Bitcoin’s surge since October 23, 2023, 201 days after Satoshi Nakamoto’s birthday

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Bitcoin’s rapid acceleration upwards began October 23, 2023, 201 days after Satoshi Nakamoto‘s April 5 birthday. That was the day leaving 69 days in the year.
The Jesuit Order=201 & 69
Order of Illuminati=201

Think of the 45 rituals we have documented with Bitcoin in the past.
Nakamoto=45 *Bitcoin=45 *IHS=45

And regarding 201, recall, FedNow went live July 20, 2023, the 201st day of the year. The parallel is FedNow is focused on digital currency, similar to crypto.

More recently, Bitcoin surged on February 27, 72 days after Pope Francis December 17 birthday, and the same day the show released, Shogun, having to deal with the Jesuits in Japan in the 1600s. Of course, Satoshia Nakamoto is a Japanese name.
Bitcoin=72, Money=72 *Jesuit Order=72

Keep in mind this Tuesday, March 12, 2024, will be the 72nd day of the year.

Then three days later will be March 15, 2024, the Ides of March. Of course the motto with the Ides, is “Beware the Ides of March.” Furthermore, that is the 75th day of the year and that is important. *Cryptocurrency=75 *Catholic Church=75

Other relevant 75s include. *Order Out of Chaos=75 *New World Order=75

Then, March 18, 2024, is the 78th day of the year.
Cryptocurrency=78 *Jesuit=78

Also, in the chart above, you’ll notice the one dip in Bitcoin’s surge occurred January 12, after a recent high the day prior, which was 26 days after the Pope’s birthday, then it began to climb again on the 26th of January. *Dollar=26 *Papacy=26


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    These post are an eye sore….. you can just tell you regurgitate Info given without looking at things on your own otherwise you would have mwntioned the WHY

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