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In light of the upcoming presidential election being #59, remember the significance as it relates to black history, where February, Black History Month, ends on the 59th day of the year, Motown was established in 1959, emphasis on ’59, and so on.

From the killing of George Floyd, 59-days before the Minneapolis Mayor’s birthday, to the rigged November 3 election, is a span of 163-days.

Asphyxiation was the cause of death.

Make America Great Again = 163
Barack Hussein Obama = 163

Notice the choice of words by CNN, ‘front-of-mind’.

163 is the 38th prime, and ‘election’ sums to 38.

This news comes June 8, or 6/8, like 68, connecting to ‘Donald John Trump’.

42%.  Goodness.

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All Rand Paul headlines are by the numbers, and the anti-lynching debate occurred June 4, 2020, a date written 6/4, like 64, sparked by Rand.

Keep in mind ‘Civil Rights’ and ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ sums to 64.

This happened on the date of the George Floyd funeral, the man who reportedly died at age 46.  June 4 can also be written 4/6, like 46.

*Chaos = 46 *Ordo Ab Chao = 46

If you watch the video, remember, these politicians are acting, and Corey Booker was going for the Oscar.

Jesuit News Police State Politics Racism

Ferguson, Missouri?  Michael Brown?

Notice the name ‘Michael Brown’ sums to 201.

This news comes in the time of the George Perry Floyd killing.

Recall the Lamar Ferguson story we just covered, connected to George Floyd.

The number 201 represents the Jesuit Order, or The Society of Jesus:

Read more about George Floyd and 201:

Catch the part about the Michael Brown killing giving rise to Black Lives Matter, something that is true.  Black Lives Matter equates with Society of Jesus.

Further, notice how the name Ella Jones syncs with ‘Michael’ and ‘conspiracy’.

*Ella Jones = 30 *Ella = 30 *Nigger = 30 *Slavery = 30

*Ella = 78 *Jesuit = 78

*Ella Jones = 93 *Minneapolis, Minnesota = 93

The election was yesterday, the news is making the rounds on June 3, or 6/3, like 63.

*Don’t overlook the Fauci headline about vaccines by the start of 2021 for coronavirus.

Government Murder by Numbers News Police State Politics

Derek Chauvin fatally shot 42-year-old Wayne Reyes in 2006, eh?  42!!!


Adding insult to injury, his reported murder of George Floyd was on Amy Klobuchar’s 60th birthday.

Remember what KRS one told you about officer and overseer in his song, ‘Sound of the Police’?

Derek Chauvin was said to be 44-years-old, and Minneapolis is on the 44th Parallel North.  Better yet, George Floyd’s rap name was ‘Big Floyd’.

News Politics

It’s important that this article is written on the 145th day of the year, in regards to the upcoming election of potentially the 46th president.

Joe Biden is a good Catholic boy, who lost his son at age 46, kind of like how JFK, the only Catholic President to date, died at age 46.

If you read the article, it focuses much on how coronavirus has made Elizabeth Warren’s mission of ‘medicare for all’ a real possibly, and that is why she might be the right choice for Biden at this moment.  Notice how her birthday syncs up with today’s article, and her running with Biden.

This news comes 337-days after her 70th birthday.  *337, 68th prime

It comes 29-days before her 71st birthday.  *71, 20th prime (2020)

Read about 29 in regards to the death of Joe Biden’s wife and daughter, right after becoming Senator elect:

Read about the death of Elizabeth Warren’s brother on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday:

Catholic Church Coronavirus Government Jesuit News Politics Religion

This news comes May 22, 2020, a date with 47 and 67 numerology.  Let’s begin with 47.

5/22/20 = 5+22+20 = 47

Keep in mind, May 22 is typically the 142nd day of the year.

With regards to the 67 date numerology, the Vatican is Italy.

5/22/2020 = 5+22+20+20 = 67

Not by chance, today is 122-days after the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in the United States, January 21, 2020.

Read more about the Jesuits and 122 here:

Today is 72-days after the pandemic was declared, March 11.  

*Jesuit Order = 72 *President Trump = 72

Today is Pope Francis’ 158th day of his age.

5-months and 6-days *Society of Jesus = 56 *Coronavirus = 56
Don’t forget Trump attended Fordham University 56-years ago, in 1964

Remember, the Jesuits were founded August 15, or 15/8.

The number 158 connects to ‘Freemasonry’ and so does the gematria of ‘essential’.

*America = 139 *Freemasonry = 139

*Scottish = 32 *32 sun rays on the Jesuit logo

The CDC also put out news guidelines today for religious organizations. What a “coincidence”.

Remember, the CDC was established July 1, 1946, emphasis on 7/1, like 71, and 46.

1946?  46 books in the Catholic Old Testament.  

Atlanta on the 84th Meridian West.

The Catholic Church is responsible for the scripture as we know it, and they’re surely the ones that have us living by the script.

Government News Politics

This isn’t hard to see through.  Oregon is the only state that sums to 74 with Simple English Gematria.

It’s not an accident that on May 20, 2020, Jo Rae Perkins was the talk of the town in mainstream media.  Notice the name sums to 141, and May 20 was the 141st day of 2020.


Celebrity Coronavirus News Politics

Trump’s disinfectant remark came 52-days before his 74th birthday, Thursday, April 23, 2020.

Notice The Star’s 74 second clip for Trump’s remark:  

And don’t forget Q’Anon is a psy-op.

This was the perfect ‘Trump ritual, on the 47 date numeroloogy.

4/23/20 = 4+23+20 = 47

Recall, all of the following words sums to 47 and 52.

Trump made his remarks Thursday, April 23, 2020, a date with 47 numerology.

4/23/20 = 4+23+20 = 47

The emphasis on by injection inside or almost a cleaning sums to 158, like ‘Freemasonry’.

It also sums to 202, like ‘Skull and Bones’

Remember, Johns Hopkins was founded by a member of Skull and Bones.

Also, notice the emphasis on ‘sarcastically’.

This matters because Trump’s 143rd day of his age will be the date of the election, where this will likely be one of the top ten “issues” the people vote on.

The date is November 3, or 11/3, like 113, connects with the Scottish Rite as well.

Last, notice Trump with the 666 fingers.

Notice the emphasis on ‘injection’ summing to 45, like Trump, #45.

Don’t ever forget how much of a stooge this guy is, named the 45th President Elect, in the early hours of November 9, 2016, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

And never forget this predictive programming…


1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 45

Serta = 63

*2016, 63rd triangular number *Trump, Pres. Elect in 2016

News Politics

Tara Reade, the ‘perfect’ accuser for Joe Biden.

Notice the emphasis on ‘Larry King Live’ in the CNN headline.

What is interesting about the April 9, 2020 police report that was filed, is that it came 153-days after the actress Tara Reid’s birthday, and notice, the name Alexandra Tara Reade sums to 153.

Keep in mind the actress, Reid, is 44-years-old right now.

Of course, Joe Biden was VP to number 44, Obama.

And for one last point, the date of her accusation, March 25, or 3/25, like 325, connects to the gematria of Joe Biden’s full name, Joseph Robinette Biden.

*Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 325