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Here’s the latest story comparing the “capitol riots” to the Civil War that began in 1861. And again, the “riots” were on 6/1, and predicted before they happened the symbolism would be the U.S. Civil War, thus why YouTube has taken down my video with the correct prediction under the bogus excuse of “medical misinformation.”

And don’t forget, from the day the Albert Pike statue fell in D.C., June 19, 2020, to the date of the “insurrection,” January 6, 2021, was 201 days later.

Confederate = 201 *The Jesuit Order = 201

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This ritual comes on the 56 year anniversary of Blood Sunday in Selma, March 7, 1965.

Notice the gematria of Edmund Pettus Bridge.

This news comes 233 days after John Lewis July 17, 2020 death. The number 233 is the 51st prime and 13th Fibonacci. *Federal = 51

Read more about his death here.

54 miles? *Jesuit Order = 54

There were ‘three’ marches.

Three = 56 / 79 *Society of Jesus = 56 / 79

And notice how ‘Bloody Sunday’ encodes the number 56, stamped all over black history.

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Houston, Texas = 46 / 62 *Sacrifice = 46 / 62

This ‘rap’ related killing comes March 5, or 3/5, like 35.

Satan = 35 *Svengali = 35 *King James = 35

He was killed on the 64th day of the year as well.

Georgia = 44 *Shooting = 44 *Kill = 44

And notice how his birth name fits in, Corey Detiege.

First, it equates to 121 and 67, the same as ‘blood sacrifice’.

He was found near Jimmy Carter Blvd., also equating to 67.

And not by chance, he was killed 155 days after Jimmy Carter’s birthday, connecting to his rap name ‘Chucky Trill’.

The news comes March 6, the 65th day of the year…

Also, his birth name connects to 59, like ‘Atlanta, Georgia’ and ‘kill’.

59, 17th prime *NBA = 14+2+1 = 17 (Killed during NBA All-Star Weekend)

And with regards to basketball, he was found near I-85.

Keep in mind his father was with ‘Rap-A-Lot’, equating to 83, like ‘murder’.

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What a contrived story from the media’s new favorite puppet, aMANda gorMAN. And it isn’t hard to see why it comes on March 6, or 6/3.

Read more about Amanda Gorman’s January 20, 2021 introduction at the 59th Presidential Inauguration here.

Today is 45 days later, or a span of 46, for #46.

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Notice the New Yorker had the courtesy of posting this article about Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen’s new podcast ‘Renegades’ on the 59th day of the year, the last day of Black History Month. Of course Obama is 59 years old right now…

Let us not forget that ‘Renegade’ was Obama’s Secret Service name.

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Notice how ‘Golden Trump Statue’ equates to 228, similar to the date of Trump speaking at CPAC, February 28, or 2/28, like 228.

Read more about the rituals with Trump and CPAC, February 28, 2021.

And don’t forget Orlando is Jesuit town.

Orlando, Florida = 144 / 72 *Jesuit Order = 144 / 72
Orlando = 79 *Society of Jesus = 79

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Trump said this a span of 107 days to his upcoming birthday, and remember, he is the “brains” behind Operation Warp Speed, the military plan to get America vaccinated.

107, 28th prime *Kill = 28

Death = 228 *United States of America = 228 (2/28 date)

And notice how CPAC equates to 433, the 84th prime, connecting back to the ‘Jesuit’ Order.

And don’t forget Trump’s remark about “56 rallies” at CPAC.

Read about Trump’s impeachment theater and the number 56.

And Trump also told his people that he already got the vaccine…