March 13, 2023 | A date ripe for more bank collapses following Silvergate & SVB

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March 13, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of Pope Francis–March 13, 72nd day of year–Jesuit Order = 72 There is a concern about a banking collapse following SVB going down.–Collapse = 133 (13/3)–Money = 72–Bitcoin = 72 Let us not forget Silvergate went down on March 8 because it was too heavily invested…

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Crypto-focused Silvergate Bank collapses, March 8, 2023, by the numbers

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Silvergate collapses on March 8, or 8/3.Collapse = 83 The date can also be expressed as 3/8.Jew = 38Kabbalah = 38Gematria = 38English = 38Energy = 38 Today is a span of 118-days from the 11/11 Chapter 11 filing by FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried.Jew = 11Silvergate = 118 Benjamin Richman, Jewish, was the manager of…

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Mercury (periodic table), Mercury the planet & Project Mercury space mission leading up to “Moon landing,” as well as Dean Koontz’s Quicksilver

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Read about Dean Koontz’s new book ‘Quicksilver.’-He was very much connected to Event 201-His new book released on his 201st day of his age (200-days after birthday)–The Jesuit Order = 201—Society of Jesus = 56—Quicksilver = 56—First case of coronavirus 56-days from Event 201… Notice Mercury’s Atomic Mass rounds up to 201.-Mercury rules Gemini and…

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Damian Lillard, wearing silver shoes, leads Blazers to 19 3-pointers made, NBA Playoffs, May 22, 2021

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Silver represents the moon, and the moon is on 19-year cycles. 19 of 40? Keep in mind that is 57 points from 3-point land, and ‘moon’ equates to 57 in Gematria. Also, this was Lillard’s 56th career playoff game.-Three = 56 Let us not forget we are four days from the Lunar Eclipse, that will…

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Daft Punk breaks up after releasing video titled ‘Epilogue’, February 22, 2021 | All eyes on May 26, 2021 lunar eclipse & silver prices

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Daft Punk, of Jesuit controlled Paris, France, is coming to an end in ’21, after forming in ’93. Follow the gematria.Formed in ’93. Notice sun in the logo, or light. Daft Punk = 93 The group began in ’93 Sun in the Pyramid (All Seeing Eye) The sun is said to be 93 million…

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CNN praises Adam Silver for locking down the NBA, March 11, 2020 (on December 9)

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Let this be a reminder of how much bullshit we had to read on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 (11/3 date). Coronavirus Pandemic = 113 *Bullshit = 113 The National Basketball Association = 113 *Utah Jazz = 113 Read more about Jewish dishonesty and 113 in relation to the Talmud: If you read the rest…

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Regulators close New York’s Signature Bank, citing systemic risk, Sunday, March 12, 2023

Banking Federal Government Markets & Stocks News Once again, Silicon Valley Bank was established in ’83 and collapsed 83 days after the Pope’s birthday, after Silvergate Bank collapsed on March 8, or 8/3. Tomorrow, March 13, or 13/8, will be the 83rd day of winter. Today is the 82nd day of winter *Systemic Risk = 82 (reason for shutdown) And again,…

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SVB Financial Group’s collapse causes mini panic in banking stocks, March 9, 2023

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The ripple from SVB impacted every major bank today. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on March 9, 2023, has chatter about other banks possibly faltering as a ripple effect. Keep in mind this comes one day after the collapse of Silvergate Bank, and traditionally, silver is money. This news comes on the 68th day…

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