Bill Gates recommends 5 books for summer 2021 including Lights Out & Life Under A White Sky, June 14, 2021

Celebrity Energy Entertainment Jesuit Predictive Programming

Notice the title ‘Under A White Sky’.

This book is about necessary climate intervention…

And those of us who have been paying attention see what is taking place in the skies, with the trails, left by planes, that turn the sky a whitish-gray.

The other book is ‘Lights Out’. And notice this news came June 14, or 14/6, like 146.

The title ‘Lights Out’ fits in as well.
Lights Out = 131
Blackout = 131

Think of all the focus on a cyberattack taking down the power grid, and all the predictive programming to go with it as well.

June 14, 2021 had 41 date numerology.
6/14/21 = 6+14+21 = 41
USA = 41

Netflix’s movie Awake, released June 9, 2021

Energy Entertainment Federal Jesuit Predictive Programming

Notice that days after the FBI warned of the power grid going down to a cyberattack (a warning repeated by the feds for the better part of the last decade), Netflix released the film Awake, about a solar flare taking out all the electronic and computers of the world, while also rewiring the human brain so that it can no longer sleep, creating a deadly epidemic.

Adding insult to injury, this film released June 9, 2021, the day before the solar eclipse, and it was released on a date with 56 numerology as well.
6/9/2021 = 6+9+20+21 = 56
Power Outage = 56

Read about Public Enemy’s album about the power grid going down releasing 56 days after Chuck D’s birthday, September 25, 2020, here.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s February 14, 2020 release in the U.S. in light of the blackouts one year later

Energy Entertainment News Predictive Programming

Notice that Sonic the Hedgehog, a film that has a lot to do with electricity, released Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2020, in the U.S. Of course that was one year before the blackouts that impacted the nation, especially in the energy capital, Houston.

Sonic = 75, Electric = 75
Hedgehog = 157, United States = 157, Cyber Polygon = 157

And keep in mind the World Economic Forum has simulated power grids going down with their Cyber Polygon exercises. Read more about what they’re simulating here.

Colonial Pipeline launches restart after six-day shutdown, May 12, 2021

Corporate Cyber Attack / Hacking Energy Jesuit News

6 days? Remember, the shutdown of the “Colonial Pipeline” began in Alabama, 13 land.

Alabama = 13 (6th prime)

And in light of the Jesuits being behind this agenda (not “DarkSide”), it is no wonder the U.S. pipeline re-opens on May 12, 2021, the 132nd day of the year.

United States of America = 132
Catholic Church = 132

The Northeast Blackout of November 9, 1965, 56 years before 2021

Energy Hacking History Jesuit Predictive Programming

This incident happened on November 9, 1965, the day leaving 52 days in the year. ‘Power outage’ equates to 52.

It was a date with 85 numerology as well. 11/9/65 = 11+9+65 = 85

Notice how ‘blackout sums’ to 85.

This year, 2021, will mark the 56 year anniversary, and remember, Public Enemy, the New York based hip-hop group, put out the album ‘What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down?’ on Chuck D’s 56th day of his age, September 25, 2020, the anniversary of the release of Revolution’s second season, a show about the grid going down.

Read more about the Valentine’s power outage ritual here.

The TV show Revolution, the Valentine’s Day power outages & what’s to come

Energy Entertainment Hacking Predictive Programming

Notice, the second season of Revolution was filmed in Austin, Texas, which is where the source of the Valentine’s Day power outage was in Texas, on the day we had circled a month in advance, and in an event we saw coming many years in advance. On that matter, read my very first post on my original blog, freetofindtruth.

J.J. Abrams, Eric Kripke, Bryan Burk

Notice how ‘Revolution’ fits in with the ongoing 151 coding in ‘The Great Reset’ agenda.

Read more about the Valentine’s power outage here, here, here, and the prediction here.

The first season ran from September 17, 2012, or 17/9, like 179, to June 3, 2013, ending 37 weeks later. Notice how that connects with the event in the show known as ‘The Blackout’.

179, 41st prime *USA = 41

As you can see, that is also 259 days, and the second season released on September 25, or 25/9, like 259. Keep in mind the Public Enemy album, which was synced with the Valentine’s Day Blackout, What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down released on September 25, 2020, by the numbers.

The second season ran a span of 239 days, the 52nd prime number.

The logo for Revolution features a power button, on, off… great reset…

And notice this event happened after executive producer Bryan Burk turned 52 years old, December 30, 2020.

As for the total span of days between the two season, it was 612 days, reminding of Revelation 6:12, which speaks of darkness.

Read Revelation 6, about the breaking of the seals, and death being unleashed on the earth.

From the debut episode of Revolution, to the Valentine’s Day blackouts, were 439 weeks, and 439 is the 85th prime, connecting to ‘blackout’.

439, 85th prime

Portland, Oregon & Houston, Texas are still without power… the Damian Lillard / Clyde Drexler / Enron connection

Energy Entertainment History Jesuit Sports

When I think of the connection between Portland, Oregon and Houston, Texas, I think of Enron, as well as Clyde Drexler, and even Damian Lillard, because his brother’s name is Houston.

The Enron connection, the Houston based energy company that once bought Portland General Electric, causing all of their employees to lose all of their retirement when they collapsed due to corporate fraud.

The Clyde Drexler connection, the man who played college basketball in Houston and later for the NBA team, the Rockets, and is considered one of the greatest players for the Portland Trailblazers of all-time.

Portland = 37 / 44
Rockets = 37 / 44
RIP City = 44 (Portland’s nickname)

Clyde’s middle name is Austin, where the power is out of for Texas

And then there is Damian Lillard, the biggest star of the Trailblazers at the time, who has his brother Houston coaching high school football just down the street from the Blazer’s arena, at Jefferson.

From Lillard’s birthday to the February 14, or 2/14 (like 214) blackout, was 214 days later.

That was also 151 days before his upcoming birthday, and we were looking out for a power outage on Valentine’s Day because of its 151 connection.

The Great Rest = 151

And consider this year Portland played in Houston on January 28, or 28/1, like 281, the Houston area code.

And again, the gematria overlap.

And as for who is behind this ritual, look no further than the Jesuits.

And notice how Clyde Drexler’s name fits in.

Read about the J.J. Watt ritual, with him wanting to leave Houston, while the power is out.

ALSO, it turns out Drake has a song with Travis Scott called Portland, and the same two collaborated on Sicko Mode, which is synced with the Valentine’s Day blackouts.

It released 1,370 days before the ritual.

137, 33rd prime
Oregon, 33rd state

Vatican Power Outage of January 10, 2021 (the same day as Pakistan)

Catholic Church Energy Jesuit News

The Pakistan and Vatican power outages have both occurred January 10, 2021, their time. Thus they have occurred on a date with 52 numerology.

1/10/2021 = 1+10+20+21 = 52

Vatican Blackout = 47 *Vatican = 47 *Francis = 47 *D.C. = 47

Keep in mind we are coming up on January 15, or 15/1, like 151.

Pakistan loses power, Sunday, January 10, 2021

Energy Hacking New World Order News

Uh oh, here we go. This happened Sunday, January 10, 2021, in Pakistan, but while it is still January 9, or 9/1, like 91, in the U.S. and West.

Don’t forget Eminem’s 91 / Darkness ritual in relation to the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting on October 1, 2017, the day leaving 91 days in the year:

Power Outage = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

Sunday = 21 / 78 / 84 *Jesuit = 21 / 78 / 84

Islamabad, Pakistan = 54 / 153 *Jesuit Order = 54 / 153


See my recent work on the predictive programming in Public Enemy’s new album, What you gonna do when the grid goes down?