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This has transpired on Monday, November 2, 2020, the 103 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, declaring the ambitions to create a Zionist nation in Palestine, which is modern day Israel.

Read more about the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917 here:

November 2, or 11/2, is a lot like 112.

The Jesuits operate in 112 countries.

And notice the leader of the synagogue’s name, Oskar Deutsch.

The name of the synagogue, ‘Seitenstettengasse synagogue’, equates to 64, like Israel and Zion.

And don’t forget modern Israel was established May 14, 1948, 72 years ago and months. *14/5

And notice how ‘Vienna, Austria’ shares the gematria of ‘Rothschild’, who the Balfour Declaration is addressed to.

This news comes 10 days before Austria’s birthday, and 55 is the 10th triangular and Fibonacci number.

Furthermore, the Jesuit fingerprints are on the title ‘Balfour Declaration’.


Order Out of Chaos = 78


Coming back to the 112 thing, the Vatican was established February 11, a date like November 2, that can be written 11/2, or 2/11. In the case of 211, it is the 47th prime.

211, the 47th prime

Think of 9-1-1, made the national emergency dialing code, in 1968, on February 16, the 47th day of the year, the same year World Trade Center construction began, and think of the attack on the WTCs on 9/11. Well, in Austria, their dialing code is 112, like today’s date, 11/2.

It all points one direction.

1968. Emphasis on ’68…

This attack comes on the 68th day Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s age.

9/11 happened on George W. Bush’s 68th day of his age. And keep in mind, W. Bush graduated from Yale and Skull and Bones in 1968.

Skull and Bones is related to the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church gave us the language.

The Catholic Church gave us the calendar.

The 4th Book of the Holy Bible is Numbers.

Speaking of the Holy Bible, this comes 45 days before Pope Francis 84th birthday.

And notice Vienna, Austria equates to 197, the 45th prime number.

And for one last connection to Pope Francis, the day of this shooting, November 2, leaves 59 days in the year.

59, 17th prime *Kill = 59 / 17

Notice how this headline from the Chancellor ties in.

And for one last point, today is the 307th day of the year, the 63rd prime, following the terror attack on October 29, the day leaving 63 days in the year. *Terrorism = 63

Update, they’re now reporting “4” people died. Of course, four is associated with death, as well as foundation, and as we know, the fear of death, is government’s favorite quality to exploit in humanity.

Mass Shooting News

This shooting comes June 27, 2020, the day leaving 187 days in the year.

Shootings on Saturdays are very common in the weekly cycle.  Recall the gematria overlap.

This shooting comes June 27, 2020, a date with 37 numerology.

6/27/2020 = 6+27+(2+0+2+0) = 37

Some reporting Crabtree said.

Notice the gematria of Red Bluff.

Notice how ‘Wal-Mart Distribution Center’ and ‘active shooter’ fit in.

Also noteworthy, today has 73 date numerology.

6/27/2020 = 6+27+20+20 = 73 (21st prime) *Saturn = 21 (Saturday)

Mass Shooting News Police State

This happened Friday, June 12, 2020, a date with 58 numerology, in San Antonio. 6/12/2020 = 6+12+20+20 = 58 *Fraternal = 58

Notice the age range of the victims, 23 to 41.

This happens on the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Update: There is a manhunt for him on June 13, the day leaving 201 days left in the year.

*The Jesuit Order = 201

*Society of Jesus = 191/56 *San Antonio, Texas = 191/56

It’s more ‘order out of chaos’ encoding.

Notice the emphasis on ‘inebriated’.

11:30. 113.

The 8100 block, eh?

Mass Shooting Military News

This news comes June 1, or 6/1, like 61.  We know how they love to encode 61 in active shooter situations.

Notice the part about it being the home of the 319th Reconnaissance Wing.  Masonic = 319

The gematria of Grand Forks, North Dakota is as follows.

Freemason = 96

Freemasonry = 58 / 59

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127

Scottish = 113

193, 44th prime; Shooting = 44; Military = 44

Government Mass Shooting News Police State

It isn’t hard to see why this news comes on May 1, or 5/1, like 51…

Keep in mind May 1 can be written 1/5, like 15, and ‘Canada’ sums to 15.

Read my post on the April 19, 2020 Nova Scotia shooting:

Read about Adam Weishaupt and the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati, May 1, 1776, by the numbers:

History Mass Shooting News

On April 19, 2020, the 27-year anniversary of Waco and the 25-year anniversary of the OKC bombing, we get a mass shooting reportedly killing 16 and counting in Nova Scotia, Canada.  *The death toll has climbed from 9, to 13, to now 16 (update, now 19). *Chaos = 19

This occurred in Nova Scotia, summing to 119, like ‘Fraternal Order of Police’, and 38, like ‘death’, ‘murder’, ‘killing’ and ‘RIP’.

Read more about 38 and death here:

Next, watch this broadcast:

They make multiple points in the broadcast that the shooter’s vehicle looked like an authentic police vehicle, and he had a real police officers uniform. *As I’ve always said, these mainstream mass shootings are typically carried out by the police, and in this case, it couldn’t be anymore obvious.

Notice the mention of traveling on Highway 102.

The incident ended at an ‘Irving’ gas station. Keep in mind the song ‘Murder by Numbers’ by the police released in 1983, emphasis on ’83.

Keep in mind, April 19 is typically the 109th day of the year, a number connecting to ‘shooting’ and ‘military’.

Portapique, Nova Scotia = 283 (61st prime) *Active Shooter = 61

The Portapique shooter was 51-years-old.

Area 51? Conspiracy?

The shooter’s name connects to ‘Freemasonry’ and ‘CIA’.


CSIS and RCMP both sum to 58, like Freemasonry.


The victim’s name equates with the date numerology, summing to 63.

4/19/2020 = 4+19+20+20 = 63

The town is also on the 63rd Meridian West.

The date numerology also sums to 43, connecting to ‘killing’ and ‘active shooter’.

4/19/20 = 4+19+20 = 43 *Killing = 43 *Active Shooter = 191 (43rd prime)

For another point, this also occurred on the anniversary of “the shot heard round the world”.

Notice the phrase sums to 113 and 319.

Scottish = 113
Masonic = 319; Killing = 319

For another 113, the shooter is reported to be a ‘denturist’.

Read more about 113 and deception:

UPDATE: They’re now reporting at least 19 dead, on the 19th, the “chaos” number, going with the masonic “order out of chaos” agenda.

Mass Shooting Police State Racism

Recall, the shooting took place on a date with 68 numerology.

2/26/2020 = 2+26+20+20 = 68

Thus, a ‘racist’ act provoked the shooting.  This is the latest in the Molson Coors shooting of last Wednesday, February 26, 2020.  The update comes Wednesday, March 4, 2020.

3/4/2020 = 3+4+20+20 = 47

*Anthony = 34 (Name of shooter) *Date can be written 3/4

Read more about Milwaukee shooting here:

Read more about shooter here:

Christianity Mass Shooting

This ‘church’ shooting reportedly happened March 1, 2020, the same day Pope Francis asked people on twitter to pray for him.

3/1/2020 = 3+1+20+20 = 44

This shooting occurred on the 61st day of 2020.

The town is named after Junípero Serra.

*Jesus = 61 *Cross = 61

Further, Santa Ana was a fitting location for a ‘catholic’ church shooting, which no media reported on until the day after the fact… a red flag.

The town connects in a second way as well.

Notice, it happened between masses, when hardly anyone was there.

And making the story less controversial, the victim was shot in the church, but died outside.