Israel’s airstrike on Damascus one day after Easter 2024 (April Fools Day)

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This attack in Damascus comes one day after Easter, and Paul saw the resurrected Jesus Christ, who told Paul to go to Damascus.

Damascus is also connected to Saul in Acts. (Paul, Saul?) (Better call Saul? Persecution?)

Also, this news comes on 49 date numerology, and Damascus is spoken of in Jeremiah 49.
4/1/2024=4+1+20+24=49 (Damascus is also in Isaiah 17)

Damascus is discussed in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Acts. The Book of Isaiah comes before the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament. In Catholic Bibles, Acts is the 49th book, going with the 49 date numerology.

Read the verses here from Jeremiah 49 here.

And notice where Acts 9:1 ties in with April 1, typically the 91st day of the year. That is where the story of Saul’s (Paul’s conversion begins), Acts 9:1.

And notice where Hamath from Jeremiah ties in with Palestine.

And Arpad.

Furthermore, this news comes on Monday, April 1, or 4/1. *Zionist=41 *USA=41

One of the dead men is Mohammed Reza Zahedi, who has the same birthday as Balfour Declaration, November 2, or 11/2. However, he was born later in history, the year JFK was elected, 1960.
Judaism=112 *Zionist=112

And this news comes right after the deadly bombing in Syria on Saturday, March 30, 201 days after al-Assad’s September 11, 2023 birthday. *The Jesuit Order=201 *State of Israel=201

We know all about the 201s with Israel and the Jesuits.

Today’s airstrike, April 1, is 177 days after the war began in Israel on October 7.
The Jesuit Order=177 & 201

And notice al-Assad became President of Syria on July 17, or 17/7.
New World Order=177 *Propaganda=177

Keep in mind this latest strike that has killed the Iranian leaders is on a Monday.
Monday=72 & 27 *Syria=72 & 27 *Jesuit Order=72

And for one more, al-Assad will have been President in Syria for 24-years come July 17.

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