Flo Rida case gets green light from Supreme Court, Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Look at CNN’s front page on May 9, or 5/9, like 59. Flo Rida and the Supreme Court!
*Renegade=59 (Obama’s Secret Service name)
*A Promised Land=59 (Obama’s book)

Motown in ’59, and Black History Month concludes on the 59th day…

Biden, who ran with Obama, the winner of the 59th US Presidential Election, and it was Joe Biden who said, “You ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him. Comedy, in numbers.

Flo Rida’s birth name is Tramar Dillard.

Recall what they did to Adreian Payne on May 9, 2022.

Today, Justice Elena Kagan wrote the decision.

Keep in mind the date May 9 can be written 9/5, that special number to the Jesuits, and we are in the time of the first Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis.
Jesuits & 95 Theses
Pope Francis=59

If MLK were alive, he would be 95, and he was assassinated on the 95th day of 1968, in a tribute to Martin Luther, who wrote the 95 Theses. It goes with the Baltimore Key Bridge collapse on Nancy Pelosi’s birthday, impacting the “black part of town.”

The only black woman on the Supreme Court fits in. *Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson=95

Also, as I wrote about in my first book Letters & Numbers, they like to pair 59 with 42. Today is Flo Rida’s 237th day of his age (2x3x7=42). 2, 3 & 7 are considered the prime factors of 42.

I imagine you know the long 42 list. *Slavery=42 *Tuskegee=42 *Martin=42 *Malcolm X=42..
2×3=6 (first step)
6×7=42 (second step)
Thus, 2x3x7=42

This news comes 42 months and days after the November 3, 2020 election, where some people accused Joe Biden and the Democrats of cheating and “jamming the ballot box.”

Also, he has to pay Tony Butler at age 44, reminding us of Malcolm X getting killed on 44 date numerology, and MLK getting killed on 4/4, and Obama becoming #44, 44 years after the Civil Rights Act (plus a lot more than that). Now, notice the gematria of ‘Tony Butler.’

African-American=44 & 43 (Obama was #44, but the 43rd person to be US President)

6-3 decision? *Racism=63 *Sherman Nealey=63 *The Illuminati=63


And notice the federal connection with the song. *In the Ayer=51 & 138 *Federal=51 & 138
-In the Ayer=48
-In the Ayer=105
-Order of Illuminati=105

This happened to Flo Rida while he is 44. *Tony Butler=44 (who he owes)

He has the same birthday as the RFK assassination scare. Recall that it was September 16, 2023, and the scare was blamed on a 44-year-old man. Read more about that here.

Adding to the ritual, today’s date numerology is 58, going with ‘Copyright.’ It also goes with Washington DC being known as the Masonic City.

Today, Solomon’s Temple is known as Temple Mount per the Catholic tradition.
Jam the Box=35 & 46
Catholic=35 & 46

Temple Mount=46

Remember, JFK, #35, killed at age 46. Joe Biden, #46, was elected 46 weeks after the Pope’s birthday and Inaugurated on the Pope’s 35th day of his age. *John F. Kennedy=59

Jam the Box also sounds like a voting strategy… and we’re talking about where Flo Rida in Florida where it got super suspicious in the 2000 election, with the 43rd Governor, finding the win for his brother, who became the 43rd US President, when their father was the 43rd Vice President in US history.
Yale=43 *Florida=43 (Brady to Florida at 43) *Football=43

Notice the song by Pretty Tony is from 1984, the year Ronald Regan, running on MAGA, won his second election (winning in ’80 & ’84 with Bush by his side).

It goes with today being 144 days after the Pope’s birthday.

The United States of America=144
United States of America=84
The Jesuit Order=84
The Catholic Church=84

Pope Francis was born on a date having 84 date numerology.

Notice the person involved in this case, the business partner, is Sherman Nealey.

This case began 16 years ago, in 2008, the year of Obama, a man with an 8/4 birthday, and it goes with the Jesuits, since the 16th Century, and how their founder, Ignatius, died 84 days after his birthday.
SJ=16 (Jesuit abbreviation you’ll see by their names sometimes)

And does anyone have confirmation Jam the Box was released on the first day of ’84?

These web search engines don’t always have the right information.

Last, today is 11 days after Elena Keegan’s birthday and this case has to do with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. As we know, it has to do with ‘race,’ and the ‘Pope.’
Black=11 *Pope=11

The leader of the Jesuits is the Black Pope. *Superior General=84 (this song, from ’84)

Today is also 11 days before the anniversary of the song, May 20, 2008, Cannonball Day to the Jessies.

Washington=130 & 140 *Today is the 130th day of the year
-That song came out on typically the 140th day of the year

Jam the Box=46

Tramar Lacel Dillard=124 *Flo Rida=124 *Florida=124
-Tramar Lacel Dillard=322
-Tramar Lacel Dillard=164
-Tramar Lacel Dillard=72

Gary Cooper is asking for one more MLB day at age 67 to get his MLB petition (cut short after 42 days)

Celebrity Entertainment History Racism Secret Societies Slavery Sports

just one day=136 *Atlanta Braves=136

This man better be careful at 67, having played for the Braves. *Braves=67

And then the 42 days goes without saying. *Jackie=42 *Slavery=42 *Orenthal=42 *Nigger=42

And the list goes on with 42 and racism.

In this case, the article made its rounds on April 19, Ignatius of Loyola Day. *Jesuit=42 *Freemason=42

Also, notice how the story goes back to 1980, 44 years ago, and is focused on Georgia, where MLK was from, who got shot on 4/4. *African-American=44 *Georgia=44


Savannah Braves=87 *Slavery=87 & 42

Clarence Thomas misses Supreme Court arguments without explanation, Monday, April 15, 2024

Black Lives Matter Federal Government Jesuit News Racism Slavery

This news comes on the 106th day of the leap year. *Black=106 *Black Lives Matter=106

It goes with his name. *Clarence Thomas=56 *Black Lives Matter=56 *Washington DC=56

Clarence Thomas went to Yale. Remember, the Masonic lodge for black men is #106 at Yale.

Of course, there is also the hit show on BET, 106 & Park.

This news comes 69 days before Clarece Thomas 76th birthday, June 23, 2024.
Supreme Court=69 *New World Order=69 *The Jesuit Order=69 *Illuminati=69

This also comes 42 weeks and days after Thomas birthday, and you know how they love to shame black men with the number 42. We also know how they like to kill them at age 76, so Clarence Thomas better lookout. *Jesuit=42 *Freemason=42 *DC=42

We saw what just happened to OJ at 76. *Slave=76 *Negro=76 *Blues=76 *Rasta=76

His name also has the 56 & 79. *Clarence Thomas=56 & 79 *Society of Jesus=56 & 79

It goes with this news coming 191 days before his anniversary of joining the court, October 23, 1991.
Society of Jesus=191


Allen Iverson statue unveiled at Philadelphia 76ers PRACTICE facility on the anniversary of the start of the American Civil War, April 12, 2024

Celebrity Entertainment History Jesuit News Slavery Sports War


An Allen Iverson statue at the PRACTICE facility? The joke is clear, since he is the man who went on a rant about how he didn’t need to practice. Keep in mind this statue was unveiled on the anniversary of the start of the Ameican Civil War, blamed on the Jesuits, which goes with him being a Georgetown alumni. Thus, that is the deeper joke. *Allen Iverson=56 *Society of Jesus=56

April 12, typically 102nd day of the year *Slavery=102 *Slave=76 (76ers)

In this case, it was a leap year, so April 12 was the 103rd day of the year. *Jesuits=103

This statue was unveiled on the 311th day of Iverson’s age (64th prime), 64 days after the Kobe Bryant statue was unveiled on February 8, 2024.

OJ Simpson announced dead at 76, April 11, 2024

Celebrity Death History Murder by Numbers News Racism Secret Societies Slavery Sports

Read about the February 9, 2024 news about OJ Simpson’s prostate cancer here.

There will be a much longer decode and stream on this later.

OJ Simpson has been announced dead on April 11, or 11/4, like 114.
Orenthal James Simpson=114 *History=114

He is a San Francisco native and April 11 is the 102nd day of the leap year.
San Francisco, California=102 *Prostate=102

It also goes with him being announced dead at 76.
San Francisco=76

The 102 & 76 code also goes with the ‘slavery’ pattern.
Slavery=102 *Slave=76 *Negro=76 *Blues=76 *Rasta=76

It also goes with Johnnie Cochran being born on 10/2.

He is dead on what would have been Cochran’s 192nd day of his age, and Skull and Bones is 192 years old at this current time. *Skull and Bones=76

The 49ers and Bills will play each other this year, and the Bills are 7-6 vs. the 49ers.

This news comes 277 days after his last birthday, and he died on his 277th day of his age.
277, 59th prime *Slave=59 *Negro=59 *Blues=59 *Rasta=59 *Prostate Cancer=59

He also died 59 days after the Super Bowl which concluded the 104th NFL season.
Dead on 10/4

That was the first Super Bowl on the 42nd day of the year. *Orenthal=42 *Slaver=42

As you know, Missouri’s Chiefs became 4-2 in Super Bowls. *Missouri=42

The upcoming Super Bowl is #59, and he is dead 41 days before Josh Allen’s May 21 birthday.
Super Bowl=41

He is also dead a span of 42 days before Josh Allen’s upcoming birthday.
Orenthal=42 *Slavery=42

Moving on, he is dead 63 days before the June 12 “murder” anniversary.

Also, recall the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting, the day OJ Simpson was released from jail in Las Vegas, and that was October 1, or 10/1, like how he died on the 101st day of the year, April 10, 2024.

Furthermore, OJ Simpson’s last social media post was from the 42nd day of the year, the day of Super Bowl 58 (Nicole=58), and it showed him with a Titleist hat, going with him being announced dead the opening day of the Masters. *Titleist=102 & 114 *Master=76

11/4 news, 11th of April, 2024, the 102nd day of the leap year

Last, Buffalo was just big news because it was the last major city the April 8 eclipse passed through.
Orenthal James Simpson=84 & 114

Louis Gossett Jr. as Sadat, October 31, 1983

Catholic Church Celebrity Death History Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Racism Slavery

Read about the death of Louis Gossett Jr. here.

This post is about his film where he portrays Anwar al-Sadat.

Keep in mind Sadat was 17 when Louis Gossett Jr. was born in 1936.

That film came out in ’83.

Election=83, Leap Year=83, *The Donald=83 *Colorado=83
An” “war”

Read about the song ‘Murder by Numbers’ and actual murder here.

We know the Baltimore Key Bridge collapse has a lot to do with 83 and the year 1983.

It released on Halloween, and his death comes after the ‘collapse’ in Baltimore, a predominantly black city. Again, that collapse is the antithesis to MLK’s I Have a Dream.
Halloween=95 *Baltimore=95 *MLK would be 95 if he were alive

MLK was killed on the 95th day of 1968, like Martin Luther wrote the 95 Theses, which was pinned on Halloween in history, October 31, 1517.

Martin Luther=60 (60th US presidential election is in effect)

Notice that Sadat was assassinated in ’81, it goes with Francis Scott Key being born on August 1, or 8/1, and the current President “who got a record 81 million votes,” is 81-years-old.
Ritual=81 & 81 *President Biden=81 *President Trump=81

Notice he was born on the “sun’s birthday,” as well as the “Son of God’s birthday,” December 25, 1918.
Sun=18 *IHS=18 & 18

Notice he died 9 days before his 11th anniversary as President of Egypt.
All Seeing Eye=119 *Star of David=119 *Orthodox=119 *Vatican=119

That also means Louis Gossett Jr. has died 95 days after Sadat’s birthday birthday anniversary.

Notice that he was 86’d on the day leaving 86 days in the year, October 6, 1981
We just saw the Key Bridge go down on the 86th day of the year *Key Bridge=86
Baltimore=41, 95 & 148 *Halloween=41, 95 & 148

Again, 1983 was 41 years ago.

Today is 103 days after the Pope’s birthday and Louis Gossett Jr. is dead at 87 while the Pope is 87-years-old. *Jesuits=103 *Scottish=103 (103, 27th prime *Ritual=27)

And Gossett Jr. is dead at 87.

Also, today is 175 days after Anwar’s death anniversary.

It was also 150 days after the anniversary of the release of the film, October 31, 2023.

Again, a Jesuit founded the Illuminati, and the founder of the Jesuits was Ignatius of Loyola… it goes with the leader of the Jesuits being 75, and Ignatius of Loyola having died in history 84 days from his birthday.

Catholic Church=75 *Roman Catholic=75 *New World Order=75 *Order=75
-Order Out of Chaos=75 (The Key Bridge came down 75 days after Francis Scott Key’s passing anny)
-It came down on the 84th birthday of Nancy Pelosi, plus way more

From the death of Anwar to the release of the TV series in ’83 was a span of 108 weeks on the nose.
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi=108 *Geometry=108 & 108

Notice the current leader was born in ’54, and is 69.
Jesuit Order=54 *The Jesuit Order=69

This ritual comes 511 weeks after he took office. Trump had the 511 day campaign in 2015-2016 that ended with a November 5, or 5/11, assassination scare, and the 2024 election date is November 5.
*Saturn=511 (The Pope’s birthday is Saturnalia) (Saturn is the keeper of time, related to death)

The ritual comes 117 months later as well, and he went into office on June 8, or 6/8.
Central Intelligence Agency=117 *CIA=68

Also noteworthy, Sadat’s death October 6, 1981, came 132 days after Gossett’s Jr. 45th birthday.
Ritual=81, 81 & 45 *President Trump=81 #45
United States of America=132
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132

That’s also a span of 133 days. *Government=133 *White House=133 *President=81

That assassination came in the time of Ronald Reagan, the original MAGA. The assassination came on the 243rd day of Ronald Reagan’s age. *Central Intelligence Agency=243

Fox News highlights Boston Task Force calling for reparations from ‘white churches,’ Sunday, March 24, 2024

History Jesuit News Racism Slavery

Don’t forget the 201 in “forty acres and a mule.”

Notice the emphasis on ‘white churches.’

Think of the 201s encoded in the race rituals of MLK, Michael Brown, George Floyd and more.

Keep in mind this news comes on 71 date numerology. *3/24/2024=3+24+20+24=71
The Society of Jesus=71 *Catholic=71

Reparations also ties in.


Remember this?


Two found guilty in killing of Jam Master Jay, Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 42 months after their arrest

Black Lives Matter Death Freemasonry History Legal Murder by Numbers Racism Secret Societies Slavery

2 men, nearly 22 years later… in the second month, February, black history month… when Jam Master Jay was killed in the year 2002…


What a story to close out Black History Month.

Read about these two men being charged by the numbers, August 17, 2020, here.

This conviction comes 42 months and 10 days later. *February=42 *Slavery=42

Read my original post on the death of Jam Master Jay in relation to 50 Cent here.

This latest news comes on 37 date numerology. *2/27/2024=2+27+(2+0+2+4)=37

Of course, Jam Master Jay was killed at age 37.

Today’s date also has 73 numerology. *2/27/2024=2+27+20+24=73

This ruling also comes on the 58th day of the year, connecting with Jason William Mizell.

This ruling comes while DMC is 59.

Darryl McDaniels=247 (the Illuminati & the country are 247-years-old)

It is 38-weeks and 6 days after his 59th birthday *Death=38

It is 94 days before his birthday. *Darryl McDaniels=94 *Joseph Ward Simmons=94

It is exactly a span of 39 weeks into his age. *New York=39

It is 106 weeks into Run’s age, also 59. *Black=106 *Black Lives Matter=106

It is also 105 days after his birthday *Masonry=105 *Order of Illuminati=105

And notice where his name Joseph Simmons connects with the 58th day of the year ruling.

And as for them both being 59, and it being 22 years later… *Negro=59 & 22

St. Louis University asked to pay $74 billion to descendants of slaves, February 13, 2024 news

History Jesuit News Racism Slavery Sports

Missouri just won the big game on 11/2…
Call for Reparations=112
Super Bowl=112

What a headline for 2/13, or “213.”

This news comes on 59 date numerology as well. *2/13/2024=2+13+20+24=59

Today is the 59th day of Pope Francis age.

And St. Louis University is a Jesuit school, reminding us that Carter G. Woodson is the father of BHM.

And just this past Sunday, the Chiefs, of Missouri, improved to 4-2 in Super Bowls, on the 42nd day of the year, February 11, 2024, when 42 has a long history with black history.

Recall this ritual with Michael Brown.

And as for the $74 billion, it goes with ‘Mahomes’ leading the way.

And let us not forget St. Louis University is credited with the first forward pass in football history.

For one more, this comes after the 104th NFL season.