4 in custody after West Philadelphia shooting of April 10, 2024 (and Louisiana flooding)

Gun Control Mass Shooting News

Recall the overlap between ‘Wednesday’ and ‘shooting.’ *Wednesday=37 & 44 *Shooting=37 & 44

Notice the location of the shooting is the ‘Clara Muhammad Square.’
Clara Muhammad=109 *Shooting=109

Yesterday was the last day of Ramadan.

Furthermore, today is the 101st day of the year. *Philadelphia=101


The flooding in Louisiana fits the same 101 theme. *Louisiana=101


James and Jennifer Crumbley get 10-15 years in prison, April 9, 2024

Gun Control Legal Mass Shooting News

This news comes on April 9, or 4/9. *Gun Control

The potential maximum sentence of 15 years fits the ‘gun’ code. *Gun=15

Keep in mind Ethan Crumbley was 15 at the time of the shooting.

This news comes 123 days after the November 30, 2021 shooting. *Conspiracy=123

Today is also 123 days after Ethan Crumbley was sentenced on December 8, 2023.

This comes while the country is 247 years old. *James and Jennifer Crumbley=247


12-year-old suspect detained for deadly school shooting in Finland, April 2, 2024

Education Gun Control Mass Shooting New World Order News Secret Societies


First, the gematria of gun.

Then, the police caught the first suspect in ‘Helsinki’ on April 2, or 4/2, like 42.

Gun=42 *Ammo=42 *Freemason=42 *Jesuit=42

The victim’s and the shooters are 12-years-old. *Gun=12

The school is Viertola. *Viertola=39 *Finland=39

And notice, today’s shooting comes 107 days after the Pope’s 87th birthday.
Shooting=107 *Helsinki=87 & 129 *Finland=129 (201 in base-8)

Active shooters on the loose in Jacksonville after March 17, 2024 St. Patrick’s Day tragedy

Catholic Church Freemasonry Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting News Secret Societies

Andrew Jackson was Irish, and this news came on Saint Patricks Day…

This shooting in Jacksonville Beach, Florida came on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday, March 17, 2024, the ‘kill date,’ by the numbers.

Also, this news came 83 days before Andrew Jackson’s death anniversary.

Think about the song ‘Murder by Numbers,’ from ’83, by The Police.

Again, the date was March 17, or 3/17, like 317, the 66th prime.

And the Shelter In Place order was lifted with 66 minutes left in the day.

And perhaps there’s a football connection. *Jacksonville Jaguars=66

Keep in mind this happened on the 77th day of the year. *Jaguars=77

As for the shooters, perhaps they’ll be arrested in the headlines on Monday, March 18, or 18/3, like 183, the 78th day of the year.
*Order Out of Chaos=183/78 *Saint Patrick=183

In light of the Catholic thing, this news came 185 days after Ron DeSantis’ birthday, and he is a Jacksonville native.

Mass shooting in Washington DC, March 17, 2024, the 77th day of the year

Federal Government Mass Shooting News

By the conclusion, you’ll understand just how ‘Biden’ this story is.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and Biden is Irish Catholic…


On the 77th day of the year, a shooting in the nation’s capital, on the 77th Meridian West. How fitting.

Don’t forget, today’s the kill date.

And of course, ‘shooting’ ties in as well.

Keep in mind today is 118 days after Joe Biden’s birthday.
Death=118 *Homicide=118 *Dallas, Texas=118 (JFK was the 44th term US Pres.)
Joe Biden=44 & 64

Also, Joe Biden is Irish, and today is St. Patrick’s Day.
Biden=25 *Death=25 (2 dead, 5 injured)

For the clincher, St. Patrick’s Lodge is #77, since December 27, 1737.

That means this shooting came 81 days after it’s anniversary.

26-year-old Andre Gordon arrested for Township Falls shooting, Saturday, March 16, 2024

Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting News Racism


Notice how the shooter’s name and the coordinates connect with ‘active shooter.’

And keep in mind it is John 3:16 day.

Remember, they put out the Tupac album, Makaveli, with him on the cross like Jesus, November 5, the day leaving 56 days in the year.

And notice how Andre Gordon also equates to 56.

Like I reported earlier, this had Jesuit (Society of Jesus) written all over it.

Read the initial report here.

Keep in mind, this news comes on the 76th day of the year.
Slave=76, Negro=76, Blues=76, Rasta=76, *Barack Obama=76 *Acts 7:6

Active shooter on the lose in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, March 16, 2024

Gun Control Mass Shooting News

An active shooter on a ‘Saturday,’ on the 74th Meridian West?

Active Shooter=191 (43rd prime) *3+16+24=43

It is 3/16, and one of the most famous versus about Jesus is John 3:16.
Jesus=74, Cross=74, Messiah=74, Gospel=74, Parables=74

Again, the Society of Jesus is responsible for the rituals (because they run the nation).
Falls Township=177 & 69 *The Jesuit Order=177 & 69
Falls Township, PA=191 & 79 *Society of Jesus=191 & 79
-Today is 95 days after Pennsylvania’s Dec. 12 birthday
-The Jesuit Order and the 95 Theses…

Today is a span of 33 weeks from the death anniversary of William Penn, July 30, and think about Jesus on the cross at 33. *Masonry=33 *Order=33 *Secrecy=33 *Police=33

And you know the ‘Saturday’ part with ‘shooting.’

*Bucks County=37 *Shooting=37 *Joe Biden=37

This propaganda, to help undermine the second amendment, takes place outside of Philadelphia, on the 76th day of the year. Just think about it for a second.

Keep in mind President Biden is from Pennsylvania, and he promised gun reform. Go figure today is 117 days after his birthday, or his 118th day of his age, where the latter number connects to what happened to his biggest presidential parallel, JFK (Dallas, Texas=118 *Death=118 *Homicide=118). As for the 117 part, it goes with the controllers of the news scripts. *Central Intelligence Agency=117

Let us not overlook that today is 16/3, like 163, the 38th prime. *Death=38 *Murder=38 *Killing=38

Notice the NEWTOWN close by (the same town name where Sandy Hook happened)


Today’s shooting comes on the 271st day of the governor’s age (58th prime). 58 is a familiar pattern in mass shootings, connecting Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, and many more.
Freemasonry=58 *Secret Society=58 *Fraternal=58

Today is also 96 days before the Governor’s upcoming birthday. *Freemason=96

You could also say it is the 96th day of the state’s age.

Notice, he is Jesuit educated, having attended Georgetown.

Aaron Rodgers accused of Sandy Hook conspiracy theories on anniversary of Dunblane massacre, March 13, 2024

Celebrity Gun Control Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation Sports

This news comes on the 73rd day of the year, reminding us that Sandy Hook was compared to the Dunblane Massacre in the UK, that got got rights taken away.

Notice that today is the 28th anniversary of the Dunblane massacre.

The 73 and 28 pattern ties in with ‘Adam Lanza,’ the supposed Sandy Hook gunman.

And let us not forget that Newtown, CT is on the 73rd Meridian West.


Today is the 103rd day of Rodgers age. *Rodgers=103 *Jesuits=103

Yesterday, the New York Times published he was at the top of the list for RFK Jr.’s running mate. That was the 72nd day of the year, March 12, or 3/12, like 312.
Aaron Rodgers=72 *Aaron Charles Rodgers=312

And for the clincher, from Dunblane, March 13, 1996, to Sandy Hook, December 14, 2012, it was 201 months and one day later. *Aaron Charles Rodgers=201 *The Jesuit Order=201

Uvalde police chief abruptly announces resignation, March 12, 2024

Catholic Church Education Government Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting Police State

This news comes on the 72nd day of the year, March 12, 2024.

It is a reminder the shooting happened on the 144th day of the year, May 24, 2022.
Jesuit Order=144 & 72

It goes with JFK meeting with the Pope on July 2, 1963, a span of 144 days from his assassination in Texas. And it goes with President Biden showing up in Texas on May 29, after the shooting, to talk about it, on JFK’s birthday anniversary.

Keep in mind today is the 87th day of the Pope being 87-years-old. *Daniel Rodriguez=87

His resignation is effective April 6, the 97th day of the leap year. *Uvalde=97

The date can be written 6/4, like 64. *Uvalde, Texas=64

Today is also exactly 94 weeks after the shooting. *Roman Catholic Church=94 *Terror=94


Philadelphia SEPTA bus stop shooting of March 7, 2024

Gun Control Mass Shooting News

30 shots at 3 PM? Looks like another 33.
*Police=33 & 30 *Order=33 *Secrecy=33 *Masonry=33 *Federal=33

Consider this came the day of the State of the Union, in Biden’s home state, Pennsylvania. And he is another President working to undermine the Second Amendment.

In the case it took place at the SEPTA bus stop.
SEPTA=61 & 74 *Active Shooter=61 & 74 *Philadelphia=61

This also took place on March 7, or 3/7.
Shooting=37 *Joe Biden=37 *Congress=37

Again, Biden addressed Congress in the SOTU on this day.