Two men charged in unsolved murder of Jam Master Jay, August 17, 2020

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Today leaves 136 days in the year, connecting to ‘Jason Mizell’, the birth name of Jam Master Jay.

Read my older decode on the death of Jam Master Jay at age 37:

As you can see, the ritual had everything to do with 50 Cent, and not by chance, today comes 42 days after 50 Cent’s birthday.

Before we get to that, don’t overlook that ‘cocaine’ equates to 50, because they’re saying his killing was a cocaine deal gone bad.

8/17/20 = 8+17+20 = 45 *Hip-Hop = 45

This news also comes 74 days before the anniversary of his death.

We know how they often bring the ‘Jesus’ ritual together with dead rappers, as they did with Pop Smoke and 50 Cent earlier this year.

The supposed killers’ name gematria is as follows:

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