FDA advisers unanimously recommend Moderna booster vaccine “for some,” October 14, 2021

Coronavirus Corporate Federal Government New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny
I love that they got a lady named Fox.
Fox = 666 *Vaccination = 666 *October = 666

This news comes Thursday, October 14, 2021, the day leaving 78 days in the year.
Jesuit = 78
*October = 78
Order Out of Chaos = 78
Wuhan Coronavirus = 78

Don’t forget their CEO, Stéphane Bancel, is born July 20, the 201st day of the year.

He was born in ’72. Jesuit Order = 72

And today is 86 days after his birthday, or his 87th day of his age.
Jesuits = 86
Coronavirus Outbreak = 86
Coronavirus Vaccine = 86
*Vaccine = 87
*Bill Gates = 87

Think of all the 87 rituals with Bill Gates, from the vaccines, including Moderna, to his divorce.
William Henry Gates = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201

The Society of Jesus = 224 (Divisors of 84 sum to 224)

86? Think of its meaning.
Human Sacrifice = 86
Blood Sacrifice= 86

And today has 65 date numerology.
10/14/2021 = 10+14+20+21 = 65
Knights Templar = 65
Switzerland = 65
Christianity = 65
*White = 65
-White Jesus?


Jim Farley makes the call for Ford to cut production in India immediately, September 9, 2021

Catholic Church Corporate Jesuit New World Order News

Big move from the company that must be considering changing their company name to ‘The Beast Cometh’ due to the fact they’ve been playing that ad nonstop, all over, for nearly an entire year.
Beast = 47
Henry Ford died on April 7, in ’47 (4/7/47)

Notice that the CEO of Ford, Jim Farley, went to Georgetown, the Jesuit school…

His name also goes with 99, or 9/9, the date.

Jim Farley = 54 / 144
Jesuit Order = 54 / 144
-Mark of the Beast = 54
Jim Farley = 45
-IHS = 45
-Ritual = 45
-Holy Bible = 45 / 45

And today’s news is 13 weeks after his birthday, or 91 days, the 13th triangular number.
Thirteen = 99 / 45 (Today is 9/9)
The United States of America = 99 (Named on September 9, 1776)

Keep in mind he went to school in LA as well, and California’s birthday is today, September 9.
LA = 13

Thus, India, out by the numbers.

And keep in mind he is 59 years old, and this news comes on a 59 date numerology.
9/9/2021 = 9+9+20+21 = 59
Pope Francis = 59
Car = 59

Today is 266 days after Pope Francis’ December 17, 2020 birthday, and he is the 266th Pope.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266


For one last though, the final day of full production in India was September 8, yesterday, or 9/8.
India = 98

Society of Jesus (Societatis Gesus) was part of Standard Oil’s logo in 1870

Catholic Church Corporate Energy History Jesuit New World Order
Standard Oil = 72, Jesuit Order = 72
Jesuits created August 15, 1534(8/15/1534 = 8+15+15+34 = 72)

Standard Oil was established by the Rockefeller Family in 1870, not far off from 187.

The Jesuits are from Paris, France, and the operate big in Washington D.C., like the Rockefeller family….

And yes, that is the Latin for ‘Society of Jesus’ in the logo. The cross puts it over the top.

And don’t forget the Rockefeller Family went into vaccines after oil, like Jesuit pawn, Bill Gates did, after computers (another very Jesuit industry).

Microsoft to require vaccines for workers at its US offices, Tuesday, August 3, 2021 news

Big Tech Coronavirus Corporate Pharmaceutical Tyranny
Microsoft = 125 (1:25 post time)


Microsoft announces on August 3, or 3/8, like 38, that the latest consequences of the ‘pandemic’.

It reminds of the arranged marriage by Bill and Melinda, 65 days after his 38th birthday.

And go figure he is 65 while all this is happening.

CNN identifies who is buying up residential real estate in United States and Europe

Coronavirus Corporate Financial Jesuit New World Order News


And notice who the culprits are, BlackRock, as suspected, along with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. Of course BlackRock is part of the World Economic Forum, which is part of the Agenda 21 and 2030 push. And that is what this is about more than profit. As the W.E.F. told us last summer, by 2030 “you will own nothing and be happy.”

Residential Real Estate = 222
World Economic Forum = 222
BlackRock, Inc. = 222

Read more here.

Ron Popeil, Mr. Infomercial, dead 86 days after his 86th birthday, July 28, 2021

Celebrity Corporate Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers

Not only is he dead at 86, he is dead 86 days after his 86th birthday.

His first commercial was in 1959, 62 years ago. *Sacrifice = 62

And notice how Ronald M. Popeil equates to 201.

Ronald M. Popeil = 69 / 201
The Jesuit Order = 69 / 201


And another one bites the dust at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

Giannis orders 50 chicken nuggets at Chick-Fil-A to celebrate his 50 points in NBA Finals championship deciding game, July 21, 2021

Celebrity Corporate Entertainment Sports

Yesterday the Bucks picked up their 62nd win of the season, winning the NBA Finals, on the same day the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were recognized for their Super Bowl 55 win at the White House.

Chick-Fil-A = 62
Tampa Bay Buccaneers = 62
Buccaneers = 62

And he had to get 50, to go with his 50 points, helping the Bucks win their first championship in 50 years.

CNN’s top stories today went from Versace to Gucci, July 15, 2021, the anniversary of Versace’s death

Celebrity Corporate Entertainment Government Jesuit New World Order News

A $28-million winner (value of going to space) *Space = 28

Almost as big of a joke as going from top headlines about the Versace related murders, to Gucci…


And the prior post is about the Versace related deaths in the headlines today as well, July 15, 2021.

And for more on the founder of Gucci, take a gander here. Some things should jump out on the surface.

Italy hadn’t won the tournament they just did since 1953… and Gucci died in ’53, in Italy, his native land, the land of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Jesuits.

101, 26th prime
Society of Jesus = 56 (263, 56th prime) *He was born 26/3
Church = 61 *Jesus = 61 *Cross = 61
*Christian = 61 *Christmas = 61

July 15 is the 196th day of the year. *Guccio Gucci = 196

Notice he was 71 when we died. *Catholic = 71

And he died on 2/1. *Jesuit = 21

CDC classifies new “Delta variant” of Covid-19 as ‘variant of concern’, June 15, 2021 news

Coronavirus Corporate Government Jesuit News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

This news comes June 15, 2021, and it is pushing the message, GET THE VACCINE through imagery.
6/15/21 = 6+15+21 = 42
Vaccine = 42
Jesuit = 42
Delta = 42

Think of many 42 rituals with vaccines we have already covered, especially with Bill Gates, and be sure to add ‘Delta’ to the list.

As for the emphasis on ‘variant of concern‘, it equates to 79, reminding us of the pandemic being declared on Anthony Fauci’s 79th day of being 79 years old, a man having a Christmas Eve birthday.
Variant of Concern = 79
Society of Jesus = 79
Yeshua = 79