Senate passes $95 billion aid for Ukraine and Israel, the evening of April 23, 2024

Catholic Church Federal Government Jesuit Jewish Related Military War World War Zionism

This bill has passed the evening of April 23, 2024 in the US, but in the early hours of April 24, 2024 for both Ukraine and Israel, countries in the same timezone. April 24 is the 201st day of the war in Israel, which began October 7, 2023. Thus, this is the latest pairing of 95 and 201, going with the Jesuits original purpose being to counter the 95 Theses.
The Jesuit Order=201
Order of Illuminati=201
State of Israel=201
Donbas Region=201

April 24 is also 129 days after the Pope’s birthday (129 is 201 in base-8 counting).

This bill has also been passed on Chuck Schumer’s 153rd day of his age.
Jesuit Order=153
The Illuminati=153

At the same time, you could say today is 152 days after Schumer’s age. *Joe Biden=152

Long delayed? In reality, the vote is just perfectly timed in the latest ritual that becomes the latest big bill for the American taxpayer.

For one last point, today is exactly 113 weeks after troops went into Ukraine, February 22, 2022. And we know, 113 is a number of deception from the Talmud. Keep in mind, today, April 23, is typically the 113th day of the year.

Columbia president faces censure drafted by university professors, April 23, 2024 news

Education Freemasonry History Islam Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News Secret Societies War World War Zionism

First of all, the word ‘censure’ in light of the protests at Columbia stemming from the latest war in Israel.

Columbia University=85
Iesus Hominum Salvator=85

The war in Israel with Gaza began October 7, 2023, the day leaving 85 days in the year. The United Nations finally intervened on the 85th day of 2024, March 25.

The protests that got underway with massive attention, April 22, 2024, the first day of Passover, the 113th day of the leap year, also came 113 days before Minouche Shafik’s birthday.
Columbia University=113 *Protest=113

Read more about the 113 ritual with the protest at Columbia popping off on Passover here.

Today, April 23, is typically the 113th day of the year. *Scottish=113

Furthermore, her name has familiar numbers. *Nemat Talaat Shafik=54 *Jesuit Order=54 *Sun=54

Remember Obama, on the 54th day of being 54, he was at the Agenda 2030 conference in New York. It went with Osama being killed on his 54th day of being 54. *Terrorism=54 *Islam=54

The next World War might be the fourth under the guise of climate change.

Senate on the verge of passing $95 billion foreign aid package, April 23, 2024 news

Federal Government Jesuit Jewish Related Legal Military News War Zionism

$95 billion is a reminder that the Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses, written by Martin Luther. And go figure Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated on the 95th day of the year, would have turned 95 this year on January 15, or 1/15. This also ties in with the Baltimore Key Bridge collapsing on Nancy Pelosi’s birthday and the bridge coming down being compared to Salvador Dali’s The Broken Bridge and the Dream. *Baltimore=95

As you’ll recall, the war in Israel began on the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s death in Baltimore.

As for this passing later this week, April 24 will be the 201st day of the war in Israel, and April 25 will be 201 days after the war began, or the 202nd day of the war, and DC is the (202) area code.
The Jesuit Order=201
Order of Illuminati=201
State of Israel=201
Donbas Region=201

Recall that both the Ukraine & Russia wars and the Israel & Gaza wars began in 201 rituals.

Chuck Schumer is asking for the funding to be passed today, 152 days after his birthday, or his 153rd day of age. Tomorrow will be 153 days after his birthday.
Joe Biden=152 *Jesuit Order=153

For one more, today is the 114th day of the year. *Charles Ellis Schumer=114

Biden and Netanyahu meet on April 4 after World Central Kitchen murders, the 56th anniversary of MLK’s assassination

Federal Government History Jewish Related Military New World Order News Racism War World War Zionism

Biden looks extra comfortable talking about the dead chefs. RIP.

Today is 4/4, April 4, 2024, the 56th anniversary of MLK’s assassination, April 4, 1968, who spoke one year to the day against U.S. military policy, April 4, 1967.
Joe Biden=44


WCK is the abbreviation for World Central Kitchen, and it is another 44.

Read about the death of Theodor Herzl at age 44, in 1904, 44 years before the creation of Israel. He was the founder of Zionism.

Today is Bibi’s 167th day of his age. *United States=167
Today is Biden’s 137th day of his age. *Washington DC=137

Israel’s airstrike on Damascus one day after Easter 2024 (April Fools Day)

Biblical Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military New World Order News Secret Societies War World War Zionism

This attack in Damascus comes one day after Easter, and Paul saw the resurrected Jesus Christ, who told Paul to go to Damascus.

Damascus is also connected to Saul in Acts. (Paul, Saul?) (Better call Saul? Persecution?)

Also, this news comes on 49 date numerology, and Damascus is spoken of in Jeremiah 49.
4/1/2024=4+1+20+24=49 (Damascus is also in Isaiah 17)

Damascus is discussed in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Acts. The Book of Isaiah comes before the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament. In Catholic Bibles, Acts is the 49th book, going with the 49 date numerology.

Read the verses here from Jeremiah 49 here.

And notice where Acts 9:1 ties in with April 1, typically the 91st day of the year. That is where the story of Saul’s (Paul’s conversion begins), Acts 9:1.

And notice where Hamath from Jeremiah ties in with Palestine.

And Arpad.

Furthermore, this news comes on Monday, April 1, or 4/1. *Zionist=41 *USA=41

One of the dead men is Mohammed Reza Zahedi, who has the same birthday as Balfour Declaration, November 2, or 11/2. However, he was born later in history, the year JFK was elected, 1960.
Judaism=112 *Zionist=112

And this news comes right after the deadly bombing in Syria on Saturday, March 30, 201 days after al-Assad’s September 11, 2023 birthday. *The Jesuit Order=201 *State of Israel=201

We know all about the 201s with Israel and the Jesuits.

Today’s airstrike, April 1, is 177 days after the war began in Israel on October 7.
The Jesuit Order=177 & 201

And notice al-Assad became President of Syria on July 17, or 17/7.
New World Order=177 *Propaganda=177

Keep in mind this latest strike that has killed the Iranian leaders is on a Monday.
Monday=72 & 27 *Syria=72 & 27 *Jesuit Order=72

And for one more, al-Assad will have been President in Syria for 24-years come July 17.

Largest protest in Israel against Netanyahu takes place April Fools Day, April 1, 2024

New World Order News Politics War Zionism

This news comes on Aprils Fools Day, 177 days after the war in Gaza began on October 7, 2023. Benjamin Netanyahu=177 *The Jesuit Order=177 *New World Order=177

Again, the war began 282 days after he retook office. *Benjamin Netanyahu=282

And as for today being 4/1, it goes with Israel being the Zionist nation. *Zionist=41

FBI director Chris Wray says antisemitism has reached an all-time high on Halloween 2023, 74 months after becoming head of the agency

Biblical Federal Government Jewish Related Legal New World Order News Psychological Operation War Zionism

This news comes on 84 date numerology. 10/31/2023 = 10+31+20+23=84
Anti Defamation League = 84
Zionism = 84
Jesuit = 84
Masonry = 84

The head of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, assumed office July 20, 2015 (201st day of the year).

Jonathan Greenblatt = 187 *Society of Jesus = 187 *Abrahamic = 187

This news comes in his 433rd week of being head of the ADL.
433, 84th prime

And the list goes on.
The Catholic Church = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84
United States of America = 84

Recall the 433 and 84 rituals with the deaths of Jesuit educated Fidel Castro and his son?

The FBI director Christopher Wray made this announcement on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, the anniversary of Martin Luther pinning the 95 Theses. That same Martin Luther wrote the text that is said to be anti-semitic, The Jews and Their Lies.

He is 56-years-old at this time

And the 95 Theses turns 506 years old today.
Society of Jesus = 56
Washington DC = 56

Remember, the Jesuits were created in response to the 95 Theses.

Furthermore, this comes 74 months and 29 days after he became FBI head, August 2, 2017.

Netanyahu just turned 74 on October 21.

The Gaza strip is 74 at the moment.

Israel was 74 until May 14, 2023.


Now CNN is focused on the FBI arrest at Cornell for the anti-semitic threats.

Read about the October 29, 2023 shooting threat at Cornell here.

The Balfour Declaration and Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild’s death on August 27, 1937

Biblical Death Jesuit Jewish Related Murder by Numbers New World Order News Zionism,_2nd_Baron_Rothschild

*Credit to Steven H.

The Rothschild that the Balfour Declaration is made out to died on the 201st day of his age.
State of Israel = 201
Jewish Mysticism = 201
The Holy Bible = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Catholic Pope = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201 & 93
-Walter Rothschild = 93
-Israel drawn up on September 3, 1947

His title, Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, goes with May 14, Israel’s birthday.
Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild = 514

The Board of Deputies of British Jews that he once sat on is 263 years old right now.
263, 56th prime *Society of Jesus = 56

Board of Deputies of British Jews = 323 / 134 / 433 / 163
-Lucifer = 323 & 38 (163, 38th prime) *Lucifer=Jewish=Messiah=74
-Netanyahu is on the verge of turning 74 (tomorrow)
-Tisha B’av = 134, Ninth of Av = 134
-433, 84th prime *Zionism=84 *Masonry=84 *Jesuit=84
-Israel declared war on day, leaving 84 days in the year

Israel’s establishment anniversary, May 14, is typically the 134th day of the year.

And remember, Netanyahu came back on 12/29 (1229, 201st prime), and he stepped down on June 13, 2021, the day leaving 201 days in the year.

Biden administration requests $105 billion in national security package for Ukraine & Israel, October 20, 2023

Federal Freemasonry Government News Secret Societies Zionism

$105 more billion for Ukraine and Israel! At least we know where these numbers come from.
Order of Illuminati = 105
Zionism = 105
Masonry = 105

This request comes on Kamala Harris’ 59th birthday, and again, her and Biden “won” the 59th US Presidential election.