Financial Predictive Programming

Tisha B’Av is related to collapses.

From the start of Tisha B’Av to Monday, October 5, 2020 is 68 days.

The words ‘market’ and ‘stock’ equate to 68.

105, 14th triangular number (October 5, or 10/5, like 105).

That date is 113 days after Donald Trump’s 74th birthday.

Donald John Trump = 68

The Apprentice = 68

CIA = 68

Coronavirus coined in 1968

This will in the early fall, and historically, the market has been known for falling in the fall.

This coming fall, it could be bad news about coronavirus.

Remember, July 29 leaves 155 days left in the year.

Coronavirus = 155

July 29 is also International Tiger Day.

Coronavirus Financial Government History Racism

Notice, the market fell 1,861 points, reminding of the year 1861, the year the Civil War began.  

Keep in mind the day prior, NASCAR banned the Confederate Flag by the numbers:

And in the week prior, Confederate Statues have been taken down and toppled across the nation.  Speaking of, here are headlines from today, the day of the 1,861 point collapse.

Adding insult to injury, look at CNN’s cover story on this day, Trump and Juneteenth.  Of course, this holiday began at the end of the U.S. Civil War, that began in 1861.

Keep in mind curfews across the nation were started on the 99-year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Riots, May 31 and June 1, and now Trump is planning to have his rally there, June 19, 2020.

And June 11, 2020 was a perfect day for a stock market ritual.

6/11/20 = 6+11+20 = 37

Confederate = 201; Event 201

Coronavirus Financial Government News Science

6/11/20 = 6+11+20 = 37 *Stock Market = 37

The market is controlled by a very small group of people.  You mean to tell me that all of a sudden, out of the blue, these ideas just caused the market to fall by 1,500 points?  These ideas have been with everyone since this pandemic started and the government told everyone to stay home.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow, it’s the last day the market is open before Trump’s 74th birthday, this weekend, June 14.

Today’s date also had 57 numerology, the ‘vaccine’ number, and what do you know, Moderna has announced their planned Phase 3 trial…

6/11/2020 = 6+11+20+20 = 57 *Vaccine = 57

This news comes on the 163rd day of 2020, the 38th prime.

*Moderna = 38

30,000? *Vaccine = 30

Coronavirus Financial News

This news comes June 10, 2020, a date with 56 numerology, and it relates to the consequences of coronavirus. Keep in mind, Starbucks is a Seattle based company, same as other big players in this agenda, including Microsoft and Amazon. And don’t forget the first case of the virus in the U.S. was confirmed in Seattle.

6/10/2020 = 6+10+20+20 = 56

As for the 18-month timeframe, that reminds of Event 201…

Coronavirus Financial Government Markets & Stocks News Racism

Notice, CNN is introducing the concept of “all lives matter” as being confrontational with Black Lives Matter, and they’re doing this June 10, 2020, the date with 56 numerology.

6/10/2020 = 6+10+20+20 = 56

June 10 written 10/6, the same as 106.

Read about the 56 / 106 NASCAR ritual with the Confederate Flag on this very same day:

The Federal Reserve’s announcement today also stands out, about sustaining the economy through coronavirus:

*Coronavirus = 56 *Unemployment = 56 *Interest Rates = 56

Notice their estimate is through 2022.

Coronavirus Federal Financial Government News Racism

This headline was from May 22, 2020, three days before the reported George Floyd killing, that began with a counterfeit $20 bill.  Notice Harriet Tubman sums to 201, the same as George Perry Floyd.  The mockery. The Jesuits.

Read more about George Floyd and 201 here:

In light of this news coming May 22, 2020, recall that George Floyd died on his 225th day of his age, and the day after his death, the Minnesota Catholic Church paid $22.5-million in damages:

May 22 can be written 22/5, like 225.

Catholic Church Financial History Murder by Numbers

Notice, he disappeared on his 59th day of his age, June 10, before being found dead.

His name sums to 59.

And ‘kill’ sums to 59 and 17, where 59 is the 17th prime.

His date of death, June 17, was 30 days after the Pope’s birthday.  Recall, he replaced the 33 day Pope, who promised to clean up the Vatican Bank, and the mafia money in it.

As for him dying in the year ’82, read about the relationship with the number and the establishment of the Vatican Bank:

Further, he was found under the Blackfriars Bridge, summing to 82.