Pentagram / Pentagon.

All seeing eye.

Umbrella = 84; Jesuit = 84

There are umbrellas painted all over. Think about the man with the umbrella in Minneapolis, who set the Autozone on fire. Now we have the Autonomous Zone.


United Nations. International police?

Satan worships me? The Satanic belief is to worship yourself. If you think Satan worships you, that’s, I suppose, even more satanic.


People = Police = 33

Power & Equality = 187; Society of Jesus = 187

Power & Equality = 65; George Floyd = 65



As I’ve been saying, coronavirus and George Floyd are all part of the same agenda, the one world surveillance and police state.  Notice this story comes June 5, or 5/6, like 56.  Law & Order: SVU is helping the blind connects the dots.

*All Seeing Eye = 56 *Black Lives Matter = 56


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