FBI director Chris Wray says antisemitism has reached an all-time high on Halloween 2023, 74 months after becoming head of the agency

Biblical Federal Government Jewish Related Legal New World Order News Psychological Operation War Zionism

This news comes on 84 date numerology. 10/31/2023 = 10+31+20+23=84
Anti Defamation League = 84
Zionism = 84
Jesuit = 84
Masonry = 84

The head of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, assumed office July 20, 2015 (201st day of the year).

Jonathan Greenblatt = 187 *Society of Jesus = 187 *Abrahamic = 187

This news comes in his 433rd week of being head of the ADL.
433, 84th prime

And the list goes on.
The Catholic Church = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84
United States of America = 84

Recall the 433 and 84 rituals with the deaths of Jesuit educated Fidel Castro and his son?

The FBI director Christopher Wray made this announcement on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, the anniversary of Martin Luther pinning the 95 Theses. That same Martin Luther wrote the text that is said to be anti-semitic, The Jews and Their Lies.

He is 56-years-old at this time

And the 95 Theses turns 506 years old today.
Society of Jesus = 56
Washington DC = 56

Remember, the Jesuits were created in response to the 95 Theses.

Furthermore, this comes 74 months and 29 days after he became FBI head, August 2, 2017.

Netanyahu just turned 74 on October 21.

The Gaza strip is 74 at the moment.

Israel was 74 until May 14, 2023.




Now CNN is focused on the FBI arrest at Cornell for the anti-semitic threats.

Read about the October 29, 2023 shooting threat at Cornell here.

The Balfour Declaration and Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild’s death on August 27, 1937

Biblical Death Jesuit Jewish Related Murder by Numbers New World Order News Zionism


*Credit to Steven H.

The Rothschild that the Balfour Declaration is made out to died on the 201st day of his age.
State of Israel = 201
Jewish Mysticism = 201
The Holy Bible = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Catholic Pope = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201 & 93
-Walter Rothschild = 93
-Israel drawn up on September 3, 1947

His title, Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, goes with May 14, Israel’s birthday.
Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild = 514

The Board of Deputies of British Jews that he once sat on is 263 years old right now.
263, 56th prime *Society of Jesus = 56

Board of Deputies of British Jews = 323 / 134 / 433 / 163
-Lucifer = 323 & 38 (163, 38th prime) *Lucifer=Jewish=Messiah=74
-Netanyahu is on verge of turning 74 (tomorrow)
-Tisha B’av = 134, Ninth of Av = 134
-433, 84th prime *Zionism=84 *Masonry=84 *Jesuit=84
-Israel declared war on day leaving 84 days in the year

And remember, Netanyahu came back on 12/29 (1229, 201st prime), and he stepped down June 13, 2021, the day leaving 201 days in the year.

Biden administration requests $105 billion in national security package for Ukraine & Israel, October 20, 2023

Federal Freemasonry Government News Secret Societies Zionism

$105 more billion for Ukraine and Israel! At least we know where these numbers come from.
Order of Illuminati = 105
Zionism = 105
Masonry = 105

This request comes on Kamala Harris’ 59th birthday, and again, her and Biden “won” the 59th US Presidential election.


Joe Biden arrives in Israel on anniversary of Event 201, October 18, 2023

Biblical Catholic Church Federal Government Islam Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News War World War Zionism

Joe Biden is in Israel on October 18, the four year anniversary of Event 201. It is also the anniversary of Gerald Ford’s female president prediction, and Colin Powell’s death.
The Jesuit Order = 201

As he arrives, they report that 3,500 people have died in Gaza. It goes with him being inaugurated on the 35th day of the Pope’s age, and JFK being #35.
Catholic = 35, Gaza = 35

As you know, Israel declared war on Hamas 35 days before the Superior General’s birthday.


Keep in mind that yesterday, Jim Jordan lost his first vote to be Speaker of the House, and Joe Biden cancelled his visit with the nation of Jordan and the Arab League. As you know, the Arab League was formed on March 22, 1945, emphasis on 3/22, like 322 (keep in mind that was 35 years before the Georgia Guidestones were erected). And more recently, Yale turned 322 years old on October 9, 2023, two days after the war in Israel began on October 7, and one day after Israel declared war.



Does Israel wait until October 17, 2023, to invade Gaza, the day leaving 75 days in the year?

Catholic Church Jesuit Jewish Related Military New World Order News War World War Zionism


This news comes on the day leaving 76 days in the year, October 16 (USA since 1776).

Tomorrow, leaves 75 days in the year, and Israel is 75.
World War III = 75
Order Out of Chaos = 75
New World Order = 75
Order = 75
Catholic Church = 75
Roman Catholic = 75
Great Tribulation = 75

Never forget this headline from the New York Times, October 6, 1940, 33 years to the day of the start of the Yom Kippur War, which is being compared to this moment, in October, 2023. It was a date having numerology of 75 (10/6/1940 = 10+6+19+40=75).


Of course, October 18, the anniversary of Gerald Ford’s prophetic remarks about the first female President in 1989, and the day leaving 74 days in the year, will come. And notice that Arthur Greenwood died at age 74, reminding us that the Superior General is 74 right now, and so is the Gaza Strip. On top of that, until May 14, 2023, Israel was also 74. It goes with his death in London.

Three of the first five US Presidents dead on 7/4. The 74th day of the year, the Ides of March, to remember the killing of Caesar (Roman)(like the calendar we’re on).

He was 60 years old when that article was published.
Order = 60 & 75

The 60th US Presidential Election is ahead.
Donald Trump = 60

Like many, Donald Trump is in the Jesuit Order club, and notice what year Greenwood died.
Jesuit Order = 54 (1954 death for Arthur Greenwood)
Sun = 54 (War declared on October 8, 2023, a Sunday)

Also, notice Greenwood died on 6/9. New World Order=69, Catholic Church=69, Illuminati=69

The World Zionist Organization

History Jewish Related War Zionism
World Zionist Organization = 333 / 135 / 315 / 135
It turned 126 years old just before the war in Israel
WZO = 64 *Israel = 64 *Zion = 64

Notice the 333 Gematria of ‘World Zionist Organization.’

Read about Trump’s visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, 333 weeks before Israel’s war declaration on Hamas, October 8, 2023.

Read about Pete Davidson selling the Israel conflict on SNL 333 days from his birthday.

Again, the founder of Zionism, Thedor Herzl, died on 7/3, and now war is breaking out in Israel while Netanyahu is at the tail end of being 73-years-old.

Read more about Theodor Herzl’s death at 44 and Israel’s establishment 44 years later here.

And again, his death in 1904 had its 119th anniversary on July 3, 2023.
Star of David=119, Orthodox=119, Ashkenazi Jews=119

Read about the 119 assassination ritual of Meir Kahane on November 5, 1990.

Operation Cyclone’s start on the 75th death anniversary of Theodor Herzl, July 3, 1979

Federal Government History Islam Jewish Related New World Order Terrorism War Zionism

Operation Cyclone began on the 75th anniversary of Theodor Herzl’s death.
Catholic Church=75
New World Order = 75
Order Out of Chaos = 75

He is considered the Father of Zionism.
Cyclone = 77 & 112
Judaism = 77 & 112
Zionist = 77 & 112
Balfour Declaration, Nov. 2, or 11/2
*Jesuits operate in 112 countires
*Catholicism = 112

It also began in the year ’79.
Knights Templar=79
Society of Jesus=79

Theodor Herzl died 119 years before 2023 *Star of David = 119 *Orthodox = 119

Think about the war breaking out while Israel is 75 years old in October of 2023.

And don’t forget the New York Times ’75’ tribute to Jews on October 6, 1940.
10/6/1940 = 10+6+19+40=75
New World Order = 75
Order Out of Chaos = 75
Catholic Church = 75
Roman Catholic = 75
Great Tribulation = 75
Order = 75


July 3 leaves 181 days in the year (42nd prime) *Jesuit=42 *Freemason=42 *World War=42 *War=42

Notice, Operation Cyclone concluded the year before the ’93 WTC bombing, and Afghanistan is the +93 dialing code, going with Afghanistan’s government collapsing on August 15, 2021, on the Jesuit Order’s 487th birthday, the 93rd prime number. It goes with Operation Cycle being created exactly 93 days after Iran, which is CIA controlled, and constantly connected to Islamic extremism.

Iran is currently 44 years old *Military=44 *Israel=44 *Zion=44 *Netanyahu=44

Here is more info on the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA).


Ultimately, the point is the CIA funded the interference with the USSR in Afghanistan, and supported Osama bin Laden through the funding of the mujahideen. So think about this recent war in Israel breaking out on Vladimir Putin’s birthday, October 7, 2023, and it being blamed on Hamas, despite it happening on these “coincidental dates.” It goes to show that Hamas is part of this network, funded by Israeli and American intelligence.

Gaza is under attack after the Hamas attack that comes while the organization is 35 years old.
Gaza = 35
Catholic = 35
Holy See = 35
Europe = 35
Jesuitism = 35
Satan = 35
Baphomet = 35

Why Pete Davidson was used as the Israel war prop on SNL, October 14, 2023

Biblical Entertainment Jewish Related War Zionism

Pete Davidson, the no talent Ashkenazi Jew who supposedly lost his father in the collapse of the towers on 9/11, opened SNL by addressing the war in Israel, which is being compared to 9/11. And let us not forget that it was the leader of Israel, Ehud Barak, who told the United States what to do after 9/11. Keep in mind, the New Testament begins with the genealogy of Jesus, and it begins with “the son of David,” not far off from Davidson.

Notice how the Gematria supports the ritual.
Pete Davidson=64
Davidson=88 & 34
Jewish=88 & 34

His full name also ties in, and goes with the Balfour Declaration of November 2, or 11/2.
Peter Michael Davidson = 112

From his birthday to his address was 333 days later, going with the 3 Abrahamic religions.
World Zionist Organization = 333

Notice he will turn 30 on the day leaving 45 days in the year. *SNL=45
Holy Bible = 45 & 45
Bible = 30

Jesus ministry begins at age 30. He was the son of David, the King of Israel.