Queen Elizabeth being asked to rest makes international news, October 20, 2021, 26-weeks after her birthday

Coronavirus Jesuit New World Order News Royal Family


This news comes exactly 26 weeks after Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.
Queen = 26
Royal = 26
Covid = 26

This news comes October 20, the day leaving 72 days in the year, while the Queen is 95.
Jesuit Order = 72
-Jesuits created to counter 95 Theses

Today also has 71 date numerology.
10/20/2021 = 10+20+20+21 = 71
Royal = 71 / 26

And don’t forget where ‘royal family’ fits in.
Royal Family = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

Also, today is the 293rd day of the year, the 62nd prime.
Queen = 62
*Coronavirus Pandemic = 293

Keep in mind this ritual comes just before the October 31 – November 12, 2021 Climate Change Conference, which will be the 26th. It is in nearby Glasgow, home to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.
Carbon = 26 (Climate Change focused on Carbon Emissions)

Notice the conference begins on Halloween, and ends on the Superior General’s 73rd birthay.

Princess Diana statue unveiled, July 1, 2021, what would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday

Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Freemasonry Jesuit Murder by Numbers Royal Family

The news about the Princess Diana statue comes on what would have been her 60th birthday.

Paris, where she died, is the land of the Jesuit Order. *Order = 60

And notice how ‘statue’ fits in.
Princess of Wales = 86
Statue = 86 *Symbol = 86 *Crash = 86
*Blood Sacrifice = 86 *Human Sacrifice = 86

She died at age 36, and this news comes on a Thursday, named after Jupiter
Jupiter = 36
*Harry is 36 years old right now

Read about Princess Diana’s July 1, 1997 death here.


Prince Harry & Meghan Markle welcome baby girl, June 6, 2021 news

Celebrity News Royal Family

Notice this news comes June 6, or 6/6. The last time Meghan Markle and Harry were in the news was March 7, 2021, the 66th day of the year. That story was about the racism in the Royal Family.
Number of the Beast = 66
6x6x6 = 216
Meghan Markle = 216 (Born August 4, 216th day of the year)
Harry, Prince of Wales = 216
Relatives = 666 (It was reported the two are cousins, Meghan and Harry)

And notice where the name of the new daughter, Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, fits in.

Baby Lili = 54 / 72 / 144 *Jesuit Order = 54 / 72 / 144


Archie Harrison was born May 6, 2019
-Royal Family = 56

In this case the second baby was born on Prince Harry’s 263rd day of his age, the 56th prime.

Keep in mind he is 36, and 666 is the 36th triangular number.

The second child was born 760 days after the first, or a span of 761 (135th prime).

Also interesting, today’s news is 46-days after Queen Elizabeth’s birthday on April 21, and the child was born on April 6, or 4/6, like 46.
Girl = 46

154: Shakespeare, the Royal Family, 911 and Joe Biden

History News Rambo's Corner Royal Family

An Anthony C Davison Decode

Before I forget, Amos 5:26 reminds that the community are currently watching the date 5/26 which will be the date of a Lunar eclipse.

154 is also a “Ritual Sacrifice”=154 number as well as a Jesuit number with their recognition coming in 1540.

As you know, the date 15/4 is a “Tragedy Day” in history (Lincoln/Titanic/Boston Marathon bombing/Hillsborough etc)

Abraham Lincoln died 15-4 after being shot on 14-4

Saturn, Shakespeare, the Royal Family and Joe Biden

With 154 being linked to Saturn, it’s now clearer why Shakespeare’s First Folio was published in the year of a great conjunction: https://twitter.com/AnthonyCDavison/status/1340796685996441609?s=20(4th tweet down)

Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets which were published 14 years earlier in 1609
1609 is the 254th prime
“Time”=254 (English Extended)

Saturn the keeper of time.
9/11 on the 254th day of the year

Elizabeth II’s birthday leaves 254 days remaining.

One of the reasons they are currently pushing Shakespeare into the public conscious recently could be because
**Joe Biden’s birthday is 154 days from Shakespeare’s Birth/Death anniversary (23/4)**

Sleepy Joe has been linked with The Bard before:


Some examples of the mainstream pushing Shakespeare are:


  • William Shakespeare becoming the first man in the world to receive the Corona-Vaxx

(Notice the Biden/Shakespeare article references “If you prick us do we not bleed” which was the first thing I thought of when Shakespeare got his Corona-Jab)

For avoidance of doubt, the final two sonnets pay homage to Cupid, son of Mercury.

153 references Diana:

154 continues the theme: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonnet_154

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Andrew Brown Jr. to be buried, May 3, 2021, with George Floyd’s & Eric Garner’s family in attendance

Black Lives Matter News Police State Racism Royal Family

Read my prior decodes on the Andrew Brown Jr. killing on Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday, April 21, 2021, in Elizabeth City.

Today is 12 days later.

Andrew Brown Jr. = 78 (12th triangular number)

Notice, Andrew Brown Jr. was reportedly 42 years old, a recurring number in racially divisive psychological operations.


And if you watched the ceremony, it was a bunch of religious nonsense, on May 3, or 5/3, like 53.

Religion = 53
Catholic = 35 (The church behind these operations)

Family of Andrew Brown Jr. waiting for bodycam footage of shooting, April 24, 2021 news

Black Lives Matter News Police State Racism Royal Family Shooting

Andrew Brown Jr. is the victim of the April 21, 2021 shooting, in Elizabeth City, on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

Notice the perfect overlap with ‘Andrew Brown’ and ‘Royal Family’ here.

Read more about the Andrew Brown shooting here.

And notice this story comes ‘three’ days later.

Three = 20+8+18+5+5 = 56
Black Lives Matter = 56, Royal Family = 56, Andrew Brown = 56

As for the ‘bodycam video’, it equates to 62.

Bodycam Video = 62, Floyd = 62, Riot = 62, Queen = 62

This story came one day after the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict.


Black man fatally shot by sheriff’s deputy in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, on Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday.

Black Lives Matter News Racism Royal Family Shooting
Sheriff’s Deputy = 181, 42nd prime

This news, from Elizabeth City, comes on April 21, 2021, Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday.

Read about the ritual in the U.K. at the site of the London Bridge on her birthday.

It’s another shooting on a Wednesday.

Shooting = 37 / 44, Wednesday = 37 / 44

And notice the time of the incident, 8:30. *Murder = 83 (Police – Murder by Numbers)

And notice the post time, 54 minutes after the hour, going with the town, Pasquotank.

Recall Queen Elizabeth’s rare address to the nation last year, April 5, 2020, a date written 5/4, like 54, in the UK.

Sun = 19+21+14 = 54
These are rituals in time
The calendar is synced with the sun

Also, notice how Elizabeth City, North Carolina equates to 293, the 62nd prime.

Queen = 62

And remember how significant the dates of February 6 and June 2 are to her as queen. Both dates can be written 6/2 or 2/6. Queen = 26 / 62

And this ritual comes on a date with 66 numerology.

4/21/2021 = 4+21+20+21 = 66

The victim is Andrew Brown Jr.

Black = 2+3+1+3+2 = 11 (66, 11th tri. number)

And notice how ‘Andrew Brown’ overlaps with ‘Royal Family’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’. Of course the Queen has been connected to racism in recent times due to Meghan Markel.

And Andrew Brown equates to ‘Royal Family’ forwards and backwards.

*Andrew = 34 / 65 / 97 *Prince = 34 / 65 / 97
*Prince died in 2016 on April 21

London Bridge is down on Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday, and King Charles isn’t too far off, April 21, 2021

Government New World Order News Police State Royal Family


They were called at 11:33, April 21, 2021, on the Queen’s 95th birthday.

And with regards to the Queen, the codename for the operation after her passing is ‘London Bridge’.

And here is Anthony C. Davison’s post on the matter. Notice how ‘London Bridge Is Down’ equates to 95, and the Queen turns 95 years old today.


This news comes April 21, 2021, a date with 66 numerology.

4/21/2021 = 4+21+20+21 = 66
Queen Elizabeth = 66
Charles = 66
Family = 66
*King = 66

It will be King Charles next, unless he somehow dies before Queen Elizabeth.

And in light of the Queen turning 95 years old, notice how the title, ‘Charles, Prince of Wales’ fits in.

And notice this article was written on 3/17, like 317, the 66th prime.


ALSO, today’s news comes 158 days after Charles’ birthday, reminding of the ritual with Theresa May and Boris Johnson replacing her precisely 158 weeks later.

Freemasonry = 158
Boris Johnson = 158

Prince Philip, dead at 99, April 9, 2021, the 99th day of the year

Celebrity Murder by Numbers News Royal Family Uncategorized

Prince Philip has died at age 99, April 9, 2021, the 99th day of the year.

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266
4/9/2021 = 4+9+20+21 = 54 *Jesuit Order = 54
9/4 *Roman Catholic Church = 94

He has died 62 days before his birthday, June 10, 2021.

Queen = 62, Sacrifice = 62, Mountbatten = 62

6/10/1921 = 6+10+19+21 = 56 *Royal Family = 56

He was married to the Queen for 73 years (21st prime) and is dead in ’21.

They were married November 20, 1947.

And recall how important 62 is to the history of Queen Elizabeth.

Notice the dates February 6 and June 2, both expressed 6/2 or 2/6. *Queen = 26 / 62


The Duke of Edinburgh was hospitalized on the 47th day of the year, and died 52 days later.

Notice how ‘Edinburgh’ fits in. Again, he was the Duke of Edinburgh.

Keep in mind Elizabeth connects to 47 as well.

And Elizabeth has been Queen since 1952, emphasis on ’52.

He died 353 days after Elizabeth’s birthday, the 71st prime.

353, 71st prime

Read about the parallels with the death of Princess Diana.

*Catholic = 71 *Pope = 52

*Diana’s death had a lot to do with 113 and Philip has died 113 days after Pope Francis’ birthday, the 266th Pope, on the day leaving 266 days in the year. *Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266

Recall, Diana died in Paris, France, the land of the Jesuits, and Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope, #266.
*Paris, France = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56 *Royal Family = 56

And this death also comes 146 days after Charles, Prince of Wales birthday.

Jesus Christ = 146 (John 14:6)

It is also a span of 147 days and Elizabeth is 94, and today can be written 9/4. *Ninety-Four = 147

*4/9/21 = 4+9+21 = 34 *Prince = 34 *Murder = 34

And last, this death comes 71 days before Boris Johnson’s birthday, while he is still 56.

Royal = 71
Royal Family = 56

Charlie Hebdo cover depicts Queen Elizabeth on Meghan Markle’s neck, March 9, 2021, day of Derek Chauvin-George Floyd murder trial beginning

Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit News Racism Royal Family Secret Societies

‘Charlie Hebdo’ has the 63 connection, like ‘Meghan Markle’, ‘Prince Harry’ and ‘racism’.

Paris = 63 (Where the magazine is published from)
Charlie = 56 *Royal Family = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56 (Established in Paris, France)

Per CNN, the translation of the speech bubble is, “Because I couldn’t breath anymore.” Notice that phrase equates to 119, like ‘George Floyd’, who had his murder trial begin on this same date, March 9, 2021. Read more about that here.

Notice, this cover debuted March 9, 2021, 322 days after Queen Elizabeth’s 94th birthday.

*Think of George W. Bush, the Skull and Bones member, dying at age 94.

Also, notice that it was 46 weeks after her birthday, reminding us that George Floyd was 46 years old at his time of death.

Furthermore, the story came 31 weeks after Meghan Markle’s 39th birthday, August 4, 2020.

31, 11th prime *Black = 11

She’s 39 and the story released on March 9, a date that can be written 3/9.