Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s investing partner, dead at age 99, November 28, 2023

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Charlie Munger died November 28, 2023, the day leaving 33 days in the year.

He died 90 days after Warren Buffet’s August 30 birthday.

Keep in mind both men are in their 90s. Buffet is 93. *Order of Illuminati=93

It goes with the Illuminati being founded on 99 date numerology, and this country being named shortly after on September 9, or 9/9. Also, this death came the day of Jimmy Carter’s wife’s funeral, and Jimmy Carter is 99-years-old right now (and he looked like a corpse at the funeral).
The United States of America=99

For one more, he died 211 days after the Illuminati’s founding anniversary (47th prime), and he died on the date 11/28, like 1128, the 47th triangular number.

We’ll see how much longer Warren Buffet is ticking for. Next year, Berkshire Hathaway turns 185 years old, a very special number.
Warren Buffet=185

And let us not forget the other Warren Buffet connection.
Warren Buffet=68


A viral $16 McDonald’s meal won’t go away (and is a problem for Democrats), CNN headline news, November 27, 2023

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Today is November 27, the day leaving 34 days in the year.

High costs are bad news for Democrats.

M is the 13th letter.

The cost is up “about 75 cents” for a Big Mac since the pandemic hit. Israel just turned 75.

This is a good opportunity to revisit the 13s in the recent Israel rituals, and also the Jewish-Catholic salute in the film The Founder, about the man behind the enormous brand, McDonald’s, Ray Kroc, who died in 1984, in a perfect ritual synced with the San Ysidro massacre at the McDonald’s, July 18, 1984.

Again, the Jesuits, or the Society of Jesus has existed since the 16th Century.
Society of Jesus=187 (18/7 massacre date)

Kroc died a span of 187 days from the massacre.

And again, the Jesuits had a 41 year suppression (13th prime).

The USA was formed in that period of time (the time of the Illuminati) (USA=41)(the land of 13 stripes).

5.58 *McDonalds=85&158 *Freemasonry=58 & 158

Along I-95? The Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses.
IHS=18 *Money=18 *Sun=18 (The sun is gold in alchemy) (The dollar is backed by gold, so we’re told)

IHS stands for Iesus Hominum Salvator.
Templar=85, Iesus Hominum Salvator=85 *Crucify=85

The original bankers were templars, and the Jesuits (IHS) carry on the Templar tradition. Their logo of course, is the sun, and it goes with the abbreviation for gold being AU.

The sun is gold, and the sun is the center of it all in the heliocentric model.
The Jesuit Order=201
Order of Illuminati=201

Heliocentrism=201 (16th Century, same as the Jesuits)
Ignatius of Loyola=201 & 75 (Big Mac price up 75 cents since Event 201)

Ignatius of Loyola founded the Jesuit Order, with its long history of 201, including Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, also the first to live in Suite 201. *Jorge Mario Bergoglio=201 (His birth name)

Think about how McDonald’s is known for the golden arches. And the Golden Gate Bridge is making headlines at this time as well, just after turning 86 years old, May 27, 2023. *Jesuits=86

Paris Hilton (only relevant because of porn video & daddy) pulls her company from X over hate speech, November 21, 2023 (anti-semitism + pro-Nazi content)

Big Tech Censorship Corporate Freemasonry Jewish Related News Secret Societies War

11:11, the company of Paris Hilton, part of the “I’m famous because a put out a porn video” club, like Kim Kardashian, has this clash in the 11th month, November, and while the news broke last night, it is all the rage on CNN on November 22, or 11/22. The two master numbers are 11 & 22.
-11:11 (11+11=22)

Today is 277 days after Paris Hilton’s 42nd birthday.
277, 59th prime (Freemasonry=59)

She is 42. *Freemason=42 *Jesuit=42 *Georgetown=42 *Lady=42 *Female=42 *Bitch=42

Her company turned 17-years-old this year. *Mason=17

She was also born in ’81, and Joe Biden just turned 81, the same

This news also comes on Elon Musk’s 147th day of his age.
Freemason=147 & 42

You could say it is 146 days after his birthday. *Jesus=11 *Jesus Christ=146

Microsoft’s AI that replaced humans is causing problems in the information world & the 10 billion to come by 2026, November 1, 2023

Big Tech Corporate News

This story was big in the news on November 11, or 11/1.

Notice the post time, 1:44 (144).

AI is big business.

We will see what the AI news brings on November 3, 2023.
Artificial Intelligence = 113 (11/3 date)

The November 1 news came 74 days after his 56th birthday.

Schools close in Maine, October 26, 2023, after Lewiston mass shooting

Corporate Education Gun Control Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

Here’s the lesson for the day children, guns are bad, school is closed.

These closures and lockdowns come on October 26, the day leaving 66 days in the year.
Mass Shooting = 66

And notice, in addition to the shooting in Lewiston, Maine, we have another “11-year-old” child killed by gun violence story. CNN just can’t get enough of the dead 11-year-olds.

The vehicle of interest was found in Lisbon.
Lisbon, Maine = 67
Robert Card = 67

The shooting was October 25, 2023, the day leaving 67 days in the year.

Notice the detail about 58 locations *Fraternal=58 *Secret Society=58 *Freemasonry=58

The grocery store locking down is owned by a group from the Netherlands, where guns are illegal.

The story has existed since 1883. The shooter was born in 1983.
Ahold Delhaize group = 83, 97, 187 & 299
Brotherhood of Death = 83, 97, 187 & 299
Society of Jesus = 187

Today is the 299th day of the year.

For one last point, notice how different the images of Robert Card look. Mockery?

Burger King changing locations to ‘Sizzle’ style after success in New Jersey and Las Vegas, October 10, 2023 news

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Jersey and Vegas, where the gangsters are?

Could it be the same ones that just sizzled Maui?

And it’s amazing how many ways ‘Burger King’ overlaps with ‘Freemasonry,’ ‘Jerusalem,’ ‘America,’ and ‘The Bavarian Illuminati.’

iPhone 15 hits shelves around the world, Friday, September 22, 2023

Big Tech Corporate

Today is 22/9, like 229, the 50th prime. *Apple = 50

When I think of 15, I think of Illuminati.
Illuminati = 120 (15th tri. number
-Founded 1/5 (1st of May, 1776)
-Today is 144 days later
Jesuit Order = 144
-Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit
-Adam Weishaupt, the Illuminati’s founder

Keep in mind Skull and Bones allows 15 new members each year, and Yale turns 322 years old on October 9. Of course Skull and Bones is also Order 322.

Adidas CEO says Kanye West did not mean what he said about Jews, September 20, 2023 (before Bears @ Chiefs)

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This is the news September 20, 2023, the 8 year anniversary of this story.

The brand goes with the 20th. *Adidas = 20

Other Gematria relevant to the times and the photo: *Adidas = 248 (Satanic) & 119 (Standard)
Vatican = 119
Francis = 119

The Illuminati and the United States are in their 248th year of existence.

This news comes on the 263rd day of the year.
263, 56th prime
All Seeing Eye = 56 & 119
Society of Jesus = 56
Kanye = 56

Recall the date October 24, 2022, regarding Kanye and Adidas.
10/24/22 = 10+24+22 = 56

Today is 331 days after Kanye’s contract was terminated, October 24, 2022.
331, 67th prime
Soul = 67
*Italy = 67
*Blood Sacrifice = 67
*Human Sacrifice = 67

*The article below is from 3/31… March 31

It goes with a topic we have discussed a lot recently, souls for shoe soles.

Don’t forget Kanye said his mom was sacrificed last year.

And don’t forget that in January of 2020, Larry Johnson told us he thought Kanye West sacrificed his mother on Gematria Effect News on TFR, Truth Frequency Radio.

And for one more, today is 104 days after Kanye’s birthday, 10-4.
Roman Catholic Church = 104

It goes with Adidas, an NFL sponsor, and it being the 104th NFL season right now, just getting under way, with the only two teams in their 104th season being from Chicago, the Bears and the Cardinals.
*Cardinals are Catholic

Kanye West (Ye) is 46 years old right now.
Sacrifice = 46 (Genesis = 46)
Chicago = 46
Rap = 46

Think of the Bears and the Revolutionary 4-6 defense, the year they won the Super Bowl, 46-10 over the Patriots. That’s 56 total points.

The Bears won that Super Bowl January 26, 1986, 133 days before Kanye West’s birthday, the man that raps about having CIA connections. It goes with the NFL being founded on the Constitution’s 133rd birthday. *Football = 133 *Government = 133

This comes 4 days before the Bears play at the Chiefs.

Funny enough, the Chiefs star, Patrick Mahomes, has an Adidas contract.

Notice the cross. *Society of Jesus = 56
Mahomes = 74
Jesus = 74
Cross = 74
Messiah = 74
Gospel = 74
Parables = 74
*Jesus Christ = 74