CNN focuses on 1982 Tylenol Murders, September 24, 2022

History Medical Murder by Numbers News

Tylenol Murders = 201 / 177
The Jesuit Order = 201 / 177

Think of 201 in the medical world, from Tuskegee, to Event 201…

Notice, they got a 44 year old woman, from Wisconsin, to tell this story.
Wisconsin = 44
Medicine = 44
Hospital = 44
Execution = 44
Kill = 44

And of course, the story begins when she was 4 years old (4 is associated with death).

And as for the woman’s name being Kasia Janus, remember, Janus is the plan to depopulate the earth in the TV show Utopia, recently remade by Amazon, in Seattle, the Covid-19, but also “44” city.
Seattle = 44 / 19

Chicago? That means she was in ‘Cook’ County.
Cook = 44

90210 actress Denise Dowse hospitalized with severe meningitis, August 10, 2022 news

Celebrity Entertainment Medical News

This news broke August 10, 2022, 170 days after Denise Dowse 64th birthday.
Sacrifice = 170

August 15, the Jesuit’s birthday, will be 175 days after her birthday.
Denise Dowse = 175 / 122 / 58
Pope Francis = 175 / 122 / 58
-Pope = 52
-She was born on 52nd

Her character name was fateful.
Mrs. Teasley = 38
Death = 38

Joe Biden tests negative for Covid-19, August 6, 2022, on the 56 date

Coronavirus Federal Government Jesuit Medical News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Psychological Operation

This news comes August 6, 2022, or 8/6, or 6/8.
Coronavirus Pandemic = 86
Coronavirus coined in ’68
CIA = 68

This news comes exactly 37-weeks after Joe Biden’s November 20, 2021 birthday.
Joe Biden = 37
Virus = 37

And finally, this news comes on a date with 56 numerology.
8/6/2022 = 8+6+20+22 = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
Washington DC = 56
Paris, France = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Anthony Fauci = 56
Jesuits = 86 (8/6 date)
Catholicism = 68
Mathematics = 68
Helios = 68

Notice the health alert was May 24, the 144th day of the year.
Jesuit Order = 144
President Biden = 144

From May 24 to July 21, 2022, the date he first tested positive, was a span of 59-days.
Biden, JFK, the 59 connection…

And don’t forget JFK died a span of 144-days from his meeting with the Pope, 59 years ago…

The 47-cases of Monkeypox between 1970-79

Government History Jesuit Medical Monkeypox Science

47 cases!!!!? NCBI.

38 cases!!!? Africa = 38 *Death = 38 *Pandemic = 38

The first case was May 6, 2022, emphasis on 5/6 or 6/5.
Society of Jesus = 56 / 79
Coronavirus = 56 / 70
-56 is 70 in base-8
-First case of Monkeypox in 1970
Pandemic = 65 / 38
-Tomorrow is 3/8 (3rd day of August)

If they declared a pandemic on August 3, 2022, or 3/8, it would fit with the trend.
Pandemic = 38 / 65

From May 6 to August 3 is 89-days later.
Virus = 89
Chaos = 89

Notice this detail about a case from July 15, 2021.
157, 37th prime
Virus = 37

7/15/21 = 7+15+21 = 43
Pandemic = 38 / 43 / 65 / 151
-First case of Covid in US was 15/1 (like 151)
-August 3 through December 31 is a total of 151-days

Recall, first case of Monkeypox in US was May 18, 138th day of the year.
Monkeypox = 138

The Georgia Guidestones demise on July 6, 2022, and eugenicist Robert Carter Cook’s death at age 92

Cancer Coronavirus Environment Jesuit Knights Templar Medical New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Population Control Predictive Programming

Read about the research done on the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones.

Georgia Guidestones demise on July 7, George W. Bush’s 76th birthday
Skull and Bones = 76
-Daniel Coit Gilman = 76
RC Christian = 76
Astronomical = 76 (The Georgia Guidestones were astronomical)
*Charlie Daniels dead on July 6

In this post we attempt to answer the question, who was R.C. Christian, the pseudonym on the stones?

Rambo proposed in a recent video that Robert Carter Cook is who R.C. Christian of the Georgia Guidestones is. In his brilliant presentation, he missed the 187 connection however, and seemingly the importance of George W. Bush’s 76th birthday and Daniel Coit Gilman’s 191st on the same day, the members of Skull and Bones, known as the Brotherhood of Death. Other than that though, I think he is right, and I have a bunch of additional research to prove it.
Robert Carter Cook = 187
Brotherhood of Death = 197
July 6, 187th day of the year

He died a span of 93-days from his 93rd birthday *Order of Illuminati = 93
*He was 92, and dead 92-days before his birthday (Uranium 92) *Georgia Guidestones = 92
*Journal of Heredity = 91 *The Society of Jesus = 91 (Dead at 91)

He went to ‘George Washington’ University.

Society of Jesus = 187
Unconquered Sun = 187
George Washington = 187
Washington DC = 187
Paris, France = 187

*Robert Carter Cook died on his 274th day of his age.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 274
-Sun’s birthday celebrated since 274 AD by Roman Catholic Church

And notice that Robert Carter Cook was from Maryland, like the Orioles, who beat the Rangers in the massive ritual that was, on the same day. And again, Daniel Coit Gilman founded The Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, while George W. Bush used to be the owner of the Rangers.

Keep in mind Skull and Bones is modeled after the Knights Templar.
Robert Carter Cook = 79 / 101
-Land purchased for Stones on October 1, 1979 (10/1/79)
Knights Templar = 79
Society of Jesus = 79
Christianity = 79

-79, 22nd prime
-Ritual in ’22
-*The Devil Went Down to Georgia in ’79
-*Guidestone pillars first put up at end of ’79

Also interesting, Robert Carter Cook turned 82, April 9, 1980, less than three weeks after the etchings on the Georgia Guidestones were revealed, March 22, 1980, the 82nd day of the leap year, and typically the 81st day of the year (Cook was 81, on the verge of turning 82).
America’s Stonehenge = 82
The Callippic Cycle = 81 (76-year cycle)
Callippic = 81
-This comes in the time of Joe Biden, who got “81 million votes) *President Biden = 81
–August 10, 2022 will mark 81-weeks into his presidency

As for eugenics, the Georgia Guidestones came down on #43s birthday, at 4:03 AM, as the Rangers picked up their 43rd loss of the season to the Baltimore (Maryland) Orioles.
Eugenics = 43
Granite = 43
Yale = 43

The Guidestones had turned 42 on March 22, 2022, meaning they began their 43rd year of life. And as for coming down after age 42-years and 106-days, they also came down a span of 181-days from the anniversary of Cook’s death, January 7, the 42nd prime number.
*pseudonym = 42
George W. Bush, #43 (but only 42nd person to be President)

And with regards to 42, it makes me think of ‘vaccine.’
Vaccine = 42

Recall, the Covid-19 vaccine went live in the world on Bill Gates’s 42nd day of his age, and his dad died 322-days after his birthday. And with that in mind, you could also say the vaccine went live 41-days after his birthday, the other big ‘Skull and Bones’ number.
Skull and Bones = 41 (George H.W. Bush, #41)
Skull and Bones = 201 / 202 (This happened 201-days after Pope’s birthday, 202nd day of age)

*Also, in light of this happening in the time of Cancer, recall that the Georgia Guidestones commanded people “be not a cancer” on the earth. Of course, that is something that has taken many people’s lives. And don’t forget that Cancer is the fourth sign, and that Georgia is the 4th state, or that the Georgia Guidestones blew up at 4 AM.
Cancer = 44
Chemo = 44
Kill = 44
Georgia = 44
Genocide = 44

In light of astrology and astronomy, George H.W. Bush was known for his ‘a thousand points of light‘ speech, referencing the stars.
a thousand points of light = 273
Robert Carter Cook died 273-days after his birthday
-Or his 274th day of his age (again connecting to the sun, the greatest point of light)

Also, think of the 19th card of the Tarot deck, the sun card. In this case, the Georgia Guidestones were 19-feet tall, and also interesting, the eugenics movement began in the 19th century.

Think of Covid-19… and the Guidestones debut on 82nd day of 1980…
Covid = 82

And look what day his obituary was in the papers, January 9, 1991, emphasis on 1/9, like 19.

And you won’t believe what year he retired!

Please don’t overlook the 1968 retirement.

That’s the same year the Quran Code was discovered, centered on 19.

ALSO, Kandiss Taylor who ran on removing the Georgia Guidestones, advertised that she was an educator for “19 years.”
Kandiss Taylor = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84
Jesuit = 84

And for a bit more history on the Georgia Guidestones.

Bradd Pitt’s facial blindness makes headlines, July 7, 2022, 201-days after Brad Pitt’s 58th birthday

Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Medical New World Order News Science

This is big news July 7, 2022, 201-days after Brad Pitt’s December 18, 2021 birthday.
Event 201 (The jab simulation)
-Now a building list of “201 consequences” popping up in society
-This also comes on the back of Bruce Willis coming down with a rare memory loss problem
–Facial blindness is not remembering people’s faces (memory related)
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
Secret Society = 58 (Pitt is 58)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201
-Pope Francis = 58
-Pope Francis is Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Order of Illuminati = 201
-Illuminati = 48
-Hollywood = 48

Kardashian curse? Travis Barker gets most press since 90’s over Pancreatitis, June 28, 2022

Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Medical News Secret Societies

Travis Barker? Pancreatitis? It’s Cable 54!

This news breaks on the 180th day of the year, June 29, 2022.
Travis Barker = 180

July 1 will be the 182nd day of the year… and he was in Blink-182.

His name also has the 54 / 144 encoding, like ‘Jesuit Order.’
Pancreatitis = 54

Notice he went to the hospital yesterday, on the 179th day of the year, after marrying into the Kardashian family of witches.
179, 41st prime number
Kardashian = 41

This happened in LA, the ’41’ city.
LA = 41 / 13
-41, 13th prime

It happened 44-days after their wedding, or on the 45th day of the marriage.
Marriage = 45
Ritual = 45

The news breaks on the 46th day of the marriage, while Barker is #46.

The hospitalization came 226-days after Travis’s Barker’s November 14 birthday, or on his 227th day of his age (49th prime).

The hospitalization came 71-days after Kourtney’s April 18th birthday, or the 72nd day of her age.
Jesuit Order = 72 / 54
The Society of Jesus = 71
Catholic = 71 / 46

The thing about the Elvis movie coming out the same day Roe v. Wade was overturned, June 24, 2022, Freemasonry’s birthday

Astrology Entertainment Federal Freemasonry Government History Jesuit Jewish Related Legal Medical Monuments Murder by Numbers New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Politics Psychological Operation Racism Religion Satanic Secret Societies

On the day of Roe v. Wade being overturned, the Elvis Presley movie released. This is interesting because Elvis was accused by many of doing the devil’s work in terms of getting their young daughters into promiscuity and very non-Christian behavior. For an easy example, all I have to do is look at my mom’s family and her many sisters, all of which were Elvis fans to say the least. Ha!
Promiscuity = 129
129 is 201 in base-8 counting
Elvis died with his 21-year-old girlfriend, Ginger Alden (the one with the 201 name)
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
Overturning Roe = 201
William Henry Gates = 201 (Event 201)

And regarding the Jesuits, Elvis died at age 42, after becoming an icon for Sun Record Studios.

And never forget his amazing ’42’ rituals with Jonas Salk and Bill Gates on October 28, 1956.

And don’t forget June 24 is Freemasonry’s birthday, the 305th, and Elvis was born in ’35.

This movie comes 167-days after what would have been Elvis’s 87th birthday.
Justice = 87 (Supreme Court ruling on same day)
-Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at age 87 (her death changed the balance)

And regarding 167-days later, and the movie and the federal decision on the same day…
Elvis Presley = 167
167, 39th prime number
-Federal = 39
-Masonry = 39
-Secrecy = 39

167, 39th prime number
39 books in OT (Jonas Salk, Bill Gates, and Elvis are all Jewish)

There’s also this story of Elvis dealing with the possibility of abortion due to Priscilla Presley.

Joe Biden says there will be a second pandemic on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2022

Coronavirus Federal Government Jesuit Medical News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

This news has gone viral on June 22, 2022, 151-days before Biden’s upcoming birthday.
Second Pandemic = 253 (22nd triangular number)
-22nd day & the year ’22

Despite the news going viral today, June 22, his words were spoken yesterday, on the Summer Solstice, about a second pandemic. That was 152-days before his birthday.
Presidential = 152
Pennsylvania = 152
Joe Biden = 152
Kamala Devi Harris = 152
-First President’s Day for Biden on 15/2
-That was the 46th day of the year (He is #46)

Notice the 1:53 post time. You could also say from Biden’s remarks to his birthday is a span of 153-days. As we know, that’s symbolic.
Jesuit Order = 153
The Illuminati = 153
Holy Bible = 153

And you know all the 666 rituals with Covid-19…

And as for this coming on the Summer Solstice…
Summer Solstice = 56 / 187 / 191
Society of Jesus = 56 / 187 / 191
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
Anthony Fauci = 56
–Society of Jesus = 79
–Biden is 79

And that’s also where the 151 thing fits in.
Jesus Christ = 151