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Isao Aoki was considered the Japanese golfer in PGA history until today, the day Hideki Matsuyama won The Masters, April 11, 2021. Notice that today is 223 days after his birthday.

The greatest Japanese golfer in PGA history had been Isao Aoki, and now the first Japanese golfer

223, 48th prime *Tournament began on 4/8 *World War = 48 (You’ll see ahead…)

And remember, Tiger Woods was injured on February 23, or 2/23, like 223.

That was also Naruhito’s birthday, the 126th Japanese Emperor.
*He was synced with Kobe’s death on 1/26…

Notice Naruhito is 61 right now.

And notice today is his 712th day of his.

Remember, the Tiger Woods accident reportedly happened at 7:12 AM.

That is the date of Pearl Harbor, 7/12.

It can also be written 12/7, like 127, and this accomplishment came on the 127th day of the Emperor of Japan’s age, a man who was born December 6, one day prior to Pearl Harbor.

Think of Japan, the U.S. and Pearl Harbor… and notice how ‘Matsuyama’ fits in.

World War II ended in ’45, with Hiroshima, on August 6, and Matsuyama won his last tournament on August 6, 2017.
*Asian = 17

Ritual = 45
Tiger Woods crashed in a 45 MPH… (more on that ahead)

And notice how Collin Morikawa fits in with the World War II jokes.

Morikawa’s PGA championship win was in the tournament that went August 6 – 9, 2021, the dates of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

And notice the tournament began 4/8, and ended 11/4, and it began 42 days after Matsuyama’s birthday.

War = 42, Japan = 42

When Collin Morikawa won the PGA Championship, it was the 102nd PGA Championship.

Also, today’s win for Matsuyama came 160 days after the Georgia Governor’s birthday.

*Hideki Matsuyama = 160

And notice he is the 83rd Governor.

83, 23rd prime *Masters = 23

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Last night Jeremy White phoned in and asked if I knew about the Joe Musgrove no hitter of Friday, April 9, 2021, and I responded, “There must be a 46.” Moments later Jeremy revealed that he was the 46th pick of the draft by the Toronto Blue Jays.

Again, year after year we show the same connections to the same scripted feats.

Keep in mind ‘Toronto’ equates to 117, and MLB season will end with the 117th World Series.

As for him throwing the no hitter on April 9th, the 99th day of the year, notice how ‘Padres’ fits in.

And he did it to the Texas Rangers, who play near Dallas. Dallas = 49 *Ranger = 99

Also, it was the 9th day of the MLB season, and baseball is a game of nines. *MLB = 9

His no hitter came 126 days after his birthday, or 18 weeks, on an 18 and 54 date numerology. These are numbers related to the Jesuit Order, as well as ‘baseball’.

4/9/2021 = 4+9+2+0+2+1 = 18
4/9/2021 = 4+9+20+21 = 54

For another point, he won the World Series with the other Texas team, the Houston Astros, in 2017, and the date can be written 9/4, like 94, a number related to ‘World Series’ rituals each year. In this case the number also connects to ‘Joe Musgrove’.

World Series = 57 / 147

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820 Freeway? Baylor University = 82 (Just won 82nd March Madness)


Consider, this shooting occurred just outside of Dallas, on April 9, or 4/9, like 49.

Dallas = 49

Keep in mind these shootings are part of a federal agenda.

Washington = 49
America = 49
Scottish = 49

Furthermore, it happened just North of Baylor (in Waco), who won the championship for college basketball to start the week, by improving to 28-2, reminding of the date of the Waco siege, February 28, 1993, or 28/2, like 28-2.

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It is being reported a family was killed in a “mass shooting” on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, and then the gunman, a former NFL player, Phillip Adams, killed himself early Thursday.

Let us begin with why another shooting on Wednesday.

Wednesday = 44 / 37
Shooting = 44 / 37

As for why ‘Rock Hill’ on April 7, or 4/7, notice the gematria.

Government = 47, Authority = 47, Policeman = 47, Cop = 47 News = 47, *Suicide = 47
Government = 52, Authority = 52, 4/7/2021 = 4+7+20+21 = 52

As we know, 47 is big with the Masons.

He killed himself April 8, or 4/8, or 8/4
Freemason = 48 *Masonry = 84 *Jesuit = 84

And notice how ‘South Carolina’ and ‘Phillip Adams’ and ‘Scottish Rite’ fit in.

Georgetown = 57

Notice, Phillip Adams was born July 20, 1988, typically the 201st day of the year, but the 202nd in the leap year he was born in, and we’ve seen 202 encoded in the Boulder and Orange shootings of recent weeks. As for the killings, they happened on his 262nd day of his age, and his suicide happened on his 263rd day of his age.

Faustian Bargain = 262
263, 56th prime *Freemasons = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

With the middle initial M. added to his name, as his Wiki shows, his name equates to 61 and 74, the same as ‘active shooter’, and April 7 can be expressed as 7/4, like 74.

Masonic = 74, Killing = 74

He has died 102 days before his birthday on the 201st day of the year…

Five Dead = 56 (263, 56th prime)

Recall this riddle from March 26, 2017, connecting a shooting and sports, with Gonzaga and Xavier and March Madness: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2017/03/33-42-51-66-93-114-worst-mass-shooting.html


And notice how they had to mention Adams was 33 years old… but I think he is actually 32.

Football = 83
Murder = 83
Shooting was 8 weeks 3 days after the Super Bowl of February 7, 2021

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Siege = 45 *Bears = 45 *College championship on 4/5

The Waco siege began February 28, or 28/2.

Baylor University is in Waco.

And Baylor just finished their season 28-2 by winning the NCAA basketball championship with 86, after the death of Elgin Baylor at age 86.

Of course Waco had a lot to do with infringing on personal rights and liberties, and the feds going after guns…

Sounds like what’s happening to many people in the nation right now…

Keep in mind there were 156 points scored in the game that made Baylor 28-2.

Waco = 21 (This ritual coming in ’21)

86+70 = 156

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Tiger Woods crashed February 23, 2021, the 54th day of the year.

Today is April 7, 43 days later, and Tiger last won the Masters at age 43, the 14th prime, connecting to ‘golf’. Of course today is one day before the start of the 85th Masters. AND DON’T FORGET, I said it was obvious that Tiger Woods’ fake car crash was clearly a ritual with the Masters, it was a no brainer.

43, 14th prime number

Keep in mind today is April 7, the 97th day of the year, and Tiger won his first Masters in ’97.

And notice the mention of 83 MPH. Tiger won the 83rd Masters in 2019.

As a reminder, Tiger Woods won the Masters in 2019 on his 106th day of being 43 years old, born December 30, 1975. And as another reminder, we called it before it happened, as well as last year’s Masters winner.

Black = 106
Black Lives Matter = 106
I can’t breathe = 106

Remember, Tiger Woods won his first Masters in ’97 (today is the 97th day of the year), 22 years before the 2019 Masters, and he had won his last Major 11 years before the 2019 Masters, and 11 and 22 are the MASTER NUMBERS.

Villanueva = 38 / 61 *The Masters = 38 / 61

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Jared Butler was the leading scorer for Baylor as they beat Gonzaga in the 2021 NCAA basketball championship, April 5, 2021, in Indianapolis, the home of Butler, the University, where the coach of Baylor once attended as a student. Jared Butler scored 22, and he did it 223 days after his birthday, reminding that Elgin Baylor died March 22, or 22/3.

Basketball = 22

223, 48th prime *Baylor was last in championship in ’48
1948 was 73 years before 2021 *Baylor = 73 *Jared Butler = 73

Again, Elgin Baylor died at 86, then Baylor won the championship with 86. And don’t forget he went to Seattle University, the other Jesuit school in Washington, in addition to Gonzaga.

Seattle = 82
Baylor University = 82
2021 was the 82nd Men’s Basketball Tournament

Jesuit News Sports

This announcement comes April 5, 2021, or 4/5, or 5/4.

Major League = 45, IHS = 45, Ritual = 45
Baseball = 54, MLB = 54, Jesuit Order = 54

And the new name of the field fits in with the Jesuits as well.

Coors Field = 56, Society of Jesus = 56


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This is the 85th Masters and here are things to think about.

Basketball = 85 (Tiger Woods’ February 23 accident was synced with the NBA season, and The Masters)
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85 (Jesuit motto) *Jesuit = 21 (2021…)

Keep in mind The Masters ends on a date with 56 numerology and the NBA Finals begin July 8, 2021, a date with 56 numerology as well, and a date we expect Mr. 114 to be there, and potentially he can improve to 5-6 in Finals (and don’t forget last year he improved to 4-6 exactly 114 days after the real King James birthday.)

4/11/2021 = 4+11+20+21 = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56
4/11/21 = 4+11+21 = 36 *IHS = 36

And think about how the date can be written 11/4, like 114…

LeBron James = 114 (LeBron is 36 years old and a ‘basketball’ Super Star for the Lakers…)
-The Masters will end a span of 35 days later, April 11. *King James = 35 *LeBron James = 114
-Last year LeBron James won the NBA Finals at age 35, 114 days after the real King James birthday (June 19 to Oct. 11).
-The NBA Finals began a span of 89 days from the start of the NBA Finals, July 8, 2021
—King James = 89 (The Warriors lost with 89

Also, LeBron’s team won the NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta on March 8, or 3/8, like 38. *The Masters = 38 *Finals = 38

And a story to think about is the recent killings in Atlanta, Georgia, not far from where The Masters are played, that took place on March 16, 2021. *163, 38th prime *The Masters = 38

There has been a big focus with racism towards asians since that story, and Tiger Woods is half black and half asian. So I would really focus on asian golfers in your personal decodes because even if they don’t win, they could place very well.

163, 38th prime *The Masters = 38