O.J. Simpson diagnosed with prostate cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, February 9, 2024

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76-year-old OJ Simpson has prostate cancer?

Recall, Carl Weather who played for the Raiders just died at age 76.

And of course, Black History Month was recognized in ’76, on February 10, 1976.

And notice where the ‘prostate cancer’ part factors in.

Prostate also equates to 102, like ‘slavery,’ going with the history of Black History Month since February 10, 1976. And think about how many 59, 76 & 102s we’ve already documented this month, and we’re barely more than a week into it.


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  1. Truther on February 10, 2024 at 2:22 am

    What a pathetic loser you are. Where’s your future? Where’s all the money since you call everything.
    There is NOT ONE future bet on the Chiefs – Niners in this community, not one. Prove me wrong. And I’m not angry because I bet on the Ravens like anybody else did in your stupid community, I actually had the Superbowl in November 23, there is actual proof unlike your inexistent future bets. I am angry because of the ongoing lies just to suck up the last dollar from every naive newcomer you freaking fraud. Shame on you, fucking clown

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