Klaus Schwab announces he is stepping down from head of the World Economic Forum, May 22, 2024

Coronavirus Jesuit New World Order News Secret Societies


This news comes in the 56th month since the World Economic Forum simulated the coronavirus pandemic on October 18, 2019. *Coronavirus=56

This news also came on the day that is typically the 142nd of the year. *Coronavirus=142

Notice, it was 22/5 that he said he would be stepping down in January of 2025.

Melinda French Gates resigns from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 94 days before her birthday

Catholic Church Celebrity Charity Coronavirus Jesuit News Secret Societies

Bill & Melinda Gates were married on the first day of 1994, and then Kurt Cobain died 94 days later, & now Melinda resigned from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 94 days before her birthday.
Seattle, Washington=94
Coronavirus Pandemic=94
Roman Catholic Church=94

Don’t forget Bill’s mom died in ’94.

Don’t forget Bill’s dad died at age 94, the year of the pandemic.

Don’t forget Bill’s Decade of Vaccines, a decade before Covid, on the 94th day of his age.

And don’t forget the Seahawks have only won one Super Bowl, in the 94th NFL season. Then Russell Wilson lost his grandfather at age 94.

As for the Catholic part of the ritual (Melinda comes from a family of Jesuits and has the same birthday as the Jesuit Order, August 15), today is 145 weeks after her divorce from Bill Gates.
Catholic=145 (145 more chapters in Catholic OT)
Bill & Melinda Gates=145

It is 33 months and change as well. *Bill Gates=33

Today is also the 199th day of Bill’s age (46th prime). *Catholic=46 *Microsoft=46

Keep in mind today is 13/5, connecting from Bavaria (135) to the CIA (135).

It goes with the Illuminati and CIA having the 201 connection like Bill Gates.


CNN’s article about RFK Jr.’s brain worm & Mercury poisoning one week before Mercuralia (and where Sanjay Gupta fits in)

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Sanjay Gupta says likely “eating undercooked pork” did it


Today is the 113th day of RFK Jr.’s age, and the date is May 8, or 5/8.

As we’ll get to, May 15, Mercuralia, is exactly 58 weeks after RFK Jr. filed his papers (Apr/5/2023).

Mercury poisoning? Today is Wednesday, named after Mercury, the trickster.

Next Wednesday, May 15, 2024, will be Mercuralia, the Ancient Roman festival.

It will also be the kill date for May 2024.

Notice where Mercuralia ties in with him being age 70.

May 15 will also be 56 weeks after RFK Jr.’s April 19, 2023 Presidential Campaign Speech, and his father died 56 years ago, in 1968, after being shot on 5/6 (5th of June).
Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56

Keep in mind that May 15, 2024, will be the ‘kill’ date for the month. It will also be the fourth anniversary of Donald Trump declaring himself the father of the vaccine with Operation Warp Speed. As we know, that was two years to the day of Clade X.

Recall, Dr. Gupta got his Covid vaccine in a 56 & 70 ritual.

The Dr. who gave him the vaccine completed the Jesuit ritual.

Of course, RFK Jr. is the popular critic of the Covid-19 policies.

Read about RFK Jr.’s assassination scare last year in LA (it was a 56 ritual).

Read about RFK Jr.’s VP pick on March 26, 2024, and how it fit in with the scare.
Key Bridge=86 (got 86’d on the 86th day)
Robert Kennedy Jr.=86 (made his pick that same day)

Keep in mind the November 5 election is a special day to the Jesuits, Guy Fawkes Day, the day leaving 56 days in the year. Notice the overlap with ‘dead worm’ and ‘election.’

Murder=83 (Murder by Numbers lyrics from 1983)

May 15 is 119 days after RFK Jr.’s birthday. *All Seeing Eye=119 & 56

It is 17 weeks as well, and Joe Biden was born on the 17th birthday of RKF, November 20, 1942. RFK was born November 20, 1925 (Biden=25, Death=25, Time=25).

Also, with regards to RFK Jr. being 70, the number 56 is 70 in base-8 counting.
Vatican=70 & 119, Francis=70 & 119

It is 119 days after his 70th birthday…

And again, the 56 & 119 connection.

For a few last points….

May 15 will be 21 days before the 56th anniversary of his father being shot on the 5th day of June.
Jesuit=21 (The 21st Century has been rich)

May 15 will be 174 days before the election.
President Joe Biden=174, Number of the Beast=174 *New World Order=174

Read about the beast ritual at the United Nations on the 174th day of the Jesuit Calendar Year.

Today is the 199th day of Sanjay Gupta’s age, the 46th prime number.
Catholic=46 *RFK=46 *JFK dead at 46 *Joe Biden, #46

May 15 will be 185 days after the Superior General’s birthday
Catholicism=185 *Mathematics=185 *Donald John Trump=185

May 15 is 150 days after the Pope’s birthday. Illuminati=150

Remember, Alec Baldwin, who played Trump on SNL, shot the Ukrainian woman right before Russia & Ukraine. Imagine a “Russian hit” on Joe Biden narrative, or anywhere else they could go with it.

And notice this update on the “worms” connection to 56 & 144 (Ascaris suum)

Ascaris suum=144 & 153 (Jesuit Order=144 & 153) (Ambassador Hotel=153, 1:44 AM)
Ascaris=56, 70 & 119 (see the 56, 70 & 119 that lines up above with May 15)

Judy Mikovits’ husband’s death on December 1, 2021 (was he murdered?)

Celebrity Coronavirus Death News

Judy Mikovits has said that her husband was murdered in the time of the “Covid-19 pandemic,” so I wanted to take a look at his passing. Notice that he died December 1, or 12/1, 121 days before Judy Mikovits birthday.

As you’ll recall, 121 was a popular number during the pandemic, which followed a Revelation theme. Thus, why the first case in the United States, and the first case outside of mainland China was confirmed on January 21, another 1/21 date. It was also why Sirius XM made Channel 121 the “coronavirus channel.”

The number 121 is also part of a fateful pattern in celebrity death. *Blood Sacrifice=121

He also died on the 129th day of his age (201 in base-8 counting).

It’s interesting because she had beef with Anthony Fauci, who now works for Georgetown and who forecasted the pandemic from Georgetown on January 10, 2017, nearly three years before Event 201.
Georgetown=129 *The Jesuit Order=201

Twitch’s biggest gamer announces he has cancer, March 26, 2024, four days after Kate

Big Tech Cancer Celebrity Coronavirus Medical News

He was 32, the middle degree of the Scottish Rite, and the number of sun-rays in the Jesuit logo.
America=32, Scottish=32

This news was broken by him on X on the 26th of March. And keep in mind ‘Kate’ just came out with her cancer news four days earlier, syncing up with the 44th anniversary of the Georgia Guidestone unveiling, monuments that existed in the fourth state, Georgia.
Cancer=26, Kate=26 *Gamer=26 *Game=26

Thikn of Pfizer getting Seagean when Pfizer was $26 per share on the anniversary of the 26 killed at Sandy Hook. and on the anniversary of the first Covid jab giving into the arm of a woman named Sandy?
Covid=26, Virus=26 *China=26

Keep in mind this date can be written 26/3, like 263, the 56th prime.
263, 56th prime *Society of Jesus=56 & 79 *Twitch=79

The national headlines were saved for the next day, March 27, the 87th day of the leap year.

Tyler Blevins=163 (38th prime) *Death=38 & 118 *Cancer=118

X pledges $300k to pay legal fees for Canadian doctor who bucked Covid vaccination mandates, March 24, 2024 news

Big Tech Censorship Coronavirus Legal


Notice how Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill overlaps with ‘coronavirus pandemic’ (94).

And notice this past story from November 3, or 11/3, the reflection date of March 11, another 11/3 (113).


And notice the emphasis on ‘pack of hyenas’ (56).

Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56

Keep in mind this news comes on a Sunday, the 84th day of the year, and it adds to the list of Elon Musk’s Jesuit rituals. *Sunday=84, 78 & 21 *Jesuit=84, 78 & 21

Kate Kelland, the author of Disease X: The 100 Days Mission to End Pandemic

Coronavirus Jesuit Medical Pandemic Predictive Programming

Kate Kelland=201 (author of Disease X)

This goes with the WEF having the “Preparing For Disease X” conference January 17, 2024, exactly 201 weeks after the coronavirus pandemic was declared, March 11, 2020, something that occurred just after the WEF simulated the coronavirus pandemic with Event 201.

It ties in with the US Congress having a meeting about Disease X June 13, 2023, the day leaving 201 days in the calendar year.

And what a nice touch to release the book on the 33rd day of the year, February 2, 2023?

Snoop Dogg’s daugther Cori Broadus suffers severe stroke, Thursday, January 18, 2024, 30 weeks after her 24th birthday

Celebrity Coronavirus Medical News Pandemic Pharmaceutical Tyranny

Snoop Dogg, the famous LA rapper, sees his daughter suffer a stroke on January 18, or 1/18. As you might know, LA has the triple connection to the number 118.
Los Angeles, California=118
LA is on the 118th Meridian West
LA’s September 4 establishment leaves 118 days in the year

This happened exactly 30 weeks after his daughter’s 24th birthday. And 30 has a long “black” history…

Recall, the first vaccinated person in the US for Covid-19 was a black woman, Sandra Lindsay.

Keep in mind Snoop’s daughter is 24, the reflection of 42. You’ll recall Jackie, #42, lost his son at age 24.

And notice the emphasis on ‘severe stroke.’ It overlaps with ‘Jesuit Order,’ which matters, because it was the Jesuits who simulated the coronavirus pandemic before it happened.


Fool Me Once, by Harlan Coben

Coronavirus Entertainment Pandemic Pharmaceutical Tyranny Secret Societies
March 22 was the 82nd day of the leap year *Covid=82

Harlan Coben’s Fool Me Once released as a series on Netflix January 1, 2024. It was once released as a book, March 22, 2016, emphasis on 3/22, like 322. It is about a pharmaceutical family that kills people who expose the truth about their deadly drugs, riddled with side effects that even make people suicidal. Funny enough, the detective investigating the matter is a consumer of their products and suffering from serious health consequences, including suicidal ideation, while not realizing it is the drugs that are causing the problems (some detective, eh?).

Anyhow, notice the book released 78 days after Harlan Coben’s birthday, reminding us that the 78th verse of Genesis, is Genesis 3:22, about the Tree of Life, and knowing good and evil.

Go figure Harlan Coben was raised Jewish, and went to school with Dan Brown, who wrote the Da Vinci Code. As you’ll recall, Dan Brown turned 56-years-old the year of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020.
Covid Vaccine=56
Society of Jesus=56
Anthony Fauci=56
Gavin Newsom=56
Toilet Paper=56
Mind Control=56
All Seeing Eye=56

The show released 56 months before the coronavirus vaccine went live in the U.S.

From the book’s release to the Netflix series, January 1, 2024, was 93 months.

Remember, the founder of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, died on November 18, 1830, the 322nd day of the year.