Andrew Yang accuses the New York Daily News of racism towards asians with latest drawing of him, May 27, 2021

Activism News Politics Psychological Operation Racism

Recall when Andrew Yang, Mr. Math, dropped out of the Presidential race on February 11, or 11/2, the 42nd day of the year? If not, read about it here.

I bring it up because this latest news is his controversy with the ‘Daily News’.

Don’t forget the Jesuits operate in 112 countries. And regarding the Jesuits, today’s news comes 72 days after the March 16, 2021 shootings in Georgia.
Jesuit Order = 72
New York Daily News = 79; Society of Jesus = 79

When BET recognized Darnella Frazier, October 27, 2020, the day leaving 65 days in the year

Activism Black Lives Matter Police State Politics Psychological Operation Racism Staged Media / Controlled Opposition
BET = 54 *Jesuit Order = 54
Black Entertainment Television = 119, George Floyd = 119, Vatican = 119, Francis = 119
Black Entertainment = 110, Minnesota = 110, Dave Chappelle = 110, Justice for George Floyd = 110

This article was published October 27, 2020, the day leaving 65 days in the year.

October 27 is the birthday of Philadelphia, PA *Philadelphia = 65 *Christianity = 65
October 27 was 155 days after the George Floyd killing *Christianity = 65 / 155

The verdict was reached on a 65 date numerology, and Darnella Frazier became the media’s hero.

4/20/2021 = 4+20+20+21 = 65

Read more about how Darnella Frazier fits in PERFECTLY for the George Floyd theatrics.

Because she is getting the praise in the wake of the decision, that brought “Justice for George Floyd,” this will create many more people who want to go out and capture what they think is wrongdoing on camera, police or otherwise, and turn it into authorities. Maybe they can be the next big thing. And it is sad watching how easily humanity is tricked to follow the path of destruction, totally in tune with the commands of their masters.