Takeoff’s death on the 18-year anniversary of Mac Dre’s murder, November 1, 2022

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Jesuit Order created to counter 95 Theses

Notice, the Migos’ van shooting story in Miami was published March 28, 2014, the 87th day of the year. Now November 1, 2022, 87 months after the release of Migos’ first album, Takeoff is dead. Keep in mind that shooting was in Miami, the (305) area code, and now Takeoff is dead on the 305th day of the year.
Quality Control Music = 87
Quavious Keyate Marshall = 87 (Who was with Takeoff
Number of the Beast = 87
*Slavery = 87
*Dice = 87 (They said he died during a dice game)
-October = 666
-Rockstar = 666
-Takeoff = 2+1+2+5+6+6+6

Furthermore, November 1 is the anniversary of Mac Dre’s death, and he was killed in a van.

IHS = 18 / 18 *Sun = 18

On top of that, Migos biggest song is Versace, and it was released on July 8, or 8/7, like 87.

Read more about the death of Takeoff at age 28 in Houston here.

D.H. Peligro, Dead Kennedys drummer, dead at 63, Oct. 28, 2022

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JFK was killed in ’63. Dead Kennedys? The drummer is dead at 63?

He is dead 111 days after his birthday.
Dead Kennedys = 111

And notice the 15-weeks and 6-days. It goes with Robert Kennedy being shot on June 5, the 156th day of the year.

And again, ‘drummer’ has the fateful gematria.
Drummer = 38
Murder = 38
Killing = 38
Death = 38
RIP = 38

He also died on the day leaving 64 days in the year, and a date with 44 numerology.
10/28/2022 = 10+28+(2+0+2+2) = 44
Kill = 64 / 44

Vince Dooley, Georgia football coach, dead at 90, October 28, 2022 (the opening day of the World Series)

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The former Georgia coach is dead on a 44 date numerology, the day before Georgia makes Florida 4-4.
10/28/2022 = 10+28+(2+0+2+2) = 44
Georgia = 44

Recall, they performed the 129 / 201 ritual with Vince Dooley as Georgia beat Alabama on the College Football Championship, January 10, 2022.

Vince Dooley = 129 (129 is 201 in base-8 counting — 201 wins with Georgia)

He is dead 54 days after his birthday.
Jesuit Order = 54
Baseball = 54
-Georgia Bulldogs = 251 (54th prime)

Vince Dooley is also dead on the first day of the World Series (baseball).
Vince Dooley = 57
World Series = 57

He was 90. Phillies = 90

It is the 118th World Series.
Death = 118
Homicide = 118

And notice he won the championship in ’80, and is dead on the 80 date numerology, and that was the year the Philadelphia Phillies won their first World Series as a franchise.
10/28/2022 = 10+28+20+22 = 80
Georgia Bulldogs = 80

Tomorrow Georgia will become 8-0 vs. the Gators.
Florida Gators = 80
Gators = 80

*Last year Georgia also became 8-0 vs. Gators.

*Last year Georgia also won the World Series

*Astros have a chance to become 8-0 in postseason


U.K.’s new prime minister Rishi Sunak, the first of color, at age 42, October 24, 2022

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Freemason-Jesuit motto is “order out of chaos” or “ordo ab chao”

3 and 3 on the pillars? Could it get anymore Masonic? Let us not forget that London is divided into 33 neighborhood areas.

Sunak = 33
Indian = 33
England = 33
Brexit = 33
Masonry = 33
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33

And notice, he takes office at age 42.
Freemason = 42
Jesuit = 42

He is the first UK Prime Minister of “color.” Get the joke? They call Indians “Sand Niggers.”
Nigger = 42
Racial Slur = 42
*Jackie = 42

Keep in mind today is Diwali, the celebration of light in Hinduism, and Sunak is Hindu.

Adding to the ritual, it is a span of 201 days to his upcoming birthday, and in the Hebrew study of Gematria, the number 201 is associated with light.
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201

Once again, the Jesuit Order’s logo is above the Prime Minister’s door at 10 Downing Street.

Born on 132nd day of year *England = 132

Adding to the ritual, today has 56 date numerology.
10/24/22 = 10+24+22 = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Light = 56 / 201 (201 in Hebrew)

Phillies advance to NLCS 8-3, October 15, 2022

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Philadelphia advances to the NLCS on a 8-3 win (and FYI, we liked Philly in the NLCS in Spring Training).
Collapse = 83
Economic Collapse = 83

Philadelphia won World Series in ’29 and 2008. Those were both years of big economic collapses.

This is the 118th World Series. *Philadelphia, Pennsylvania = 118

The Phillies have advanced to the NLCS on the manager’s 61st day of his age, and they clinched their playoff spot with their 65th win.
Philadelphia = 65 / 61
Bryce Harper = 65 / 61

Peyton Manning in light of Alabama @ Tennessee, October 15, 2022

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Today is 160 days before Peyton Manning’s 47th birthday
Peyton Manning, born March 24, 1976

Look at the massive 16 ritual going on in Tennessee today, October 15, 2022, as Alabama travels to the state to face the Tennessee Volunteers, 136 days after the state’s birthday. Of course 136 is the 16th triangular number, and Tennessee is the 16th state in Order of Statehood, established June 1, 1796, a date that can be written 1/6. And funny enough, today’s game is 16 days before Nick Saban’s Halloween birthday and he is trying to win his 16th straight game vs. Tennessee. And making matters even more interesting, if Tennessee’s coach wins, Josh Heupel, he’ll be 13-6 with the team.

151, 36th prime #3 Alabama vs. #6 Tennessee *Today is 63 days before Pope’s birthday
#3 vs #6 *Volunteers = 151 (36th prime) *Saban is 15-0 coming in (16-0, or 15-1?)

…16 days from October 15 (today) to Saban’s Halloween birthday, October 31…

Plus Peyton Manning was chosen as ESPN’s “game picker” of the week, and we see why. He wore number 16 at Tennessee, back when the team would beat Alabama.


Adding to the ritual, Peyton played at Tennessee from ’94 to ’97, and on October 15, 1994, Alabama beat Tennessee, in Knoxville, which was 28-years ago today. 28 is the 7th triangular number, and this College Football Week 7. Also, Tennessee won 7 straight starting in ’95 (more at bottom of post on this).

Peyton and Tennessee were 3-1 vs. Alabama in the time he was there.
Alabama = 31 / 13

Notice Tennessee lost their first match with 13 points.

Today, the Tennessee coach tries to get his 13th win with the team.

Peyton = 95 (In ’95, Ten. won 41-14) (Notice Heupel’s record) *41, 13th prime *Alabama = 13

And notice, he was born on March 22 (322).

On the 15th, with a 15 game losing streak, ESPN highlight’s Jersey #15.

Nothing ritualistic though…

Saban is trying to get to 7-0 at age 70, in revenge of the old Alabama’s 7 game losing streak starting in ’95, on October 15, 27 years ago to the day.

Also, Halloween is Saban’s birthday, and the day in history the 95 Theses was posted.
Halloween = 95

Queen Elizabeth and Minnesota the Crown Chakra and Freemason Allegory

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Minnesota is coded with the sacred star Sirius.

Sirius was sacred to the most ancient cultures especially the Kemetian/Egyptian. Today’s elite societies continue a Western version of Sirius veneration influenced especially but exclusively by Ancient Egypt. It can be conspicuously obvious once you identify the symbolism.

Various forms of modern Freemason iconography portray the star Sirius as a star burst.

The starburst is usually depicted in between and above twin pillars, emanating from an eye. Sometimes the starburst emanates from a letter G or a pentagram, but most often from an eye.

The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in the state of Minnesota represent the twin pillars. Twins are a symbol of the zodiac sign of Gemini so it is no coincidence that the best known natives of Minnesota — the musicians Prince and Bob Dylan — are both Gemini.

Current Minnesota U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar is a Gemini. Minnesota is now best known for the George Floyd killing which took place at the time of Gemini (June 25th).

Ancient Egypt started its new year; a new cycle, when the star Sirius reappeared after being hidden behind the Sun for 70 days. This re-appearance is called the Heliacal Rising of Sirius.

Sirius is called the Dog Star because it is in the constellation of Canis Major which means “The Greater Dog”, which has gematria value of 70.

70 is a number related to Queen Elizabeth II who reigned for 70 years; her reign very likely determined by the significance of that number to the star Sirius.

Elizabeth was born on a 70 date numerology.

Her funeral was held on a 70 date numerology.

Minnesota is connected to Queen Elizabeth in many ways, one of which is the color of royalty: purple.

The Minnesota Vikings and the former Minneapolis team the Lakers of the NBA wear purple which is the color of the singer Prince who died on Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday April 21st.

July 23rd The Heliacal Rising of Sirius

The Heliacal Rising of Sirius is observed every July 23rd in modern Freemasonry although the event actually happens in the middle of August in current times. July 23rd is symbolic of the beginning of a new cycle. The Heliacal rising of Sirius started the new year. Greeks called the Ancient Kemetian/Egyptian calendar the Sothic calendar since it started with the re-appearance of Sirius which the Greeks called Sothis.

Cycles are circles which are measured by pi which is 22/7.

22/7 can be 22 divided by 7 or the date 22nd July. So 22/7 indicates the completion of a full cycle. A brand new cycle would begin the next day 23/7 which is why Freemasonry chooses 23/7 to symbolize the Heliacal Rising of the star Sirius and the symbolic beginning of the Sothic new year.

In gematria “MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA” has value of 237 like the date 23rd July.

Current Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was born on the day that honors the Heliacal Rising of Sirius, July 23rd, so he is the star Sirius in between the twin pillars of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

To further establish Jacob Frey as a symbol of Sirius, there is an Academy Award-winning German animator with the same name: Jacob Frey who made a short film in 2014 titled “The Present”.

Sirius is the called “The Dog Star”. Freemasons present the star burst Sirius emanating from a single eye.

The movie “The Present” shows the title character with two symbols of the star Sirius: a dog, which is the present, and the one eye symbol which is associated with Sirius.

So this clinches Jacob Frey as Sirius in between the twin pillars which are the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The security dog named Sirius who died on 911 in one of the twin towers, is another example of Freemason allegory dictating real life events.

Another meaning of the Freemason Sirius starburst is the stimulation of the pineal gland known as the Crown Chakra in Vedic terms. The pine cone represents the pineal gland which is why Minneapolis’ NBA team the the Minnesota Timberwolves sports pine trees in their logo along with a wolf which is a dog symbol indicating the Dog Star Sirius. From Ancient Origins website: “The Skidi tribe of Nebraska knew it as the ‘Wolf Star’”.

 Also “The Alaskan Inuit of the Bering Strait called it ( Sirius) ‘Moon Dog’”.  The basketball is presented as a silver Moon in the Timberwolves logo. The star Sirius is a fixed star in conjunction with the constellation of Cancer in the Tropical zodiac. That is where you get the phrase “AS SERIOUS AS CANCER”. The zodiac sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

The twin pillars are the left and right hemispheres of the human brain. The left is memory and mathematics; the right is abstract thinking and creativity.

The NFL plays multiple games in London, England, in pre-season and meaningful regular-season games. The Minnesota Vikings were the first NFL team to win in London after Queen Elizabeth died, which is hugely significant.

26 is a huge Queen Elizabeth II code number:

“QUEEN” sums to 26 in gematria as does “CROWN”.

She became Queen on February 6th a date written 2-6 like 26.

She was coronated on 2nd June

Her purple crown sat atop a purple cushion on her casket at her funeral; purple the color of Minnesota and the Vikings.

Interstate 35 in the United States of America spans the entire width of the country from Laredo, Texas at the Southern border to Duluth, Minnesota at its Northern-most point up against Lake Superior.

I-35 is also called Purple Heart Trail which alludes to the Queen and Minnesota color, so fitting that it begins/ends in Minnesota.

Purple Heart Trail ends specifically at the intersection of London Road and 26th Avenue East in Duluth, Minnesota. That is LONDON and 26.

There are 7 chakras which are vibrational focal points in the body at various levels, from the base of the spine to the top of the head in Hinduism and Buddhism. Other traditions embrace the same concept but do not use the term “chakra”. The lowest lowest chakra is the Root Chakra, the highest is the Crown Chakra.

The I-35 represents a spine. Laredo, Texas is the Root Chakra; Duluth, Minnesota is the Crown Chakra, hence LONDON Road and 26th. “CROWN” = 26 in gematria.

The two highest chakras are shades of purple: The Third Eye Ajna chakra indigo; the Crown Sahasrara Chakra is violet.

This is why Minnesota identifies with the color purple.

The violet colored Crown Chakra is called the “SAHASRARA CHAKRA” which has gematria of 128.

128 is like the date January 28th on which the Minnesota Vikings were established.

I-35 spelled out “I – THIRTY FIVE” has gematria value of 70, that huge Queen number: 70 year reign, birth and funeral held on days with 70 date numerology. 70 a number relevant to the sacred star Sirius that hides behind the Sun for 70 days before rising from Earth’s perspective. Sirius is in the constellation of Canis Major which means “The Greater Dog” which has gematria of 70.

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is in New York State in the town of New Windsor; that is “WINDSOR” as in Elizabeth’s and Charles’ ruling Royal House of Windsor.

Also keep in mind that London, England is the birthplace of modern York Rite Freemasonry.

With all of Minnesota’s connections to the crown it should be no surprise that they were the first NFL team to win in London since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The game ended on a missed 61-yard field goal attempt by New Orleans Saints kicker Will Lutz.

Elements of an Allegorical and Archetype

This image of the last play of the game is somehow rich with allegory and gematria.

  • The two Vikings players in purple, in the middle are twin pillars, appearing to be mirror images of each other.

The Vikings twin pillars are Line Backers # 98 D.J. Wonnum and # 99 Danielle Hunter.

They are identical in height at 6’ 5”.

Although born in different years, their birthdays are 2 days apart. They are both Scorpio which is a very important esoteric detail.

  • 98 is like the date September 8th that Queen Elizabeth died on.
  • 98’s name “WONNUM” has gematria of 62 and 26 like “QUEEN” equals 62 and 26. The Minnesota Vikings franchise was 62 years old at the time of the game.
  • The football has the same Vesica Pisces/mandorla shape as the blazing eye of Sirius. The football represents Sirius.
  • In gematria “SIRIUS” has a value of 67.

The New Orleans Saints kicker is Wil Lutz. His full name and nickname are “William ‘Wil’ Lutz”.

“William Lutz” has gematria of 67, like “SIRIUS”.

“William “Wil” Lutz has gematria of 67.

Sirius is the Third Eye which is represented by the eye-shaped football.

The Third Eye is the “AJNA CHAKRA” which has a value of 67.

Sirius is a fixed star in the constellation of Cancer in the Tropical zodiac. It is always in Cancer since the constellation of Canis Major is in conjunction with the constellation of Cancer.

Wil Lutz is a Cancer. Wil Lutz was born July 7th which is a time when Sirius, the Sun and Earth are in direct alignment. From Earth’s perspective the Sun and Sirius are in conjunction; Sirius cannot be seen from Earth earning it the moniker “The Sun Behind the Sun”.

July 4th was chosen as Independence Day for the United States for this very reason: because of the Sirius-Sun conjunction at that time of year.

The number 50 is also associated with Sirius which is actually a binary star Sirius A and Sirius B which have an orbital cycle around each other of 50 years.

“WILLIAM LUTZ” also has a value of 50.

New Orleans Saints kicker Wil Lutz represents the star Sirius based on his birthday as well as by the matching “67” gematria with “Sirius”.

  • In gematria “SIRIUS” also sums to 49 displayed by the Long Snapper Zach Wood.

We see Orion the Hunter conspicuously on display in the form of ….HUNTER. The football is Sirius.

We also see # 71 in the frame; appropriate because “ORION” equals 71, as does “ORION THE HUNTER”.

In gematria “HUNTER” has a value of 76. So we see that manifested as well on the far left of the frame.

The constellation and myth of Orion is well represented.

  • Danielle Hunter is a Scorpio as is D.J. Wonnum: the twin pillars of identical height.

Scorpio is a fitting zodiac sign for someone named Hunter as it is part of the mythology of Orion the Hunter.

From Wikipedia:

“Ancient sources told several different stories about Orion; there are two major versions of his birth and several versions of his death. The most important recorded episodes are: his birth in Boeotia, his visit to Chios where he met Merope and raped her, being blinded by Merope’s father, the recovery of his sight at Lemnos, his hunting with Artemis on Crete, his death by the bow of Artemis or the sting of the giant scorpion which became Scorpius, and his elevation to the heavens.”

So the hunter is directly related to Scorpio.

  • An important part of the allegorical mirror is the bottom of the icon: the black-and-white checker/chess board floor that represents duality.

This is represented by the black-and-white clad referee.


The term “COUSIN” is Anglo-American slang that refers to their relationship to each other.

Americans and Britons refer to each other as “Our Cousins Across the Pond”; “the pond” being a euphemism for the Atlantic Ocean that separates Britain from the United States.

Abraham Lincoln was famously shot in Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C. while watching the comedic play — written by British playwright Tom Taylor — “Our American Cousin” about an uncultured American who is introduced to his aristocratic English relatives when he goes to England to claim the family estate. 

The Quarter Back of the Minnesota Vikings is Kirk Cousins whose name “COUSINS” is significant and a key element of the ritual that specifically involved an Anglo – American collaboration with the American NFL playing a meaningful regular season game in England at a stadium, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, that was built according to American NFL specifications.

Super Bowl LVII will on February 12th, 2023 Abraham Lincoln’s 214th birthday.

Again: Lincoln was shot watching “Our American COUSIN” about Anglo-American relations while Kirk Cousins is the first Quarter Back to win in England after Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Kirk Cousins is tied to another American President: Bill Clinton sharing a birthday of August 19th with him.

Bill Clinton ties into Cousins and the Vikings and Sirius:

Bill Clinton met Sirius the dog of the New York City Port Authority who perished on 911 representing the blazing Dog Star between the tin pillars. He signed a photograph to Sirius’ handler David Lim on September 11th, 2000 exactly one year before the epic ritual.

Monica Lewinski was part of a Sirius star ritual. She was born on the symbolic Heliacal Rising of Sirius date July 23rd.

Joe Biden references Armageddon when discussing nuclear consequences with Russia, Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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This interview came Tuesday, October 11, 2022, a date with 43 numerology.
Nuclear = 43
D.C. is 4.3.

And it came on the same day at this headline.

It also came exactly 44 weeks after Bide and Putin met on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2021.
Military = 44

It also came 325 days after Biden’s November 20, 2021 birthday.
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 325

And keep in mind Tuesday is named after Mars, the God of War.


Aaron Judge’s pursuit of record home run number 62, October 2, 2022 ESPN focus

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October 4 will be 26 days after the Queen’s death, and the first day of Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday connected to judgement.
Queen = 62 / 26

October 3 will be a span of 26 days from her death and one day before Yom Kippur’s start.

Judge will be playing in Texas vs. the Rangers on October 3 and 4, the team connected to the Bush family, who are connected to royalty.

October 4 will also be the 181st day of the season.
181, 42nd prime
Aaron Judge = 42

October 4 will also be Aaron Judge’s 162nd day of his age.
Major League Baseball = 162
Baseball = 162 (Reverse)
-He was born April 26, 1992

ALSO, October 4 will be the first day of Yom Kippur.
Yom Kippur = 99
Aaron Judge, #99
Yankees approaching 99 wins

Yom Kippur pertains to judgement…

And as I write this, I need to go back and look at the career of David Justice.