Patrick Dragon, Sandy Hook shooting first responder, dies from Covid-19, January 5, 2021 news

Coronavirus Government Mass Shooting News

Notice how they’re sure to get the 56 captured in the photo, via the license plate. As we’ve been discussing, both coronavirus and the Sandy Hook School shooting are Jesuit agendas. Furthermore, notice how the name ‘Patrick Dragon’ fits in.

*Coronavirus = 56 *Pandemic = 65

Of course Sandy Hook was established in 1956, meaning the 2012 shooting was 56 years later…

And we know who likes 56, as well as 112… the Society of Jesus.

Don’t forget Adam Lanza weighed 112 pounds, reportedly.

And don’t forget the Dunblane Massacre, that got gun rights taken away in the U.K., March 13, 1996.
3/13/96 = 3+13+96 = 112
-Mathematics = 112 / 40
-Sandy Hook = 40

*Adam Lanza born April 22nd, the 112th day of the year

And don’t forget, in 2020, on December 14, the 8 year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, ‘Sandra’ was the first to get the Covid Vaccine in the United States.

For the clincher, the Sandy Hook shooting happened in the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

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