Four suspects killed & two held after Haiti’s President is assassinated, July 7, 2021, in clear Jesuit Order ritual

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FOUR. The number associated with death.

This assassination took place on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, the day leaving 177 days in the year.
The Jesuit Order = 177, New World Order = 177

Jovenel Moise = 63 *John Carroll = 63 / 54

Jovenel Moïse = 135 / 54
Bavaria = 135 / 54

He died on the 188th day of the year. Bavarian Illuminati = 188

The Bavarian Illuminati was established by Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuit, May 1, 1776.

Keep in mind he was born 26/6, June 26, 1968, that infamous year, and it being on the day that is the 177th day of the year. Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266

Read about Catherine the Great’s husband’s assassination, July 17, or 17/7. She is remembered for preserving the Jesuit Order after they were banned by the Catholic Church in 1773.

Also interesting, is the connection to 69.

The Jesuit Order = 69
New World Order = 69
Port-au-Prince = 69 (Where he died)

Assassination = 191
Society of Jesus = 191 (Formal name of Jesuit Order)

Port-au-Prince, Haiti = 95
Jesuits created to counter the 95 Theses

Read about Captain Tom and his 177 / 201 death, right after the very Jesuit news out of Burma, the military overthrowing the government, a government that was established in history on September 27, the day the Jesuits were recognized by Rome, at least per their history, very by the numbers. And speaking of 177 and the Jesuits, let us not forget

FOUR suspects are killed, and TWO are arrested. 42.

And for the most important 42 of all.

Moïse = 56 (Society of Jesus = 56).

And notice how the name Jovenel ties with Haiti.

The assassination came on the 34th week of his age, 72. *
Jesuit Order = 72
*8/15/1534 = 8+15+15+34 = 72 (Jesuit establishment date)

The word ‘murder’ equates to 34.

And for one last point about ‘Haiti’.
Haiti = 47
Vatican = 47
Francis = 47
Authority = 47
Government = 47
Christian = 47
President = 47

And for a closing thought, he has died at age 53 (the beginning of his 54th age of his life), exactly 53 months after taking office, February 7, 2017.

Keep in mind the assassination was on the 188th day of the year, and 188 and 53 connect to the gematria of ‘ordo ab chao’.

And as my video concludes, YouTube changes my subscriber count to 18.8…

June 26, 177th day of the year
July 7, day leaving 177 days in year

The Salem Witch Trials, March 2-7, 1692, in light of the Catholic Church’s history with Pope Innocents

Catholic Church History Jesuit New World Order

History of Witchcraft (beginning with Catholic Church’s recognition):

Perhaps the Jesuits were tasked with mastering witchcraft (magic).

1692 was 207 years after 1485, when Pope Innocent VII made his declaration about ‘witchcraft’. *Witch = 27 / 27

Notice the Salem Witch Trials began on March 2, 1692, the 61st day of the year.
Church = 61
Christian = 61
Christmas = 61
Jesus = 61
Cross = 61

Notice also that the first guilty sentence came on March 7, the 66th day of the year.
Number of the Beast = 66
Witchcraft = 666 (Sumerian) (666 is the number of the beast)

And notice that Pope Innocent the XIII died on the 32 year anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials’ guilty verdict, reminding of the 32 sun rays in the Jesuit logo, and the fact that ‘America’ equates to 32.
America = 32
7/4/1776 = 7+4+1+7+7+6 = 32
Salem Witch Trials began on March 2 (3/2)

This is interesting because Pope Innocent the VII recognized ‘witchcraft’ as real.
-The difference between Innocent 7 and Innocent 13 is 6.
Number of the Beast = 66
Witchcraft = 666

As for Pope Innocent XII, who was the Pope at the time, he ended up dying on September 27, 1700, on the 60th anniversary of the Jesuit Order being recognized by Rome (Order = 60), September 27, 1540.

And for the record, the Salem Witch Trials began 44 days after the Superior General’s birthday, Thyrsus Gonzalez de Santalla. *Magick = 44

If you are not familiar with ‘magick’, ending with a ‘k’, look it up.

Demosthenes (RIP 322 BC) as one of the riddles behind Yale’s Skull and Bones

History Secret Societies

Demosthenes was a Greek, and Skull and Bones is a secret society and fraternity (part of the Greek system). In addition, he was of great influence to his society, just as Skull and Bones is to ours. Also consider that Skull and Bones of Yale is located in ‘Connecticut’, connecting nicely with ‘Demosthenes’.

Furthermore, notice that he lived from 384 BC to 322 BC, 62 years later, connecting with the state.

And of course he died in 322 BC, and Skull and Bones is at building 322.

The Boule’s Martin Luther King Jr. ritual in Philadelphia over Atlanta, June 18, 2021, on 68th anniversary of MLK’s wedding

Catholic Church Entertainment History Jesuit Sports

Game 6 of the NBA Finals was on the 68 year anniversary of MLK’s wedding, June 18, 1953, and MLK is from Atlanta, where the game was, Philadelphia @ Atlanta (Philadelphia, home of Boule, now HQ’d in Atlanta).
Basketball = 68
Mathematics = 68
Catholicism = 68
MLK assassinated in ’68 (Atlanta lost the game)
-Atlanta Hawks debuted MLK jersey this season, January 18, 2021 (MLK Day)

This game was 75 days after the anniversary of the assassination, June 18, 2021, in NBA’s 75th season.

Catholic Church = 75
New World Order = 75
Order = 75
-*MLK killed in Martin Luther “95 Theses” joke, on 95th day of ’68 (Catholicism = 68)

It was also 19,433 days after his assassination, April 4, 1968.
-19,433 is the 2,203rd prime number *Philadelphia = 223 *The Synagogue of Satan = 223 (Revelation 3)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 489325b0-screen-shot-2021-06-19-at-11.37.35-am.png
If 76ers defeat Hawks in Game 7, they will be 10-4 vs. Hawks in Playoffs all-time
-Roman Catholic Church = 104

The Hawks are 20-22 away for the season, heading into Game 7, at Philadelphia.
-They can fall to 20-23 (2203)

Guess how many losses Philadelphia has in the Playoffs right now? Yes, 223.

And guess how many home losses? Yes, 76.

MLK born 15/1 (like 151) *151, 36th prime *MLK = 36
-Game 6 was 151 days after debut of MLK jersey

Partial credit for this post goes to The Illusion.

Read more about the rituals with Game 6 here:

Atlanta Hawks lead 29-22 after 1, Game 6 of East Semis, June 18, 2021 | On 68-year anniversary of MLK’s wedding

History Sports

Today, June 18, 2021, has 29 date numerology, and the hometown Hawks lead 29-22 at the end of the first quarter.
-Today is 109 days (29th prime) after Nate McMillan began coaching the Hawks on March 1, 2021.
-If the Hawks win today, they pick up their 29th home win of the season.
*This was today’s talking point in looking at this game on Patreon.
-6/18/2021 = 6+18+(2+0+2+1) = 29

Today also happens to be the 68-year-anniversary of MLK’s wedding, June 18, 1953.
-Basketball = 68
-Catholicism = 68
-Mathematics = 68
-MLK killed in ’68

Also noteworthy, today is 151 days after Atlanta debuted the MLK jersey, on MLK Day, January 18, 2021.
-MLK’s birthday is 15/1 (January 15)
-On January 15, 2021, Pope Francis blessed an ATL MLK jersey
-151, 36th prime *MLK = 36 *Friday = 36 / 36
-Jesus Christ = 151 (MLK, a Christian figure)


Philadelphia has started the 2nd quarter 7-0, evening the score at 29, 29, on the 29 date.

Justice Department releases 56 second clip of January 6, 2021 attack on U.S. Capitol

Federal Government History Jesuit News Staged Media / Controlled Opposition

56 seconds? Remember, the ‘Civil War’ was a big part of the staged symbolism.
Civil War = 56
Washington D.C. = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

If you watch the clip, the “attacker” is a former NYPD officer as mentioned in the story. And yet again, the person making the news is either former military or police.

Joe Biden signs historic bill creating Juneteenth national holiday, June 17, 2021

Federal Government History News Racism

This news comes June 17, 2021, a date with 64 numerology, reminding of empty symbolism from the past, such as the ’64 Civil Rights Act.
Civil Rights = 64
Barack Hussein Obama = 64
Joe Biden = 64

Today is 44 and 64 date numerology, Obama was #44.
6/17/2021 = 6+17+20+21 = 64
6/17/21 = 6+17+21 = 44
Joe Biden = 44 / 64

And recall, the Senate passed the Bill first on June 15, or 15/6, days before the 156 year anniversary of the first Juneteenth in Texas, June 19, 1865.

Also, this news comes on a Thursday, 35 years after the last federal holiday was created, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which was in 1986.

The Long Association Between June 12th and the HEART: Christian Eriksen and Loving v. Virginia

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Christian Eriksen

The talk of the sports world is a story that actually transcends sports: it is the collapse – due to apparent cardiac arrest – of Danish football/soccer star Christian Eriksen during a game at the European Championship Finals on Saturday June 12th, 2021.

What stands out to those who analyze the patterns of major world events, is the association – yet again – of the heart and that date June 12th. This event also ties into decodes that I did in the recent past specifically addressing the ritual significance of the heart.

The Spring equinox has always been and still is, a prime time of the year for major spiritual ritual, being a time of regeneration, renewal and the return of the Sun. One of many related rituals this year in 2021 was the Suez Canal crisis where the Ever Given container vessel ran aground wreaking havoc on international commercial traffic.

The Suez Canal runs through the top of the Sinai Peninsula which is shaped like a human heart.

The Sinai Peninsula shaped like a human heart

Gematria confirms that the Sinai Peninsula is a heart. “HEART” and “SINAI” are a super match



The Suez Canal being a major trade and commercial artery, the Ever Given was literally blocking a coronary artery.

As I mentioned in my article: On the Sinai Peninsula heart sits the world’s most sacred mountain; holy to the Abrahamic religions: Mount Sinai. In a direct line to the West of Mt. Sinai; direct to the minute; at 28 degrees and 32 minutes North (the 28th parallel) is the city of Orlando, Florida which was home to the PULSE nightclub.

PULSE is a HEART reference. Pulse night club made world headlines in 2016 on June 12th with a mass shooting.

So here we see an earlier example of the association between the date of June 12th with the heart.

The accused shooter Omar Mateen is a Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars. Mount Sinai is the Mountain of the Moon named after Sin the Sumerian moon god. The Ever Given vessel got stuck in the Suez Canal on March 23rd, 2021 in the tropical zodiac sign of Aries which is also ruled by the planet Mars. This is part of an undeniable Moon-Mars pattern that I addressed in previous articles and will revisit in the article.

The date June 12th is written 6-12. 612 days after the Pulse nightclub shooting was the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. The date of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting was February 14th, 2016; Valentine’s Day, a day associated with love and the heart symbol. This is another 612-heart association.

Love and the heart are also associated with the planet and goddess Venus the Roman “goddess of love.” The planet Venus rules the zodiac signs of Libra and Taurus

The shooter Nikolas Cruz is a Libra and represents Venus.

The high school is named after Marjorie Stoneman Douglas who died on May 14th a date in Taurus, ruled by Venus. again: The high school shooting happened on Valentine’s Day which symbolized by the heart, just as the goddess of love Venus is.

Douglas’ death date May 14th is written 5-14. Look at the official time that the Orando PULSE night club shooting ended: 5:14.

The Danish football/soccer star who experienced cardiac arrest on June 12th, 2021, Christian Eriksen was born on Valentine’s Day, the same date as the Pulse nightclub shooting.

As Denmark’s best player, and central midfielder with ball distribution qualities, Christian Eriksen is said to be “the heart of the Denmark team.

The date 14th February is written 14-2. His first name “Christian” sums to 142 in gematria.

A euphemism for the heart is a “ticker” making the ticking of a clock a metaphor for the beating of a heart. The ticking of a clock is imitated by the phrase “tick-tock.” The popular social media network service Tik Tok spalls the same phrase T.I.K.T.O.K. This maybe by design for a cruel ritual with the ability to manipulate the details of events, or it could be sheer coincidence, but when we pay attention to the details of news narratives we see this kind of insult again and again and have to wonder how it can all be coincidence.

Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest directly infront of an advertising board for “Tok Tok.”

“Tick tock” spelled correctly sums to 29 in gematria. This happened when Eriksen is 29 years old.

“HEART BEAT” sums to 163 in gematria. June 12th, 2021 was the 163rd day of the year.

If anyone thinks that this is actually the cruel imagination of perceptive conspiracy theorists then consider that this year 2021 the Daytona 500 NASCAR race was held from Valentine’s Day February 14th to February 15th.

It was won by Michael Christopher McDowell who is sponsored by Love’s truck stop and convenience stores. His uniform and car are adorned with the Love’s heart logo.

Compare the name of the franchise name “LOVE’S” to the name of the June 12th Orlando nightclub with the heart-referencing name “PULSE” and you get a gematria grand slam in the four base ciphers.

The 1983 mega hit song “Total Eclipse of The Heart” was released on June 12th, for another June 12th – Heart association

David Rockefeller: 612 and the Heart

David Rockefeller was born on June 12th.

David Rockefeller is associated with the heart; reportedly receiving 6 or 7 heart transplants. It is unlikely that anyone can survive the trauma of that many extreme surgeries but he is nonetheless associated with it. A Google search of “How many heart transplants did David Rockefeller have?” produces a headline result of “6.”

VENUS the Goddess of LOVE in the Sport of Tennis

As I mentioned earlier: the zodiac sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is also the “goddess of love.”

The sport of tennis is imbued in Venus symbolism. The words “TENNIS” and “VENUS” match in gematria




The word for “zero” or a lack of a score in tennis is – peculiarly – “LOVE.” So a 15-0 score in tennis isn’t 15-zero or 15-nil or 15-to-nothing, it is “15-love.” Love equals zero in tennis. Another Venus reference.

The prestigious Wimbledon Champion trophy for women is called “The Venus Rosewater Dish.” Unlike all the other major tennis trophies the Venus Rosewater Dish is a circular shaped trophy.

Venus Williams with Wimbledon’s Venus Rosewater Dish

The most dominant women’s tennis player of the current era (that is coming t a close) is Serena Williams who is a Libra representing Venus the goddess of love, and has a sister named Venus. So heavy Venus coding here, but there is more:

The father of Venus and Serena Williams Richard Williams was born on Valentine’s Day February 14th.

In the National Basketball Association Cleveland Cavaliers Forward Kevin Love wears the number 0 which is referred by his last name “Love” in tennis.


Kevin Love

The number zero is a circle. The Venus Rosewater Dish is a uniquely circular trophy. This relates to the mathematical value of Pi which is used to measure circles. Pi has a value of 22/7; 22 divided by 7.



Look at the official time given for the end of the Valentine’s Day Stoneman Douglas High School shooting: 2:27, like 227 or 22/7 the value of Pi that measures circles.



Now think of the association of the heart here: the heart commands the CIRCULatory system. Circulatory as in circular as in circulate.


1967 saw a landmark civil rights case decided by the United States Supreme Court. Prior to the court’s decision on Loving v. Virginia marriage between people of different races was illegal in Virginia and many states, and there was no Federal law granting the right and freedom to marry anyone of any race in America. These were known as anti-miscegenation laws.

The name of the iconic couple always stood out coincidental and/or appropriate and/or synchronistic. Mildred Jeter a black woman, and Richard Loving a white Irish-American were being barred from marriage by the state of Virginia on grounds that their racial difference disqualified them from being able to do so.

Remember that love and the heart are associated with Venus, and in tennis with the number 0, the circle applies to the heart in terms of the CIRCULatory system. So the 22/7 Pi number is related to Venus, the heart and love.

Mildred Loving’s birthday is the Pi date 22/7 22nd July.

Loving v. Virginia resulted in the United Staes Supreme Court striking down anti-miscegenation laws in the United States. That decision is celebrated today in America as “LOVING DAY” on the anniversary of the decision on June 12th.

So here again we see the association of the heart with the date of June 12th.

In gematria “VENUS” sums to 54. Venus is the “goddess of love”; “LOVE” sums to 54. When you spell out “June twelfth” it sums to 54.



Danish soccer star Christian Eriksen – a man with a Valentine’s Day birthday – suffered cardiac arrest on 54th anniversary of the decision of Loving v. Virginia.



“St. Valentine’s Day” and “Loving v. Virginia” are a veritable super match in gematria in 3 out of 4 base ciphers.



There is also the Mars-Moon association. Richard Loving was a Scorpio ruled by Mars, Mildred Loving is a Cancer ruled by the Moon; so they represent a Moon-Mars union. When Christian Eriksen went down with cardiac arrest in Copenhagen the constellation of Scorpio was on the Eastern horizon known as the ascendant in astrology.

Senate passes bill making Juneteenth a federal holiday, June 15, 2021, 156 years after the first Juneteenth

Federal Government History News

Notice that the first “Juneteenth” was celebrated June 19, 1865, and this year will be the 156 year anniversary. That is why today, June 15, or 15/6, the Senate has passed this bill, making it an official federal holiday. And never forget the relationship with 33 and 156.
Thirty-Three = 156
Federal = 33