Louis Gossett Jr.’s death at 87, on the 89th day of the year

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RIP Louis Cameron Gossett Jr., the first black actor to win an Oscar. He is dead on the 89th day of the leap year, March 29, 2024, and his name equates to 89.

His death anniversary will be on the 88th day of non-leap-years. *Louis Gossett Jr.=88

Louis Gossett Jr. is dead at 87, 59 days before his birthday. *Slavery=87 *Slave=59

Today leaves 277 days in the year, the 59th prime number.

He is dead 14 days before the anniversary of the start of the American Civil War.
Slave=14 *Slavery=102 & 87 (April 12 is typically 102nd day of the year)

Read about the Anwar Sadat parallel here. *Anwar Sadat=102

He was in show business for 71 years (1953-2024). *African American=71

The character he won an Oscar for portraying was ‘Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley.’
Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley=353 (71st prime)

That’s also a span of 72-years. *Jesuit Order=72

Perhaps we should take the time to watch the film from ’87, ‘A Gathering of Old Men.’ Maybe even ‘The Principal… Notice the gematria of A Gathering of Old Men… 87…

A Gathering of Old Men=174 *New World Order=174
A Gathering of Old Men=93 *Order of Illuminati=93
A Gathering of Old Men=174 & 87 *Number of the Beast=174 & 87

In light of the title, Biden and his donors just gathered last evening, the night before this death.

Also, he has died 307 days after his birthday (63rd prime) *Racism=63

And you could say he died on his 308th day of his age. *Death=38

And in light of the Pope being 87 as well, the Oscar winning actor is dead on the 104th day of the Pope’s age, and 59 days from his upcoming birthday. It is Good Friday.
Good Friday=104 & 59
Roman Catholic Church=104
(The Catholic Church=87)
Pope Francis=59
-Today leaves 277 days in year (59th prime)

For one last point, his birthday is typically the 147th day of the year, and he died after the 96th Oscars.
Freemason=96 & 147



  1. GregRamsey74 on March 29, 2024 at 4:09 pm

    ‘A Gathering of Old Men’ was based on a novel by Earnest J. Gaines published in ’83(Murder), the same year that the song ‘Murder By Numbers’ came out(He died a span of 83-days from Juneteenth)
    It has 213-pages; “Black History Month” = 213(He died 29-days after the end of Black History Month on the 29th of March; “Black” = 29)
    He died 57-days after the beginning of Black History Month;”Black Man” = 57;”Georgetown” = 57
    “Earnest J. Gaines” = 87(the author)
    Louis Gossett Jr. was 46 the year that the book was published, and he died 46-days after the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday; “Louis Gossett” = 46; “Sacrifice” = 46
    He also died a span of 47-days from Lincoln’s birthday anniversary, going with Obama becoming President at 47.
    The book came out 4-years before the movie(4, the number of death)
    His death came 42-days before the anniversary of the movie’s release(Black & 42)
    His character’s name in the movie is ‘Mathu.’ “Mathu” = 63; “Racism” = 63
    He died a span of 129-days from Obama’s 63rd birthday(129, 201 in base 8 counting)
    He died 34-weeks after Obama’s birthday; “Black” = 34;”Murder” = 34
    His death came 263-days before Pope Francis’s 88th birthday(263, the 56th prime)
    “Black Lives Matter” = 56;”Society of Jesus” = 56
    He died a span of 67-days from Georgetown University’s birthday; “Blood Sacrifice” = 67;”Human Sacrifice” = 67

  2. Truther on March 29, 2024 at 10:37 pm

    It’s a shame you can’t share this information:


    Either biggest ego problems on the entire planet or just controlled opposition. Ever though about that you are a Manchurian candidate?;)

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