Shooting at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston on the Vatican’s 95th birthday, the day of Super Bowl 58, February 11, 2024

Catholic Church News Religion Shooting Sports

This shooting in Houston comes February 11, or 11/2, like 112.

It is the day of the Super Bowl.
Super Bowl=112, Chiefs=112

Houston has the team the Texans, and the old Kansas City Chiefs team was the Dallas Texans.

The 49ers are facing the Chiefs.

The date can also be written 2/11, like 211, the 47th prime.

Keep in mind it is the Vatican’s 95th birthday.
Six Hundred Sixty-Six=95 & 211 (2/11 date)

The sooting comes 49 weeks after Osteen’s last birthday.
Super Bowl=49, NFL=49, *Revelation=49 *Anti-Christ=49 (Osteen is one)

Police responding to shooting at Perry High School in Iowa, January 4, 2024

Gun Control Mass Shooting News Shooting

Notice the overlap with ‘Perry, Iowa’ and ‘gun control.’

Also notice the overlap with ‘Perry High School’ and ‘mass shooting.’

Keep in mind today has 49 date numerology.

Today also has date numerology of 29, and Iowa is the 29th state.

Today is 153 days after Kim Reynolds birthday.
Jesuit Order=153, The Illuminati=153

Update: Brock Purdy, the 49ers QB, attended a Perry High School, and went to college in Iowa, and today is 1/4, or 4/1. *NFL=14, Super Bowl=41

Keep in mind he is the QB of the San Francisco 49ers, going with the 49 date numerology.
San Francisco=50, Perry, Iowa=50

Update: The shooter, still unnamed, is dead. And notice the shooting was at 7:40 AM.
Active Shooter=74, Killing=74, Masonic=74

Man arrested for opening fire in Colorado Supreme Court, January 2, 2023

Elections Federal Government Legal Predictive Programming Shooting

This news comes Tuesday, January 2, 2024, exactly 44 weeks before the election. It is a reminder that Donald Trump was the 44th person to be US President, and the number is highly connected to shootings, assassinations, and deaths, including the first US President to die in office, William Henry Harrison, April 4, 1841, emphasis on 4/4.

The 308 days also stands out in light of Colorado being the 38th state.

Today is also 14 days after the December 19 decision by the Colorado Supreme Court, removing Trump from the ballot in relation to the 14th Amendment.

The December 19 ruling was 140 days after the state’s birthday.

Today is also 202 days after Donald Trump’s birthday, and Washington DC is the (202) area code, going with the capital city being on the 38th Parallel North.
Skull and Bones=202

Social media influencer Theresa Calchuela shot and killed by husband at age 33, Friday, December 22, 2023

Murder by Numbers News Shooting

Not only was the 33-year-old woman killed by her 44-year-old husband. Her husband also had 44 name gematria, matching ‘shooting.’ *

The numbers mentioned are 11, 33 and 44.

It begs the question, do numbers posses people to do things, sometimes extremely unfortunate?

Oxford, Michigan school shooter’s sentencing takes place December 8, 2023

Gun Control Mass Shooting News Predictive Programming Shooting Sports

This news comes a span of 739 days from the November 30, 2021 shooting.
739, 131st prime

Michigan has won the Big 10 championship every year since the shooting (’21, ’22, ’23).

This year they have a chance to play for the NCAA Football National Championship.

Recall the way Michigan paid tribute to the Oxford shooting victims in the 2021 championship game.

And notice they had a school shooting two days before this, at UNLV. As we discussed, that shooting is also synced with their sports teams.

9-year-old Serabi Medina gun control story by CNN (what about the child obesity pandemic?)

Education Gun Control News Psychological Operation Shooting

Peter Reinberg was part of Chicago’s board of education, a notorious city for many different reasons when it comes to education. Perhaps this is some nod to his legacy of mass mind control for the sake of mass control.

Also, the real story is how many children are now obese. It is an extremely common site and has been for many years now.

Lil Zah G, 8-year-old rapper, killed by gun violence, October 17, 2023 news

Entertainment Gun Control News Shooting
Zahmire Lopez = 170, 154 & 73 *Ritual Sacrifice = 154 & 73 *Sacrifice = 170 & 73

Notice that the article was posted at 8:38.
Murder = 83 & 38
Rapper = 38

This news story has been posted by CNN on the day leaving 75 days in the year, October 17.
Lil Zah G = 75

And the 84 jacket in the picture probably isn’t an accident.
Jesuit = 84
Masonry = 84

Assassination of Meir Kahane, November 5, 1990, and the upcoming 33rd anniversary in light of Israel’s war with Hamas

Death History Jesuit Jewish Related Murder by Numbers Predictive Programming Shooting
Meir Kahane = 85 / 49 / 185 / 59 *Guy Fakes Day = 49 / 59
Assassination of Meir Kahane = 266 / 104 / 409 (80th prime) / 157 (37th prime) *Guy Fawkes=37
-Pope Francis, #266, first Jesuit *Jerusalem=104 *Templar=104&85 *185, from 9/11 to Yom Kippur War *Pope Francis=59

His birth name is as equally interesting as his original name.
Martin David Kahane = 155 / 74 / 304 / 106
& 34

He was killed in Manhattan, on the 74th Meridian, where the WTCs came down.

And regarding the 106, again, the Balfour Declaration will turn 106 years old, November 2, 2023, three days before the assassination of Meir Kahane, MK.

Notice, Meir Kahane was an advocate for the harsh divisions you now see in Israel. He also had a big 1968, and was connected to the ’72 Olympics terrorism incident.

Never Again = 96 / 51 / 174 / 57

November 5, 2023, will mark 33 years since the assassination of Meir Kahane in New York.
New York = 33
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33
Masonry = 33
*False Flag = 33

I’m sure you know about 1968, 33 years before 2001.

Again, he died on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day, or Guy Fawkes Night, of Bonfire Night

His full name has very interesting Gematria, especially in light of the day he died.
Meir David HaKohen Kahane = 187 / 106 / 407 / 119
-187 is very important to the Abrahamic faiths, the Jesuits & the Holy Roman Empire
-November 5 is Guy Fawkes Day to the Jesuits
-The Jesuits tried to blow up British Parliament on November 5, 1605
-Some people want to blowup Temple Mount
-There are 187 chapters in the Torah
-Abrahamic = 187
-187 is associated with homicide

-The Balfour Declaration turns 106, November 2, 2023
-The NY Times article about Jews from 10/6/1940
-That was 33 years before the Yom Kippur war began on October 6, 1973
Prophecy = 106 *Authority = 106
-MNF, October 9, both starting QBs had Nov. 2 birthdays
-That game was on Christopher Columbus Day
-It was a day after Israel declared war
Columbus = 106 *Christopher Columbus = 106
-The Raiders got their 106th win vs. the NFC over the Indian Packing Company
-European invaders, Raiders, natives, National Football Conference?
-The NFL with the same birthday as the Constitution?

Israel was drawn up in ’47, on September 3, or 9/3
-That was the year Aleister Crowley died, who worshipped 93
-The Yom Kippur War began on a Saturday
-Saturday is named after Saturn *Saturn = 93
-Jews worship on Saturday (named after Saturn)
-The 2023 Israel-Hamas war began on a Saturday

July 3, 2023, was the 119th death anniversary of Theodor Herzl
Star of David = 119
Orthodox = 119
Ashkenazi Jews = 119
-Genesis 11:9 (the tower to divide the world story ends)
-11th of September (the towers that divided the world)
-Right now, Israel has their 11th President, and 9th Prime Minister

*Revelation 9:11 (mirror of 119) talks about Satan coming from the abyss
-Revelation is the 73rd book of Catholic Bibles
-Netanyahu is 73 at the time of war breaking out
-The Yom Kippur War was in ’73
-Biden became Senator in ’73
-The World Trade Centers opened in ’73
-Gaza is getting hurt the most *Gaza = 73
-Israel bombed Gaza for the week of its 73rd birthday on May 14, 2021
-Thedor Herzl died on July 3 *Theodor Herzl=73
-David Ben Gurion was the first PM *David Ben Gurion=73
-He died December 1, 1973, emphasis on ’73

Meir Kahane was killed in the 11th month, November, just on the horizon.

The word ‘beast’ has Gematria of 11. *Beast=11

73 year old Netanyahu has been using it, saying “human beasts” to describe Hamas.

As you know, November 5, the date of the Meir Kahane assassination, leaves 56 days in the year. And in the case of David Ben Gurion, he died 56 days after the Yom Kippur War began. 56 is big with the Jesuits, who are behind the entire process of the creation and establishment of Israel.
Society of Jesus = 56
Abrahamic = 56
-Three = 56
Light = 56

FYI, the 418th anniversary of Guy Fawkes demolition attempt
-(418) is the Quebec Area Code

Today is David Ben-Gurion’s birthday anniversary.

He died exactly 45 weeks after Joe Biden took office as the 45th person to be US President
Holy Bible = 45 & 45 (73 books in Catholic Bible) (145 more chapters in OT — Israel, 14/5 est.)

He also died 11 days after Biden’s 31st birthday (31, 11th prime).

He died on 12/1, in ’73. *Blood Sacrifice=121 *Ritual Sacrifice=73 *Sacrifice=73

He died at age 87, and Pope Francis is approaching 87.
Number of the Beast = 87
The Catholic Church = 87
*Muslim = 87 & 75 (The target)
-Israel turned 75 this year (May 14, 2023)