Jamaal Bowman, 47, pulls the fire alarm during House vote to avert government shutdown, September 30, 2023

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47-year-old Jamaal Bowman pulled the fire alarm in the land of 47! Say it isn’t so!

Jamaal Bowman = 106 / 34 / 218 / 74 *Black = 106 / 34 *Holy Roman Empire = 218 / 74

You have to appreciate his April Fools Day birthday as well.

And in other news, the Senate passed the bill to avert the “government shutdown.”

The government shutdown threat of September 30, 2023 in light of Kevin McCarthy & more

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This news comes 247 days after Kevin McCarthy’s birthday, while the the Illuminati and the country are 247 years old.

This news comes on the 153rd day of the Illuminati’s age.
The Illuminati = 153
Jesuit Order = 153

This news comes 88 days after the country’s 247th birthday.
The Republican Party = 88

RFK Jr. teases major announcement for October 9, 2023 (on September 29)

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The announcement will come 266 days into his age.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266

It goes along with all his other Jesuit rituals to date.

Another thing about October 9, is this year Yale turns 322 years old on that day.

The date also has a parallel to his father’s and uncle’s demise.
Shooting = 109 & 44

October 9 will be 44 days before the anniversary of the death of JFK, the 44th term US President.

It will also be a span of 322 days from JFK’s past death anniversary, November 22, 2022.

October 9 leaves 83 days in the year as well, going with the alias, ‘Brotherhood of Death.’

It will also be 187 days after RFK filed to run for US President on April 5, 2023, going with how JFK was killed in the 187th year of the nation’s existence.
JFK Assassination = 187
Society of Jesus = 187
Washington DC = 187
George Washington = 187
*Brotherhood of Death = 187

The date is also 56 weeks and a day before November 5, 2024, the day leaving 56 days in the year.

It will also be 173 days after April 19, the day he gave his first speech.
Roman Catholicism = 173

Senator Dianne Feinstein, dead at 90, September 29, 2023 news

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This news is breaking Friday morning, September 29, 2023. As I have called it for years, it is Old Testament day, because there are 929 chapters in the Old Testament.

She was 90. *Holy Bible = 90

While the news breaks today, she reportedly died late last night, the day leaving 94 days in the year.
Roman Catholic Church = 94

Think about the Jesuits who run this nation, a Catholic-Jewish alliance.

She died exactly 14 weeks after her birthday. *Dead = 4+5+1+4 = 14

You could also say she died on her 99th day of her age.
*United States of America = 99 & 132
*Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein = 132

It goes with the United States being named on September 9, 1776, 132 days from the establishment of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776.
Roman Catholic = 132
Catholic Church = 132

Keep in mind this news comes 12 days before Gavin Newsom’s 56th birthday.
Gavin Newsom = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

That also means she died 353 days after his last birthday.
353, 71st prime
Catholic = 71

And this ritual comes 34 years after his Jesuit education at Santa Clara ended.
Murder = 34


Third Republican debate scheduled for November 8, 2023

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November 8 2023 will be 147 days after Trump’s Jun 14 birthday.
President of the United States = 147
Freemason = 147

Trump’s wife died on July 14, or 14/7, 45 years after her marriage to Donald in ’77.

Trump is 77 right now.

Don’t forget the 147 windows on the White House.

And as for November 8, that was the date of the 2016 election.

Former Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson claims Rudy Guiliani groped her the day of January 6, 2021, just before the release of her book

Astrology Elections Entertainment Federal Government Legal Politics Sexual Abuse
Cassidy Hutchinson = 211 / 76 / 248 / 95

Recall Trump, the Plutocrat’s massive ritual on August 24, or 24/8, the day that Pluto became “no longer a planet.” *Cassidy Hutchinson = 248

Rudy Giuliana turned himself in Atlanta the day prior.

And again the Illuminati and United States of America turn 248 next year, May 1 and July 4 respectively, the year of the 2024 US Presidential Election.


Hunter Biden indicted on 3 gun charges, September 14, 2023

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Notice the Hunter Biden headline is next to the JFK headline…


This news comes a span of 144 days from Hunter Biden’s 54th birthday. As we know, both of those numbers have a lot to do with the assassination of JFK and RFK.
Jesuit Order = 144 & 54
Dealey Plaza = 54
Ambassador Hotel = 54

You have to appreciate he is born on the 35th day of the year, and this comes on a 35 Thursday. It goes with JFK being #35, and killed at age 46.
Catholic = 35 & 46

Of course, JFK was born on the 149th day of the year, and today is 14/9.
Skull and Bones = 149 & 202 (DC is the (202) area code)

88-year-old Secret Service agent speaks out on JFK assassination in new book, September 14, 2023 news

Death Elections Federal History Murder by Numbers Politics Predictive Programming
Paul Landis = 109 / 37 / 161 / 62

He is 88? *Trump = 88

Remember, the Secret Service was signed into existence by Lincoln the day he was assassinated, and he created the Republican Party.
The Republican Party = 88

They have to emphasize the assassination was 60 years ago. Of course, the 60th US Presidential Election is upcoming, November 5, 2024, 144 days after Trump’s birthday. It goes with JFK dying 144 days from meeting with Pope Francis.
Jesuit Order = 144
Order = 60

Keep in mind CNN is featuring this story on 35 Thursday, September 14, 2023.
JFK, #35
Catholic = 35
149, 35th prime (14/9 date)
JFK was born on 149th day of the year


Trump tells supporters how extreme his second term would be, CNN, September 11, 2023 top story

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This is about Trump’s speech in South Dakota, the land of Mount Rushmore.

It was given Friday, September 8, 2023, the Virgin Mary’s birthday, and on the anniversary of the Queen’s death, thus when King Charles took over. And recall, another King Charles is connected to the English Civil War. Of course, January 6 had the major Civil War themes, and so have many other things, especially post George Floyd riots.

September 8, 2023 was a date with 60 numerology.
Donald Trump = 60 (60th Pres. Election upcoming)

Keep in mind CNN made this their top story this morning on September 11.
Donald = 119 (Jewish Gematria)

From his July 3, 2020 speech in South Dakota to this story is 166 weeks later.
Twin Towers = 166
Secrecy Society = 166

September 11 also goes with Trump being called President-elect on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, November 9, the other 11/9 or 9/11 date.
Berlin Wall = 45


’63 was an assassination year. It was JFK.
South Dakota = 63

Remember, in ’16, they compared Melania’s outfit to Jackie Kennedy’s in ’61, for both Inaugurations. They were the last two to wear baby blue.