Stephen Breyer to part ways for Ketanji Brown Jackson, June 30, 2022, on the 181st day of the year

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Read about Stephen Breyer’s retirement ritual and 201 here.

Read about Kentaji Brown Jackson’s nomination ritual and 201 here.

This headline comes June 29, 153-days after his official retirement speech, January 27.
Jesuit Order = 153
John Roberts = 153
*The Illuminati = 153

Today, is 47-days before Breyer’s upcoming 84th birthday, August 15, the same day as the Jesuits.
Judge = 47
Gavel = 47
Time = 47
DC = 47
-The rest of the list

That means tomorrow, his last day, will be 46-days before his birthday, making room for the first pick by number 46, Joe Biden. Tomorrow will also be a span of 47-days from his upcoming birthday.
Government = 47
Authority = 47
Vatican = 47
White House = 47
President = 47
*Republican = 47
*Democrat = 47

Today is 47-weeks after Obama’s August 4 birthday, on the nose. And Obama elevated her status.

Ketanji was sworn in on April 7, or 4/7, the 97th day of the year.
Supreme = 97
*Ketanji = 47

Breyer will retire on the 181st day of the year, the 42nd prime. As we know, the number 42 is stamped all over black history, and Ketanji Brown Jackson will become the first black woman to hold the position.
181, 42nd prime
Black History = 181
Barack Obama = 181 (Jewish)
Jesuit = 42
Freemason = 42
Georgetown = 42
February = 42
Jackie = 42
Bus = 42
-And everything else…

Keep in mind Breyer was appointed by #42, Bill Clinton.

And they used to call Bill Clinton “the first black president.”

Biden also said if you didn’t vote for him, you weren’t black (to black people). He was born in ’42.

And the ritual comes in the 42nd week of Kentaji Brown Jackson’s age.

The ritual also comes 76 days before her upcoming birthday, September 14, 2022.
Acts 7:6
Slave = 76
Negro = 76
Blues = 76
Rasta = 76
Barack Obama = 76
A Promised Land = 76
-August of 2019 marked 400-years of slavery in America (what Acts 7:6 pertains to)
-Then came Covid, like it was Acts 7:7 (Punishment for the nation) *United States = 77

Don’t forget the Million Man March, October 16, 1995, the day leaving 76 days in the year.

She will be the 116th member.
Barack Hussein Obama = 116
African American = 116 / 71
Ketanji Brown Jackson = 71
71, 20th prime
Judge = 20 / 25 / 47 / 88
Gavel = 20 / 25 / 47 / 88

Breyer is retiring at age 83, like how the first decision ever for the SCOTUS was made by John Jay on August 3, way, way back.
Justice Breyer = 83
John Jay = 83
8/3 like 83
-Justice Breyer = 160 / 191
-Stephen Breyer = 160 / 191
-Society of Jesus = 191
-S.J. = 16

BET Awards on 177th day of year, June 26, 2022

Black Lives Matter History Jesuit Slavery

Notice the first ever BET Awards were on Juneteenth, June 19, 2001.

Baltimore Ravens LB Jaylon Ferguson dies at 26 on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2022, after registering 38 games with the Baltimore Ravens

Celebrity Entertainment History Murder by Numbers News Racism Slavery Sports

Dead at 26 in the time of ‘cancer.’
Cancer = 26

Death = 38 *Sacrifice = 62 *Faustian Bargain = 62

Notice they had to mention he played in 38 games, the number of ‘death.’
Death = 38
Murder = 38
Killing = 38
RIP = 38
*Ravens = 38

From the Ravens’ last game to his death was 163-days later.
163, 38th prime

He also died exactly 27-weeks after his own birthday, December 14.
Ritual = 27 / 45 / 81 / 81
-He wore the #45
-He is dead 81-days before the Ravens open their season
-They open against the New York Jets on September 11
-They won the Super Bowl before September 11, 2001

Jaylon O’Neal Ferguson = 85 *National Football League = 85
Jaylon O’Neal Ferguson = 95 *Baltimore = 95

Keep in mind he has died right after Juneteenth, or 19/6, like 196.
Jaylon Ferguson = 196

At the time of this news, the rapper lil TJAY is also shot in the news. Funny enough, he is following 196 people on his social media account.

And notice, when Darius Lee died on the Juneteenth holiday date, they showed him in a Baltimore Ravens t-shirt, almost like a clue for what was to come.

Caleb Swanigan who also died on the Juneteenth holiday, played for the Boilermakers.
Boilermakers = 196

For one last point, he died 153-days after Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday, or on the 154th day of his age.
Jesuit Order = 153
Ritual Sacrifice = 154

Ritual Sacrifice = 107 *Poe died on October 7, or 10/7

He is also dead 257-days after the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe dying.
*Blood Sacrifice = 257

Caleb Swanigan, former NBA first round pick, dead at 25 on Juneteenth holiday, June 20, 2022

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Racism Slavery Sports

Notice, Caleb Swanigan died Monday, June 20, 2022, the day observed for the Juneteenth holiday, the same day 21-year-old Darius Lee died. In this case, Swanigan was 25.
Death = 25

Thus, he has died in his 26th year of life, and he was the 26th pick of the draft in 2015.
Cancer = 26
Game = 26
God = 26
*Letter = 26

He played in 76 total games in his NBA career (75 in reg., 1 in Playoffs), and he died on the holiday to remember the freeing of the slaves.
Slave = 76 / 59
Negro = 76 / 59
Blues = 76 / 59
Rasta = 76 / 59

He is dead 59-months and days after being drafted into the NBA on June 22, 2017.

He died on his 64th day of his age. *Kill = 64

He died on 20/6. *Sacrifice = 206

He died on a 48 date numerology. *Caleb Swanigan = 48

And notice they’re saying he is dead from ‘Natural Causes.’
Natural Causes = 196 (19/6, Juneteenth)
Boilermakers = 196
-196, Square Root of 14
-Dead = 14
-End = 14

The date he died, June 20, goes with his high school.
Homestead High School = 194
-June 20 leaves 194-days in the year

Homestead High School = 85
Caleb Sylvester Swanigan = 85
Purdue = 85
Basketball = 85

Keep in mind the 2022 NBA Draft is June 23, and they’re emphasizing this guy was a top pick.

And with regards to the draft, one of the top picks is expected to be Jaden Ivey, who went to Purdue.

Notice from his birthday to Swanigan’s death was a span of 128-days.
Boilermakers = 128

June 19, or 19/6

Also, on the first day of the Ignatian Year, May 20, 2021, he went viral for weighing over 400 pounds.

He is dead 56-weeks later.
*Society of Jesus = 56 / 79
*Boilermakers = 56 / 79

Washington DC’s Moechella festival for Juneteenth ends in deadly shooting, June 19, 2022

History Mass Shooting News Police State Racism Slavery

This shooting reportedly came on June 19, 2022, the second federally recognized Juneteenth, and it came in the federal city, Washington D.C. Of course, the holiday is to remember the fleeing of the saves, and in this case they’re saying the shooting came on 14th Street, and it is the 277th mass shooting of the year.
227, 59th prime
Slave = 59 / 14

Adding to the ritual, the name of the event was Moechella.

Don’t forget Washington D.C. is on the 38th Parallel North, and named after George Washington, the man who had 74 Generals, 33 of which were Masons.
George Washington =74
Masonic = 74
Masonry = 33
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33
Federal = 33
Police = 33

The victim was 15.
Fifteen = 38

This shooting also came on the 322nd day of Muriel Bowser’s age, the Mayor of D.C.
Skull and Bones = 202
-DC, the (202) area code

It also came 44-days before her upcoming birthday.
Shooting = 44

Hillary Clinton honors Harriet Tubman and New York’s Met Gala 12-days before Tops shooting in Buffalo, New York, May 2, 2022

Celebrity Federal Government Jesuit Mass Shooting News Predictive Programming Racism Slavery

Notice, this event was May 2, 2022, 12-days before the shooting in Buffalo, a town closely connected with Harriet Tubman, the leader of the Underground Railroad, a historical fact also paralleling with the subway shooting in NYC on April 12, 2022, the anniversary of the start of the American Civil War, the 102nd day of the year.
Underground Railroad = 102
New York Subway Shooting = 102
*Slavery = 102

As for the May 14, 2022 Tops shooting in Buffalo, it came on Hillary’s 201st day of her age, and she helped open the same Tops store on July 9, 2003.
Harriet Tubman = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201

Read about Cicely Tyson dying the eve before what would have been Harriet Tubman’s 201st birthday here.

Chris Singleton’s Charleston Church shooting tribute book, ‘Different: A Story About Loving Your Neighbor,’ June 10, 2020

Black Lives Matter Federal Government Gun Control History Jesuit Mind Control Murder by Numbers News Politics Racism Slavery

Notice that the title of the book, ‘Different: A Story About Loving Your Neighbor’ equates to 201, and it has a biblical theme.
The Holy Bible = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201
Ignatius of Loyola = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201

His mother was shot in ‘Mother Emanuel.’

And his shooter was obsessed wit the ‘Confederate’ flag. Of course, the Civil War began in Charleston, South Carolina, where the shooting happened.

Michael Brown = 201
George Perry Floyd = 201
Capitol insurrection 201-days after Albert Pike statute fell…
-And the many, many more…

He was at the site of the Buffalo Tops shooting, which happened on Hillary Clinton’s 201st day of her age. Again, Hillary was there to open the same store.

As for the release date of the book, it was June 10, the day leaving 204-days in the year…

And as for the 106 part of the June 10 release date, or 10/6, recall it was firetruck 106 parked outside the scene of the Charleston Church shooting.

Chris Singleton is from Goose Creek, South Carolina.

6/10/2020 = 6+10+20+20 = 56

Black Lives Matter = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Charleston = 56
Civil War = 56
Washington D.C. = 56

Recall the painting of Church Street in D.C. on 5/6 (June 5)

And notice the MLB network had Chris on for the 56th day of the year.

Recall the 16th St. Baptist Church Bombing on 106 date numerology.
9/15/1963 = 9+15+19+63 = 106

Read about the Tea Party flag being on the truck here.
Tea Party = 106 / 110
Prophecy = 106 / 110
-Fire Truck 106
-Church address 110

His full name is Christopher Singleton… 110… 106…

Tea Party flag on back of truck #106

And keep in mind he was in his 19th year of life when his mother was killed by Dylann Storm Roof. It goes along with him being at Buffalo, where the store opened on July 9, the 190th day of the year, the 19th triangular number, 19-days after the shooter was born, June 20, 2003, and it was shot up 19-weeks before Byron Brown’s birthday, the Mayor of Buffalo, while the shooter was in his 19th year of life. It also goes with the 19 victims at the Robb Elementary school shooting 10-days after the Buffalo shooting who were also killed by a shooter in their 19th year of life.
Robb = 19, Chaos = 19

And as you’ll see below, his family was paid a settlement on October 28, 2021, exactly 19-weeks after the anniversary of the tragedy.

10/28/21 = 10+28+21 = 59 (Slave = 59, Negro = 59, Blues = 59, Rasta = 59) *10/28/2021 = 10+28+20+21 = 79 (Murder = 79)

He was also drafted in the 19th round of the MLB draft by the Chicago Cubs.

And since his mother’s death he is living in a mini-mansion on a golf course.

And he is meeting the New York Yankees on NBC News.

Keep in mind Chris Singleton and the families of Charleston were reportedly given a total of $88-million dollars, going along with Dylann Roof being reportedly obsessed with the number 88 (a number associated with Hitler and white supremacy).

Recall, the shooting happened one day after Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign, and ‘Trump’ is Mr. 88, Mr. Mein Kampf, where H.H. is 8.8.
Dylann Storm Roof = 74 / 209
White Supremacist = 74 / 209
-He was arrested on I-74
-Calhoun = 74 (shooting on Calhoun St.)

And as for ‘Singleton,’ he ties in with ‘Charleston’ and ‘Civil War.’

It’s likely why his family was chosen for this sick ritual.

Dylann Roof was born April 3, or 4/3, like 43.
-It can also be written 3/4
-Church = 34
-Murder = 34

And in light of him being at the Tops, notice they mentioned 70 shots were fired in both instances…

*While I had an audience at the Buffalo shooting, Chris Singleton appeared and tried to cut down what I was saying about the relevance of the encoding of 74 in the Buffalo shooting (the latest of many examples), but was promptly defeated with evidence on top of evidence showing that it was no coincidence, and now to find out he is being used in a terrible way by the same code… he better be careful. And if you’re reading this Chris, you better take this seriously.

*Chris interrupted me on Thursday, May 26, 2022, the same day he made the local news in Buffalo. Go figure.

*That’s the same outfit he was wearing when he interrupted me in front of the Tops memorial.

*Please watch my video dedicated to Chris Singleton here:

The ‘pay, don’t stay’ donation method to Ukraine & how the World Economic Forum is likely profiting off the theater of war in Ukraine, March 12, 2022

Financial Jesuit Military New World Order News Psychological Operation Slavery War World War

Read about the Russia-Ukraine conflict igniting 47-weeks after Klaus Schwab’s birthday, the leader of the World Economic Forum.
Ukraine = 47

Notice the encoded 56 in the ‘pay, don’t stay’ strategy that has risen up in the time of Ukraine donations.

Society of Jesus = 56

Think about BlackRock, partner of the World Economic Forum, buying up properties across the world in light of this operation. Imagine if BlackRock owns a large percentage of these properties. Is that helping the people of the Ukraine? Or is this part of the strategy to make sure we’ll own nothing and be happy by 2030, while they profit off of the manipulation?

In the road to 2030, how many lives and careers will be lost to the planned activities of the next decade, such as the people of Ukraine who are being made to evacuate by the? How many people will become beholden to the system, and someone that lives by the handouts of big brother?

And notice how they’re reporting what is taking place in Ukraine is causing even less homes to become available in the United States. Is it possible that the donation money is being used to buy up even more properties in the U.S.?