Shogun releases February 27, 2024 and pays tribute to the Jesuits out of the gate

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FX’s new show Shogun begins with the conflict begin the Catholic Church and the Protestants, introducing the Jesuits right out of the gate. Notice the show released on the 58th day of the year, 72 days after Pope Francis birthday, the first Jesuit Pope, and the one who took his throne on the 72nd day of the year, March 13, 2013.
Pope Francis=58
Jesuit Order=72

Read about the death of Adolfo Nicolas in Japan, where Shogun is set.

At least 104 killed in Gaza while waiting for food by IDF, drones, and artillery while waiting for, February 29, 2024

Biblical Catholic Church History Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military News War

This news comes 145 days after the war began on October 7, 2023, going with Israel being created in history on 14/5, the 14th of May, 1948.

Recall, the war began 71 days before the Pope’s birthday, on Putin’s 71st birthday.

Recall, the war was declared a day later, 35 days before the Superior General’s birthday.
-That was the day leaving 84 days in the year, October 8, 2023
Superior General=84
The Jesuit Order=84
The Catholic Church=84

Recall, David Ben Gurion was the first Prime Minister of Israel.
David Ben Gurion=145

Recall, there are 46 books in the Catholic OT and Joe Biden is #46, elected 46 weeks after the Pope’s birthday. 46 is also a number connecting to ‘chaos’ and ‘ordo ab chao.’

This comes on a Thursday.

It is the rare ‘leap day’ as well.

Thursday is named after Jupiter (Zeus) and this is the work of the Society of Jupiter Zeus, or Jesus.

Furthermore, this news comes on the Pope’s 75th day of his age, on 75 date numerology, while the State of Israel is 75-years-old. *2/29/2024=2+29+20+24=75

Catholic Church = 75
Roman Catholic = 75
Ignatius of Loyola = 75
New World Order = 75 (Order = 75)
Order Out of Chaos = 75
World War III = 75
Great Tribulation = 75
Adam Weishaupt = 75

And never forget this New York Times headline from October 6, 1940, a date with 75 numerology.

You could also say today’s ritual comes 74 days after the Pope’s birthday, just like the war began while the Superior General and Gaza were 74-years-old.

Notice how from Nentanyahu’s 74th birthday to today is his 132nd day of his age.

Today is the 60th day of the year.

Today is also 109 days after the Superior General’s birthday. *Military=109

Ignatius of Loyola was recognized by the church on the 109th day of the year.
Ignatius of Loyola=75 & 87

The Superior General is 75, the Pope is 87.

*The Israel Defense Forces=104 *Roman Catholic Church=104

Recall the 10/4 alerts in the United States and Russia that tipped us off to the ritual coming on October 7, or 10/7?

Keep in mind the Israel Defense Forces was founded on May 26, typically the 146th day of the year. Today is 145 days after the war began, or the 146th day of the war.
United Kingdom=146 (what controlled Israel prior to its establishment)

Today is 87 days before their anniversary, while the Pope is 87-years-old.
The Catholic Church=87 *Ignatius of Loyola=87

Virgil, Ted DiBiase’s bodyguard, dead at 61, February 28, 2024, in Black History Month

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Notice, a black man is dead on the 59th day of the year in Black History Month.

He is also dead on the 42nd day of Ted DiBiase’s age. As I have documented countless times, the 42 and 59 come together in these racist rituals over and over.

You could also say he is dead 41 days after Ted DiBiase’s birthday.

For one more, 61 is the 18th price.

Two found guilty in killing of Jam Master Jay, Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 42 months after their arrest

Black Lives Matter Death Freemasonry History Legal Murder by Numbers Racism Secret Societies Slavery

2 men, nearly 22 years later… in the second month, February, black history month… when Jam Master Jay was killed in the year 2002…

What a story to close out Black History Month.

Read about these two men being charged by the numbers, August 17, 2020, here.

This conviction comes 42 months and 10 days later. *February=42 *Slavery=42

Read my original post on the death of Jam Master Jay in relation to 50 Cent here.

This latest news comes on 37 date numerology. *2/27/2024=2+27+(2+0+2+4)=37

Of course, Jam Master Jay was killed at age 37.

Today’s date also has 73 numerology. *2/27/2024=2+27+20+24=73

This ruling also comes on the 58th day of the year, connecting with Jason William Mizell.

This ruling comes while DMC is 59.

Darryl McDaniels=247 (the Illuminati & the country are 247-years-old)

It is 38-weeks and 6 days after his 59th birthday *Death=38

It is 94 days before his birthday. *Darryl McDaniels=94 *Joseph Ward Simmons=94

It is exactly a span of 39 weeks into his age. *New York=39

It is 106 weeks into Run’s age, also 59. *Black=106 *Black Lives Matter=106

It is also 105 days after his birthday *Masonry=105 *Order of Illuminati=105

And notice where his name Joseph Simmons connects with the 58th day of the year ruling.

And as for them both being 59, and it being 22 years later… *Negro=59 & 22

Pope Gregory XIII Gregorian Calendar implementation on February 24, 1582, Christopher Clavius, Aloysius Lilius, & King George II’s acceptance of the calendar in September of 1752

Catholic Church History Jesuit New World Order News
Notice the Nazis, modeled after the Jesuits, have their origins in February 24 as well

The calendar was adopted on the 337th day of Christopher Clavius’ age (68th prime).

It was also adopted on 2/24. *The Society of Jesus=224

*Helios=68 & 94 (Greek name for sun)
*Aloysius Lilius=94
*Roman Catholic Church=94

From February 24, 1582, to October 15, 1582, was 233-days later (51st prime, 13th Fibonacci number).

England did not adopt the calendar until September of 1752, and the days September 3 through 13 were skipped to align calendars.

Of course, the Gregorian calendar is a solar based calendar, the Catholic Church began as a sun cult, and the sun never sets on Britain.

Let us not overlook that 1752 was 24-years before the United States and Illuminati were established.
The Sun=24 (24 hours in a day) *Rome=24

As for who was in Charge of England when the calendar was recognized, it was George, and he recognized the Calendar September 2, 57 days before his November 9 birthday.
George=57, England=57, Rome=57

It goes with George Washington becoming President in 1789, the year he turned 57. It was also the year Georgetown was established by the Catholics (Jesuits).
Georgetown=57 *Scottish Rite=57

The 57 also connects with the partner of the sun. *Moon=57

You could say it was a span of 58 days as well.
Gregorian=58, Calendar=58, Zodiac=58, Star=58, Stars=58

Also noteworthy, the calendar was adopted 12 years into the reign of Pope Bendedict XIV, going with the calendar being a 12 month system.

Keep in mind England recognized the conversion in September, what is the ninth month on the Gregorian calendar, and nine is completion in numerology.

Navalny’s body returned to his mother, Lyudmila Navalnaya, February 24, 2024

Catholic Church Death History Murder by Numbers New World Order News War

Read more about Navalny here.

On the two year anniversary of the war with Russia & Ukraine officially beginning, on the anniversary of the Gregorian calendar rolling out, we have this, the body of the 47-year-old, who died on the 47th day of the year, being handed over to his mother.

His name connects with the Catholic history of this date.
Alexei Navalny=71 & 145 *Catholic=71 & 145

The 47 also connects with his mother’s name, Lyudmila Navalnaya.

Keep in mind today’s date numerology is 34. *2/24/2024=2+24+(2+0+2+4)=34

Today is also 40 days before her birthday, or a span of 41. *Mom=40 & 41

For another interesting point, from the release date of the documentary on Navalny, to his death, is a span of 677 days, the 123rd prime number. *Conspiracy=123

The film begins with the CNN journalist asking what will happen if he dies, a question he does not want to answer.

St. Louis University asked to pay $74 billion to descendants of slaves, February 13, 2024 news

History Jesuit News Racism Slavery Sports

Missouri just won the big game on 11/2…
Call for Reparations=112
Super Bowl=112

What a headline for 2/13, or “213.”

This news comes on 59 date numerology as well. *2/13/2024=2+13+20+24=59

Today is the 59th day of Pope Francis age.

And St. Louis University is a Jesuit school, reminding us that Carter G. Woodson is the father of BHM.

And just this past Sunday, the Chiefs, of Missouri, improved to 4-2 in Super Bowls, on the 42nd day of the year, February 11, 2024, when 42 has a long history with black history.

Recall this ritual with Michael Brown.

And as for the $74 billion, it goes with ‘Mahomes’ leading the way.

And let us not forget St. Louis University is credited with the first forward pass in football history.

For one more, this comes after the 104th NFL season.

Joe Madison, the Black Eagle, dead at 74, on the 105th birthday of Jackie Robinson

Biblical Black Lives Matter Death Entertainment History Murder by Numbers News Racism Sports

Joe Madison has died on Jackie Robinson’s birthday anniversary, January 31, 2024. However, the news did not break until February 2, 2024, at the start of Black History Month, the month that typically ends on the 59th day of the year (like Motown since ’59).

He died on what would have been the 105th birthday of Jackie Robinson. *Joe Madison=105

Keep in mind Jackie Robinson day falls on the 105th day of the year, April 15.

Notice his record broadcast on Sirius XM’s Urban View began on the 56th day of the year.

Recall when they painted Black Lives Matter on the streets of D.C. on June 5, or 5/6.

It goes with him dying at age 74, and his death being announced on the 33rd day of the year.

And as for him dying at the start of 2024, notice he was 24 when he became the youngest member to lead an NAACP chapter, the one in Detroit on 42nd Parallel North.

It goes with Jackie Robinson’s son dying at age 24, and now Madison passing on Robinson’s birthday anniversary.

Of course, Detroit is the city on the 42nd Parallel North.

Martin lived in Apartment 42 in Detroit in the hit sitcom.

And be careful Martin Lawrence, because you’re turning 59 this year.

Martin’s birthday is the 106th day of the year. *Black=106 *Black Lives Matter=106

And let us not forget that the New Testament begins with the 42 generations leading to Jesus.