I’m just looking for other possible clues regarding the greater meaning of 201.


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The album releases July 17, or 17/7. This news comes June 25, 2020, the 177th day of the year.

The Jesuit Order = 177; New World Order = 177; Propaganda = 177

Dixie = 84; Jesuit = 84; United States of America = 84

The Dixie Chicks = 74 / 79; Jesus = 74; Yeshua = 79

*Society of Jesus = 79

In light of the 84 connection, today is George Orwell’s birthday, the author of 1984.


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As I said Tuesday night, they’re going to have to put back up the Albert Pike statue.  I mean, how could it stay down, in the “Masonic City”?  Of course, Albert Pike, also a Confederate War General, is one of the most notable Freemasons in the history of the world.

This news comes June 25, George Orwell’s birthday, the author of 1984.

Masonry = 84; Jesuit = 84; Zionism = 84


Three?  Coronavirus?  *Three = 56 *Coronavirus = 56

And recall what ‘apocalyptic’ and ‘Revelation’ have to do with the first case being confirmed in the U.S. on January 21, or 1/21, like 121.


Coronavirus Government History Racism

Link: https://reason.com/2020/06/18/oregon-county-imposes-race-based-mask-requirements/

Keep in mind Oregon is the 33rd state, and the one summing to 74. Further, this comes out of Lincoln County, reminding of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, a hot topic at the moment.

The agenda couldn’t be anymore clear.



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Shaun King, the leader of Black Lives Matter, has called for the taking down of White Jesus.

Recall how ‘Black Lives Matter’ relates with ‘Society of Jesus’, both summing to 56.

Michael Brown = 201

George Perry Floyd = 201

The Adama Traore and George Floyd rituals, 201 weeks apart *Paris, France = 56

Black Lives Matter also syncs with ‘Roman Catholicism’, 173 and 259.



Research the 318 mentions of Jesus in the New Testament.

318 relates to the dimensions of the sun in the sky: http://www.jesus8880.com/gematria/topic_essays/theta_helios_318.htm

Don’t forget the Jesuit logo is the sun.

Keep in mind, this news is front and center on the date of the Rayshard Brooks funeral, in Atlanta, the home of Martin Luther King Jr., who died in a major Society of Jesus ritual, April 4, 1968, the 95th day of the year. And again, the Jesuits were formed to fight Martin Luther and the 95 Theses.

Altogether, this exposes how easily culture wars, that lead to bigger wars, can be started. Also, for those who say the Jesuits created Freemasonry, that theory is very likely.

Who is controlling the PILLARS of society?

The day before this, Jenna Ellis says she fears the ‘cancel Christianity’ trend.


193, 44th prime *Kill = 44

293, 62nd prime *Torah = 62 *Sacrifice = 62

113, 30th prime *Bible = 30 *Jesus ministry began at age 30


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On Trump’s 74th birthday, June 14, 2020, they approved funding for Trump Heights: https://gematriaeffect.news/israel-approves-funding-for-new-trump-heights-settlement-on-donald-trumps-74th-birthday-june-14-2020/

What I did not realize when I did that decode, is how this Trump Heights had been hyped last September. September 16, the date of the article, leaves 106 days left in the year.

Messiah = 74; Jewish = 74

Prophecy = 106

September 16, 2019 had 44 and 64 date numerology.

9/16/2019 = 9+16+20+19 = 64 (Israel = 64) (Zion = 64)

9/16/19 = 9+16+19 = 44 (Israel = 44) (Zion = 44)

From the hype to his birthday was precisely 39-weeks.

There are 39 books in the Old Testament of the Bible, the Jewish portion.

Coronavirus History Racism

23 states?  20s and 30s?  *Wuhan = 23

The statue has been there since 1936, thus 84 years.


Jesuit = 84

Masonry = 84

Zionism = 84

The Jesuit Order = 84

The Catholic Church = 84

United States of America = 84


History Police State Racism


What a story for father’s day, a black man killed 42 years ago.  Notice, the story says he was killed on June 14, 1978, a date that can be expressed as 14/6, like 146.  As we know, George Floyd was just killed on May 25, 2020, the 146th day of the leap year.  Floyd was also born on October 14, the day leaving 78 days in the year.  You’ll recall, Floyd’s killing was on Amy Klobuchar’s birthday, and the story released that she could have put Derek Chauvin away many years ago, in 2006, for the killing of a 42 year old black man.  We know what 42 means.

We know how they love to bring 42 and 59 together. They did it with the NYPD detail in this story.

Slavery = 42; NYC = 42

Slave = 59; NYPD = 59

Nine = 14+9+14+5 = 42

History News Racism

This occurred Juneteenth, June 19, 2020, the day to remember the freeing of the slaves in 1865.

The name Juneteenth sums to 41, same as ‘Albert’ and ‘Pike’.

41, 13th prime; USA = 41

13, celebrated by the Scottish Rite

The name Pike also sums to 67, the 19th prime, and the statue came down on the 19th.

The statue was erected in 1901, meaning it was turning 119 years old this year.

119 connects to Civil War and George Floyd.


Also noteworthy, ‘Albert Pike’ and ‘racism’ have gematria values of 45, 63 and 99.