Three Virginia hospital workers charged with murder in death of Irvo Otieno is top news as Virginia Cavaliers are defeated by Furman Paladins, March 16, 2023

Death News Predictive Programming Sports

This news breaks the day the March Madness tournament begins. The Virginia Cavaliers are a #4 seed, a number associated with death.
Irvo Otieno = 56
Black Lives Matter = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

And notice ‘three’ were arrested.
Three = 56

He died on March 6, a date written 3/6 or 6/3.
Cavaliers = 36 / 63

His age of death fits his unique name, Irvo.
Irvo = 28 / 44 / 64
Kill = 28 / 44 / 64

Virginia’s first opponent in the tournament, Furman, got their 28th win.
Furman = 28

Keep in mind it is the Virginia Cavaliers 118th season.
March Madness = 118
Death = 118

Bud Grant, longtime Minnesota Vikings coach, dead March 11, 2023

Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers News Predictive Programming Sports

Dead at 95, the day before the 95th Oscars?

Notice the detail about 102 wins with the CFL.
Harry Peter Grant Jr. = 102 & 96
Minnesota Vikings = 96

Going with the photo from 1970, he is dead 70 days before his upcoming birthday, and he is dead on the 70th day of the calendar year.

In January of 1970, he lost to the Chiefs in Super Bowl IV.

The 1970 Viking went 12-2 before losing to San Francisco, the 122 city.
National Football League = 122
San Francisco = 122

It is synced with his 96th birthday.

Notice Baltimore won in ’70, and as we know, Jerry Richardson, drafted in ’58 by Baltimore, just died, by the numbers, prior to the NFL year of Super Bowl 58.

Baltimore and Minnesota are the only two teams in the NFL that wear purple.

The logo for Super Bowl 58 is purple…

He is also dead 27 days after Super Bowl 57, where the Chiefs won. Of course, he lost to the Chiefs in Super Bowl IV, where Otis Taylor scored the winning touchdown, who was just announced dead yesterday, March 10, or 10/3, after the 103rd NFL season. *103, 27th prime

He is dead 84 days after the Pope’s birthday, or on the Pope’s 85th day of his age.
National Football League = 85
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85
United States of America = 84
Jesuit = 84

He is dead 337-days before Super Bowl 58.
337, 68th prime *Championship = 68

Otis Taylor, drafted by the Chiefs and Eagles, dead after Super Bowl 57 (March 10, 2023 news)

Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers News Sports

This news broke on March 10, or 10/3, after the 103rd NFL season, which is former team, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in. Notice, he died on a date with 56 numerology as well.
Black Lives Matter = 56
Otis Taylor Jr. = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
-First Super Bowl between two black QBs
-Patrick Mahomes stayed on 56 career interceptions
Jesuits = 103
Scottish = 103
State Farm = 103

Taylor’s name was fateful.
Otis Taylor = 46 / 62
Sacrifice = 46 / 62

Ritual Sacrifice = 154
Otis Taylor = 154

He was drafted by the Chiefs in the AFL, and the Eagles in the NFL.

He was the 29th pick by the Chiefs. *Black = 29 *Mahomes = 29

Notice he died the day before the news, March 9, or 3/9.
Arizona = 39 (Location of Super Bowl 57)
-Think of MLK and Malcolm X at age 39
Malcolm X = 93
Martin Luther King Jr. = 93
Black History Month = 93

You could also say he died on his 211th day of his age (47th prime).

The Chiefs played in the Super Bowl in the 47th NFL season. Otis Taylor was on that team.

Finally, the Chiefs won in their 63rd season. *Otis = 63

And he had 57 receiving TDs in the regular season for his career…

And he was drafted in ’65. *Philadelphia = 65 (loser of Super Bowl 57)

Dick Haley, Steelers Hall of Famer, dead at 85, March 10, 2023, after 103rd NFL season

Death Freemasonry Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Sports

This news breaks on March 10, or 10/3, like 103, after the 103rd NFL season.

Notice, Dick Haley was connected to the Steelers, who lost Franco Harris in a major 103 ritual months earlier, as covered.

As for dying at age 85, it goes with the ‘National Football League.’

He has also died 159 days after his birthday.
Scottish Rite = 159
Scottish = 103

Scottish Rite = 78
Jesuit = 78
Dick Haley = 78
Jesuits = 103

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend wants NDA nullfieid amid couple’s break, March 8, 2023 news

Battle of the Sexes Celebrity News Psychological Operation Racism Sports

This news broke on March 8, International Women’s Day, the 67th day of the year.
Erica Herman = 67

That means the news came 68 days after Tiger Woods birthday, December 30, 2022.

Notice the 9 weeks and 5 days as well.

Also, this came on a date with 54 numerology, reminding of Tiger Woods wreck on February 23, 2021, the 54th day of the year.
3/8/2023 = 3+8+20+23 = 54

Of course, the Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses.

The death of Magic Johnson’s father, March 8, 2023, 38 weeks after his birthday

Death Murder by Numbers News Predictive Programming Sports
Love You Forever = 66 *Lakers = 66 *LeBron = 66 *LeBron James = 66

Recall LeBron James’s points record on the 38th day of the year, at age 38, scoring 38.

Now, on March 8, or 3/8, Magic Johnson, also of the Lakers, has lost his father.

(267), Philadelphia area code

Read about 38 and death here.
Death = 38
Murder = 38
Killing = 38
RIP = 38

He also died on the 67th day of the year.

Recall the UCLA players that died right after LeBron signed with LA. They both died in connection to 67.

Read about Billy Knight’s death here.

Read about Tyler Honeycutt’s death here.

The death comes 206 days after Magic Johnson’s birthday.
Sacrifice = 206 (Jewish Gematria)

His father also died 20 weeks and 1 days after the season began on October 18. Of course, October 18, 2019, was the day of Event 201.

The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
HBO = 56
Magic Johnson = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Home Box Office = 54 / 72
Jesuit Order = 54 / 72

His death comes just after the one year anniversary of HBO’s show about Magic Johnson and his family.

The show begins November 5, Guy Fawkes Day, the day leaving 56 days in the year.

And keep in mind Magic tweeted about this on March 9, or 9/3.
Order of Illuminati = 93

His father was 88, died on 34 date numerology, and 29 days after LeBron’s scoring record.
3/8/23 = 3+8+23 = 34

Kobe’s shocking death was in the 74th NBA season.

Also, in light of him dying 267 days after his birthday, that is the Philadelphia area code, and Magic was MVP of the NBA Finals in 1980, when the Lakers beat the 76ers. Those teams also met in the 2001 NBA Finals, 21 years later. Lakers = 21 *Jesuit = 21

Notice that Magic’s father was born June 14, on the flag’s birthday, which was born in Philadelphia.

Also, March 8 to June 1, the start of the 2023 NBA Finals, is a span of 86 days.

The name NBA Finals began in ’86. RIP to Len Bias.

SVB Financial Group’s collapse causes mini panic in banking stocks, March 9, 2023

Banking Financial Markets & Stocks News Predictive Programming Sports
This news comes March 9, the 68th day of the year *DowJones = 39 *New York = 39 *Market = 68

The ripple from SVB impacted every major bank today.

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on March 9, 2023, has chatter about other banks possibly faltering as a ripple effect. Keep in mind this comes one day after the collapse of Silvergate Bank, and traditionally, silver is money.

This news comes on the 68th day of the year, and it connects to the market having a second terrible day in a row.

Today is 14 days from March 24, the 83rd day of the year.
Collapse = 83 / 43 (14th prime)
Market Collapse = 83

Central Intelligence Agency = 243 (24/3 upcoming)
Central Intelligence Agency = 135
Silvergate Capital Corporation = 135

Keep in mind today, March 9, is the 83rd day of the Pope’s age. Tomorrow will be 83 days after his birthday, and 118 days after the Superior General’s birthday.

Could the DowJones fall to 23k? *83, 23rd prime

And don’t forget where Damar Hamlin, the “Bill,” born on the 83rd day of the year, fits in with all of this.
Damar Hamlin = 68

Also, don’t forget that March 24, his birthday, will be 81-days after his January 2 collapse.
Ritual = 81 / 81
Bills = 81
Greg Becker = 81
Gregory W. Becker = 81
SVB Financial Group = 81

Becker joined SVB in ’93, and this happens on 9/3.

Today’s date can also be written 3/9, like 39.
Bank Collapse = 39

Gold is up today.

Silver is up today.

Platinum is up today.

Palladium is up today.