP FINAL” sums to 89. “PULISIC” sums to 89.

American Christian Pulisic of Chelsea scored in last year’s FA Cup Final vs Arsenal, so his name gematria has already proven to be a charm in FA Cup Finals. Also the name “Havertz” sums to 89. Kai Havertz represents Chelsea.

“eight nine” sums to 44, a big number in this ritual.

Chelsea lost the 44th FA Cup Final.

Colt Brennan, dead at 37, May 11, 2021, 97 days before his 38th birthday | The Fentanyl Connection

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

He has been found dead at 37, on a date with 37 numerology.

5/11/21 = 5+11+21 = 37

He is dead 97 days before his 38th birthday. *Death = 38 / 97

Notice how ‘fentanyl’ equates to 38 and 97, as well as 119.

The 119 goes with his college, who he set records with.

Rigged sports and being stars in them comes with a price.


His name had fateful gematria.

Death = 118, Homicide = 118
Sacrifice = 46 / 62
179, 41st prime. *Baltimore = 41

He was a member of the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors.

Rainbow Warriors = 86, Blood Sacrifice = 86, Human Sacrifice = 86

Russell Westbrook ties Oscar Robertson’s NBA record triple double mark Saturday May 8 & passes him May 10, 2021

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For years I have taught about scripted ‘triple doubles’ and the number 58, so of course Russell Westbrook ties Oscar Robertson for most triple doubles all-time, on May 8, 2021.

He did it 47 years after Robertson, who accomplished the mark in ’74 *Indiana = 47 *D.C. = 47 *Time = 47
This game was also played 137 days after the season began *Indiana = 137 *Washington D.C. = 137

Triple Double = 58 (May 8, or 5/8)


The May 8 accomplishment came 177 days after his birthday. *Jesuit Order = 177

Then, on Monday, May 10, 2021, Russell Westbrook passed Oscar Robertson, recording his 182nd triple double. Notice how 182 equates with ‘Oscar Robertson’.

And notice he did it with ‘Washington’ on the 130th day of the year, May 10, 2021.

Furthermore, it was 139 days after this season began, December 22, 2020.

Oscar Robertson stats.
Russell Westbrook stats.

Westbrook set the record in his 940th career game.

NFL’s Tarik Cohen’s twin brother found dead after apparent electrocution, May 9, 2021

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Sports

Notice, his twin brother died on May 9, or 5/9, like 59, the 17th prime, and Tarik Cohen was drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft. Plus, we know the ongoing rituals with 59 and black men.

Slave = 59, Negro = 59, Rasta = 59, Blues = 59
Kill = 59 (Jewish Gematria)

His brother was 25. *Death = 25


Tarik Cohen was the 119th pick of the draft.

The death comes 287 days after their birthday, or 78 days before their upcoming birthday.

*Jesuit = 21 / 78 / 84 *Sunday = 21 / 78 / 84