Big Tech Celebrity Censorship Coronavirus News
64,000 peak concurrent views on April 6, or 6/4…

Notice, David Icke responded to the censorship on April 7, 2020, emphasis on 4/7.

Remember, Modern Freemasonry was established June 24, 1717, in London.

6/24/17 = 6+24+17 = 47

The date David Icke responded can also be written 7/4, like 74.

Don’t forget Event 201 took place October 18, 2019, the day leaving 74-days left in the year.

If you watch the highlight reel of Event 201, you’ll see that simulation talks about censoring the truth community from spreading “misinformation” and even suggests shutting down the internet to stop the spread of misinformation.  Watch the highlight reel here:

The World Health Organization were a partner in Event 201, and David Icke has responded on the organizations 72nd birthday.

Notice what the BBC said.

Read about David Icke’s March 18, 2020 interview with Brian Rose of London Real:

The March 18 interview was 325-days after David Icke’s birthday.  The April 6 interview was 325-days after Brian Rose’s birthday.

Adding to the Scottish Rite ritual, the April 6 interview was 49-weeks after David Icke’s birthday.

Recall, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic on March 11, or 11/3, like 113. And don’t overlook the 3:11 post time by David Icke in the tweet shown above.

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Big Tech Censorship Coronavirus

Read about DARPA’s LifeLog project concluding the exact same day Facebook launched, February 4, 2004:

Remember, Mark Zuckerberg, with his hidden Star of David on the inside of his hoodie, is making the world more open and connected.

Watch this clip here and notice how Mark sweats:

Remember, Mark Zuckerberg has the same birthday as the nation with the Star of David on their flag, Israel.

Have you ever read George Orwell’s 1984? Now is a good time. It’s about censorship.

Read more about Mark Zuckerberg, the Star of David, and the Zionist nation, here:

Read about DARPA’s LifeLog project concluding the exact same day Facebook launched:

If you read about the 42 ritual with the launch of Facebook at the top of the post, don’t forget the 42 rituals with Bill Gates, the face of Microsoft, when he was just 20, like Zuckerberg when he became the face of Facebook, and here we are in 2020: and here: and here:

Microsoft was 42-years-old and months when COVID-19 was first detected, December (now November), 2019.

Censorship Coronavirus Government

Drink bleach?  Wuhan coronavirus?

As I have said since it arrived, QAnon is a major psyop, and I am now convinced that it has been placed here since the beginning of the Trump administration for the sole purpose of misleading hundreds of thousands of half awake (but mostly retarded) truth seekers during the time of the coronavirus outbreak, the latest 9/11 event.  Q currently is herding their sheepish followers to believe that the coronavirus fallout is a cover to arrest celebrity pedophiles, as if that makes any sense…

Read more about New York and 9/11 here:

My latest thought on the QAnon psyop is because of its gematria, summing to 74 and 201.

Again, Event 201, on October 18, 2019, the day leaving 74-days left in the year, was about simulating a coronavirus outbreak that kills 65-million over the course of 18-months.

Read more about Event 201 and the man who coined the term ‘corona’:

As we know, 74 is the signature of the Masons.

July 4, 1776?  Emphasis on 7/4, or 74…

1776 came 59-years after 1717, the year modern Freemasonry was established in London on the date June 24, 1717.

As for those 59-years…


This is comical because I gave a friendly response to a hate laced attack against me, and while the hate laced attack is still up, my video, which was information and knowledge based, is down. Of course, this has happened many times before. YouTube to this day has videos slandering me on their platform, giving out my address, and worse. Historically, when I have responded to these videos, I have been struck. It goes to show, YouTube / Google fears me, and tolerates those who falsely accuse me and put out my personal information, without permission, which are true TOS violations.

Read the blurb from YouTube.

Watch the video that was banned (my response) here:

Watch MAG TRUTH’s hate laced attack on me, which is full of false statements and ignorance, which apparently does not violate YouTube’s TOS:

Censorship Uncategorized

This video was banned 77-days after the December 14, 2019 game and story. A core message in the video is the Jewish / Zionist movement against freedom of speech, and this proves further than I’m dead on.

You’ll notice in the video, the number 112 is the theme, in the Jewish / Zionist operation that was Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas, and a number of others.

Jack Street throws the winning TD, eh, on the anniversary of Sandy Hook, eh?

Read more about 112 and Sandy Hook here:

And how about that winning score of 13-7, after 7 late points on the 7 year anniversary of Sandy Hook?  It was ‘Riley’ who caught the winner for ‘Newtown’.

For one more 33, they beat ‘Darien’.

The last title was 27-years earlier.  Ritual = 27