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Colorado dropped 38 in the first quarter… comical…
So are the 74th combined points for the 74th NBA season…

The Nuggets fell to 8-7 in the NBA Playoffs against ‘King James’, LeBron. It’s what I expected.

They love to do the ‘number of the beast’ rituals with LeBron, as I wrote about in my first book, and have talked about many times over the years.

On this same day, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at age 87.

And don’t forget the Catholic Church runs it all.

And don’t overlook that the Nuggets lost with 114, what I call the ‘LeBron James’ number.

Government Murder by Numbers Politics

Read about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death:

This news comes 211 days after Mitch McConnell’s 78th birthday.

Jesuit = 78

Catholic Church Government Jesuit Murder by Numbers Politics

Dead at 87? Don’t forget Antonin Scalia, with the pillow.

Don’t forget about the 87 ritual with Dick Cheney & Antonin Scalia:

She is dead on a 67 and 22 date numerology.

9/18/2020 = 9+18+20+20 = 67

9/18/2020 = 9+1+8+2+0+2+0 = 22

And she is dead on a 47 date numerology.

9/18/20 = 9+18+20 = 47

She is dead a span of 47 days before the election, November 3, 2020.

You could also say she died 46 days before the election, and Biden can potentially become the 46th President.

*Catholic = 46 *Sacrifice = 46

9/18/1793 = 9+18+(1+7+9+3) = 47

Don’t forget D.C. was laid out by a French Freemason, L’Enfant.

She is dead on Trump’s 97th day of his age.

They called her the ‘Notorious’ RBG, and Notorious BIG died in ’97, on March 9, or 9/3, like how RBG became a Supreme Court justice in ’93, and the cornerstone was laid for D.C. in 1793, on this date, September 18.

97, the 25th prime

*Death = 25 *Judge = 25 *Trump = 25

RBG died 187 days after her own birthday.

Her husband died at age 78, after 56 years of marriage. *Jesuit = 78

*George Washington = 187

*Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 187

Recall, Neil McGill Gorsuch was made a Supreme Court justice on April 7, or 4/7 (like 47), the 97th day of the year.

Neil McGill Gorsuch = 88 / 187 *Trump = 88 / 47 *Judge = 88 / 47

Antonin Scalia died at age 79.

She has died on Pope Francis 277th day of his age, the 59th prime, and Pope Francis equates to 59, and this comes just before the 59th election.

*Kill = 59 (Jewish Gematria)

Francis also has the 47 connection.

The Vatican was established February 11, 1929, a date that can be written 2/11, like 211, the 47th prime

She has died on the 312th day of the Jesuit Superior General’s age. She also died 311 days after his birthday.

*311, the 64th prime *Kill = 64

Pope Francis was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and he is the first Pope to live in the Domus Sanctae Marthae. That is Suite 201.

*The Jesuit Order = 201

Keep in mind RBG died on Friday, named after Venus, the planet of fascination with the Jesuits. And this news comes on the 18th.

She has died 30 days, or 4 weeks and 2 days

Here is how Fox News covered the story.

*not to be replaced until a new president installed = 185

*Donald John Trump = 185 *Secret Society = 185

She has died on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and of course, she was Jewish. Notice the 57 connection with the Holiday, the Supreme Court, Georgetown (Jesuit U in D.C.) and Scottish Rite, under the Jesuit umbrella.

She has died 9 days before Yom Kippur, in the 9th month, and Yom Kippur is about judgement. Keep in mind the 20th card of the Tarot deck is the Judgement card, and here we are in 2020.

Also, keep in mind the Supreme Court is entirely Jewish and Catholic, and September 18 leaves 104 days left in the year.

Also, she has died 191 days after the pandemic was declared, March 11, 2020, which was also a Jesuit ritual (and still is).

Coronavirus Entertainment Government Politics Sports

This news comes September 17, 2020, on Patrick Mahomes’ birthday. And yet again, sports and politics and government are coming together. You thought you were watching a game at a private enterprise, and now you’re under government quarantine.

233, the 51st Fibonacci # and 13th Prime #

Super Bowl 55 is the 51st of the modern era

The Super Bowl Champions is a nice touch, because I wrote about what their scripted championship had to do with the coronavirus outbreak in my new book, and in posts before that.

And don’t forget how Wuhan Coronavirus sums to 222, or that Andy Reid got his 222th career win in Super Bowl 54 on 2/2/2020, as the Chiefs got their 2nd Super Bowl win, and the 49ers got their 2nd Super Bowl loss.

Think about how the natives were the victims of genocide, and the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, right before the “deadly outbreak” in North America.

And don’t forget the Chiefs won the Super Bowl exactly 222 weeks after the Kansas City Royals won the 111th World Series, November 1, 2015 *11/1.

On the same day the Chiefs won 34-20, with 54 combined points, as the defending Super Bowl 54 champions, the Royals won 11-1, over the Indians of all teams. Scripted? Obvious. *Keep in mind the TNF game, September 10, 2020, where the Chiefs won 34-20 over the Texans, was 54 days before the November 3 election, and Patrick Mahomes went to White House high school, and won Super Bowl 54 138 days after his birthday.

Donald Trump = 138


Entertainment Government News Politics

Jim Carey has been named Joe Biden for Saturday Night Live’s (SNL’s) 46th season. Of course, Joe Biden can become the 46th President.

Catholic = 46 / 35

This news comes September 17, 2020, a date with 46 numerology.

9/17/20 = 9+17+20 = 46

Joe Biden would be the 46th President if he won, and the second Catholic President, the last was JFK, #35, who was killed at age 46.

This news comes 244 days after Jim Carrey’s birthday, and the United States of America turned 244 years old on July 4, 1776.

CNN even posted their article about it at 2:44 ET.

This news comes 47 days before the election, November 3, 2020.

Joe Biden was the 47th VP, who took office with 47 year old Obama. And Trump was the guy in the 47 story Midtown Hilton Hotel the night of the rigged selection.

President = 47; White House = 47; Government = 47; Authority = 47; Republican = 47; Democrat = 47; D.C. = 47 *Trump = 47

Tomorrow, September 18, will be the anniversary of when the cornerstone was laid for D.C., September 18, 1793.

9/18/1793 = 9+18+1+7+9+3 = 47

Think of the Scottish’ Rite compass, set at 47 degrees, coming out of France, like how D.C. was laid out by a French Freemason.

France = 47

D.C. = 47

Vatican = 47

Francis = 47

The Jesuits were formed in France, and the Jesuits created the Scottish Rite, and they have been established longer in the D.C. area than the feds.

Vatican was established February 11, 1929

211, 47th prime (2/11 date)

And here’s the other thing, since Joe Biden is running against Trump.

Black Lives Matter Politics Racism

Watch out for the latest ‘Black Lives Matter’ provoking incident tomorrow, September 15, 2020, because it is the 259th day of the leap year, and the day leaving 107 days in the year.

Recall, September 15, 2020 is the 44 / 64 date for the month.

9/15/2020 = 9+15+20+20 = 64 *Civil Rights = 64 *Kill = 64

9/15/2020 = 9+15+20 = 44 *African-American = 44 *Kill = 44

*September 15, 2020 has 28 / 44 / 64 date numerology

*Kill = 28 / 44 / 64

September 15 will also be the 57 year anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing. *George = 57 *Georgetown = 57

9/15/1963 = 9+15+19+63 = 106

Black = 106 *Black Power = 106 *I can’t breathe = 106

September 15, 2020 will be 102 days after 16th Street in Washington D.C. was made Black Lives Matter Plaza on June 5, 2020.

Recall the 102 ritual with Ahmaud Arbery and the word “nigger”:

June 5 can be written 6/5 or 5/6.

*September 15 is 113 days after the Floyd killing, or a span of 114.

History = 114

As we discussed earlier this year, September 15 is 266 days after Anthony Fauci’s birthday as well, and it is the one year anniversary of Donald Trump saying we’re “locked and loaded” in the ritual that was part of the Soleimani killing 110 days later. The date also come 93 days after Trump’s birthday, or his 94th day of his age.

Government Politics

Mass fatality incident = 127 *Ground Zero = 127

Notice the 77 encoding in ‘Rage’. As we know, that is a number is closely associated with September 11.

Think of Flight 77…