Media confirms University of Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger live in apartment G201, January 18, 2023

Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Police State Royal Family

In addition to Bryan Kohberger being arrested in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the home of The Office, which ran 201 episodes, he also lived in Apartment G 201.
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201

And don’t forget this ritual was tied to King Charles, who became King after the Queen died 201 days after her coronavirus diagnosis. It’s a reminder of “Event 201.”

Boeing says farewell to Queen of the Skies, Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Corporate Jesuit New World Order News Royal Family
75 date numerology *New World Order = 75

This news comes 145 days after the Queen’s death, or a span of 146 days.
United Kingdom = 146
Catholic = 145

And notice the company has “56” 747’s in their fleet.
Royal Family = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
*Joe Sutter = 56 (See story below)

And think about the Jesuits and 95.
Everett = 95
Tuesday = 95

Notice the overlap with Boeing and Joe Sutter.
Boeing = 34 / 110
Joe Sutter = 34 / 110

Bills 96-yard kickoff return TD by Nyheim Hines to start NFL Week 18, the first of its kind in 18 years for the Bills, January 8, 2023

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This was the first opening kickoff returned for a touchdown for the Bills in 18 years, and it happens in NFL Week 18, on the date January 8, or 1/8.
Bills = 2+9+3+3+1 = 18

And notice, the man who returned the touchdown was born in ’96, and drafted in ’18.

Notice, today is 57 days after his birthday, going with ‘Hamlin,’ and upcoming Super Bowl 47.

It also explains the special tribute at the 30-yard-line for the game.

Also, recall the Queen died at age 96 on the day the Bills opened the season. And in this case, it is a 96 yard kickoff return for a touchdown after the ‘Damar Hamlin’ collapse by the numbers.

Cincinnati = 96 (Buffalo and Cinci are the Queen cities)

Keep in mind Hines is from North Carolina, the state named after King Charles. And it is a reminder that Queen Elizabeth only went to one US football game in her life, back in 1957, between Maryland and University of North Carolina.

Queen = 26 (He is 26 years old)

Adding insult to injury, they scored 14 seconds into the game, and this season began with the shooting on May 14, 2022, with the 14 words painted on the gun. Then, more recently, the Bills clinched the playoffs on December 17, the day leaving 14 days in 2022.

And notice how Fox News paid tribute to 14 with this story.

Prince Harry gloats about killing 25 Taliban on his 113th day of being 38 years old, January 5, 2023

Military Murder by Numbers News Royal Family

This story come on Prince Harry’s 113th day of his age, the number of deception.

Read more about 113 and deception here.

As for him gloating about killing 25 people, while 38 years old…
Death = 38 / 25
Killing = 38

And as for him gloating about killing ‘Taliban,’ this news comes on a 49 date numerology.
1/5/2023 = 1+5+20+23 = 49
Taliban = 49

Chuck Hughes October 24, 1971 collapse and death in light of the Damar Hamlin & Donovan Mitchell ritual of January 2, 2023

Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Freemasonry Jesuit Predictive Programming Royal Family Secret Societies Sports

In light of Damar Hamlin collapsing in the Queen Elizabeth & King Charles III ritual, notice the only player to ever die on an NFL field is Charles Hughes.

Keep in mind the shape of the football is the ‘Vesica Piscis.’

That relates to sacred geometry, which is the basis of Gematria, meaning Geometry in language.

Anyhow, as we covered yesterday, this ties in with Donovan Mitchell beating the Chicago Bulls 145-134 on the same night as the Damar Hamlin collapse. Again, he plays for the Cavaliers, and Cavaliers are those who fought for King Charles. Read more about the mega ritual here.

Also, notice that January 2, 2023, the date of the Damar Chaplin collapse, is 51 years and a couple months later. Plus, this happened in ‘Cincinnati.’

Keep in mind there were 51 points scored in that game, and the Lions lost with 23. And here we are in the start of ’23.

ALSO, October 24 leaves 68 days in the year.

Donovan Mitchell scores 71 as Cavs beat Bulls 145-134, January 2, 2023 (the Damar Hamlin connection)

Celebrity News Predictive Programming Royal Family Sports

Catholic = 145 / 71
Royal = 71
Spider = 71
King Charles III = 134

Of course, Cavaliers are named after King Charles, and today, January 2, 2023, is 49 days after King Charles November 14 birthday. Who did the Cavs beat? The Chicago Bulls, the “49 team.”
Chicago Bulls = 49

Read the box score here.

And notice, this occurred 117 days after his birthday. Of course, it was the 117th day of the NFL season, and in the battle of the Queen Cities, Buffalo and Cincinnati, you also had a different type of mega ritual taking place at the same time.

Keep in mind Chicago is where the National Football League was founded.
Damar Hamlin = 49 / 68
Donovan Mitchell = 68
Basketball = 68
NFL = 49

Also, don’t overlook that both Cleveland and Cincinnati are in Ohio, and the big rituals in sports on this same day involve the same state.

ALSO, the Cavs picked up their 24th win, and Hamlin is born on the 24th of March, and today is 24 days before the Kobe Bryant death anniversary. Of course, Donovan Mitchell paid tribute to Kobe in a big way after Kobe Bryant’s death.

George Cohen of England’s 1966 World Cup team dies at 83, December 23, 2022

Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit News Royal Family Sports

Notice, the news was announced today, December 23, 2022, a date with 57 numerology.
12/23/22 = 12+23+22 = 57
England = 57
George = 57

And as for his death at age 83, you already know.
Football = 83
Murder = 83
-83, 23rd prime
-23rd of month

George Cohen = 42

He is dead 62 days after his birthday.
Sacrifice = 62
Queen = 62

Recall, England won their first World Cup match 6-2, after the death of the Queen.

He is dead 56 years after 1966.
Royal Family = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

6 killed, including 2 officers, in Queensland Australia, December 12, 2022

Government Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting Murder by Numbers New World Order News Royal Family

6 officers were killed on December 12, 2022, a date with 66 numerology.
12/12/2022 = 12+12+20+22 = 66
Mass Shooting = 66
Annastacia Palaszczuk = 66 (Premier of Queensland)
Charles = 66

And 6 killed including 2 officers in ‘Queensland?’
Queen = 62

This came 28 days after King Charles birthday.
Crown = 28 / 26
Kill = 28

Notice the shooting was just after 4:40 PM.
Shooting = 44
Execution = 44
Officer = 44

*This also came 95 days after the death of the Queen. Of course, the Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses.

Queensland Police Union = 322

The World Cup, The Spider and the Color Purple

Esoteric Rambo's Corner Royal Family Sports

Steven Spielberg directed “The Color Purple” His birthday is December 18th.

FIFA the world governing body of football/ soccer may have telegraphed the winner of the 2022 World Cup months in advance of the tournament even starting with feature that is primarily animated, and takes place in an imaginary football/ soccer museum.

The background features sky-blue and white balloons which are the colors of the flag of Argentina.

The animated character named La’eeb also claims to have been responsible for Argentina’s “Hand of God” goal by Diego Maradona that helped secure Argentina’s most recent World Cup win in 1986.


I have been talking about a prevalent ongoing spider theme since the funeral of Queen Elizabeth since a spider appeared on her coffin and made world headline news.

Recently Prince Harry appeared dressed as Spider Man at a charity event for the children of deceased veterans of the British Army.

When I first started decoding the spider symbolism after it appeared at Elizabeth’s funeral I pointed out that the spider and crown image was put into the public consciousness with Billie Eilish’s song “You Should See Me In a Crown” whose art and video featured spiders on a crown.

Coordination with the spider at Elizabeth’s funeral was apparent.

From the release date of “You should see me in a crown” (July 18th, 2018) to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral (September 19th, 2022) was period of 4 years, 2 months, 1 day.

Multiple commenters informed me that the movie Arachnophobia was also released on July 18th; July 18th, 1990

July 18th (2018 and 1990) are both the 199th day of the year. 199 is 19th September the day of Elizabeth II’s funeral when a spider appeared on her coffin.

The spider theme is very wide spread on an occulted level and continues in the World Cup.

On Tuesday December 13th Argentina booked its ticket to the World Cup Final by defeating Croatia 3-0.

The star of that show was a young man named Julian Alvarez who scored two and set up one; earning the penalty that Lionel Messi scored from.

These were his first-ever goals for Argentina and he is being hailed as the next great heir apparent to current superstar Lionel Messi.

Julian Alvarez’ esoteric significance is in his nickname: The Spider. Or the Little Spider.

Julian Alvarez (right) Lionel Messi (left).

Julian Alvarez’ connection to Queen Elizabeth II is that he plays for one of England’s biggest teams Manchester City of the Premier League.

In fact Julian “The Spider” Alvarez was signed by Manchester City on his 22nd birthday January 31st, 2022.

This is the 22nd World Cup.

The budget of “Arachnophobia” was $22 million.

His last name “ALVAREZ” sums to 1307 in the Jewish or Latin cipher of English gematria.

1307 is the 214th prime number.

62 is a major code number for Elizabeth II:

214 is the date 21st April which is Elizabeth II’s birthday.

Remember that “You Should See Me In a Crown” was released 4 years, 2 months, 1 day before the spider and the crown at Elizabeth’s 2022 funeral.

“QUEEN” equals 62 in gematria.

“CROWN” has gematria value of 62.

Elizabeth accessed the throne on 6-2: 6th February.

Her coronation was on 6-2 June 2nd.

Julian “The Spider” Alvarez’ next birthday is 62: 6 weeks, 2 days after the December 18th World Cup Final.

The movie “Arachnophobia” will have a remake. The remake was announced on 6-2 June 2nd, 2022. June 2nd being the anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II who had a spider feature prominently at her funeral.

The original Arachnophobia was released in 1990 on July 18th as multiple commenters to my Youtube videos realized. This is significant as a spider-themed date since Billie Eilish’s “You Should See Me In a Crown” was released on July 18th in 2018. July 18th in 1990 and 2018 were the 199th day of the year.

199 is 19th September the date of Elizabeth II’s funeral where a spider appeared near her crown. In gematria the name “JULIAN ALVAREZ” has value of 199.

The spider-royal theme continues as just this month, December 2022, Prince Harry dressed up as Spider Man for children of deceased British Army veterans.


Another theme that I have ben focusing on is the color of royalty: PURPLE.

I have said that I expect teams in multiple sports who wear purple to have successful seasons.

So far the very first NFL team to win in London, England since Elizabeth II died, the Minnesota Vikings, are championship contenders and the first to clinch a playoff spot.

Before the tournament started Argentina announced its decision to wear a purple change strip. This was an indication of its potential for success at the World Cup.

In American collegiate sports, Texas Christian University football program – which is not a traditional dominant power, suddenly are title contenders in the NCAAs this year. Texas Christian wears purple.

BAAL, the Spider and Crown

The spider and crown are seen in dark esoterica in the form of the Goetia Baal or Ball who has the title “KING OF HELL”.

Baal is depicted as a giant spider with the crowned head of a human King, the head of a cat and the head of a toad/frog.

Texas Christian relates to the toad aspect of Baal. They are named the “HORNED FROGS”. Frogs are rarely used as mascots.

Texas Christians all time winning streak record is 16, which has come up in the face its outstanding season this year.

In gematria “BAAL’ has a value of 16.

Equating a Christian school with Baal the King of Hell may seem contradictory but they do name their home stadium “HELL’S HALF ACRE”.

Battle of the Three Kings: History and War Coding of the 2022 World Cup.

Entertainment News Rambo's Corner Royal Family Sports War

TheWorld Cup ofFootball / soccer is taking place in Qatar in the Middle East.

It is on a scale of the Super Bowl times 1000, and thus it has prime conditions for ritual and theater as very rarely is such a large percentage of the world’s consciousness focused and concentrated on one location.

Ritual and theater are based on occult esoteric themes.

One — across the world in general, and in the United States — is war. The United States was founded in war with its colonizer Great Britain. The United States attained Independence on July 4th, 1776.

This year 2022 is a year of the quadrennial World Cup which is also the year in which the planet Pluto returns to the astrological location that it occupied on July 4th, 1776.

The World Cup reflects these histories:

The United States was colonized by Britain and was “randomly” drawn into a first round 4-team group with not one but two British teams.

After qualifying for the 2nd round knock-out stages the United States faced Holland, or the Netherlands who dully eliminated them, but this matchup was rigged for the ritual. This the year of the United Staes’ Pluto return.

In Greco-Roman mythology Pluto is the god of the underworld.

The U.S. opponent’s name literally means “under world”: Netherlands, so named because they are below sea level. Homage to Pluto and its U.S. return.

There is also over-the-top lion symbolism which is always present, not just this year, but what is unique about this season iii the historic death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. The Lion is associated with royalty: “The King of the Beasts”.

The Netherland’s national team badge is a lion.

One of their biggest stars, and scorer in the 3-1 win was named Memphis which he wears on the back of his shirt even though it is his first name. This is clearly a ritual reference to the former capital of Lower Ancient Egypt.

The United States has a Memphis; Memphis, Tennessee that is famous for the assassination location of a King: Martin Luther King Jr. So the King theme.

1776 days before the Enland vs USA game saw the death of English former footballer Cyrille Regis whose name Regis is Latin for “King”.

The biggest successful underdog of the World Cup has been the North African team Morocco. They are nicknamed the Atlas Lions. They are currently in the final 8.

Morocco is part of the colonial war theme as well as the lion royalty theme.

Morocco was the first country to acknowledge the United States as a sovereign independent state after the U.S. War of Independence and Declaration of Independence.

So the seemingly unconnected success of Morocco at the World Cup is another invocation of the U.S. War of Independence.


“On December 20, 1777, the Kingdom of Morocco became the first country in the world to recognize United States independence, only a year and a half after the U.S. Declaration of Independence was issued. The War of Independence was still in progress, and the result was still far from certain.”

Thomas Barclay, the American consul in France, arrived in Morocco in 1786. There he negotiated the Moroccan-American Treaty of Friendship, which was signed later that year in Europe by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.Under Sultan Mohammed III, Morocco became at once the first Arab state, the first African state, and the first Muslim state to sign a treaty with the United States. Congress ratified the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the two nations in 1787. Renegotiated in 1836, the treaty is still in force, constituting the longest unbroken treaty relationship in U.S. history.”

The Civil War is relevant here as well, as Morocco backed the U.S. Union against the Confederacy in the U.S. Civil War.

In 1863, the King of Morocco released an official order stating: “the Confederate States of America are fighting the government with whom we are in friendship and good relations….If any vessel of the so-called Confederate States enters your port, it shall not be received, but you must order it away on pain of seizure; and you will act on this subject in cooperation with the United States….”

The Moroccan city of Tangier on the Strait of Gibraltar is home to the oldest U.S. diplomatic property in the world. Now a museum, the Tangier American Legation Museum is also the only building outside of the U.S. that is now a National Historic Landmark.”


Slightly off topic but an important point to make is that this American-Moroccan relationship is based on the fact that the U.S. was founded by Freemasons, and Freemasons — although its location is disputed by those who believe in its historicity — hold that the Kingdom of Atlantis was located near current day Morocco.

The United was supposed to be founded as the New Atlantis.

Atlantis is part of the royalty theme. The King of Atlantis was Atlas. Morocco’s national team are the ATLAS LIONS.

The Super Bowl is related through Rihanna. Atlantis was founded by Atlas’ father Poseidon a.k.a. Neptune. The symbol of Neptune is the trident. The planet Neptune rules the Pisces zodiac sign. Rihanna is a Pisces and the Neptune trident is a symbol of her native Barbados.

Her mysterious son is a ritual representation of Atlas the son of Poseidon.

The Super Bowl is on February 12th / 12th February: 2-12 / 12-2.

In the Jewish/Latin cipher of English gematria “ATLAS” and “MONARCH” sum to 212 like February 12th.

3 months after purportedly giving birth Rihanna sported a shirt with “BIRTH OF A PRINCE” on it.

“ATLAS LIONS” to 12-2 like 12th February.


Morocco’s final 8 opponent is Portugal.

This too is a continuation of the colonial war theme, just as we see the U.S. colonial war represented.

The Battle of the 3 Kings occurred on August 4th, 1578 when Portugal attempted to invade occupy and colonize Morocco, aide by a deposed Moroccan King. They were defeated by the existing Moroccan King, who drowned in the battle as did the Portuguese King. Water is another theme here.

From the Morocco vs Portugal World Cup game ( December 10th, 2022) to the next anniversary of the Battle of the Three Kings between Morocco and Portugal ( August 4th, 2023) is 237 days.

237 is the date 23rd July which is Neptunalia, the Roman annual day to celebrate Neptune. And remember that Neptune/Poseidon founded Atlantis which was in the vicinity of Morocco and Portugal.

Although obviously not at the level of Elizabeth II, but super significant none the less was the death of the previous King of Morocco Hassan II which was on Neptunalia, 23rd July.


As I mentioned, The Lion is a royalty symbol as the “King of the Beasts”.

The Dutch player Memphis whose national symbol is the lion scored to eliminate the United States who have a Memphis related to a King.

So, the term “THREE KINGS” can be “THREE LIONS” which is the symbol of the England team.

3 lions are also on the Coat of Arms of Queen Elizabeth.

The US gained independence from Britain when Charlotte and George III were King and Queen of Great Britain. The spider Charlotte of Charlotte’s web was most likely named after Queen Charlotte.

Charlotte married George III to become Queen Consort on September 8th, 1761.

The spider Charlotte was voiced by Julia Roberts who co-starred with George Clooney in the movie “Ticket to Paradise” which was first publicly screened on the very day that Elizabeth died which was the anniversary of Charlotte marrying George.

Julia Roberts is Charlotte, partnering with George.

George Clooney starred in the 1999 movie “3 Kings”


More War of 1812 coding.

One of the favorites to win the World Cup is Argentina.

Their national flag was adopted in the year 1812.

The World Cup Final is on 18th December: 18-12.