Donald Trump’s day in court came on the 100th birthday of Warner Brothers (The Batman & Joker joke)

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Trump’s day in court, April 4, 2023, came on the 100th birthday of Warner Brothers.
Warner Brothers = 76
Burbank, California = 76 (Where they are HQ’d)
Donald John Trump = 76
Skull and Bones = 76
Joker = 76

As you likely know, they’re responsible for Batman, and Trump refers to himself as Batman. If you’re behind on these things, read about the mega 76 ritual with Trump, The Joker, and the courthouse he appeared in on April 4, 2023 here.

And as for the 34 charges Trump received, notice DC comics, which created Batman and The Joker, was established in 1934. It goes with Warner Brothers HQ being on the 34th Parallel North, in Burbank.

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