FBI releases documents about Stephen Paddock, March 30, 2023

Federal Government History Mass Shooting News Shooting

This news breaks March 30, 2023, a date with 56 numerology.
3/30/23 = 3+30+23 = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Washington DC = 56

It also comes in the year ’23.
Las Vegas = 23

Of course the actual death toll was 58, then 59, then back to 58, but it is clear why in the headline the report the number 60.
Stephen Paddock = 60

And in light of this coming just day after the “135” ritual in Tennessee…
Paddock = 135
Central Intelligence Agency = 135

Recall, per the Eminem music video paying tribute to the Paddock shooting, he was staying in Room 135. That music video is ‘Darkness,’ corresponding with the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting, on the day leaving 91 days in the year.
Darkness = 91


Audrie Hale born March 24, 1995, 192-days after assault weapons ban of ’94

Gun Control Mass Shooting News Shooting

The assault weapons ban was on the 256th day of the year.

And September 13 can be written 13/9, like 139.
139, 34th prime *Tennessee = 34

They said Audrey drove a Honda Fit.


And funny enough, there was a film in ’94, the year of the ban, titled Trannie Get Your Gun.


Actress Melissa Joan Hart helped rescue children from The Covenant School in Nashville, March 27, 2023

Celebrity Entertainment Gun Control Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation Shooting

Melissa Joan Hart wasn’t the only actress on the scene…

Anyhow, the shooting happened exactly 49 weeks after the Teenage Witch’s birthday.
Melissa Joan Hart = 165 / 57
Scottish Rite = 165 / 57

Scottish = 49 / 113
Shooting at 10:13

As we discussed, the masonic fingerprints were all over this event.
Melissa Joan Hart = 96 (Teenage Witch character began in ’96)
Freemason = 96
Covenant School = 58
Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58

There was also the connection with the Pope, with the incident coming 100 days after his 86th birthday, on the 86th day of the year, on the 86th Meridian West.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch = 100
Audrey Elizabeth Hale = 100
Audrey Hale = 100

And in light of the shooter being 28…
Sabrina = 28
Clarissa = 28
Clarissa Explains It All = 83
Murder = 83

And in light of it happening on the 27th…
Witch = 27
Broom = 27
Monday = 27
Ritual = 27

And on September 27, 2023, it will be the 27th anniversary of it’s debut. Of course, September 27 is the anniversary of the Jesuits being recognized by Rome.


Catch the detail about the 19th shooting at a school for the year.
3/27/2023 = 3+2+7+2+0+2+3 = 19
Chaos = 19

And again, it was compared to Uvalde, where 19 children died.

And again, this shooting was 58 days before the anniversary of Uvalde.

CNN brings up Rep. Ken Buck being a proud AR-15 owner after Tennessee shooting, March 28, 2023

Federal Government Mass Shooting News Shooting


This comes the day after the ‘Tennessee’ shooting ritual in Nashville at the Covenant School.

Notice the 106 overlap with Rep. Ken Buck and ‘Tennessee.’

Furthermore, the shooting was 39 days after Buck’s birthday.
Nashville = 39 (Three nine year olds…)

March 27, 2023 was the two year anniversary…

Audrey Hale’s shoes don’t match in the Nashville Covenant School shooting videos, March 27, 2023

Crisis Actors Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation Shooting

Notice how in the police body cam footage, the shooter’s shoes have yellow and orange in them.

Whereas in the surveillance video, the shoes are black and white.

Keep in mind this shooting came 66 days before the state’s June 1, 2023 birthday.
Mass Shooting = 66
Shoes = 66

Keep in mind the black and white shoes are Pumas, where the ones with color are Vans. In the case of Vans, notice they were established in ’66.

They said 6 people died.

And again the date of the event was perfect.

Of course, the date can be written 27/3, like 273.

The school’s motto is ‘Veritas Christo Ecclesia.’

Highland Park shooting survivor, Ashbey Beasley, in Nashville the day of mass shooting, March 27, 2023

Crisis Actors Gun Control Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation Shooting
How is this still happening? = 121 *Sandy Hook Elementary School = 121 *Stoneman Douglas High School = 121


Ashbey Beasley, who survived the Highland Park shooting of July 4, 2022 in Illinois, was in Nashville at the time of The Covenant School shooting, and she became part of the media. Notice her name equates to 129, and they’re saying the Nashville mass shooting was the 129th of the year.

Beasley = 39
Nashville = 39

-3 “9-year-olds” killed is what has been reported

Furthermore, the two shootings were 38 weeks part.
Death = 38
Murder = 38
Killing = 38
RIP = 38
*Holiday = 38

That’s also 266 days.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266

Also, notice below it says Ashbey has talked to more than 130 politicians in Washington.
Washington = 130


Police body cam footage of The Covenant School shooting released, March 28, 2023

Government Gun Control Mass Shooting News Police State Psychological Operation Shooting

First of all, the body camera footage has been released on the 87th day of the year.

The footage released is from the perspective of two officers. First, you see the footage from the camera of Officer Rex Engelbert. Then second, you see the footage from the camera of Officer Michael Collazo.

Notice the gematria parallels between the two officers.

The number 135 connects with ‘officers.’

And for another parallel…

The number 197 is the 45th prime number.
197, 45th prime
Ritual = 45
Officers = 45

As for the 107, it goes with shooting.

And notice how officer Michael Collazo equates forwards and backwards.

107 also goes with the full name of the school, The Covenant School Knights.

And coming back to the 135 at the top, recall how this number was used in the mass shooting propaganda put out by Eminem after the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting.

And here’s more gematria for the list.

Watch the footage here, and notice the school is empty. Also notice how the perp is standing by themselves, in a corner, when they are shot.

The 3 students killed in Nashville were age 9, March 27, 2023 propaganda by the numbers

Federal Freemasonry Government Gun Control Mass Shooting News Shooting


All 3 children were age 9, in Nashville?

This comes comes on the 27th. 9+9+9=27…

Bob Iger, the villain?
Iger = 39
Robert = 39 (Robert Iger…)

Federal = 39 (ATF was on scene)
Masonry = 39
Gun Control = 139
139, 34th prime
Tennessee = 34

And recall the first tweet about the shooting was 39 minutes after the hour.

And notice the image below for the story… you can see the 33…

Read more about the shooting by the numbers and 33 here.

Tennessee = 137 (33rd prime)
Washington D.C. = 137 (33rd prime)
3 children, 3 adults…

Apparently the shooter lived at the address 3003.


Also, notice the gematria of ‘Covenant Presbyterian Church.’

It goes with today being 127 days after Joe Biden’s birthday, and the ‘Masonry’ theme.

Notice the shooting took place be 10:13 and 10:27


Again, it came 10-years and 103-days after the Sandy Hook shooting.

You could also say it is the 128th day of his age, and they’re saying this is the 128th shooting of the year.
-That’s 42 more shootings than days
Gun = 42
Freemason = 42
Jesuit = 42

Feds on the scene after Nashville christian school shooting at 33 Burton Hills Blvd., March 27, 2023

Christianity Education Gun Control Mass Shooting News Shooting

This comes on the 86th day of the year, a date with 37 numerology.
3/27/2023 = 3+27+(2+0+2+3) = 37
Shooting = 37

It’s also a date with 73 numerology.
3/27/2023 = 3+27+20+23 = 73
Nashville, Tennessee = 73
The Covenant School = 73

The headmaster is Katherine Koonce.

The headmaster’s title is Dr. Katherine Koonce, connecting with this coming on the 86th day of 2023.


The Police Chief in charge is ‘John Drake.’


On TV, CNN is blaming a 28-year-old white woman for the shooting. Of course, today is the 86th day of the year, a date good for 86ing our rights.

It also connects with the governor of Tennessee, William Byron Lee.

Also, Nashville is on the 86th Meridian West.

*Jesuits = 86
Jesuits created in 16th century
Tennessee, 16th state

That means she would have been born around the time of the last assault weapons ban, September 13, 1994, and notice that today is exactly a span of 28 weeks from September 13, the 28th anniversary.

Today is also exactly 28 weeks before the Governor Bill Lee’s birthday, October 9, 2023.

And don’t overlook the address: 33 Burton Hills Blvd.
Police = 33
Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33
Order = 33
Federal = 33
Tennessee = 137 (33rd prime)


Notice they’re reporting 3 dead and 3 injured.

The school even has 33 teachers.

Keep in mind that “33” is the master ‘teacher’ number.

The Feds are on the scene…
Federal = 39 / 51
Nashville = 39 / 51
Masonry = 39
*Gun = 39

Notice the tweet below is from 39 minutes after the hour.

And keep in mind this is a Christian school.

The name of the school also fits another familiar pattern.
Covenant School = 68
CIA = 68

And they are comparing this to Uvalde, where the one year anniversary will be 58 days later.
Covenant School = 58
Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58
12/14/2012 = 12+14+20+12 = 58 (Sandy Hook date) (Another comparable shooting)

*Today is also 163 days after the Mayor’s birthday, John Cooper, born October 15.
163, 38th prime
Death = 38
Murder = 38
Killing = 38
RIP = 38

*Today also connects with the school’s motto.
Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae = 273
Covenant School Shooting = 273
Today is 27/3

*Today is 66 days before the state’s 227th birthday.
Mass Shooting = 66

And finally, today is 103 days from the Sandy Hook anniversary, December 14, 2022.

Also, think about the meaning of covenant in light of Joe Biden saying there would be gun reform during his administration, shortly after taking office in 2021.

Update: They’re now saying the shooter is transgender, tying in with the date numerology.
3/27/23 = 3+27+23 = 53
Transgender = 53
Audrey Hale = 53

Today’s news comes 100 days after the Pope’s 86th birthday, December 17, 2022.

Today’s news comes on Governor Bill Lee’s 170th day of his age.

Today’s news comes on 73 date numerology.
Sacrifice = 46 / 73 / 170