Joe Rogan “predicts” Gavin Newsom will become the Democratic nominee, replacing Joe Biden, February 20, 2024, by the numbers

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This prediction comes 133 days after Gavin Newsom’s birthday.
President=133, White House=133, Government=133

This prediction comes while both men are 56.
Gavin Newsom=56, Society of Jesus=56, Washington DC=56

This news comes on February 20, the 51st day of the year.
Joe=51, Federal=51

This news comes 193 days after Joe Rogan’s birthday.
Roman Catholic Church=193

This news comes 259 days before the election.
Roman Catholicism=259

Alexei Navalny’s death at 47, on the 47th day of the year, on the 133rd day of Vladimir Putin’s age, February 16, 2024

Death Government Murder by Numbers New World Order News Politics Secret Societies
More aware=45/54/99/144

Alexei Navalny died at age 47, February 16, 2024, the 47th day of the year, and it has been all the ‘news’ ever since, with ‘Trump’ even becoming part of the conversation yet again.
News=47, Trump=47, Government=47, Authority=47

He also died on the 133rd day of Putin’s age. *President=133

Furthermore, Alexei Navalny died 257 days after his June 4 birthday.
257, 55th prime *Alexei Navalny=55

You could also say he died on the 258th day of his age.
Number of the Beast=258 *Beast=47

Update: His widow is now the top story.

Notice her birthday is July 24, or 24/7, going with the Illuminati being 247-years-old.

Notice furthermore, she is 47-years-old!

She took over the headlines on February 19, saying she would champion her husband’s cause.

2/19, is a lot like 219…

Her husband died 132 days after Vladimir Putin’s birthday.
Roman Catholic=219 & 132

She is also front and center on February 20, the 51st day of the year.

Trump ordered to pay $355 million in fraud cause, February 16, 2024

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Notice, Trump’s latest court ruling costing him millions comes on February 16, the 47th day of the year.
Trump=47, President=47, White House=47, Government=47, Authority=47, Judge=47, Gavel=47

This ruling came 247 days after Trump’s birthday, while the Illuminati and USA are 247-years-old.

The judge’s name ties in. *Judge Arthur Engoron=221 *The Bavarian Illuminati=221

You could also say it came on his 248th day of his age.

Read more about Trump and 248 here.

This ruling also came 263 days before the November 5, 2024 election.
263, 56th prime

November 5 leaves 56 days in the year. *Society of Jesus=56 *Freemasons=56

Mark Zuckerberg apologizes to families over social media harms in Washington DC, January 31, 2024

Big Tech Celebrity Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit News Politics

This news comes on 56 date numerology, and on the 263rd day of Mark Zuckerberg’s age.
263, the 56th prime number
Society of Jesus=56
Washington DC=56
Society of Jesus=56

He does this while he is 39-years-old.

Mike Johnson explains the “64 actions” Biden has taken to weaken the U.S. border, January 31, 2024

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit News Politics Secret Societies US-Mexico Border

This news comes on 56 date numerology, and Mike Johnson is the 56th Speaker of the House.
Washington DC=56
Society of Jesus=56
Mike Johnson=56

It goes with Biden taking office with Obama after the 56th US Presidential election.

And notice the “64 actions.”
Joe Biden=64
Barack Hussein Obama=64

It’s nothing but theater, to divide the people, by the numbers.

The New Hampshire Primary, January 23, 2024, has quite the alignment for Donald John Trump

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Today is the 23rd of January, and New Hampshire is the 9th state.
Donald=23 (23, 9th prime)

Recall when Donald Trump said, “Looking good number 9!?”
45, the 9th triangular number (Trump, #45)

Today is 223 days after Trump’s 77th birthday, and the GOP has spent $77 million in the state.
223, 48th prime, Donald Trump=48, Freemason=48 (Masonic=223)

Today’s date numerology is 68.
Mathematics=68 & 185, Donald John Trump=68 & 185, New Hampshire=185

Melania Trump’s mother buried, January 18, 2024

Celebrity Elections Federal Government Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Politics Secret Societies

The funeral comes 38 weeks after Melania’s birthday. *Death=38, Murder=38, Killing=38, RIP=38

The funeral is 218 days after Trump’s birthday. *TRUMP=218, Death=218, Holy Roman Empire=218

The funeral is on 1/18, like 118. *Death=118, Homicide=118

Read more about the death of Melania Trump’s mother at age 78 here.

Today also has 63 date numerology, reminding that Melania was the first First Lady to wear baby blue at an Inauguration since JFK’s wife, and of course, JFK was killed in ’63. Keep in mind Melania also paid tribute to JFK’s assassination in the past with a short video skit, even before she was the wife of Donald Trump.

New York Post’s Cindy Adams speculates Michelle Obama could become DNC’s 2024 candidate on Michell’s 60th birthday, January 17, 2024

Death Elections Federal Government Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Politics Secret Societies

The story was published Wednesday, January 17, 2024, Michelle Obama’s 60th birthday, in the year of the 60th US Presidential election.

The article was written by Cindy Adams. *Cindy Adams=60 & 177 (The Jesuit Order=177)

Recall, Michelle (Michael) Obama’s book released November 15, 2022, 103 weeks before the election.

It also released 103 days after Obama’s 61st birthday. And just imagine if Michelle became a two term president, like her husband.

Michelle Obama=54 & 72, Jesuit Order=54 & 72

Also, don’t forget about Virginia McLaurin’s death the day before the book’s release.

Trump and E. Jean Carroll in same room for first time in decades, January 16, 2024

Battle of the Sexes Celebrity Elections Federal Government Jesuit Legal News Politics

Today is exactly 42 weeks before the election.

Think of Georgetown, founded by John Carroll.

Today is 54 months after the June 21, 2019 accusation by Carroll against Trump.
John Carroll=54
Jesuit Order=54

Today is also 35 days after E. Jean Carroll’s birthday, or her 36th day of her age.

Donald Trump receives 56,000+ votes in Iowa, January 15, 2024

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Donald Trump gets 56,000+ votes in Iowa!

It’s a reminder the coronavirus pandemic was declared in 2020, 56 years after his Jesuit education began at Fordham University.
Society of Jesus=56
Washington DC=56

And you know the rest of the long list.

Keep in mind the caucus was on January 15, or 1/15, and the election is on November 5, or 11/5. Of course, both numbers are similar to 115, a reminder that Donald Trump took office in 2017 with the 115th US Congress.

It also reminds us that November 5 leaves 56 days in the year.

Keep in mind January 15, 2020 is the day they say coronavirus arrived in the United States, and it is the day Trump agreed to his trade deal with China. Of course, Trump was in Switzerland on January 21, 2020, at the World Economic Forum, the day the case was confirmed in the United States, the first case outside of China in the world.

For one more, January 15, 2024 had 60 date numerology, going with the upcoming election being the 60th US Presidential election.

And for another interesting tidbit, the vote was on Trump’s 216th day of his age, going with Cleveland being the (216) area code, and Trump trying to become the nation’s second split-term president, like Grover Cleveland. It is also a reminder that Trump had his 2016 GOP Convention in Cleveland.

As for Vivek’s disappointing finish being a big story, notice his birthday is August 9, the day leaving 144 days in the year, a reminder that the election is 144 days after Donald Trump’s birthday.

Vivek went to a Jesuit high school in Cincinnati, St. Xavier High School.

That means he got smashed by Trump 159 days after his birthday.

Vivek Ramaswamy=57, Ramaswamy=57, Scottish Rite=57

Trump will be 78 at the time of the election, going with the 78 cards in the Tarot deck, and the rites of the Scottish Rite being written by Jesuit Priests.