The Johns Hopkins University, Yale’s 322nd birthday falling on October 9, 2023, Daniel Coit Gilman, and Super Bowl 58

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Recall, Yale turned 322 years old this year, October 9, 2023 (established Oct. 9, 1701).

Order 322 is located at Yale, and an important former member was Daniel Coit Gilman, who founded The Johns Hopkins University. *The Johns Hopkins University=322

This post suggests why there could be a connection with this year’s Super Bowl… and much more to come, especially in light of the new virus news out of George Orwell’s United Kingdom.

Notice the University was founded February 22, 1876…

It opened 2/22. *Order Out of Chaos=222 *As Above So Below=222 *Order Out Of Chaos=222

Thus, the University will turn 1776 months old (148 years), 54,056 days, February 22, 2024.
Daniel Coit Gilman=76 & 148 (The founder of the Johns Hopkins University)
Fraternal=148, *Secret Society=76

Daniel Coit Gilman was also born July 6, or 7/6.

The 54,056 days also stands out.

And of course the United States was founded in 1776, 75 years after 1701. And you know how important 75 is to the Church, the Jesuits, Israel, this exact moment in history, and how it was foretold in the New York Times, in a massive 75 ritual, October 6, 1940. As for the year 1776, the ’76 sequence matters.
Skull and Bones=76
Daniel Coit Gilman=76

Think of when the Georgia Guidestones, erected March 22 (3/22 like 322), 1980, and how they came down on July 6, or 7/6, on George W. Bush’s 76th birthday. Bush, like his father, and his grandfather, were all members of Order 322. And let us not forget what happened to Paul Walker, after starring in the film about Skull and Bones, that released in the year George W. Bush won election, 2000. Of course, Paul Walker died five years to the day of George H.W. Bush, of Order 322, Skull and Bones, #41.
Skull and Bones=41 (Nov. 30 or 11/30=11+30+41)

The Super Bowl, Super Bowl 58, the 54th of the modern era, is on the 95th birthday of the Vatican. Notice it is 54,045 days after th
Jesuit Order=54 (Created to counter the 95 Theses)
Society of Jesus=79, Knights Templar=79, Christianity=79

And notice the 95 overlap, Baltimore and Daniel Coit Gilman.

It goes with The Johns Hopkins University being in Baltimore.

Again, Super Bowl 58 is on the 95th birthday of the Vatican, and the ancient warriors of the Vatican were the Templars, who the Order 322, Skull and Bones, is modeled after.

Keep in mind the city of Baltimore is 41-years-old.

The 41st US President, Skull and Bones member George H.W. Bush, died in his 95th year of life, November 30, 2018. *11/30=11+30+41

American football is credited to Walter Camp, a former Skull and Bones member.

Around 4 AM, in the 4th state, Georgia.
*Georgia=44 *Military=44 *Genocide=44 *Medicine=44 *Pfizer *Warp Speed=44

Recall Operation Warp Speed? Pfizer made a lot of profit. Some people didn’t live much long after taking the experimental, military rushed out, jab though. RIP.

You’ll recall they came down 201 days after the Pope’s birthday, or on his 202nd day of his age.
Skull and Bones = 201 & 202

It was a similar ritual with The Skull and Paul Walker. RIP.

And of course, The Johns Hopkins was instrumental in Event 201, and Clade X, both perfectly synced with the coronavirus pandemic declaration of March 11, 2020.
-201 is 311 in base-8 counting
-March 11, 2020 was 666 days after Clade X (Vaccination=666)
-In many places, you had the have the vaccination if you wanted to buy & sell
-Clade X was conducted May 15, 2018, two years to the day of Operation Warp Speed’s declaration

Read the 10 rules of the Georgia Guidestones, with a big focus on the first rule.

It has a lot to do with ‘genocide.’ And again, revisit the 44 list above.

Cancer=44, Chemo=44, Kill=44

For one more thought, May 2, 2024 will be 666 days after the Georgia Guidestones fell on July 6, 2022. Keep in mind they went up in ’80 and Baphomet=80, Satan=80, *Bavarian Illuminati=80

This is important because when the Guidetones fell, it was two years to the day of the death of Charlie Daniels, the singer of The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Common pesticides in food reducing sperm count worldwide, study says, November 15, 2023 news

Agriculture / Food Big Agriculture Celebrity Depopulation Medical New World Order News Population Control

This news comes on 69 date numerology, November 15, 2023.
Sterilization = 69
New World Order = 69
Catholic Church = 69
Illuminati = 69

11/15/2023 = 11+15+20+23 = 69

Read about the New World Order ritual with Kim Kardashian being GQ’s Man of the Year.

That story is buzzing today, November 15.

This one is flying under the radar.

FDA approves Eli Lilly’s diabetes drug Mounjaro for obseity under new name, Zepbound, November 8, 2023

Agriculture / Food Medical News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Secret Societies

I don’t know if I would want a drug that was approved by the FDA on November 8.
Death = 118, Homicide = 118 (118 is a fateful pattern)

This news comes on 42 date numerolgy.
Eli Lilly=42 (96 & 48)
Freemason=42 (96 & 48)

The new name has familiar numbers. Think of the Scottish Rite, where the Rites were written by Jesuits.
Zepbound = 113, 103 & 32
Scottish = 113, 103 & 32
Jesuits = 103
(32 sun-rays on the logo *America=32)

And speaking of the Jesuits, notice the 72 weeks the drug is to be taken for.
Jesuit Order = 72

Don’t forget the Jesuits founded the Illuminati.
Eli Lilly = 48 & 120
Illuminati = 48 & 120

At the end of the day, the Illuminati is very much Catholic in origin.
Mounjaro = 35 & 46
Catholic = 35 & 46
Medicine = 46

Krayzie Bone hospitalized 42 days after Hip-Hop’s 50th birthday at age 50, September 22, 2023

Entertainment Medical News Racism

This occurred Friday, September 22, 42 days after Hip-Hop’s 50th birthday on August 11.

It was also a date with 74 numerology. *Rapper = 74

And the news first broke on Sunday, September 24, 44 days after Hip-Hop’s anniversary.
Hospital = 44

You could also say it was a span of 45 days.
Hip-Hop = 45

And FYI, his name also has the 59 stamp.
Krayzie Bone = 59
Slave = 59
Negro = 59
Blues = 59

CNN focuses on the rise of Merkel cell carcinoma after Jimmy Buffett’s death at 76, September 4, 2023

Cancer Death Medical Murder by Numbers News Predictive Programming Secret Societies

Jimmy Buffet died at age 76.

Recall when the 76ers got their 247th win in the big ritual over Boston on the Illuminati’s 247th birthday, May 1, 2023. Of course, the Illuminati was founded in ’76 (1776).

My guess is this is going to become very common in a lot of people with this news being front and enter, September 4, 2023, the 247th day of the year.

September 4 also leaves 118 days in the year.
Cancer = 118
Death = 118

The Illuminati was founded 64 days before the United States.
Merkel = 64 (Chess)

Mitch McConnell’s latest freeze, August 30, 2023 after 16 years as the leader of the Republican Party in the US Senate

Federal Government Jesuit Medical

Below the Mitch McConnell story is the next plot for a “mad tranny” shooting rampage.
-The legal decision in Texas about transgender will be Friday, September 1, 2023
-Recall the 666 ritual with the laws in Texas the other year, September 1, 2021.
-September 1 leaves 121 days in the year *Revelation = 121

This happened 27 weeks after his 81st birthday *Ritual = 27, 81 & 81
8/30/2023 = 8+30+20+23 = 81 (8+30+23 = 61 *Washington DC = 61)

This latest episode with Mitch McConnell came yesterday, Wednesday, August 30, 2023, when McConnell seemed to freeze at a press conference. It was precisely 191 days after his February 20, 2023 birthday, when he turned 81.
Society of Jesus = 191 & 56
Washington DC = 56
191, 43rd prime
D.C. is 4.3.
*Kentucky = 43
*Civil War = 43 (Lincoln was from Kentucky) (and born on 43rd day of year)
-*Jesus Christ = 43 & 74
-George Washington = 74
-Holy Roman Empire = 74
-Roman = 74
-Masonic = 74
-Jesus = 74
-Cross = 74
-Messiah = 74
-Gospels = 74

George Washington is painted on the ceiling at the top of the capitol building as if he is Jesus, in the clouds. There is also an open tomb for George Washington under the building.

Think about this nation’s birthday, July 4, or 7/4
Independence Day = 74
Holiday = 74
Gematria = 74
English = 74
Energy = 74

16 years, and the Jesuits since the 16th Century.

Keep in mind Lincoln was from Kentucky, the Civil War US President.

This happened exactly 136 weeks after his latest term began, January 20, 2021.
136, 16th triangular number (16 years as leader of the Senate)
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
-January 20, the 201st day of the U.S.’s age each year

Bray Wyatt’s heart problems were made worse by Covid-19 & his Kobe Bryant Day death, August 24, 2023

Celebrity Coronavirus Death Medical Murder by Numbers News Psychological Operation

Recall, Kobe Bryant was involved in a pharmaceutical battle over his black mamba branding. So think about how a black mamba is a snake that’s venom stops human hearts, and now Bray Wyatt’s heart has stopped. This news broke on August 24, Kobe Bryant Day, and Kobe Bryant died the day of the Royal Rumble.

Well, notice in the latest Royal Rumble, Bray Wyatt’s last ever match, it was against LA Knight. *LA Knight = 37 *Los Angeles = 37

Kobe died on the 37th anniversary of Bear Bryant’s death.
Bryant = 37

Kobe died on the 157th day of his age, the 37th prime.
Kobe Bryant = 157

Read about Drew McIntyre winning the Royal Rumble the day of Kobe’s death.
Drew McIntyre = 157

The LA Knight will turn 41 later this year.
Kobe Bryant = 41
LA = 41
*San Antonio = 41 (Where the fight was)

88 has been a hot number in August, the 8th month. Ask Maui, one of Hawaii’s 8 largest islands, in the (808) area code. Notice his birth name is Shaun Michael Ricker.
Shaun Michael Ricker = 88
Triple H = 88
(Who confirmed Bray Wyatt’s death)
*Trump = 88

And in this case, they’re saying he is dead because of Covid-19.
Decade of Vaccines = 88
Poison = 88

It goes with his last match being on January 28, the 28th day of the year, and being found dead 28 days after Triple H’s birthday, 208 days after his last match.
Covid = 28

Notice, it was the 36th Royal Rumble.

Kobe had his career high in his 666th game, the 36th triangular number.
Kobe Bean Bryant = 81 & 54 (He scored 81)
Mark of the Beast = 81 & 54 (666)
Bray Wyatt = 54
Jesuit Order = 54
Sun = 54

CNN writes it may be time to break out the Covid-19 masks again, August 23, 2023

Coronavirus Medical News

Again, today, August 23, is 276 days (23rd triangular number) after Joe Biden’s birthday in the year 2023. And notice how he is at the top of concerns here.

Furthermore, we know Covid-19 is a Jesuit agenda, and today is the 235th day of the year.
The Society of Jesus = 235
Washington = 130 (The Jesuit stronghold)

It is also a date with 38 numerology.
8/23/2023 = 8+23+(2+0+2+3) = 38
Pandemic = 38
Death = 38 (The fear they put in people’s head)

And keep in mind we’re in summer, where people are historically healthy. So far, the Covid-19 breakouts this summer have been with the vaccinated people. Thus, the policy followers are the spreaders. Thus, down with policy following, and more with thinking and taking care of our bodies (real health policy).

FDA approves Norgestrel on July 13, 2023

Depopulation Federal Medical News

The feds approve ‘Norgestrel’ on July 13, or 13/7, like 137? Notice the Gematria overlap.

Keep in mind 137 is the 33rd prime number.
Sex = 33
Family = 33
People = 33
Person = 33
*Federal = 33

This is another part of the depopulation agenda, thus the encoded 56 in Norgestrel as well.