As predicted, Bitcoin hits $72,000

Catholic Church Cryptocurrency Jesuit

Notice, the 72,000 mark was reached a few hours before the 72nd day of the year in Japan. That means it occurred on the 71st day of the year. *Jesuit Order=72 *The Society of Jesus=71 *Catholic=71

This milestone also comes 85 days after the Pope’s birthday, reminding us that the original bankers were the Knights Templar. *Templar=85 *Iesus Hominum Salvator=85

And if you missed the prediction video, watch here.

Bitcoin’s surge since October 23, 2023, 201 days after Satoshi Nakamoto’s birthday

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Bitcoin’s rapid acceleration upwards began October 23, 2023, 201 days after Satoshi Nakamoto‘s April 5 birthday. That was the day leaving 69 days in the year.
The Jesuit Order=201 & 69
Order of Illuminati=201

Think of the 45 rituals we have documented with Bitcoin in the past.
Nakamoto=45 *Bitcoin=45 *IHS=45

And regarding 201, recall, FedNow went live July 20, 2023, the 201st day of the year. The parallel is FedNow is focused on digital currency, similar to crypto.

More recently, Bitcoin surged on February 27, 72 days after Pope Francis December 17 birthday, and the same day the show released, Shogun, having to deal with the Jesuits in Japan in the 1600s. Of course, Satoshia Nakamoto is a Japanese name.
Bitcoin=72, Money=72 *Jesuit Order=72

Keep in mind this Tuesday, March 12, 2024, will be the 72nd day of the year.

Then three days later will be March 15, 2024, the Ides of March. Of course the motto with the Ides, is “Beware the Ides of March.” Furthermore, that is the 75th day of the year and that is important. *Cryptocurrency=75 *Catholic Church=75

Other relevant 75s include. *Order Out of Chaos=75 *New World Order=75

Then, March 18, 2024, is the 78th day of the year.
Cryptocurrency=78 *Jesuit=78

Also, in the chart above, you’ll notice the one dip in Bitcoin’s surge occurred January 12, after a recent high the day prior, which was 26 days after the Pope’s birthday, then it began to climb again on the 26th of January. *Dollar=26 *Papacy=26

Ripple’s NYC Proper Party, September 29, 2023

Cryptocurrency Jesuit Legal News

This party will be September 29.
United States of America = 929
929 chapters in Old Testament

The God of the OT in Astrotheology is Saturn.

September 29 leaves 93 days in the year.
New York, NY = 93
Saturn = 93

September 29 will be 78 days after the July 13, 2023 court win for Ripple.
Saturn Worship = 78
Order Out of Chaos = 78
Scottish Rite = 78
Jesuit = 78

It’s also a span of 79 days (22nd prime).
Society of Jesus = 79
Jesuits = 22
XRP = 22 & 23 (2023)

Exodus 23 & Sam Bankman-Fried surviving on water and bread in ’23

Biblical Big Tech Celebrity Cryptocurrency Jesuit Jewish Related News

This bread and water deal goes with Exodus 23.

Recall, Sam Bankman-Fried declared chapter 11 on November 11, 2022, or 11/11/22.
Jew = 11 (master numbers are 11 & 22)

And this latest news comes August 22, the day leaving 131 days in the year.

131, 32nd prime *Water = 32
-He is in his 32nd year of life right now
-32 sun rays on the Jesuit logo *America = 32
-32nd degree of the Scottish Rite (Jewish) & the Jesuits (Catholic & Jewish)

Today is 169 days after his birthday, or his 170th day of his age.
169, square root of 13
The Illuminati = 63 (6/3 birthday)

FedNow officially launches, July 20, 2023, the 201st day of the year (where Bob Lee & XRP fit in)

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Follow the timeline.

Bob Lee, the Square and Cash App inventor, was killed on April 4 during the certification period for FedNow, then it was reported his killer lived in Apartment 201.

Then, last Thursday, XRP (Ripple Coin) won its case versus the SEC.
The Ripple Coin = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201

Recall, Jay Clayton began that lawsuit 201 days before his birthday.

And now today, July 20, 2023, the 201st day of the year, FedNow goes live.
FedNow = 23
XRP = 23

And go figure today is 201 days before February 5, the day Georgetown product, Jerome Powell, became the 16th Chairman of the Federal Reserve. It’s a reminder the Jesuits were created in the 16th Century. *SJ = 16

Also, the Gematria of ‘FedNow’ is a reminder the Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses.
FedNow = 95

RTP = 54 & 18
Jesuit Order = 54
IHS = 18

Keep in mind this ritual comes on a Thursday.
Thursday = 35 & 46
Catholic = 35 & 46

Read more about the XRP board here.

Also, not to be overlooked, FedNow goes live while the United States and Illuminati are 247 years old. Notice the 24/7 in the logo.

Investments Group Daily Recap, Thursday, April 6, 2023 | China continues to dominate Thursday

Banking Cryptocurrency Financial Markets & Stocks News

Thursday, April 6, 2023
4/6/2023 = 4+6+20+23 = 53
4/6/2023 = 4+6+2+0+2+3 = 17
4/6/23 = 4+6+23 = 33

*Date numerology breakdown is 8

The market was ‘up.’ *Up = 17 & 8

April 6 is the 96th day of the year, leaving 269 days remaining.

The date can be written 4/6 or 6/4, like 46 and 64.

It is Thursday.
Thursday = 116 / 35 / 100 / 46

As I have been pointing out, Chinese stocks are doing well on Thursday, and the same is true again this week. The top performer is China Tower Corporation Limited.
Thursday = 35
China = 35

China Tower Corporation Limited has the right stock ticker for the year as well.
CHWRF = 23 (A hot number in 2023)

Next was AMC, having several numbers connects with the date.
AMC = 64 / 17 / 8 (6/4 date) (17 & 8 date numerology)

They also had a slight increase yesterday, on the 95th day of the year.
AMC Entertainment = 95

Next was Lerøy Seafood, corresponding with the date numerology
Lerøy Seafood = 53 (53 date numerology)

They also have good numbers for the year, 2023.
Lerøy Seafood Group ASA = 223
LYSFF = 23

And once again, HUTCHMED (China) Limited had a stellar Thursday.
HUTCHMED = 35 (Thursday = 35) (China = 35)

Next was another Chinese company, BeiGene, Ltd.
BGNE = 17 (17 date numerology)

Next was Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc.
DNA = 17 (17 date numerology)

Next was the Chinese company I said to lookout for today, NaaS Technology Inc.
NaaS = 35 & 8 (Thursday = 35) (8 date numerology)

Next was Atour, corresponding with the date numerology.
Atour = 35 (33 date numerology)

Next was, Inc., corresponding with the date numerology., Inc. = 33 (33 date numerology)

Next was Getty Images Holdings, who performed well on Monday as well.
Getty Images Holdings = 93 & 96 (Great days on 93rd and 96th days)

Next was ProKidney Corp., who recently had the positive news on their new drug which we covered at the time. Keep in mind they are in the ‘Biotech’ sector.
Biotech = 35

Next was DLocal Limited, and this article explains why they jumped today.

Next was Lufax Holding Ltd, corresponding with the date.
Lufax = 64 (6/4 date)
LU = 33 (33 date numerology)

Next was Krystal Biotech, Inc., matching the Thursday pattern.
KRYS = 35 (Thursday = 35)

Next was Alibaba, corresponding with the date numerology.
Alibaba = 53 (53 date numerology)

And next was Air China Limited, fitting the Chinese pattern on Thursday.

As for tomorrow, follow the numbers.

And a specific area I will be watching is ‘banks.’ *Banks = 47 *4/7 date

And in the world of crypto, let’s see what happens tomorrow as well, the 97th day of the year.
Crypto = 97

Recall this “97 ritual” with Facebook’s Libra in the past.

The following are popular crypto values as of the time of this post, April 6, 2023.

XRP likes Tuesday (and 2023)

Cryptocurrency Markets & Stocks News

Notice that on March 7, March 14, March 21, and March 28, XRP was in the green each day. Of course, each of those days were Tuesdays.
XRP = 23
Ripple = 40
Tuesday = 23 & 40

March 27 was also a very good performance day, the 86th day of the year.
Ripple = 86

Read more about why Tuesday, March 21, 2023, was the best day of the month for XRP here.

Of course, it was the 80th day of the year.

56 days later will be the 136th day of the year, May 16.
Ripple Labs Inc.