Controversial portrait of Kate Middleton as Queen takes over the headlines, May 22, 2024

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This controversy struck a span of 89 weeks from the death of Queen Elizabeth, who passed on the 8th of September, 2022, or 8/9, like 89.

Keep in mind 89 has been a popular number in 2024, because 89 is the 24th prime.

Also noteworthy, May 22, 2024, had 71 date numerology. *Royal=71

You might recall the “very 71” death of Princess Dianna once upon a time, perfectly synced with Queen Elizabeth’s 71st birthday.

Princess Beatrice ex-boyfriend Paolo Liuzzo died February 7 (and the news April 24, 2024)

Celebrity Death Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Royal Family Secret Societies

This news broke April 24, 2024, 129 days after the Pope’s birthday. *Paolo Liuzzo=129

As we know, 129 is 201 in base-8 counting.

And as for the police being called at 3:22, it is a reminder that the founder of the Illuminati died on the 322nd day of the year, November 18, 201 days from May 1, the anniversary of the Order’s establishment. It’s also a reminder about where 322 and 201 meet in ‘Jewish mysticism’ and the Bible.
The Holy Bible=201 *Jewish Mysticism=201 (Genesis 3:22)

In this case, he died on the 38th day of the year. *Death=38 *Kabbalah=38 *Florida=38

The news of his death broke 77 days laters. *Secret Society=77

Also, notice he was 41. *Skull and Bones=41 (Known as Order 322)

Kate reveals cancer diagnosis, Friday, March 22, 2024

Cancer Medical News Royal Family Secret Societies

This comes on the 44th anniversary of the Georgia Guidestones being erected, March 22, 1980, the ones that said to genocide the earth and be not a ‘cancer.’
Caner=44, Chemo=44, Kill=44, *Georgia=44 *Genocide=44

What a story for March 22, Brotherhood of Death Day. ‘Catherine’ has cancer.

Read about King Charles cancer diagnosis 83 days after his birthday, February 5, 2024.

She is 42 in the highly Masonic Royal Family. Notice the overlap with ‘Middleton’ and ‘Freemason.’

Today is 96 days after the Pope’s birthday.

Adding insult to injury, this news comes on her 74th day of her age. It goes with ‘The King’ recently announcing that he has cancer.

As we know, 74 and 33 are often paired together, and today has 33 date numerology.

Think of how London is divided into 33 neighborhood areas.

Royal Family=137 (33rd prime)

The ritual with her and Charles come a span of 47-days apart. *News=47

It goes with the Mason’s studying the 47th Problem of Euclid.

At the same time, you could say this ritual comes 46 days later, and 73 days after Kate’s last birthday. *Sacrifice=46 & 73 *United=73 *Kingdom=73 *Mason=73

No doubt all this ties in with the ‘coronavirus,’ and Pfizer’s acquisition of Seagen on the anniversary of the coronavirus vaccine going live in the United States, December 14, 2023. As we know corona means crown, and the jabs for that virus have no doubt spurred the instances of cancer in all populations of people who received them.

Also, let us not forget the queen died 201 days after her coronavirus diagnosis…

Thomas Kingston, husband of Lady Gabriella Windsor, dead on the 56th day of the year, in clear Royal Family sacrifice

Catholic Church Death Freemasonry Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Royal Family Secret Societies

Thomas Kingston, a member of the Royal Family, died on the 56th day of the year.

Notice, his wife, Lady Gabriella, is 56th in line in succession of the British throne. It goes with Charles having his massive coronation ritual last year on May 6, or 5/6, synced with the 56 rituals in the Kentucky Derby and NBA Playoff that day (LeBron, Russell, Davis & Curry).

He died 58 days before her birthday, but she didn’t announce the news until February 27, the 58th day of the year, which was 56 days before her birthday.
Freemasonry=58 *Freemasons=56
Secret Society=58 *Society of Jesus=56

Do you recall when Princess Diana died on the 56th day of the year?

And let us not forget the last King of England died at age 56.

Also, the name ‘Gabriella Windsor‘ equates to 263, the 56th prime number.

It goes with Thomas dying 263 days before King Charles birthday, the 56th prime number.

The death came 103 days after Charles birthday (27th prime) *Ritual=27 & 45 *Gabriella Kingston=103
You could also say the death came on the 104th day of Charles age *Jesuits=103 *Roman Catholic Church=104

Furthermore, Thomas Kingston died while King Charles is in his 76th year of life.
Thomas Kingston=76

He is also dead 76 weeks after Charles became King.

He also died a span of 59 days from his wife’s upcoming birthday.

Think of modern Freemasonry being created in England in 1717, and the United States being created in 1776, 59 years later, the 17th prime number.

They died in the 58th month since their wedding, May 18, 2019.

Notice how the 18/5 marriage date corresponds with the husband’s name (185).

And as for 193 being the 44th prime, read about the death of Robin Windsor as 44, just five days before the death of Thomas Kingston. *Kingston=44

It goes with him dying 44 weeks after his wife’s last birthday.

Keep in mind Lady Gabriella is 42 at the time of the death. *Freemason=42

The 42 also goes with ‘Windsor.’

Notice, the death came 42 weeks and a day after King Charles coronation. *Coronation=56

Furthermore, you could say his death came a span of 59 days from her birthday.
Thomas Kingston=59 *Freemasonry=58 & 59

His death at 45 speaks to this being a ritual. *Ritual=45 *IHS=45

Her name speaks to the Jesuit connection.
Lady Gabriella Kingston=218 *Holy Roman Empire=218

And let us not overlook that the death came 70 days after Pope Francis birthday.
Francis=70, Vatican=70
Pope=56 *Pope Francis=58 & 59

He died 248 days after his birthday. *Human Sacrifice=248
He died 118 days before his birthday *Death=118 *Homicide=118

You could also say he died a span of 119 days before his 46th birthday, and the number 119 has a lot to do with arsenic, or As, or 1.19. *Vatican=119

King Charles III diagnosed with cancer, Monday, February 5, 2024

Cancer News Royal Family Sports

This news comes February 5, 83 days after Charles 75th birthday.
83, 23rd prime *King=23

It goes with his coronation in ’23.

Today is also 163 days before Camilla’s 77th birthday.
163, 38th prime *Death=38 *Murder=38 & 83

And more importantly, today is 137 days before Prince William’s birthday.

Tomorrow will be the anniversary of the last King of England dying at age 56.

Notice William is 41 right now.

It’s also been 317 months since Diana died. *317, 66th prime *Charles=66 *King=66

This news breaks February 5, 2024, the day the Kings play at the Cavaliers in the NBA. It goes with the history of those fighting for King Charles in the English Civil War being called Cavaliers.

The Kings are on 29 wins and the Cavaliers are on 65 losses in the series. *Charles=30 & 66

Notice also the Kings are 15-11 away, and the King James Bible was published in 1611, by the son of King Charles who Cavaliers are named after.

Today is also one day before the anniversary of the death of the last King of England, King George the VI, who died at age 56, June 6, 1952. It goes with how today can be written 5/2, like 52.

Let us not forget Charles coronation on May 6, or 5/6, and how it was synced with LeBron “King” James, Steph “Crown” Curry, Anthony Davis, D’Angelo Russell & the Kentucky Derby. Funny enough, the Lakers are in Charlotte tonight, the team that drafted Kobe Bryant, and in a city named after royalty. If an upset happens, the home team will be 6-19 @ home, matching the real King James birthday.

I anticipate a continuation of this story on March 11, 2024, 118 days after Charles birthday.

The March 11 date, or 11/3, also goes with the long history of 113 in the NBA.

For one more, today is 155 weeks after Charles and Camilla were vaccinated.

It also in the 36th month, and today is the 36th day of the year.
666, 36th triangular number *Vaccination=666

Queen Rania Al Abdullah accuses West of double standard as deaths mount in Gaza, October 24, 2023

Islam Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News Royal Family War

Remember, in recent days we have seen Jim Jordan defeated, Biden cancel his trip to Jordan, and Joran van der Sloot admit to the killing of Natalee Holloway. As we know, Michael Jordan is 60-years-old right now, and that has been a fateful number for NBA stars. Keep in mind this interview debuted on October 24, 2023, the day the new NBA season began.

This news came 54 days after her August 31 birthday. *Jesuit Order=54 *Rania Al Abdullah=54

ESPN’s ‘chosen ones’ article on Victor Wembanyama, LeBron James and the NBA, October 24, 2023

History News Royal Family Secret Societies Sports

20 years is considered “a generation.”
Time = 20
Seasons = 20
Cross = 20 (Symbolizes the four seasons to the Pagans)

LeBron wore 23 forever.
King = 23

They’re calling the top pick this year, 20 years after LeBron was the top pick, ‘Wemby.’
Wemby = 23

LeBron was also drafted 20 years after Michael Jordan’s last year at UNC, ’83-’84, just before he was drafted into the NBA in ’84. Of course, Michael wore #23.
Symbol = 23

It is ’23.

This game is 293 days after Victor Wembanyama’s 19th birthday (293, 62nd prime)
*Crown = 62 (The King James comparison…)
Sacrifice = 62
Jordan = 62
Torah = 62
*DNA = 62 & 19

A theme in the Bible is family trees and chosen bloodlines, “Chose Ones.”

As for MJ, Moses saw the Promised Land from Jordan. The Israelites crossed the Jordan River to get to the Promised Land in the story in the Torah. And in light of Moses, RIP to Mr. Malone, who was part of the Darryl Dawkins and Kobe Bryant sacrifices that were all related through ‘high school,’ and no doubt, ‘Chosen Ones.’

Today is 67 days before LeBron’s December 30 birthday.
King = 67

67 is the 19th prime number, and Wembanyama is 19.
DNA = 19

This article is about “chosen ones.” Those, born for the throne, born for the crown.

Remember when LeBron James won it for the Cavs on the Real King James birthday?

Remember, King James son was King Charles.

And remember, those who fought for King Charles were called Cavaliers.

Right now we’re in the time of King Charles.

Can you remember what LeBron James and the Lakers did the day of King Charles coronation, May 6, 2023. It was a Gematria spectacularity.

Also, don’t forget the 76 ritual with the Nuggets (champions) and Spurs (top pick), after last season, the 76th anniversary season, when the Nuggets and Spurs joined the NBA in ’76.
Symbol = 76 & 23 (2023 ritual)

And regarding the Spurs, LeBron has this photo in the George Gervin jersey, from when he was in high school. Notice Gervin wore #44, and LeBron James signed his lifetime contract with Nike while that company was 44 years old.

This NBA season begins on George Gervin’s 181st day of his age.
181, 42nd prime
LeBron James=42

He is from the 42nd Parallel, Detroit, Michigan.
Spurs = 42

He is 71 right now, very ‘Catholic.’ *Catholic = 71

71 is the 20th prime number.

We began with “20.”
Time = 20
Seasons = 20
Cross = 20
Death = 20

The coach of the Spurs, Gregg Popovich is 74 right now.
Jesus Christ = 74
Jesus = 74
Cross = 74
Messiah = 74
Gospel = 74
Parables = 74
Jewish = 74
*Masonic = 74
*Occult = 74
*English = 74
*Gematria = 74

This is the 77th anniversary season (and 78th total season).
Chris = 77
G.G. is 7.7.

King Kalakaua’s death in San Francisco, January 20, 2023 (and Sylvia Luke in light of Luke 12:49-50)

Fire History Jesuit Military New World Order Royal Family Sports

He was visiting in San Francisco to be more precise.

Nine Men, and Three Strikes.

93, a big number connecting Pearl Harbor to Maui (plus way more)

And how about that line about “royalty?” Recall when the Royals won the 111th World Series, while Queen Elizabeth was alive, the woman born April 21, the 111th day of the year. They beat NY.
New York = 111

Or what about the mention of Charleston, the town that just got hit hard in the Carolina not long after Maui, August 30-31, 2023.

Maui is being used for the “big tech takeover.” And big tech was born in the Bay Area, near San Francisco. That’s also where The Rock is from, who is portraying The King of Hawaii in a movie coming to theaters in the years ahead. So notice this history about The King of Hawaii visiting San Francisco. As we covered, the Jesuit educated person in charge of Hawaii when the fires began was Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke, who went to San Francisco University, one of the U.S.’s 27 Jesuit nations.

Recall, the fires concludes August 9, the day leaving 144 days in the year.
Pearl Harbor Day = 144
Jesuit Order = 144
Go forth and set the world on fire = 144 (Ignatius of Loyola is quoted saying this)

Sylvia Luke is the Jesuit educated Lt. Governor who was in charge of the state when the fires began August 8 because Josh Green was abroad, United Nations and beyond.

Luke 12 is about setting the world afire. And look at Luke 12:49-50. We know what happened to Hawaii, the 50th state, the week of Hip-Hop’s 50th birthday. The feds spit fire.

Sylvia Luke. Luke…

Read about the Pier 45 fire on the 144th day of 2020 in San Francisco, a leap year, May 23.

Josh Green signed Chapter 127A document on July 17, 2023, just before the Maui fires. In the San Francisco fire, it was 7:17 AM ET.

As for the Hawaiian King, he died either January 20, or 21, 1891, in San Francisco.
-January 20 is the 201st day of the nation’s age (it is also 20/1) *The Jesuit Order = 201
–It was 65 days after his birthday *California = 65 *Knights Templar = 65
-January 21 is 201 days after the nation’s establishment anniversary *Order of Illuminati = 201
–The other thing about January 21 is it was his 67th day of his age.
Blood Sacrifice = 121 & 67

*The fires began on August 8, or 8/8, the day leaving 145 days in the year.

Another common translation of the verse from Luke 12:49 equates to 145.

The detail of 2:15 is interesting. It links with the history of Philadelphia, the (215), and the Bay Area, from sports teams to the Liberty Bell.

He died in ’91, and 91 is the 13th triangular number, just like how the Committee of Thirteen overthrew Hawaii in 1893, and how Maui burned up 13 days before turning 64. It’s chess. This gang always makes sure it is 13 moves ahead.

King Kalakaua was buried on the 46th day of the year, dying 46 days after his visit to San Francisco began, and now the latest, in the time of #46, who met with Vladimir Putin, Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2021, just before Russia-Ukraine kicked off, igniting threats of World War. Recall, that was 201 days after the Jesuit Ignatian Year began on May 20, 2021, going with how Hawaii was born 201 months after Joe Biden. And don’t forget what happened to Beau, at age 46, 201 days before the Pope’s birthday. RIP. Once again, Pope Francis is the first to live in Suite 201 at the Vatican.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201

Notice where the word ‘Catholic’ fits in.

Hawaii burned on 353rd day of it’s age (71st prime)
The Rock opened Charity 35 weeks before his birthday
Maui caught on fire on the day leaving 145 days in the year
#46 visited on Maui’s 64th birthday *Ground Zero = 46

For one last point, the May 23, 2020 fire in San Francisco and the August 8, 2023 fire in Maui were 38 weeks apart, the ‘fire’ number, and the number encoded in many aspected of the latest August 8 incident, from Moana to how it was connected with the Maui flood of March 8, or 3/8.

The fire was exactly 29 months have the March 8, 2021 Maui flood.

Death = 38, Murder = 38, Killing = 38, RIP = 38

Cedar Key, Florida severely hit by Idalia, August 30, 2023

Climate Change / Environment Flood Jesuit Military News Royal Family Weather

Four miles.

We just talked about the Jesuit rituals in California and Maui.
Cedar Key = 72 & 144
Jesuit Order = 72 & 144

This August 30 destruction came 74 days before the Superior General’s birthday, and he is 74 years old right now, and the qualifying wind speeds fora hurricane are 74 MPH.
Cedar Key, Florida = 74 (74, 88, 137, 268)
-The 268th day of the year leaving 97 days remaining *Hurricane = 97

That’s the anniversary of JFK’s weather control speech in 1961, 62 years ago.