Rick Slayman, first person to receive a pig kidney transplant, announced dead 56 days later, Saturday, May 11, 2024

Jesuit Medical Secret Societies


The statement about Rick Slayman’s death was issued on Saturday, May 11, 2024, 56 days after the March 16 transplant. *Black Lives Matter=56 *Society of Jesus=56

Recall, the film ‘The God Committee’ is about genetically modified pig organs being tested to save human lives. You can read more about that here in connection to the first pig heart transplant.
The God Committee=72 & 72
Rick Slayman=72

Read about the first pig heart transplant recipient’s death on March 8 here.

In this case, this transplant happened on 16/3, like 163, the 38th prime. *Death=38

CNN’s RFK Jr. brainworm headline (about upcoming US Presidential debates), Saturday, May 11, 2024

Death Elections Freemasonry History Jesuit Medical Murder by Numbers News Politics Secret Societies

Read about RFK Jr.’s brainworm news from earlier this week if you’re not caught up.

The link for that information is here.

If you already know, please, onto the latest.

This news comes on May 11, & it can be written 11/5, and it is 115 days after RFK Jr.’s 70th birthday.

As we know, 115 is a fateful pattern, connecting to JFK’s death. *Killing=115 (in two ways)

Killing=115, Masonic=115, Lucifer=115

In the case of JFK, he died on 115 date numerology.

Today is the 11th of May, or 11/5.

JFK died in Dealey Plaza, named after a Freemason.

And recall, Albert Pike revealed the link to Masonry & Lucifer in Morals & Dogma.

The election this year is on November 5, or 11/5. Trump is running and previously took office with the 115th Congress in 2017, when he became President the first time.

Notice the overlap with Masonic, Lucifer & Killing.

Lucifer is mentioned in Job:38.

Job 38:32 (Morals and Dogma is 32 sections) *Scottish=32 *America=32 *Lucifer=38

And if you didn’t know about the “Lucifer Number” and ‘Lucifer’ in Gematria, notice the relationship with 741 and 38. It goes with this nation’s capital being Washington D.C., the Masonic City, named after the Mason, and it is on the 38th Parallel North. It also goes with the letters D.C. being 4.3. and this nation’s birthday is 7/4, a date that 3 of the first 5 US presidents died on. And that 3 of 5 has to do with why the 35th President was killed on I-35 (that was JFK, who again, was killed in a Plaza (Dealey Plaza), named after a Freemason).

The 35. Catholic=35 *Jesuitism=35 *Holy See=35 *Eye=35 (Genesis 3:5).

The 74. Roman Catholicism=74 *Jesus Christ=74 *Jesus=74 *Roman=74

And the rest of the list. Cross=74 *Messiah=74 *Jewish=74 *Gospel=74 *Parables=74

And more. English=74, Gematria=74, Occult=74, ***Energy=74

Again, JFK was shot in Dealey Plaza, named after George Dealey, a Media guy & a Mason, connected to the Catholic Church (JFK, #35 *Catholic=35 & killed on I-35 at age 46 *Catholic=46)

Dealey was 33rd degree. *Kennedy=33 *Masonry=33 *Order=33 *Secrecy=33 *Mafia=33

There’s a lot of people in the club, even Bernie Sanders (remember March 3, 2016?).

My mom’s old guy is Bernie, her new guy is RFK Jr. But then again, she has always liked RFK Jr. She no longer likes Bernie.

Link to article: https://www.google.com/search?q=Morals+and+dogma+lucifer&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS915US915&oq=Morals+and+dogma+lucifer&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUyBggAEEUYOdIBCDM1MjFqMGo3qAIAsAIA&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Also noteworthy, this news comes on 60 date numerology, and it is the 60th election upcoming. Recall, JFK was elected in 1960, and then assassinated, similar to Lincoln, elected in 1860.
May 11, 2024 is 5+11+20+24=60

The Jesuits’ original member limit for their first decade with the Roman Catholic Church was 60.
Order=60 *Donald Trump=60
-Trump is about to turn 78 (Jun. 14, 2024)
Kennedy=78 *Jesuit=78
Order Out of Chaos=78


In 1996, Bill Clinton was re-elected. Of course, Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 and is now dealing with sexual matters and potential crimes, reminiscent of Bill Clinton around that same time period. And it goes with how when Clinton was on trial, some arguments were made that in Kennedy’s time (JFK), he could be a womanizer, and the papers wouldn’t dare question it or write a thing about it (an unspoken code they said — Masonic?).

And with regards to Trump, remember, he represents MAGA, the highest degree of the Church of Satan.

Remember Event 201 on October 18, or 10/18, paired with Clade X, which was 666 days before the Pandemic was declared? Of course, October 18 leaves 74 days in the year.
Lucifer=74 (the boss of Satan)

And RIP to Kary Mullis, who died at 74 just before Event 201 from “pneumonia.”

As for the Bible translation above, it is the Wycliffe Bible that goes back to Oxford

There are 77 books in the John Wycliffe Bible. *Secret Society=77 *United States=77

The nation’s capital is on the 38th Parallel, and 77th Meridian West.

And you recall Flight 77…

In this case. Wycliffite Bibles=77

And do you remember the ritual they did with Ross Perot‘s death? RIP.

Ascension Health Network cyberattack becomes the national news on Feast of the Ascension, May 9, 2024

Catholic Church Cyber Attack / Hacking Jesuit Medical News Secret Societies
Feast of the Ascension=204/78/309/102 *Cyber Polygon has a history with 78 *Jesuit=78


The Jesuit fingerprints are obvious in this one, and it goes with the Jesuit Cyber Polygon simulations.
Ascension=144 & 54 *Jesuit Order=144 & 54

Of course today is 5/9, going with the Jesuit Pope. *Pope Francis=59

And today is 144 days after his birthday.

The attack was yesterday, on the Pope’s 144th day of his age.

And the Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses, like 9/5.

Last, it is the phrase, Cyber Security Event. *Cyber Security Event=86 & 103 *Jesuits=86 & 103

CNN’s article about RFK Jr.’s brain worm & Mercury poisoning one week before Mercuralia (and where Sanjay Gupta fits in)

Astrology Coronavirus Elections History Jesuit Medical Predictive Programming Secret Societies
Sanjay Gupta says likely “eating undercooked pork” did it


Today is the 113th day of RFK Jr.’s age, and the date is May 8, or 5/8.

As we’ll get to, May 15, Mercuralia, is exactly 58 weeks after RFK Jr. filed his papers (Apr/5/2023).

Mercury poisoning? Today is Wednesday, named after Mercury, the trickster.

Next Wednesday, May 15, 2024, will be Mercuralia, the Ancient Roman festival.

It will also be the kill date for May 2024.

Notice where Mercuralia ties in with him being age 70.

May 15 will also be 56 weeks after RFK Jr.’s April 19, 2023 Presidential Campaign Speech, and his father died 56 years ago, in 1968, after being shot on 5/6 (5th of June).
Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56

Keep in mind that May 15, 2024, will be the ‘kill’ date for the month. It will also be the fourth anniversary of Donald Trump declaring himself the father of the vaccine with Operation Warp Speed. As we know, that was two years to the day of Clade X.

Recall, Dr. Gupta got his Covid vaccine in a 56 & 70 ritual.

The Dr. who gave him the vaccine completed the Jesuit ritual.

Of course, RFK Jr. is the popular critic of the Covid-19 policies.

Read about RFK Jr.’s assassination scare last year in LA (it was a 56 ritual).

Read about RFK Jr.’s VP pick on March 26, 2024, and how it fit in with the scare.
Key Bridge=86 (got 86’d on the 86th day)
Robert Kennedy Jr.=86 (made his pick that same day)

Keep in mind the November 5 election is a special day to the Jesuits, Guy Fawkes Day, the day leaving 56 days in the year. Notice the overlap with ‘dead worm’ and ‘election.’

Murder=83 (Murder by Numbers lyrics from 1983)

May 15 is 119 days after RFK Jr.’s birthday. *All Seeing Eye=119 & 56

It is 17 weeks as well, and Joe Biden was born on the 17th birthday of RKF, November 20, 1942. RFK was born November 20, 1925 (Biden=25, Death=25, Time=25).

Also, with regards to RFK Jr. being 70, the number 56 is 70 in base-8 counting.
Vatican=70 & 119, Francis=70 & 119

It is 119 days after his 70th birthday…

And again, the 56 & 119 connection.

For a few last points….

May 15 will be 21 days before the 56th anniversary of his father being shot on the 5th day of June.
Jesuit=21 (The 21st Century has been rich)

May 15 will be 174 days before the election.
President Joe Biden=174, Number of the Beast=174 *New World Order=174

Read about the beast ritual at the United Nations on the 174th day of the Jesuit Calendar Year.

Today is the 199th day of Sanjay Gupta’s age, the 46th prime number.
Catholic=46 *RFK=46 *JFK dead at 46 *Joe Biden, #46

May 15 will be 185 days after the Superior General’s birthday
Catholicism=185 *Mathematics=185 *Donald John Trump=185

May 15 is 150 days after the Pope’s birthday. Illuminati=150

Remember, Alec Baldwin, who played Trump on SNL, shot the Ukrainian woman right before Russia & Ukraine. Imagine a “Russian hit” on Joe Biden narrative, or anywhere else they could go with it.

And notice this update on the “worms” connection to 56 & 144 (Ascaris suum)

Ascaris suum=144 & 153 (Jesuit Order=144 & 153) (Ambassador Hotel=153, 1:44 AM)
Ascaris=56, 70 & 119 (see the 56, 70 & 119 that lines up above with May 15)

Twitch’s biggest gamer announces he has cancer, March 26, 2024, four days after Kate

Big Tech Cancer Celebrity Coronavirus Medical News

He was 32, the middle degree of the Scottish Rite, and the number of sun-rays in the Jesuit logo.
America=32, Scottish=32

This news was broken by him on X on the 26th of March. And keep in mind ‘Kate’ just came out with her cancer news four days earlier, syncing up with the 44th anniversary of the Georgia Guidestone unveiling, monuments that existed in the fourth state, Georgia.
Cancer=26, Kate=26 *Gamer=26 *Game=26

Thikn of Pfizer getting Seagean when Pfizer was $26 per share on the anniversary of the 26 killed at Sandy Hook. and on the anniversary of the first Covid jab giving into the arm of a woman named Sandy?
Covid=26, Virus=26 *China=26

Keep in mind this date can be written 26/3, like 263, the 56th prime.
263, 56th prime *Society of Jesus=56 & 79 *Twitch=79

The national headlines were saved for the next day, March 27, the 87th day of the leap year.

Tyler Blevins=163 (38th prime) *Death=38 & 118 *Cancer=118

Kate reveals cancer diagnosis, Friday, March 22, 2024

Cancer Medical News Royal Family Secret Societies

This comes on the 44th anniversary of the Georgia Guidestones being erected, March 22, 1980, the ones that said to genocide the earth and be not a ‘cancer.’
Caner=44, Chemo=44, Kill=44, *Georgia=44 *Genocide=44

What a story for March 22, Brotherhood of Death Day. ‘Catherine’ has cancer.

Read about King Charles cancer diagnosis 83 days after his birthday, February 5, 2024.

She is 42 in the highly Masonic Royal Family. Notice the overlap with ‘Middleton’ and ‘Freemason.’

Today is 96 days after the Pope’s birthday.

Adding insult to injury, this news comes on her 74th day of her age. It goes with ‘The King’ recently announcing that he has cancer.

As we know, 74 and 33 are often paired together, and today has 33 date numerology.

Think of how London is divided into 33 neighborhood areas.

Royal Family=137 (33rd prime)

The ritual with her and Charles come a span of 47-days apart. *News=47

It goes with the Mason’s studying the 47th Problem of Euclid.

At the same time, you could say this ritual comes 46 days later, and 73 days after Kate’s last birthday. *Sacrifice=46 & 73 *United=73 *Kingdom=73 *Mason=73

No doubt all this ties in with the ‘coronavirus,’ and Pfizer’s acquisition of Seagen on the anniversary of the coronavirus vaccine going live in the United States, December 14, 2023. As we know corona means crown, and the jabs for that virus have no doubt spurred the instances of cancer in all populations of people who received them.

Also, let us not forget the queen died 201 days after her coronavirus diagnosis…


Some fans at frigid Chiefs playoff game underwent amputations, hospital confirms, Friday, March 8, 2024

Medical News Sports


This news broke Friday, March 8, 2024, emphasis on 8/3 *Football=83

That was the 68th day of the year, going with the 49ers and Chiefs having played exactly 68 weeks before Super Bowl 58, and Mecole Hardman scoring the game winner.
Mecole Hardman=58 & 68 *Championship=68

And notice where ‘amputations’ fits in.
Amputations=148 & 67
Kansas City=147 & 67

Super Bowl=41

As we know, Patrick Mahomes got his 41st road win to advance to the Super Bowl, and in this year’s big game, got his 41st career postseason touchdown. It goes with his run starting a Sunday after Kobe Bryant died at age 41, winning Super Bowl 54.
Kobe Bean Bryant=54, Kobe Bryant=41

Kenneth Mitchell, Star Trek & Marvel star, dead at 49, from ALS, February 24, 2024

Celebrity Death Entertainment Medical Murder by Numbers News Sports

Dead at 49, from ALS?

He is dead 91 days after his birthday.

He is dead 38 weeks and a day from Lou Gehrig’s June 2 death anniversary.

From June 19 to February 24 is a span of 251 days (54th prime).
Captain Marvel=54 *Baseball=54 (Gherig was a baseball player)

Notice Captain Marvel released on March 8 in history, or 3/8.

His last episode of Star Trek was January 7, 2021, 163 weeks before this death (38th prime).

It was 37 months and 17 days as well, meaning he died in the 38th month since that episode. And it goes with Lou Gehrig dying at age 37, in his 38th year of life.

From his first episode on Star Trek until his death was 77 months on the nose.

Also noteworthy, the news about his ALS diagnosis broke on February 28, 2020, the 59th day of the year. That was four years ago, and four is associated with death. *Star Trek=59

For one more, notice Lou Gherig went to the Mayo Clinic on June 13, 1939, the day leaving 201 days in the year, before announcing on his 36th birthday that he had ALS.
The Jesuit Order=201 *IHS=36


Undercover Israeli troops raid and kill three people in Gaza hospital, January 30, 2024 news

Islam Jewish Related Medical Military News War

Israel, financially backed by the US, is waging a war on Gaza’s hospitals.
Is it another #Gematria based joke?
Star of David=119
Ashkenazi Jews=119


And don’t forget, this is “Israel’s 9/11.”


Rats and mice are spreading Disease X in Ukraine? (CNN, January 21, 2024)

Entertainment Medical New World Order News Pandemic Predictive Programming Secret Societies War


Notice that CNN ran this story on January 21, 2024, four days after the “Preparing for Disease X” conference by the World Economic Forum. It is a reminder that four years earlier to the day, coronavirus was confirmed in the United States, in Bill Gates backyard, a member of the WEF. Of course, it was his former company Microsoft that put out the video game “A Plagues Tale” about disease spreading through rats around that same time.

So here we are, just documenting the storyline they’re laying down. Notice, in this case, the disease spreading in Ukraine (another massive 201 ritual), is through rats, and it is causing people to bleed from their eyes. It sounds pretty terrible, and that would be at least 20 times worse than Covid.

For one more point, let us not forget that they compared Covid-19 to Spanish Flu, which came out of World War I, 102 years prior to Covid.